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Best Surfeit Poems

Below are the all-time best Surfeit poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of surfeit poems written by PoetrySoup members

A Mother's Envy and Pride
Lapis lazuli mines with wide blue eyes
bringing to mind precious stones and
caramel scones; innocent and wise -
Wondering, yet without surprise.

Staring down the universe, a challenge

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© KP Nunez  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: surfeit, art, child, love, metaphor, mother daughter,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Discomfort Notwithstanding
hanging in the air
humidity’s heaviness . . .
the river’s slow crawl

On the Mississippi lies the beautiful little city where I once lived. How many times...

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Categories: surfeit, life,
Form: Haibun
A Piece of Bread.
My mother starts moaning, with another one due.
She won't live to see, as she struggles to wheeze.
I never knew famine would produce skies so blue.

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Categories: surfeit, death, health, introspection, life, people, social
Form: Quatrain
Satan's Apple
I wonder if God hates cowards, for

My sins mushroom near Satan's apple

I live and die in my own filth

No human or angel treads 

Near my...

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Categories: surfeit, addiction, angel, fruit, imagery, lust,
Form: Free verse
Black Cloaked Man

In one ghost whisper of a town,
the mourning sunset had bloodshot eyes
A tombstone place that was
	long shadow 
past it’s boomtown prime
Withering eureka hope  ...

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Categories: surfeit, allegory, death, symbolism, violence,
Form: Epic

Premium Member A Week In Life
It is Monday, today is pay the bills and light shop.
All this after we have been for the morning run.
The dogs are always keen, they...

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Categories: surfeit, life,
Form: Epic
A Poet's Lament for the Night
As twilight dims in western skies,
umbra’s odd and coppery band
gloams slowly cross the perished land.

Mystery to our wond'ring eyes,
this marvel now can be unveiled—
a shadow...

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Categories: surfeit, night,
Form: Rhyme

A derogate demons asperity
Calumniate my integrity
Malicious deceit
Holding no truth
Held on to nothing!

My inglorious ignominy
Your repulsion Satiate!
Nauseated glut unsensual sodomy
Surfeit and salt in nasty infected...

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Categories: surfeit, angel, candy, conflict, dance, integrity,
Form: Free verse
And ever above,
clouds of sorrow
assemble in thunderous ranks:
a surfeit of threat
and gloom.

And ever below,
unhappy footsteps
surrender rhythm
to unyielding pavement—
against a gray and endless plain.

Who but a...

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Categories: surfeit, lonely, rain,
Form: Free verse
Happiness Of Life
Creasing Out Happiness

My little luxuries of life I refuse to barter
With Solomon's or Queen Sheba's treasures
Its ecstasy bewitches and beguiles me
As pirates to laden vessels...

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Categories: surfeit, beauty, feelings, happy, love, me, memory,
Form: Free verse
What is Man
What is man, his flesh got without assent,
Or the broad brushstrokes of his star filled mind.
Neither will sit for another's judgement.
One is chance, the other...

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Categories: surfeit, identity, introspection, love, philosophy, religious, wisdom,
Form: Sonnet
The Breaking
The breaking,
 the shaking;apace
  my king's fall is rise
   my land is anon taken.

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Categories: surfeit, dedication, jesus,
Form: Ode
Dark November
Dark Novembers

It’s the silence that is killing
this cold November chilling
Natures beauty with frost, stillness, color but no sound.
A wiser woman knows the inner temperature of...

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© Toni Orban  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: surfeit, journey, loss, nature, thanksgiving day,
Form: Prose Poetry
Ode to Timeless Beauty
Few will believe my genuine praise	
Of the rare graces you so subtly possess,
Men of a lighter spirit may trace
My adulation to some forbidden drug.

Yet if...

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Categories: surfeit, remember, drug,
Form: Ode
Premium Member Letter from a Classic Archetypal Dope, January 4, 1960 - Part Two
             Part Two

From that moment onwards
Not when the fingerless muscles unclasped

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© T Wignesan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: surfeit, girlfriend-boyfriend, day, me,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member God's Kind Of Poetry
The finite contemplating the infinite
The stardust male and female still flush with light
From exploding stars, seeding new possibilities, our true progenitors.
So that even God Himself...

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Categories: surfeit, god, poetry, universe,
Form: Blank verse
Roger Mais
I do not know if it is Bra Man
Or Black Lightening
Missing from the curriculum 
Or it is that we do not teach about ourselves
Beyond the...

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Categories: surfeit, tribute, me, language, language, may, me,
Form: Free verse
My Thanksgiving
On this day of remembrance,
To give thanks for what we own,
Many are much more somber,
And sadness is the tone.

I can sit here and ponder,
All that...

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Categories: surfeit, family, relationship, remember, sister, thanks, thanksgiving,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Rhine Salmon Complaint Translation of Etiemble s Complainte d un saumon du Rhin by T Wignesan
The Rhine Salmon Complaint, Translation of Etiemble’s Complainte d’un salmon du Rhin

						For Yvon Belaval
(A lilting musical poem of varying line length in quatrains with a...

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© T Wignesan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: surfeit, nature,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member Heart
heart    ©

the heart
pumping, nourishing the body's life
feeding life's blood, glistening, pumping

the heart
the largest vessel in the universe
it  holds as much love...

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Categories: surfeit, grief, heart, loss, love, universe,
Form: Free verse
Super Power Explodes

Power in the hands of a woman? Wow!
She can wreak wreck worse than 
All the fires burning  in satanic hell
Or she can turn her...

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Categories: surfeit, anger, caregiving, cheer up, childhood, children,
Form: Verse
The Pinnacle
Surfeit of stalagmites barring, hampering my way
Clouds descending from heavenly heights
Obscuring my outlook in the rarified air
Mount Certes challenged all my senses
Aching muscles, pounding heart,...

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Categories: surfeit, blessing, mountains, spiritual, uplifting, visionary,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Letter from a Classic Archetypal Dope, January 4, 1960 - Part Three
        Part Three

Did you not notice then
How uneasy I was in the eye of abundance
How hiding from the...

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© T Wignesan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: surfeit, girlfriend-boyfriend,
Form: Free verse
His more than ample physique,
was a profuse plethora of abundance,
a surfeit of shameless gastronome
that defined a cornucopia of excess
and a masticating overindulgence.

Such a pity to...

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© Ed Coet  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: surfeit, health
Form: Free verse
Hushed Night
I, me and myself in the dark stillness 
Surfeit with the liberty of absolution 
My thoughts float along with the silence 
Of the tranquil gliding...

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Categories: surfeit, cry, fish, introspection, music, night,
Form: Free verse