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Best Swindling Poems

Below are the all-time best Swindling poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of swindling poems written by PoetrySoup members

Guardian Gemini
I feel your anxious pivot to create
We flow the same irresolute way,
Often in raging storms
And sometimes in playful gallops
We see ahead 
That path onto the...

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Categories: swindling, anxiety, best friend, confidence, courage, dedication,
Form: Ode

Epitaph Of The Abused
Amidst the cruel claws of doubt
I plunged disastrously without
Your helping hand, your soothing voice,
In spite of how you had the choice;
You've purchased now my dying...

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© Gael Attal  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: swindling, lost love, me, me,
Form: Epitaph
Premium Member The Chrysalis
The chrysalis of bad emotions boil
Evanescent expressions cross the lips
A plethora of lines like sea's turmoil
The talisman has lost its charming grip

Radiant sapphire deep eyes...

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Categories: swindling, lost love,
Form: Sonnet
The Call of Death
      Why summon me so soon?
   Undone is one or the other drill
There’s unfinished job’s platoon

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Categories: swindling, allegory, caregiving, death, devotion, peaceme, me,
Form: Rhyme
You've been a peon, lowly pawn your whole life
Never amounted to much,
nothing much ever went right
Grew up dirt piss poor,
never knew the reason why
you were...

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Categories: swindling, allegory, allusion, life, metaphor, truth,
Form: Alliteration

The Oak Tree
He stood alone on the hill,

through dusk to dawn

His roots dug deep,

deeper into thoughts

Thoughts of sunlight,

and the rays of hope

For his progenitors,

for the leaves, the...

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Categories: swindling, devotion, father, friendship, hope, life,
Form: Classicism
Distant thoughts

Fairer to white lily is beauty of pondering mind,
Rather than lovely face, that we so apparently find,

Sharpened through acquired extensive knowledge,
Glory of sunrise, wisdom must...

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Categories: swindling, beauty, dedication,
Form: Couplet
Blue Gold

          Dwindling supplies as


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Categories: swindling, natural disasters
Form: Senryu
Ben Jonson's Rhyme Scheme Deposed
Said Jonson, vulgar rhyme a petty crime
Swindling paupers begging fleeting stime
Opined syllabic compress from simple mimes
Which o'er lazy, temporal lobes did climb
Simple, jingoistic rhythms to...

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Categories: swindling, art, career,
Form: Rhyme

With that rare gift of gab for deceiving,
wooing, unsuspecting victims of his,
a shrewd, forked tongued charmer he truly is.

He hoodwinks the naive into giving
hard-earned money...

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Categories: swindling, religion
Form: Terza Rima
My scan was not “preventative;”
Instead it was “routine.”
Insurance will not pay it
If it’s somewhere in between.

But can someone please explain
How any X-ray, scan or test

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Categories: swindling, health, words,
Form: Rhyme
The Necessities
I'm too able bodied to be this poor,
too intelligent to ignore, 
the establishment 
f$cking us over anymore. 
Why's the working class
the poorer class?
And who does...

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Categories: swindling, political
Form: Rhyme
Of WSJ and 1MDB
Recently WSJ in USA publicised a jaw dropping expose..
Of financial irregularities involving the nation of Malaysia...

To date it is the biggest ever case of money...

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Categories: swindling, community, friend,
Form: Free verse
thinking upon hades
Swindling all the small things, Trolling graveyards
For ghosts that just don't seem to be anywhere
I think they live in the imagination alone.

Yet my fingers wave...

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Categories: swindling, inspirationalautumn,
Form: I do not know?
Towards east

Towards east

Sunny day it was a lassie with umbrella open
The light on her shin presented a warm event
Multiple colour of the shadow drowned her in...

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Categories: swindling, beautiful, body, celebrity, crazy, gender, growing
Form: Acrostic
Resistance, e'er that damned resolve
the order sanctioned, uncontrolled
the memory of some scourging hold
bears not the favor of Wars told!

Resistance, that I bloomed in vain
to ward...

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Categories: swindling, anti bullying, care, conflict, forgiveness, peace,
Form: Monorhyme
A baronial zing of blue jacket
Blithesome attitude,
Allures me to join navy,
A credence to serve countrymen,

When territories enter a ballicose
Only to belittle through broach,
Or to lull...

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Categories: swindling, dedication,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member SIGN OF THE TIMES

Sinister snarling swindling scandalous scoundrels secretly slither shamelessly
Implicitly interrogated ‘bout innermost insidious illegitimate impertinences
Ghastly Grotesque grimacing gumption gorging gruesome gimmicky gossip
Netherworld’s nauseating narcissistic nefarious nature...

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Categories: swindling, corruption, dark, humanity, society, word play,
Form: Acrostic
The Piper
One can't help but a feeling

With all our country men a leaving...

...and more migrants lining up
at customs door...

Latest figures polled this year
57,000 plus have left...

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Categories: swindling, peace, political, men,
Form: Quatrain

Days grow old, time loses trace
Swindling, stealing breaths and beliefs
And though much is taken, much is lost

In the clutch of...

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Categories: swindling, life,
Form: I do not know?
Seraphs Hibernal Wasteland
She peers at captivation
Moon swindling her frore heartbeat
Beams tearing the soul outward
She stands firm with ground

Wings sprout out, after ice thaws 
Whispering desolation
Whirls around her...

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© Tim B  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: swindling, faith, fantasy, mystery, nature,
Form: Dodoitsu
And the rain of terror shall churn out

Of the deepest part of earth

Accompanied with terrible roar

Spreading a universal famine

On this desolate street of Enwuncho

Awaiting the...

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Categories: swindling, allegory
Form: Narrative
The Alpha,
The Genesis,
The Beginning;

A swindling paradox
Before time,
Before mass,
Before politics.

Begetting creation
To vanquish boredom....

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Categories: swindling, visionary
Form: Free verse
dire serpent
A mulking it's agaluk
It sits high in proud symbololic
the winding capesmen
swindling down it's ivenya branch
A dull move for it's majected lanch
a walking man sees ten

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Categories: swindling, inspirational, nature,
Form: Chant Royal
That's so good they cannot get the stars
That’s so good they cannot get the stars!
The hand in soft glove won't help them to steal
The precious gift that meant to shine for us,

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Categories: swindling, beauty, stars,
Form: Political Verse