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Jump On The Bandwagon by Asuncion, Bernard F.

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Be ready 2 day

God is the way to go, that is all to know
If you don't believe me, just watch my show
People all try to do just one thing
Worship him ,which is good, let the Angel's sing
Living in a cruel world is al- right 
Just make sure the devil doesn't get in your sight
I wanna know, where is everybody going
On a rowboat that everyone be rowing
Don't ever jump on the bandwagon 
Drugs, alcohol and that junk will leave you saggin
Life in this world is an everyday gunshot
If you don't move , then you gonna be blood clot
All we need is Jesus, the Son of God hero
The blood ,the wine ,in a wooden round barrel
The body ,the bread, just like some whipped butter 
Now the devil can't speak ,he's starting to stutter

Amen kid ,look what God just did
If you want to live the best way is him
For tonight,all I don't need is this fright
So comfort me, and lead me to the light

Copyright © Jessica Brown | Year Posted 2016

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poetry to me


What is poetry to me- it is words of beauty-words of life
Words of love, pain and sacrifice.
Words of showing and growing and needing and feeding
Words of hope and despairs, wanting and cares.

Poetry takes you into the minds of mankind
From days of old to the present time.
Poetry takes you on trips that you’ve never been before
And opens up every door.

Poetry becomes a longing , a want , a desire, a need
On which your mind must feed.
It becomes a life within itself
And takes you to the heavens and down to hell.

Poetry becomes a flaming desire
And only writing can put out this fire.
I call it my passion while others say it’s my obsession
Yet ! No matter what they may think or say
Poetry is here to stay.

So many different types of poetry
For the different minds “you see”.
You will always find one that will give you meaning
From a loving heart to one that’s bleeding.

Jump on the bandwagon and take a hold
For with poetry “ life unfolds”.


Copyright © louis rams | Year Posted 2012

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Evening Programming

commercials for cellphones
commercials for lipsticks
commercials for fragrance
commercial for a gas company
commercial for a golf club
for a car
for shoes
commercial for a cellphone
commercials for painkillers
commercails for a gun
commercial for the lottery
commercials about my happiness
commercials about my life
about my family, your family
what they are wearing
commercial for cuts of meat
commercial for the bread around it
commercial about the future
quick drying
low down payment
smart and stylish
stylish and sporty
sporty and sleek
commercial for a cellphone
commercials tell you what's new
commercials about commercials
driving is the new walking
sex is the new talking
eating is the new driving
is the new italian suit
is the new fixed mortgage rate
is the new dual-action cleansing
commercials are the new
all-natural cure
all inclusive round trip
commercials for the middle class
chocolate covered
you deserve this
do yourself this favour
you are a hero you are a saint
a martyr and a legend
commercials know the real you
commercials for god
what cellphone did god buy
what air-freshener
virgin commercials
whore commercials
punch you in the face commercials
scream myself hoarse commercials
commercial fuzz on a screen
commercial memories in my head commercials
go outside for a walk and look 
up at a billboard commercials
my house commercials
my shirt and milk
and wife and dog
my speech my smell
my dead grandfather
my unborn daughter
swallow the new commercial
around the corner
colourful utopian euphoric
perfect essential
tennis shoe I would die for
commercials with two legs and a sense of irony
money cancer
money tumour in my
camera-friendly soul
I need it
contagious all-new commercials
jump on the bandwagon
take the ride 
commercial me purple 
multipurpose horses!!t into diamonds.

Copyright © Matthew Dunphy | Year Posted 2007

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Written by: D. Collins 4/19/17

I sit back and hear experts speak of America’s might.
Yet, none have seen a foxhole in a serious fight.
They haven’t a problem in offering up our sons.
No one has ever survived in fighting multiple fronts.

If North Korea is bombed, what do you think China would do?
Jump on the bandwagon and come to our rescue?
They would seriously think that they are next.
There would be havoc reeked coming from the West.

Try bombing Syrian planes parked at a Russian base.
Would Putin get involved without a moment’s waste?
That intervention would actually come from the East.
Tag-Teaming America like Satan’s ordained beasts.

Let’s not forget the Allies that we have pissed off.
Will they come a calling because we ran our mouth?
I doubt it seriously, of which, I’m willing to bet.
‘Cause we’ll be in no position to write them a check.

Copyright © Darrell Collins | Year Posted 2017

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Love's Perfect Aggression

Under the light of a low watt lamp
I sense the chills of her touch
The aura of the moment that passes
Heartfelt passion springs much

Love seeps through each crevice
Loading a beauty like no other
The sensibility soon encompasses
Where she can’t get much hotter

Blending faith of her tenderness
The light has a romantic feel
Dim to affect the intimate setting
She brings an ultimate appeal

Without leaving a second to lose
I jump on the bandwagon of passion
Her touch sends me into loops
Of Love’s perfect aggression

Russell Sivey

Copyright © Russell Sivey | Year Posted 2017

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Jump On The Bandwagon

J-ump on the bandwagon, 
E-nter eagerly into a cause; 
F-all not and falter never
F-rom winning at all cost.
R-amp-up to full speed, 
E-levate your determination; 
Y-our effort has increased, intensifying your action.

Z-oom by on your lane, 
E-arnestly reach for the line; 
N-ot far behind is the crown, 
A-llowing your eyes to find.
R-emain focused to think
O-f the jewel at the horizon; 
S-eptember sixteenth shines, 
A-s you jump on the bandwagon.

Copyright © Bernard F. Asuncion | Year Posted 2017