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Best Swashbuckling Poems

Below are the all-time best Swashbuckling poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of swashbuckling poems written by PoetrySoup members

Swashbuckling Pirate or Demented Hairdresser
Eyes that draw you in, eyeliner accentuates not always sexy on men
Different movies, different accents, believable at all times
Every movie he's in, each character he...

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Categories: swashbuckling, celebrity,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Parasol Pirate
It was "The Cape" in early June
Along with her sister Vie
They had strolled down past the dunes
Under a cloudless sky

She could taste the ocean salt...

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Categories: swashbuckling, adventure, imagination,
Form: Quatrain
Barefoot Buccaneer
Bronwyn the Barbaric was a buxom lass
the envy of all her peers
She spoke with unrivaled swashbuckling sass
her pirate-ess fashion was fierce

She could charm off the...

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Categories: swashbuckling, fantasy, fashion, funny, humor, humorous, woman,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Say A Prayer
You can move on
You can see the light of day
But you've left me behind
Behind in this endless night

You can be strong
A cherished hero
But you've left...

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Categories: swashbuckling, prayer,
Form: Dramatic monologue
Telly the trendsetter

What kids are watching on telly
are crimes and crimes in all variety! 

Crimes of...

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Categories: swashbuckling, addiction, film, youth,
Form: Didactic

Premium Member My Favorite Devonshire
Yarns Of A Seafaress

Hemingway's famous "Old Man and the Sea"
Simply couldn't hold a candle to me
    I caught Ahab's great white whale

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Categories: swashbuckling, friendship,
Form: Limerick
Click on connect,
To a world brought together,
By Sun, Cisco, and Gates,
And cybervixens named Heather,
You or your business,
Can be what you dream,
No matter the cost,
Or so...

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Categories: swashbuckling, business, destiny, fantasy, history, internet, irony,
Form: Rhyme
Swashbuckling, piracy, Tyrone, Errol and yes, Rathbone.
All actors that rode the Spanish Main called the sea home.
Stories of Robinson Crusoe to Mysterious Island.
Fantasy stories with...

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Categories: swashbuckling, faith, sea, father, sea, father, men,
Form: Rhyme
Occupied by the crowd of fair-weather friends,
which i suppose had become today's trend,
i realized that how solitary i am?
just asking for a shed,can anyone lend?

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Categories: swashbuckling, absence, care, deep, emotions, loneliness, lonely,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member What Dreams Are Made Of
 Dreams can take you  to far away places
Like deserts or jungles where tigers give chase
Sometimes you may even become a pirate
Where swashbuckling adventures...

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© Joseph May  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: swashbuckling, introspection, may,
Form: Rhyme
Mosquito Bat
Mosquito Bat

Peering closely, I sought to quickly skim through the online latest news …
True to form, I am a stickler for keeping up with the...

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Categories: swashbuckling, celebration, fantasy, goodbye, silly, war,
Form: Free verse
Paper Boats
Paper boats drifting down the slow flowing stream, 
his mind enchanted by a vivid daydream, 
of pirates and treasure and rum on the run, 

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Categories: swashbuckling, children, fun, life, mum,
Form: Rhyme
Sans Scribbling Scrolling, Scrounging Scrunching Scrying Scribe section sixty
the following quite quirky epistle may not exhibit the ordinary characteristics of poetry, but i decided to share this self made challenge (where every word...

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Categories: swashbuckling, adventure, creation, funny, humor, poetry, smart,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Black Jack
The wearing of the green
damn, if it doesn’t remind me of you
of the swashbuckling laggard you were
and the ripple of muscle across your broad back

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Categories: swashbuckling, caregiving, dedication, introspection, life, lost love,
Form: Free verse
Rare Book
Curator rings last bells
Closing for the night

In a deep dark sea
Behind blackened windows
Lies shelves in mystical infatuations
Where rare tomes must dwell away from modern day

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Categories: swashbuckling, adventure, education, fantasy, imagination, mystery, on
Form: Free verse
The Poeteer
Fondle the philosophers
Or scholars and thinkers alike
“-Ologies” or “-tists” do not facts of science make

A place must needs be 
Where emotions may eclipse
To experience adventures...

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Categories: swashbuckling, philosophy
Form: Rhyme
I, Poet
Heap humor upon the scholars
Philosophers and thinkers alike
For, "-Ologies or -tists” to ending of names
Do not facts of science make

A place must needs be 

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Categories: swashbuckling, adventure, fantasy, hope, imagination, on writing
Form: Free verse
Theater of Utter Charm - Part 30
in the language of personal amplification
you'd think it was all a scam
to make you drop your guard
and play patty cakes with Evil
job 3 was to...

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Categories: swashbuckling, how i feel,
Form: Free verse
Leotards versus jumpers but just what one per cent will actually climb a tree
One day an ancient barrel decided it had truly had enough as it tripped over a bale of hay on the staircase. ENOUGH he shouted...

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Categories: swashbuckling, beach, beautiful, beauty,
Form: I do not know?
Destiny's Railroad
In times oft-forgotten great freight trains rolled through.
Each boxcar was tagged in a swashbuckling hue,
Flamboyantly hawking some stale, mawkish view.
Now all that remains is the...

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© Ed Morris  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: swashbuckling, destiny, future, life,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member but not mute
My foe, shivering
I drew my sword, glistening
Swooning dead away, he, hushed...
Over to him, ran
I, swashbuckling... Arising
he, screaming madly... Deaf, I...

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Categories: swashbuckling, conflict, courage,
Form: Choka
Bronwyn's Mate, Part II
To Hellie's credit, she had rightly judged...
for, all told- the young man was quite shady
so from her guard-post she would not be budged
for she was...

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Categories: swashbuckling, animal, dog, fantasy, funny, humor, humorous,
Form: Rhyme