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Child Birth Poems

These Child Birth poems are examples of Birth poems about Child. These are the best examples of Birth Child poems written by international poets.

Primal scream

         Baby takes first breath 
        Let’s out an almighty...

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Categories: baby, birth, dad, humanity,

Birthday Poem to Myself
Birthday Poem to Myself
by Michael R. Burch

LORD, be no longer this Distant Presence,

Star-Afar, Righteous-Anonymous,
but come! Come live among us;

come dwell again,
happy child among men—

men rejoicing...

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Categories: bible, birthday, christmas, god,

Dirge Of The Unborn
The Owl hoots
In the smooth silence of midnight drama,
3 a.m thick darkness
Unrivalled by neither the moon nor stars.
She moans and wail in...

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Categories: birth, child, woman,

Birth To Infinity
Germ of essence. 
Human blob. 
Shattered eggshell to the chicklet hatched.
Interlocking  family of a  kingdom.
Beget or begone? Antigone! 
Pouch bearing mammal  with...

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Categories: art, beautiful, beauty, birth,

Should we shed the boy and be a man?
Shoot of spirit wild -to be tamed in the tamed land.
Where is the proof that this cynical...

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Categories: birth, child, child abuse,


How little credit you are given 
to have chosen to given birth!
Millions of aborted children~
where are their bodies now?
An answer far too frightening
us to unearth!


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Categories: birth, blessing, child, mother,

Wake Me Up
A plea of the unborn child to its mother.

Wake Me Up

When the time is ripe, awaken me!
I long to see your world.
How many blessings there...

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Categories: abortion, baby, birth, child,

The bite of triumph
Truth declared thoroughly
Through those choco-cocoa chunks
Thank you for this beautiful day
I am longing for silence
I hope my days improve
Through your constance...

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Categories: addiction, baby, beauty, birth,

Premium Member Sanctuary
My daughter.
Tiphanie Dawnette.

Crawl into my sanctuary,
and leave this world behind.

Open your heart and let me in,
then close the door of your mind. 

Wrap yourself...

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Categories: beautiful, birth, child, courage,

Mommys Bible Arrival
mommy was woken up by your early arrival 
she decided it was time to open up the bible 
as she read she realized it was...

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Categories: baby, bible, birth, child,


Breath intertwined, mine his. 
Gulps visceral
Hold it, hold it, hold it. Please. 

Hair tickles chin, coarser now. 
Hand hooked. Grip for protection. Mine, his?...

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Categories: birth, childhood, devotion, growing

No words can express my elation at becoming a mother
Show my tears of joy on that perfect wintery morn
Go and show my parents our tiny...

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Categories: birth, growing up, moving

Premium Member WRITE OF PASSAGE new birth
From tumultuous discussions within
images strive for life as a new-born 
child wriggles from the womb.First
an outline,then in silhouette,each 
unique line,a perceptible signature,so
individual and more personal...

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Categories: birth, inspiration, poetry,

Premium Member I Thank GOD For Co Creating Me James Edward Lee
In such spiritual matters 
God has given Breath of Life 
Through the physical beings my parents 
On this day January 21 1955
... from God to...

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Categories: analogy, birth, birthday,

Premium Member The Christ Child


Starting with a visit from an angel
Mary pondered his message in her heart
The Christ Child is lying in the manger
And that's how His...

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Categories: baby, birth, boy, child,

rEQuiem for a nightmare
Imagine Earth itself to be just another Troy, from which, after having raged
In countless battles from Tyre to Megiddo has not been conquered, only aged

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Categories: birth, 11th grade, adventure, anniversary,

The first cramp came night time in Bethlehem.
Mary and Joseph had arrived in town.
We best hurry Love to find us a place,
to check in and...

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Categories: birth, blessing, christmas,

Premium Member Hidden Inside, Guess my name
Viaduct    of   the  entire  human  race

Kept Always  unmentioned for fear of  shame

I determine  Gender...

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Categories: birth, character, discrimination, extended metaphor,

Premium Member O' HOLY CHILD- -
Ever so awesome
Promises so dolton 
Epic exalton
Oh baby born 

Servant sire 
Heart desire 
Blessed presence
 Father spiritual guile 

O holy child 

oh baby born
Infant savior

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Categories: baby, birth, blessing, jesus,

Premium Member In Heaven's Light
Our focus at Christmas 
should be on the birth of the child 
Immaculate conceived without sin 
born cold and homeless no room for them in...

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Categories: birth, birthday, blessing, boy,