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Tobacco companies you should be ashamed of your yourselves
pushing your nasty CANCER sticks
what a bunch of money hungry low lives and self centered PRICKS
GET out of my life forever hit the bricks!
I SEE BEYOND your propaganda and lies
I am aware of ALL your sneaky tricks
you get people addicted banking on their next FIX
When it comes your READY you've been waiting for THIS
I HATE YOU more than I can put into words
"it's not our problem" is your defense how absurd!
you pushed and sold to all ages all races
never caring one iota of decency wanna slap ALL of your  stupid faces
your a drug pusher that's a fact
Could care less about the lives you snuff out.. Boom just like that
a money hungry burrecrecy
lies smoke screens and untruths that's YOUR tendency
leaving behind broken families and death
Hope your real proud of your LEGACY
you have millions in your web stuck in nicotines trap
you didn't know cigarettes caused cancer don't fed me that CRAP!
you think we're ALL stupid  guess what? you don't know JACK
millions Ly waiting to die while your Wallets get FAT
IM onto YOU taking precious lives
one at a time
all the while your ONLY GOAL is simple...the BOTTOM LINE
even marketing to children with "flavored" cigarettes
you are SCUM as low as low can get
I plan to spread the word you haven't gotten  ME I Im gonna FIGHT
HAVE you every seen your loved one struggle to breathe with all their might?
don't  wanna hear your self righteous babble it's a free country I VE got the "right"
Hope you go up in smoke matter of fact here I've got a light
can't stand the sight of you your endless advertising ,posters , & even your catchy names
Hope you burn in HELL just like your death sticks
Go up greedy bastards go up in FLAMES
YOU are despicable you have no shame
how do you sleep at night killing 6 million people a year knowing  YOUR to blame?
that's just the tip of the iceberg to me you are WORSE than dope
killing many more annually with your nasty second hand smoke
your filthy product takes an average of 10 years off someone's life that's a fact that's SO clear
no big deal to you high up in your corner office relishing in your slimy   CAREER
will go to the ends of the Earth so nothing or no one will INTERFERE
with the billion dollar industry you hold so close & so dear
ALL over buildings,  billboards, & store Windows
marketing your selves as the "cool" thing to do
You need to WAKE UP get a clue
what a pathetic joke keep on lying to yourself and adding on the ZEROES
To the number of Mothers Fathers kids and loved ones you steal so selfishly
your NOTHING but a drug dealer in  harsh reality
don't worry I don't expect you to offer millions an APOLOGY
I don't WANT  one anyway keep going on doing what your doing lie to yourself that millions DIE
You could care less about the tears that I cry
Because you took from me someone precious you STOLE
Stealing my best friend and the one who made me WHOLE
You haven't won you haven't beaten me because I will continue to speak out against your lies and trickery
Only when we're done AWAY with you can we claim VICTORY
Only when people open their eyes realize YOUR product is a cruel joke
Than u can go away hope you GO UP IN SMOKE

Copyright © Diana Vee | Year Posted 2016

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Food For Thought 2

                         For the realistic and the optimistic

Been watching the news, it gives me nothing but the blues and it's the politicians who's turning the screws, we have a situation witch needs to be defused or everybody's about to loose. Relations are starting to corrode people has gone into me mode while things have spun out of control and about to explode. Have we reached the crossroads? Crime is running rampant, shooting, lootings entire neighborhoods on the run and the problem is. More Guns. The nation is becoming divided, in a real crisis, as we turn on each other we forget about ISIS.

Even though they are being beat down, constantly under attack, they are like a bad dream, that keeps coming back. Witch should let us know, not to play them cheap, they are a formidable foe. This country need complete unity to stay strong and free. For no matter how tuff or how grand a house divided shall not stand. This also looks like an elaborate plan to wipe out man. Yes we are in a real stinker and we are falling for it, hook, line and sinker. I mean muder, malice, mayham and madness is everywhere, are we dealing with The Prince of the Power of The Air?

Just look, thousands of bombs, they expend with no compassion, they grin, as they wash their hands in the blood of children. Mean while the big wigs sit back and keep score. Yes folks it's the rich against the poor. People will continue to get sadder as they climb the ladder. Now they are to trash the middle class. When they're through they are coming after the well to do. While we be obedient doing as we are told, like the ostrich sticking our heads in a hole. I don't have to fight nor flee, if I don't see the Lion the Lion don't see me. We are being overpowered then devoured. At least when we stand upright, we know when to fight or take flight. By closings our eyes, playing dumb, something evil this way has come.

He looks like very familiar faces, he also sit in the highest of places. None of us has any worth as long as Satan sit on the throne of the Earth and what we now observe is just the tip of the iceberg. But don't get the blues there is very good news. You are a beacon of light, so shine bright which will drive away the night and show you are living right and it's all right to grandstand for you are in the best of hands.

People. There is a fierce battle about to be fought and a hard lesson that will be taught, so with your drawers down don't get caught, take the blinders off people...
Food For Thought.

Copyright © Milton Robertson | Year Posted 2016

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We constantly deal with poetry which puts us in a soporific state,
we sit here apathetic to the cause of studying this beautiful art-
but Poetry’s breath Ad Nauseum about love and laments is bad for a date,
oblivious to the images, while attempting to turn the key we begin to depart.

Yet the door haunts us, novels, plays, yet poetry is the apex,
of this ethereal mystery within the maelstrom that is our mind,
alas this frustration is focused upon the conundrum of poetry being complex,
 is it just a condensed novel, this Herculean Task of understanding the undefined. 

There are many who deem poetry obsolete but tis rather far from its nadir,
now begins the unequivocally splendid power of the imagination-
hidden by poetry from the vituperative invader,
who’ve made an egregious mistake in deeming poetry a partial differential equation.

Imagination, oh what a beauty long forgotten in the age of reason-
we’ve been given Hobson’s choice, force fed Occam’s razor, given epitome-
yet good ol’ imagination persist like an excretion,
from the eyes of the true daughter of time, Science’s proficiency.

People assume poetry is the modern day Gordian’s Knot-
well- let us assume this is Utopia, were Imagination runs wild-
as she watches her forest, a black cat surreptitiously passes a man in thought,
startled because it is Friday the thirteenth his Triskaidekaphobia- this is all rather mild-

Just the tip of the iceberg was touched upon, just the tip-
Poetry and humanity is an oleaginous affair we mix but do not blend,
Or should we, poems are nothing more than what we put in, as if to dip-
just our toes, before we plunge head first into poems so as to apprehend.

Poetry is the Sun, as you are the flowers shined upon,
given warmth of knowledge and power if you are to just reach.
Not to let Poetry in as if to catch on-
give it back in your own form of speech.

Through your own imagination feed poetry,
It hungers for your reality, though not reality-
procrastinate not- hopefully,
for your conceptions are your sanity.

Or rather is fancy your sanity- decide,
it will affect your observation of poetry forevermore.
It will excite-
whether you believe it to or not- you will love or abhor.

Poetry is not arduous -
just do not assume there is a secret door.
In fact poetry is quite virtuous-
Seek only what you can give poetry, I do implore. 

Copyright © Luis Martinez-Rivera | Year Posted 2013

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life withTrump XI

These facts must be taught in our schools:
Donald's tweets can trump molecules
Fools believe science
Truth has no reliance
Grasp pussy and not climate rules! 

Author’s Note: I regularly talk to an observer who travels all over the USA. The report back is that the people in the middle of the country don’t care about climate change because they believe a rise in sea level will only affect the coasts, and they don’t worry about that. However, they don’t realize that this is just the tip of the iceberg. The effects are now lining up to make life as we know it impossible for everyone everywhere. The laws of economics are a subset of the inescapable laws of nature. I thought I would never be around for the end of the world, but now I am not so sure.  

Copyright © Duke Beaufort | Year Posted 2016

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One Religion

All is written by the same hand;
Our God is the same God,
Who is everything, 
Who is nothing.
Jesus and Buddha sought the same thing;
All major religions are the same
But different cultural aspects 
Make descriptions that are hard to cling.

I may be crazy, 
But I believe God has been trying to contact me of late;
It is all in MY cards along with our imminent fate.
God is not so special,
But there is some message 
I was supposed to decode and know;
The message is occluded 
Like footprints after the new fallen snow.

The message still eludes me 
As the voice gets more and more clear;
The voice makes me stronger
And reminds me I have nothing to fear.
It's meandering on the edge 
Of Bob Marley's One Love
But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, 
The fingertips in the glove.

"One mind there is, 
But under it two principals contend."
Light or dark, good or bad,
We choose to commend or offend.
You make it up as you go;
Reality is a mold of what is real;
It's all in your head;
You are mistaken what you feel. 

Lao Tzu, Confucius and Elijah,
Moses, Krishna and Mohammed, 
Were transistors from One Heaven,
Visionaries of what the world could be,
Interested in one main task,
setting the soul free,
As God whispers lightly in my ear,
"There is no you...there is only me."

-Joseph DeMarco


Copyright © Joseph DeMarco | Year Posted 2008

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naw America! Armed with a cellphone or a knock off CD
License to carry…
Don’t shoot just showing you my ID
"He's got a gun…"
22 shots fired both hands above the head 
No conviction News read just another Gangster dead
He's a child…
Somebody's son…left in the street to bleed
He could have survived…
But you chuckled when he scream I CANT BREATH
Daughter buckled in watching from the back seat
Mom behind the drivers wheels… shaking him "WAKE UP PLEASE!!!"
Local PD hunting a minority on some type of internal vendetta 
Shots fired life loss on camera watching PD plant the weapon
Court filled with mothers of victims
"The police killed our children…"
How does one get acquitted, 3 week vacation, and that just the tip of the iceberg
But it's America until we demand a WAKANDA 
So well always fall slave to the system…  
Minority in the streets but majority In the prisons
I had a Dream once too but what you did to my ancestry  
White people are mad about 9/11
But we cant be mad about our history
13th amendment gives us freedom 
What amendment gives white people freedom 
Awww ok!!!

Copyright © Terraun squalls | Year Posted 2018

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In Shambles

A reputation in shambles Was it worth the gamble When you paint the sky orange Everyone knows It's supposed to be blue So who are you to decide otherwise Just a counterfeit king With questionable authority And a facade of moral superiority Is just the tip of the iceberg Beyond the sky Is a kingdom wrought with gold But you sold your ticket For a pocket of heartache And a soul full of sorrow You simple, simple boy How it all fell apart so easily And now you sit alone At a table with only your thoughts Each one declaring you a tyrant Too trapped in his own hype To see you lost it all Was it worth the gamble And a reputation in shambles

Copyright © Christopher Goss | Year Posted 2018