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Best Supernovas Poems

Below are the all-time best Supernovas poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of supernovas poems written by PoetrySoup members

He just appeared to me, like wispily curling 
Chimney smoke, 
One grim and early morning in the very midst of 
Decembers briefest days, on the...

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Categories: supernovas, nature, universe,
Form: Rhyme

Under Stars One Autumn Night
Under Stars One Autumn Night

One breathtakingly beautiful Autumn night,
when sublime supernovas wondrously ignite,
showering the universe with blazing orange bright,
enveloping all with total madness and moonlight,

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Categories: supernovas, autumn, beautiful, night, romance, universe,
Form: Monorhyme
Moon Sailing
If I could go to the moon
I would want to go sailing
Zooming past swirling constellations 
My stormy eyes going wide in awe
With supernovas exploding
Green, purple,...

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Categories: supernovas, dream, imagery, nature, night,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Otherworldly Starry Sights
 In the universe, before a star dies
 It goes through implosive pangs
 In this realm a supernova lies
 As the star goes out with...

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© Joseph May  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: supernovas, moon, star, universe,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Beginnings Endings
Beginnings – Endings

Out of the darkest reaches of time and space
came molten minerals, gasses, rocks, comets
– life traversing aeons, in suspended animation
across millions of light...

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Categories: supernovas, history, planet, universe,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Spaceship
Once upon a time...
A little boy and a little girl
Looked up at the stars from the planet below
Seeing the moon hang bright in the sky

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Categories: supernovas, children, dream, flying, space, stars, planet,
Form: Free verse
The Better Gems
than gold?
A heart of 
gold and 
over the 
thing drool.

Any pearls 
of wisdom
grant the 

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Categories: supernovas, inspirational,
Form: Blank verse
Space Traveling Gypsy
She was always looking for the light
or some shit
Just a sun ray or a beam
or a candle to be lit
The celestial lost in orbit
An eclipse,...

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Categories: supernovas, inspiration, space, words,
Form: Rhyme
The Cosmos

Swirling gases and gigantic clusters of floating rock
black-holes and supernovas and radioactive dust, 

the pinnacle of all imagination living magic and void from adaptation or...

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© Paul K K  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: supernovas, adventure, analogy, destiny, life, science, stars,
Form: Free verse
A Sensual Awakening
Exchanged smiles and smirks
Yeah always between you and I
With the constant tugs and jerks 
Our emotions, they now run high

It's like that when ever one...

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Categories: supernovas, write,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Penetralia Ruby Queen
Hark and listen well, if those foretoken in the eyes of hungers lust
Trapped in their illusion, trampling the Stars into dust
Forced with the detestation stench...

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© G. Jay  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: supernovas, allegory, beauty, creation, fantasy, god, inspiration,
Form: I do not know?
Hold my palpitating hand
It is times like these
When I cannot force 
A poem out of me
But the emotions leave 
My blood boiling 
Like that split second
Before sugar turns...

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Categories: supernovas, love
Form: Free verse
full moon, too soon it's morning
our august night,
that feeling as we watch
clouds moving in high winds,
their stratospheric soft shoe,
I ask if you think 
angels painted each cloud,
and blow with pursed...

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Categories: supernovas, child, love,
Form: Free verse
Supernova Skies
And who's to blame??? Riding supernovas trail across the celestial sky ~

Escaping the realities of which always fill these, my weary eyes....

Wishing to make a...

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Categories: supernovas, hope, life, love,
Form: I do not know?
Within the Inky Pages
The binding groans open
And lets me in
Plunging into the depths
Of a cream colored world
Scents of ancient tomes fills my soul
And I’m addicted
I need a fix

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Categories: supernovas, history, hope, inspirational, love, on writing
Form: Free verse
Poetry is a mystery. 
How do you know how the poet feels? 
May feel depressed writing happy poems 
Bring their mood into a ray of...

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Categories: supernovas, poems, poetry, poets, write, writing,
Form: Free verse
Dwellings of a lost lover
I dwell in the stars
I swallow the celestial beings , haunt the supernovas
 if you look up far 
You will find me ,the bate of...

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Categories: supernovas, absence, art, blue, break up, care,
Form: I do not know?
Stardust Memories
You and I are stardust 
unseen specks 
hurled from unknown supernovas
exploding in deep space
an eternity away, ago
carried away on galactic winds 
cosmic dandelions
scattered through limitless...

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Categories: supernovas, destiny, i love you, journey, space,
Form: Free verse
Exchanged smiles and smirks
Between this girl and that guy
With constant tugs and jerks
Emotions they now run high

Supernovas and fire works!
When the sparks begin to fly!

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Categories: supernovas, write,
Form: Rhyme
Into Slow Void, I Challenge Time
Cruelest thoughts overwhelm
beyond the patrol
beyond the drowning sunlight
firelight creeping up my back,
grab your camera and attack
a moment that doesn't hear
the glowing blue
I should have kept...

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Categories: supernovas, addiction, death, grief,
Form: Free verse

blemished sky erupts
a waterfall... a  river
the cormorant dived

the mile high eagle
hunting... not gone unnoticed
meercats wary

heavy rain... torrents
one litre... one kilo...
man will make  you...

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Categories: supernovas, nature,
Form: Haiku
All week I watched them
Grotesque faces in the glare
Of stark red mayhem

Some false ablution
Not enough to cleanse us all
Self fails us again

Twitching on spikes
Smoked eyes...

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Categories: supernovas, visionary,
Form: Senryu
With supernovas crashing down my head
What was once black turns red instead
Dull ideas flashing in my brain
Moves as fast as a bullet train

The girls dance...

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Categories: supernovas, depression, love, passion,
Form: Blank verse
“I will, ” said my friend, “challenge your faith! ”
   So I looked to the stars for proof.
“No, no, no, that can’t be,...

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© Robert Uy  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: supernovas, faith, introspection, science, travel,
Form: Light Verse
parables rolled with a purified pair-a-dice
smiling from within the waters
my faceless energy free from
physical form...

i make music with the universe
one verse after another...

my instrument (illuminated)
just so happens to be Caramelized...

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Categories: supernovas, adventure, beautiful, blessing, universe,
Form: Free verse