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Christmas Cat Poems

These Christmas Cat poems are examples of Cat poems about Christmas. These are the best examples of Cat Christmas poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Where is Poindexter
Could not find the kitty again; called her, she was too smart to meow.
At the top of the Christmas tree; dog told me with his...

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Premium Member Icelandic Yule Tide Cat
Rat-a-tat-tat, it is the sound of the dreaded, Icelandic Yule Cat.
You have to get me a jacket or shoes or something else I plead
My mother...

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Categories: cat, christmas,

Premium Member Craze Meister Threes
The cat was crazy, so we named him Craze Meister Threes. 
He was irrational, a fire ball who took down Christmas Trees. 
Why did you...

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Categories: 4th grade, cat, fun,

Premium Member The Cat Who Came in From the Cold

Sat at the window looking in
So much noise o' what a din
Children laughing, such glee
O’ Lord, just how...

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Categories: cat, animal, appreciation, christmas, time,

Premium Member My Annual Christmas Goal
 I’m Christmas Cat, I have a tradition;
I climb Christmas trees, it is my ambition.
Thirty-three I climbed last year, twenty before;
several dozen times, I’ve been...

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Categories: animal, cat, christmas, holiday,

Premium Member Santa's Bad Kitty
Santa Claus was trimming his tree

when his cat shrieked like a banshee

Freaked, Santa fell from the ladder

and groaned, "I emptied my bladder."

Christmas Chastushka
Sponsor: Andrea Dietrich

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Categories: cat, christmas,

Premium Member Christmas Photo
I wanted to take a Christmas photo,
of my Kitty Kat in her new dress;
I wished all to see her holiday glow,
(she fell asleep) will...

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Categories: cat, christmas,

Premium Member Christmas Jingles 6 - Jittery Glittery Tree
Jittery glittery tree
A mouse ran up the Christmas tree
Scaring the life from the fairy
Cat did too, with dog in pursuit 
'Twas a fiasco and quite...

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Categories: cat, christmas, dog, fairy,


On my front deck, he comes at night.

It kills me to watch homeless, shivering cats.

What do they eat, whence do  they drink?

When rough winds blow,...

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Categories: beauty, cat, imagery, weather,

Premium Member Christmas Tree Cat
Once, I received for Christmas a sweet cat,
she was in a box flat as a doormat;
she made a colossal bound,
running around and around;
and Christmas tree...

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Categories: cat, christmas,

Premium Member Christmas Song from the Cat
Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas tree
your Christmas balls are history.
You thought you hung them high enough
but I can still reach all your stuff.

You turn your...

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Categories: cat, christmas,

Premium Member There For Me
Looking back, one thing comes clean-glass clear
you were always there for me subduing every fear.

I tried to do my duty, be a husband strong and...

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Categories: cat, 12th grade, character, hope,

Premium Member Why Did The Cat Leave Home
Why did the cat leave home,                   ...

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Categories: cat, cool, fish, home,

Premium Member The Wine And The Cat IT
One night after I drank all the red wine,

The label I hide on the wine bottle.

They told me of the psycho cat’s demise,

I thought it...

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Categories: beach, cat, dream, drink,

Premium Member What Do I See
WOW                                               ...

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Categories: butterfly, cat, cute, friend,