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Best Swatter Poems

Below are the all-time best Swatter poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of swatter poems written by PoetrySoup members

Lord of the Flies
Harassing me for days now
Landing on my eyelid
Nosing up my nostril
Tickling my ankles
and every other exposed body part
Little bastard...

Fly-Swatter? Jack be nimble, Jack...
Folded bath towel?...

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Categories: swatter, angst, insect,
Form: Light Verse

Premium Member An Evening at the Home
Written: March 5, 2012
Updated: March 11, 2012

Listen to nurse's report including the news 
that Joe and Wilma like each other.

Check all rooms and find that...

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Categories: swatter, caregiving, life, people, light, light, march,
Form: List
Premium Member Eye knew it
Eye knew it

The dirty fly has compound eyes 
It sees in all directions
A swatter swats it anyway
So much for eye protection

Randomling Contest August 30, 2015

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Categories: swatter, humor,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Irritating Fly

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Categories: swatter, flying, humor, insect, sound,
Form: Couplet
Land Ho-Ku

dragons fly
burning fodder
land hoe.

sea gulls fly
over water
"Land Ho!"

pesky fly
dodging swatter
"Land! Ho!"

deborah burch©


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Categories: swatter, funny, life, nature,
Form: Haiku

Premium Member Little Miss Poet and Spider
Little Miss Poet, Sat at her computer, typing the morning away.
Along came a spider, climbed down her screen, and frightened Miss Poet away.
Little Miss Poet,...

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Categories: swatter, adventure, computer, fantasy, funny, imagination,
Form: Light Verse
wire and plastic
so fantastic
probably the first real 
weapon we'll use

wire attached to 
plastic mesh
made specifically
for flying pest
yet rarely this rule 
is abused

the fly swatter
which is...

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Categories: swatter, bullying, dark,
Form: Blank verse
Imaginary Friend
I can see him clearly in my 
He's a fragmented image 
against the wall.
Like a fly beneath the swatter.
His voice, I hear, makes my 

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Categories: swatter, absence
Form: ABC
Premium Member december fly
december fly buzzing by
how on earth did you survive
frozen cold outside
snow drifts waist high
how are you alive
december fly

december fly buzzing by
my naps slumber you deny

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Categories: swatter, december, funny, repetition, sleep, winter, ,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Children of Lahore
(Easter Sunday 2016)

Arms flailing
Blue burka,

The woman

Like a checkerboard
Up and over
The white squares

Of bedsheet
       To bedsheet
To bedsheet

Over a

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Categories: swatter, bereavement,
Form: Free verse
I'm Just Me
Some say I'm arrogant, the rest say I'm cocky,
But the funniest thing is that no one said it right to me,
They talk behind my back...

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Categories: swatter, introspection, uplifting, visionary, me, me, ,
Form: Ode
Note to a Friend
Today I found you worm
In an old book's page
In mnemonic rage
I squirmed frantic
For my chewed up words.
I thought I was breeding butterflies
Not a strange infestation.


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Categories: swatter, satire, social,
Form: Free verse
Wearing Bug Spray in the Winter
They say there is no cure for the common cold or the flu. How do they know? I have just gotten over lying in bed...

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Categories: swatter, feelings, humorous,
Form: Prose
Premium Member Shoo Fly
This fly's been avoiding me
As I have a fly swatter
He is quite a large horse fly
Finally he's near

He lands square on my shoulder
Can't swat him,...

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Categories: swatter, animals, life,
Form: Dodoitsu

I said the fly, "Have the need to pry,
my best point of view is your ceiling.
There I can spot any swats your concealing.
Us flies still...

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Categories: swatter, nonsense,
Form: Personification
Freddy the Fly
Dapper Freddy,
the house fly
and this is a fly
not prone to lie

he does buzz around
at breakneck speed
he wears his crown
a fly-king,  indeed

a cinch for him

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© tom bell  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: swatter, adventure, funny, imagination, nature, insect,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member Death Of A Fly
There is a fly in the house
It can buzz and shout
Flies so fast can't swat its' antennas

Buzz around my freshly made coffee
Buzz buzz fast as...

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Categories: swatter, death, funny, life, nature
Form: Rhyme
title to come later
Who am I?
Oh where to begin,
I am never before,
And I am never again.

don't like to cause waves
But a hurricane I'll brew,
If thats what it takes,

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Categories: swatter, art, family, father, friendship, girlfriend-boyfriend, growing
Form: Rhyme
Little Fly
Little fly
Buzzing from nose to bread
Do not try
To let my amusement shed
From blotter to the swatter
I'm too refined for such matter
The tension
Has no ice to...

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Categories: swatter, animals,
Form: Rhyme
Holy Diluted Cold Water
holy diluted cold water
did you see that there
its, little grandma mini 
streaking, in her Sunday's best 
tighty-whitie underwear 

come on now
lets catch her quick 

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Categories: swatter, black african american, caregiving, culture, family,
Form: I do not know?
What Annoys Me
Comes the first day of spring
and everything is in bloom,
while the bugs start
invading way too soon,

And while living down south
were always making hand motions,
to ward...

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Categories: swatter, angst, flying, insect,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member How odd are otters
Are otters so odd?
   In Old English
Their name means 'water'
And it really ought to
   As they live near the river or...

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Categories: swatter, animal, cat, dog, voice, water,
Form: Rhyme
Ending Pest
Mosquito die
and the fly too
splat by swatter...

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Categories: swatter, death, insect,
Form: Than-Bauk
On the Death of a Fly
On the Death of a Fly

By Elton Camp

Upon learning about a murder most foul
PETA immediately put up quite a howl

“Whoever this innocent fly chose to...

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© Elton Camp  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: swatter, funny, murder,
Form: Rhyme
A Short Life
Around and around 
churrng in the sky
Darting here, there
eluding hands, eyes
going everywhere
Hovering as a cloud
invited nowhere
Just an insect
killing time
looking for an arm
Meals for...

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Categories: swatter, adventure
Form: ABC