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Best Scientific Poems

Below are the all-time best Scientific poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of scientific poems written by PoetrySoup members

The Time Traveler - A Visual Art Poem
POTD 6th Sept 2019

When the dawn kisses the dew on all thing that grow
and that first melancholy thought, ponderous and low
questions any relevant notions to...

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Categories: scientific, romantic, science fiction,
Form: Dramatic Verse

You were gone before my mind 
could grasp the brush which paints
faces on memory's canvas.
Vaguely, flashes of an open grave
on a sunny winter's day -...

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Categories: scientific, mother,
Form: Free verse
This is me
You wake up in the morning to look in the mirror,
To say "This is me".
To Compare yourself to what you think you should be.
"I'm fat.",

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Categories: scientific, beauty, change, happiness, inspirational,
Form: Verse

Hydrogen to Helium
A fusion formed by gravity
A carbon-based delirium
Molecularly infinite energy

An ancient discipline known as alchemy
We’re consciousness - the explosion - amorous 
We dream...

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Categories: scientific, heaven, moon, science, science
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Paul, Peter and the Tweeter
Paul, Peter and the Tweeter
Why not choose, 
a billionaire leader?
One who is not 
an eloquent speaker.
Trouble rises,
he robs Paul to pay Peter.
The bold rich need...

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Categories: scientific, anxiety, celebrity, confusion, environment,
Form: Political Verse

Premium Member The Theory of Positivism

"The Theory of Positivism"

It’s criminal
all theories tie that life 
in neat tight black bows

the presents under 
that tree of life
wide spread 

arms once wide open...

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Categories: scientific, dark, journey, muse,
Form: Free verse
Belated elegy and eulogy for sir Abdul Kalam
Professor Abdul Kalam the luminous brilliant star

I pay homage to you from here in Dar

Great brill scientist in the field of Aerospace

A noble man with...

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Categories: scientific, eulogy,
Form: Elegy
Tears dry into salt
Did the gods meet at the salt sea and have a severe tragedy?
Where tears flowed from giant eyes and shook the earth in pain.

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Categories: scientific, fantasy
Form: Rhyme
Womb is a word which makes people nervous -
somehow it shocks and disturbs us.
Womb is a word which echoes with blood
and the rawness of pure...

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Categories: scientific, body, mother, woman,
Form: Rhyme
India Shining
India, my motherland best as any mother
To me, at par with best world over

India's invention of Zero and Decimal 
Critical to scientific calculation, invention

Rich ancient...

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Categories: scientific, motherworld,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Suicidal Humanity
Our supposed modern scientific genius
May in fact just be our last fatal weakness.
This technological house of cards we've made
Left humanity walking along the edge of...

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Categories: scientific, angst, business, earth, environment,
Form: Couplet

He is a sick man with no life that is running around in a world that cannot be lived.
All but not...

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Categories: scientific,
Form: Epic
Premium Member ELEMENTS Part 4: Fire - Pele, Goddess of Fire
Pele, Goddess of Fire

First fire surges from the inner Earth.
Island waters greet the fire goddess
Risen from Earth's fiery core, her birth,
Endows with lava, land from...

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Categories: scientific, culture, fire,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member In A Melting World
The Inuit call the Narwhal the one that points to the sky,
            Because of...

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Categories: scientific, animal, fish, nature, water,
Form: Verse
Premium Member From 'Ancient Greece'
Love of truth
the very light of Greece
A peninsula thrust out
like a bony hand,
‘God-tormented Greece,’
Zeus exclaimed, 
“I shall give man ‘an evil,’ as the price of...

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Categories: scientific, change, mythology, society,
Form: Free verse
    came from my Mama's name: OLIVIA.. OLIVE means peace: ELOISA means hale and wide


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Categories: scientific, identity,
Form: Bio
Premium Member Imagination
This book of botanical images
in sepia depict the petals, veins, leaves
of exotic plants.  Listed alphabetically are illustrations
with a reader's favorites’ marked with string;
carefully indexed,...

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Categories: scientific, beauty, flower, imagination,
Form: Free verse
Revere the Founding Fathers, Part I
We star it off with Ben Franklin,
American renaissance man,
whose industry and sharp wit
made him the richest in the land.
Lived out an American dream
before the country...

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Categories: scientific, america, appreciation, freedom, history,
Form: Rhyme
Man Made And Manufactured
The human synchronized synthetic sympathetic empathy I robot schizophrenic mechanism
My lifelines technological I think therefore I am and showing potential
Experimental experience my influence controls the...

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Categories: scientific, creation, future, hip hop,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member O Word-W
O’ Word

O’ word, for my Bibliogenesis 
‘My Dolly’
You are not fatherless
That I love you in the
Mouth of dear one Aesthesiogenically.
I feel you in my Parthenogenesis...

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Categories: scientific, i love you,
Form: Free verse
The Long Count Calendar, Cycle One Ends
The Long Count Calendar, Cycle One Ends

December twenty-first, two thousand and twelve –
The Mayan long count calendar sets sights on that year.
Are there ecological and...

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Categories: scientific, religion, sciencetime, planet,
Form: Rhyme
No Room for God
A most genius, scientific mind, whom I respect,
with chalkboards full of numbers and symbols;
such mathematical equations and theories
as to boggle the ordinary mind, spoke these...

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Categories: scientific, faith, god, science,
Form: Verse
Just a Few Questions, Lord
Lord, why is it that when we see articles about aborting your babies,
we move on to something else ... and even sometimes get angry? 

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Categories: scientific, god,
Form: Free verse
An Analytical observation into the causation of Earthquakes
Firstly, one has to take into account their scientific peers’ remarks,
As to the likely cause of how an Earthquake starts.
Some forums say it is caused...

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Categories: scientific, funnyme, time, earth, me,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member He who creates re-creates himself
          for René Passeron*


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Categories: scientific, art, time,
Form: Didactic