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December Christmas Poems

These December Christmas poems are examples of Christmas poems about December. These are the best examples of Christmas December poems written by international poets.

Merry Month
Many Merry Metamorphic Memoirs
Makes Mole-heel of a Merry Month.
More Mouths to feed from Mary to Mother and
Momentarily Monitoring Most Merry Mongers
Mostly Male Merrymaking Machos,

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Categories: 1st grade, celebration, christmas,

Lorne Park Christmas
Lorne Park Christmas at our parents and grandparents beautiful house,
The beautiful floor to ceiling Christmas Tree.

Decorated with our favorite decorations and Christmas lights.
The tree stood...

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Categories: appreciation, beautiful, blessing, christmas,

Premium Member Stolen Heart
I stood on the cobbled street
at midnight - gentle wafts of the Cassis vineyards
dancing on air, mixing, not unpleasantly,
with the bite of late December,
(reminding me...

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Categories: adventure, christmas, french, memory,

Premium Member Cockleburs

Small green weeds, 
with little seed pots, 
that stick to your socks. 

They travel with you, 
to the next place, 
that God wants them to...

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Categories: christmas, cute, december, grave, irony,

My Friend Winter
Hello, Winter! Wait for you. 
Believe me, no lies. 
Winter, how did you spend the summer? 
You sit down and set aside the Blizzard. 


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Categories: christmas, december, friend, winter,

by Michael R. Burch

Over hushed quadrants
forever landlocked in snow,
time’s senseless winds blow ...

leaving odd relics of lives half-revealed,
if still mostly concealed ...
such are the things...

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Categories: christmas, education, extended metaphor, farewell,

Premium Member Katie Osprey And Her Best Friends
Katie Osprey looked up from the ground 
And she knew this was no way to end a night on the town 
“Why did you dump...

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Categories: appreciation, christmas, class, dream,

Bereft of CHRIST, and the very word “Christ,” 
there would be no Christmas…
since Christmas is the birth of Jesus Christ
the “Emmanuel”* Who is the Saviour

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Categories: blessing, christian, christmas, faith,

God's great gift marks glorious Christmas scene
Lingering marvelously in my heart
Emmanuel's birth ---so divinely serene
Granting life's sweet bliss, never to depart.

Lingering marvelously in my heart

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Categories: blessing, christian, christmas, faith,

The Desire Of A Pine Tree

The contours cascading from the higher Himalayan slope
hold me, the upstanding cone of jade, a coniferous pine,
gilded in gold soaked from the swathe of glistened...

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Categories: christmas, metaphor, tree,

Premium Member Back in the Box
Back in the Box

Empty packages, 
lots of paper, 
refolded for another year. 
Saved, again and again, 
generation after generation. 
slowly getting too old, 

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Categories: blessing, chocolate, christmas, cinderella,

Premium Member Commingling Spirits of Christmas
Heavenly flakes of light snow, drift on down,
weaving soft blankets of whiteness, pristine,
vowing to serve neath His Christmas Eve Crown;
beautiful visions, so peaceful and clean.


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Categories: christmas, love, meaningful, symbolism,

Premium Member Beyond My Christmas Mask
Christmas is over and I can remove my mask,
that smile that hides the me beyond
the ding dong merrily on high can go away
Christmas movies I...

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© Dear Heart  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: christmas, dark,


Breathtaking build up
With Santa’s coming
Hoping for snowfall
Christmas caroling
And season’s greetings

An endless list
So much to do
Festive details

Midnight mass
In the air

Did it~


Submitted on December 27, 2019 for...

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Categories: celebration, christmas, family, joy,

Premium Member A Child Was Born
A child was born with love on Christmas night,
a bright star above pointing to the place;
this one amazing star shining so bright,
even the barn animals...

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Categories: christmas,

Premium Member HOLIDAY JOY

                   Holiday Joy


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Categories: christmas, god, happiness, how

Premium Member December 26

December 26

You Are Here!

Amid morning stars and waning moon,
Our Savior coos.
‘Neath scent of mhyrr and gold’s glittering,
You sleep, Your tiny arms now resting from their...

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Categories: christian, christmas,

Premium Member December 2019
December 2019
Written: by Miracle Man

December, for me, is a month of bad memories,
But self worth has survived, once more, course emery’s.
My holidays are depressing not...

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Categories: anxiety, christmas, depression, god,

Premium Member The Plain Truth Of Christmas

HARK, a majestic consequence substantiates itself, bribes throughout a period that steads neath overcast skies,
Such being the case, should time regress and place innovates, blinded...

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Categories: christmas, symbolism, truth,

Premium Member Oh What A Christmas Tree

Mistletoes, poinsettias, holly, and pinecones, stimulate their confidences regarding passage,
Tenuous fancied is the Norfolk pine, object facing, particular noble fir, and unique blue spruce trees,

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Categories: beautiful, christmas, tree,