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Take Care Care Poems

These Take Care Care poems are examples of poetry about Take Care Care. These are the best examples of Care Take Care poems written by international poets.

Our Heart
It all started in,
That age.
Where our parents raised,
I do have him met,
That night but you won't
Remembered it Right.

It was pure but Fragile,
It was hard but...

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Categories: art, care, deep, devotion,

My miracles
Today i sit here and know i didn't always make the right choices,
 today I sit here and I know we have a long ways...

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Categories: appreciation, birth, care, love,

Broken Memories

Somewhere, somehow
In the midst where shadows are plagued
Something has to break
Something has to ache
...And the rain we heard last night
Has now stopped, the sun shines...

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Categories: care, emotions,

Premium Member WRITER’S CLUB
Hello, we are words that welcome you
A new place in a new day
Refreshing thoughts
Encouraging vibes
This is where Poets and Writer’s come together and unite
Connecting ideas...

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Categories: adventure, appreciation, care, character,

Premium Member Found Heartily Exuded
Is my notepad a blank space,
canvass or image-ridden spot,
thoughts of aqua bead elation,
mesmerise beyond the fence,
they jump gaudy traffic lights,
but runaway relish cuts wild shape,

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Categories: art, birth, care, color,

Premium Member Raindrops
"Rain is God's tears upon us." Quote By Poet

Raindrops coming down~a very tearful God...

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Categories: care, cry, feelings, rain, world,

Premium Member Yesterday's Wishes
Now that I have been fed,
I must get ready for bed.
I pull up my blanket of red,
now dreaming is ahead.
Not all wishes and dreams can...

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Categories: care, child, dream, night, stars,

flower power
we needed to rush
so we counted the flowers 
on the way to school 

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Categories: appreciation, care, childhood, joy,

Premium Member Father and Dads
Happy Father's Day to all the dads around the world God Bless You!

Had no real to to see through a dad on earth no eyes...

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Categories: adventure, appreciation, blessing, care,

To the One I Have Held Soo Dear
In the quiet of the evening light,  
Where shadows stretch and day turns night,  
I whisper softly, through my tears,  
To the...

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Categories: care, goodbye, i miss

They being in the studio, cooking some beats
with a rhyme, beautifully crafted lyrics
Just like a poem, with my golden pen, I speak fact
Knowledge to be...

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Categories: care, africa, community, deep, desire,

Premium Member Nordic Mom
Though you feel all alone.
Please know that there are people out there sending well wishes to you.

Some people will have lived through your pain, your...

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Categories: cancer, care, encouraging, light,

Premium Member I Do Not Care
My house is a wreck.
I do not care.
The porch is an atrocity.
Also no worries.
I have a new puppy.
This is the only thing I care about...

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Categories: care, dog,

Premium Member DIVINE CALL
The call
The Descend
The chosen
A world
A Listen
The advice
The honor
The praise
The struggle
The battle
The overcome
A win
The blessing

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Categories: angel, blessing, care, christian,

Premium Member Time
Quote By Poet "I do not know where the time goes."

The grandfather clock sits on the wall,
every hour it will call.
A loud sound for everyone...

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Categories: care, joy, life, remember, sound,

Book: Shattered Sighs