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Forever Best Friend Poems

These Forever Best Friend poems are examples of Best Friend poems about Forever. These are the best examples of Best Friend Forever poems written by international poets.

canvas foot wear
The canvas shoes in Kinshasa

Once when the time was right
A sweet girl had her picture taken
because she was seven years old
and in her mind, almost...

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© Jan Hansen  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: best friend, addiction, allah, america, best

Premium Member My Dear Fellow
I am happy for you dear fellow!
My teary eyes are glistening 
My dear fellow, the large tides have turned
Into a Tsunami wave of God’s blessings

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Categories: appreciation, best friend, community,

My Pal Dan
Sat writing this, in memory of my pal Danny K
Just a few pints and a couple packets crisps, is what we used to say
I just...

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Categories: bereavement, best friend, death

 There’s this girl
Nothing less than the world
My heart sinks and wants to be hurled
Remind me of her name
I’m the one to blame
I wish I...

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Categories: best friend, 12th grade, august, best

a family affair
A family affair

A big hotel was built in our rather shy town
the hotel's façade faced the town's lake that
had many birds that visitors thought charming

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© Jan Hansen  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: august, beautiful, best friend,

Premium Member bond
Two little shiny black eyes, full of love,
A canine companion sent from above.
Big teeth, yet gentle, a loyal defender,
Thought you'd be difficult, but you're my...

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Categories: best friend, blessing, dog,

My One True Friend
You're my one true friend,  
There at any moments call-
My friend for life,
To catch me when I fall.
My friend without judgment, 
Only understanding and...

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Categories: best friend, feelings, friend,

You And I
In the realm of love, an intricate dance,
Two souls entwined in a fleeting romance.
Though distance may grow, and memories fade,
In my heart, your presence is...

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Categories: beautiful, best friend, deep,

Premium Member Moonlight Sonatas and Morning Kisses
In the realm of moons and breathless tides,
where promises dance with a serendipitous sonnet of sunrises,
along with morning kisses, unfolds a love story—
a poetic novel...

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Categories: best friend, blessing, devotion,

Premium Member Forever now
Daytime forever here now way out
Every day there near where çlearing
Clear  clearer.  Ah. How very very
Very CLEAVER now turn around to
A most mysterious...

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Categories: africa, allusion, best friend,

A Pencil and a Book

In the hallowed halls of college,
Where dreams bloomed like wildflowers,
I walked with a pencil in my pocket,
And a book cradled close to my heart.

My friends,...

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Categories: age, appreciation, best friend,

Echoes of Farewells
In twilight's tender embrace, we stand,
Whispers of sorrow, drifting like sand.
Heart heavy with the weight of goodbyes,
Farewell echoes in tear-stained skies.

Ephemeral moments, like petals they...

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Categories: absence, best friend, family,

Fire Signs - Eternal Love
The Sun and the Moon are twin flames. 
One from the other is Never far away. 
Always 11 seconds, 11 minutes, 11 hours,
11 days, and...

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Categories: beauty, best friend, devotion,

Brotherly Love
Who else? 
Who else would care for you my brother, if not out of love we care for each other.
Who else would it be?
An old...

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Categories: beautiful, best friend, brother,

Premium Member Chapter 148-- DAMIAN DELILAH MALLORY HOLANNYA: Forever Island
Date:  March  2051

3 days until April:
Flight time 3:05 afternoon--  IN flight 
"Dolly and Molly fumbled in their
Seat to achieve comfort. "Ooo does

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Categories: best friend, 4th grade, absence, adventure,

Book: Reflection on the Important Things