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The Good News

...She is a ten year old girl. Her mother?... ...A fine example  for her daughter. ...He is a father a husband. He was a soldier... ...sent in harms way. They are a family proud.... ...What happened is everyone's nightmare.... ...This brave man was badly wounded... while defending his country.... ...He survived, the worse... a head injury. Did he give up... ...lie in a bed, expect to be spoon fed? No one would of blamed him... ...certainly not me. He did not give up! ...The heavy fog that now lays inside his brain... just another battle. He wins.... ...Was he the hero? Yes most definitely. Ah but his daughter, ...ten years of wisdom says this... "When my daddy walks he uses my shoulders." ...Her father, the soldier...head shaven walks using his daughter young... front of him, to walk to where he needs to go. Ah but his daughter... ...ten years of wisdom says this... "I love my daddy he is my hero!" I see more than  one hero, that young girl just oozing with love, that little girl is my hero! Still in my heart I hear "i love my daddy he is my hero!" I just want to hug her. At ten years young she is a soldiers rock! 12~11~2014 Sponsor: Mystic Rose Contest Name: The Good News Paper

Copyright © Maurice Yvonne | Year Posted 2014

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Blanket of prayers

I may not believe in war
Yet I still believe in you
I am one of the many
You are one of the few

You are standing in harms way
While we're safe in our bed
We're amongst the living 
While you're faced with the dead

Horrors I imagine
For you are oh so real
You choose to face the darkness
In your hands you hold cold steel

Yes you fight for freedom
A bastion for what is right
Your greatest weapon your heart
With it you hold back the night

Your life is truly precious
I am sad that you are there
I ask for God's protection
Rest in blankets of our prayer

For Mystic Rose's write to our Heros contest.

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2014

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In A World Far Away

As the sun goes down,
in a world far away,
brave men, and women,
are in harms way.
They were sent,
they couldn't back down,
this is their job,
no braver can be found.
I want to thank you,
for taking that stand,
our proud, and brave,
fighting for anothers land.
May God give you comfort,
and hold you so near,
as you help those in need,
chase away all their fears.
I think you are wonderful,
and I want you to know,
God bless our soldiers,
I love you all so.

Copyright © Christy Hardy | Year Posted 2008

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To the question of tolerance, I do so tolerate,
The ignorance of the sighted. not to see the hunger
Of their own brethren.
To the question of tolerance. I do so tolerate,
The ignorance of the wealthy, not to aid the poor.
By extending a helping hand of comforts aid.
To the question of tolerance, I do so tolerate,
The physically strong and sound of mind and body,
Unwilling to accept the different or physically
To the question of tolerance, I do so tolerate,
The ignorance of the stone throwers, whom judge
Others without truths evidence or justifications guilt.
To the question of tolerance, I do so tolerate,
The ignorance of racism, inequality by skin tone
And ethnic origin.
To the question of tolerance, I do so tolerate,
The ignorance of those whom believe their faith is
Superior, condemning all others because they  believe
To the question of tolerance, I do so tolerate,
The ignorance of malices hatred of those whom,
Chose to be different, in dress, lifestyles or sexual
To the question of tolerance, I do so tolerate,
The ignorance of a soldier's courageous heart, to brave forward,
Against overwhelming odds, even though it places
Many innocent lives in harms way.
To the question of tolerance, I do so tolerate,
The ignorance of mankind to destroy their own
Environment, leaving nothing left for the
Future generations to exist upon.
To the question of tolerance, I do tolerate all of this,
For I am the creature known as humanity,
And I have yet to learn from my own mistakes.

                                                  BY: CHERYL ANNA DUNN

Copyright © cherl dunn | Year Posted 2014

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Remember Me I Am a Soldier

I'm on my way, to save the day;
On a bus, then on a plane I'm on my way;
to a war to defend an unknown territory
to defend them children, women and men;
fighting for rights and freedoms
while in my hands, arms I'm holding guns;
shooting to defend the rights of others;
the enemy "who am I" to not call them my brother;
Who am I,
Well remember me ahh, yes please, please, won't you please remember these;
Remember ME!!!

Remember me, the soldier whose life I put on the line(s)
to save you from the terrors inside;
of those men whom would have your souls;
Kill you just to have their stores head;
Remember me!
Remember me!
one of the soldier whose life which was placed on the line;
the line of battle, stepping in harms way liken herds of cattle;
walking, marching, running crawling;
does our life's matter we shed blood, wounded and paralyzed for you..
of those men whom would have your souls;
I'm a soldier, well, won't you please just remember,
remember ME;
remember me I'm a soldier;
well you please just remember me when I'm gone;
I'm a soldier, well, won't you please just 
Remember me I am a soldier
and I am on loan for a moment rumors and rumors of wars;
sometime God sanctions battles to fulfill His wishes;
while mothers, son, and daughters are at home washing dishes;
I'm a soldier, well, won't you please just remember
remember ME;
I am fighting, some of us have fallen to promote and sustain our liberties;
I'm a soldier well, won't you please just remember me;
the one you loved holding this gun;
in  the country of an unknown tongue, please don't forget me I'm so alone;
even though I have my fellow soldiers with me;
we are all fighting this battle with our sleeves up;
remember me so that I may make it back home in peace;
that I'd have all my limbs and that I can still speak;
this is why I am here to instill peace;
please, please remember me 
remember me
remember me
I've made it back home
you look down on me and I still can't afford to by a home;
stand for our freedoms overseas now back still so all alone;
I was off to war now I am back;
where this the life get so off track;
stood for our freedom over there and now I am here;
I was off to war now you are treating me so wrong;
a battle hero might as will as die on foreign soil;
all I wanted was to help prevent, back in the states you won't even represent (me)
it's no colored blind by my skin;
only when I wear my camouflage green, do you, will you;
remember me
remember me
to have saved you from the terrors inside;
of those men whom would have your souls;
have murdered with their eyes;
kill you just to have their stories heard
remember me
remember me
remember me
I am a soldier
will you please just remember me when I'm gone;
I'm a soldier, well won't you please just 
remember me
not in my casket
not in the grave
not in disillusion, not dismembered;
embodied nor enslaved;
don't remember me cause I held a rifle, a gun;
don't remember me so that I may make it back home in peace;
Remember me because I AM GOD's SON 
and I belong first to HIM and Jesus
Remember Me I am and will be in the Arms of Jesus
remember me I am a soldier
who will no longer get and be older

Thank you for your service

Written by James Edward Lee Sr.
From the anthology "  Change Is Gonna Come  "

Copyright © James Edward Lee Sr. | Year Posted 2017

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Senseless killings
Barbaric and animalistic desires
Necrophilia and sadomasochism
Blinded by nationalistic pride
All out war
So babies have no where to hide
Drone attacks on hospitals and nurseries 
They bury their corpses
In cheap boxes
Bombs and guided missiles
Strike targets from the sky
The innocent are murdered
So I ask why 
Technology is pushed to its very limit
Seals fire shots with laser that beam it
With accuracy and precision
But what is yardstick to politicians’ decision?
Resources are channel to produce victory
The masses are slaughtered 
So again we repeat history
Both sides of the wall commit atrocities
The resurrection of man’s innate beastiality
Collateral damage caused in every surgical strike
And then we face reprisal
Explosives on trucks and even on a bike
So watch where you are stepping
Women are foes too 
So be careful with who you re helping
Suicide bombers looking for soft hits
Same was the 1960s and the 21st century is a repeat 
Nukes and ICBMs 
Delivery is eminent
Annihilation of the subhuman race
And to put our names in history’s place
Dooms day arrives
See the markings of World War III
Orbital bombardment from attack satellites 
But all you see is
Red light
Blue light
Then we are consumed by fire
I shall live beyond this day
So the devil is a liar
A million boots put in harms way
And with their blood they shall pay
Love ones wish they could stay
And pray not for that day
Torpedoes launched from submarines
Tomahawks fired from cruisers
The battle for oil and land
But we are all losers

Copyright © Olusegun Akanbi | Year Posted 2011

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The Rodeo Clown

It must be hard to be a clown.
When all day long you're chased around.
Those great big bull's whose attention you need.
If the cowboys caught up and can't be freed.
Ther're putting their own lives in harms way.
So the cowboy's may ride another day.
The rodeo clown must have nerves of steal.
Cuz the job their doing is a really big deal.
If they don't do their job then things can go wrong.
And the life of a cowboy just might be gone.

Copyright © Debra Eckstein | Year Posted 2010

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Nothing changes, you know.
The weather I mean.
Its just like any other spring day.
Sunny, green, full of life.

I imagined it being much different. 
I thought I would wake up feeling weak, weak in the bones. 
But no. I felt, honestly, better than I have in a while.
There was not hint from the god damn weather.

In Shakespearean writings there is always weather to foreshadow a terrible event.
Foreshadowing a tragedy.
A hurricane. Tornado. Even just a good ole’ storm!
But no. You gave me nothing but false hope. 

The birds were chirping,
Louder than ever.
As if they were mocking me,
Laughing at my naivety. 

Even Odysseus needed a storm to tell him he was in harms way.
No one told me I would feel like this.
No one told me I would feel dead,
Dead on the inside. 

In my advanced literature class,
They say to use the weather to depict the scene.
Use a sunny day when someone feels..

Well that’s irony at its finest, right?
I’m far from rejuvenated.
In fact I feel like I'm withering into nothing,
Nothing but pure misery.

So, God, next time,
When you want to pull a “prank” like this,
Please have the curtesy to send 
Bad weather.

Copyright © Brian Byrne | Year Posted 2015

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The date is twenty six July,nineteen hundred forty five
soon, only three hundred seventeen would be alive
Eleven hundred ninety six of you assigned 
eight hundred seventy nine lives denied,

Two torpedoes, that found their mark
at twelve fourteen in the morning, very dark
the first hit the bow, blew it away
the second, amidships, what more can I say?

The explosion, tremendous, thick acrid smoke
she sank in twelve minutes, three hundred revoked
this ship had no escort, orders from command
while the Commander of CINCPAC sat on dry land

the sun broke the horizon, ere the Philippine Sea
the sharks, knew exactly where their meal would be
for, four horrific days the screams would be heard
no others could hear them, not even a word

On the forth day it came, relief from the sky
not soon enough, almost six hundred would die
at that point the survivors, thought their outlook was grim
they were spotted by a pilot, Lieutenant Will Gwinn

In his Ventura bomber,while on sub patrol
found the men from the ship, that never would show
his mic at full throttle, his radio it threw sparks
he relayed their position, to Adrian Marks

In his PBY seaplane he answered the call
disobeyed orders, to try and save all
the USS Doyal, DD- three sixty eight
diverted from her orders, to help save her mates

With his PBY full,and about out of time
he tied men to his wings, with parachute line
as the Doyal arrived, with a full head of steam
not knowing what she'd find, when she entered the scene

to the very last man, the sharks had their way
three hundred seventeen men, had been saved on that day
the High Navy Brass, needed someone to blame
so they pointed their fingers, at Captain McVay

From Tinian Island, where she delivered the bomb
McVay brought them safely, to the Island of Guam
new orders from CINCPAC, get back in the War
between Guam and Leyte, she was heard from no more

For 54 years,Command wouldn't sway
Captain Charles McVay, put his men in harms way
he didn't zigzag, is what they would conclude
standard procedure for them to elude

In a high level hearing, at Naval Command
the Commander who sank her, at last took the stand
he spoke, and they listened of what happened that night
the zigzag wouldn't matter he had them in his sights

In the millennium year, the world sedated
a panel recessed, he was exonerate
Years after the War,it is finally calm
for the 1200 men, who delivered the bomb.

I Salute all the sailors and Officers of the USS Indianapolis CA-35, God Bless you!   

Copyright © Richard Pickett | Year Posted 2011

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Unspeakable Love

unspeakable love
met me at the door everyday
scratching with his paws
he never missed aday

unspeakable love
is very very shy
love made in the heart
only thorugh the eye's

unspeakable love
comes after a lot of pain
forgetting the pain of labour
and giving a baby a name

unspeakable love
takes a sacrifice
putting self in harms way
giving up a life

Copyright © The Situation | Year Posted 2011

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the continual process for world peace HOMEWORK

first you clear china
in case of a white vs white war
the emperor sorts through 98 types of chinese ppl everyday

then you find if its group A or Group B

Group A browns
B whites

you dont just wake up and blow up buildings for no reason
you dont call people names just cause

are the americans losing to a white vs white war throwing ethnic communities in harms way, as these ppl set up shop in canada?

first east india then china?
what do the african americans have to say?

then pick an outsider looking in like britian....
ask their opinion...

what about the community flying under the radar, who is trying not to matter and why?

once this process begins ppl will calm down
once people are calm the confusion fades

now we are logical after recooperating from being sick with war

what does cross referencing the situation tell you?

its a white versus white war of a group of whites pretending to be two other groups of white people.
this makes the world white supremist to get the bad ones in trouble with the right people 

in short its usually five stupid people playing terrorist dominos
bullying a group of people to bully another group of people

take pity... if it wasnt for that group of people terrorising the first group of people to live an endless nightmare, they could have had a normal life, been a real friend, and not lived in terror for their children.

once this process is perfected,
demonstrate it ritualisticly
and have it celebrated.

saints have proved holidays to be very powerful
like the holidays we celebrate today of drawing the line in the sand from the gimme of halloween to the buying across the line of easter

Copyright © Troy Jeremy Nelson | Year Posted 2012

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Reality Check

My president does not believe
that terror, is Islam based
Without the courage to say the words
he struggles to save face

Can't bring himself to say the words
what's in his heart won't die
The veil of ignorance (he assumes)
the world knows it's a lie

Pretending there is nothing wrong
we are put in peril each day
His ties to countries (not our friends) 
just keep us in harms way

Golf and Dancing, TV shows
Baseball games and such
Take a front seat in his life
terrorism? not as much

The people that he entertains
have his back (his way)
White House quests are radical pests
they divide us every day

The welfare of America
gathers dust on a back shelf
While he works hard on his legacy
just to satisfy himself

He has no worries, he feels safe
and knows when he is gone
He will be over looked by those 
with the coming of the dawn.....

Copyright © Pete Yuhas | Year Posted 2016

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Lord Bless our Troops

I wrote a letter just today,
To a young soldier in a land that’s far away.
The letter I wrote was hard for me to write,
Cause he may be in a life or death situation, while I sit here safe tonight.

In a place where we deem is cruel and uncaring,
Our young men and women fight and some die, all for a word called freedom which they are
No one chooses to die or come home crippled for life, though many do,
To take to a foreign land the glories of freedom, which others once did and or doing for
me and you.

Freedom comes with a price, and sacrifice seems to be the only way to keep us free,
And that is exactly what those young men and women do everyday for you and me.
Think about it, those that come back safe, stood in harms way, and had to leave family and
Why? Is it because so many in this world can’t get along and make amends?

Well young fellow you take care and know that there are many who hold you in their prayers,
Keep well and we await your safe return for we know you’ve done your share.

Copyright © Ronald Bingham | Year Posted 2009

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America's Veterens

God bless the man
who made the stand
to keep America free
from the beginning of
America’s history

for over 200 years
our men and women have
stood in harms way
who believed in America
to keep her free

honor and sacrifice are 
just two of the qualities
that reside in the hearts
and minds of our heroes
who ask nothing in return
for them selves 

only to serve, protect and defend
the greatest country in history
where freedom rings though out the land

today is May 31, 2010
we honor all that men and women have done
and all the battles they have won

how many lives have been cut short 
and buried in graves through out the world
knowing that they would never return 
to share in the freedoms they fought for

so I say again God bless the man and woman
who have served 
alive or passed into history

God damm the liberal left traitors in America 
Who sit on their *** hiding in the tall grass
that have no intentions to serve

Dennis H. Davis

Copyright © Dennis Davis | Year Posted 2010

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What Patriotism Really Means

Some would have you believe a right to be free
To share an ideal of ethics and defend what you feel
To hold sacred a land that we stole from the American Indians
To be ready to kill and forge in blood as was the independence bill

To salute our chief and commander even if he commits slander
There is a mind set of what these soldiers are taught it should be
They are trained without exception into ego mentality
They are given the acceptance and exploited into heroism

But the stories that are told become twisted for the government’s bureaucracy
They fill these fighters with false confidence and authoritarian attitudes
They pledge them permission to fight, kill and maim
Telling them we’re at war and its ok ‘cause your in harms way

The soldiers’ then boost I did tour in Afghanistan and one in Iraq
Showing off their pins and strips touting a false integrity of duty
Sitting high they drive million dollar cannons to blow ‘em away
Looking through the target range you can’t run and hide I fight for the USA

This country continually flexes its muscles projecting brawn as the only way
Our leaders say we have just ‘cause our freedoms in danger
New threats challenge our shores terrorists now live at our back door
But the true threat is imperial thinking has invaded the USA 

Those threats occurred thanks to US policy and corporate greed 
Those countries are defending their own ideology
Reagan helped bring down the image of Communism by collapsing the wall
But history repeats the face changed the structure remained the same

Politicians create the illusion they strategize to stealth the truth 
To safe guard your freedoms from the terrorist they call it the patriot act
first they bait you telling you about an attack then there’s the defensive scenarios 
where they eliminate our civil liberties little by little to justify the act

the illusion of freedom to control its people through fear 
What a great cover to install communism through terrorism
patriotism through dependency year after year never mind who’s guarding our 
they do this to make you believe to convince you it is needed

soldiers come home honorably discharged yet carrying a warrior’s scar
thriving off the rush of acceptance they feed the need for self acknowledgment
Wearing dark sunglasses driving a pick up hanging novelty nuts on their rear
dressed in camouflage pants they tell their stories to keep the invasion alive

Copyright © Ron Flatow | Year Posted 2007

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9/11 A day of heroes

 The word hero has acquired new definition after the 9/11 attacks
a bit broader and perhaps more inclusive but still a badge of honor
which is always bestowed in gratitude on the deserving recipient. 

The first responders and civilians who put themselves in harms way 
to affect rescue attempts were first class heroes on that awful day.  
None emerged unscathed many injured beyond repair and others died.

Like so many of the victims they tried in vain to rescue, 
they too became victims, but few victims became heroes.

Victim or hero all were just people going about their business
 having the worst day of their lives. 

Copyright © Monty Newman | Year Posted 2010

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The Unknown Soldier (acrostic)

Tales of heroes beyond, the normal despair of war’s plight,
Hearing of these stories, make us all quiver, in the night.
Each of them that go to fight, any battle, with all their might,

Universally, they are unknown soldiers, until names are released.
None knows the others, until their soul’s battle, against the beast.
Kings and political heads, never battle, for what they believe.
Never placed in harms way, they send soldiers; Mothers grieve
Only the loyal subjects take on the heat, from what they weave.
We honor, the Unknown Soldier, without any name, to perceive.
Nearer to God, these soldiers are known, here only deceased.

Secure, they have left us all, until the next battle to be fought.
Onward, we keep sending those to die, for what, a thought.
Listen, to all the stories, we hear of bravery, by them all.
Dear sweet Jesus, take them to your father, standing so tall.
I never fought any battle; I fight my battles with expressions.
Each of us must remember, soldiers, in their professions.
Remembering, who they could have been, not just impressions.

Copyright © cecil hickman | Year Posted 2007

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Bull fighter

Crowd loud 
and wild.
Snorting aloud
can be heard
as they are sorted.
Rough riders prayed
that they will make the ride.
Clowns entertain the crowd
as they get set to intercede.
Bulls kick as moved
into the chute.
A clown jumps inside
a barrel to take a ride.
The gate open wide
letting the ride
go down the line.
Bull kicking high
spinning like a tornado
cowboy keeping in middle. 
Clowns in harms way
Keeping the ride 
in control.
A rider is hung in a rope
the clown gets in the face
of one ton of meanness.
He leads this beast away
as the rider runs away.
Clowns chased down 
taking the horn
to keep the cowboy
From harm

Copyright © Michael Byte | Year Posted 2013

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Fathers send their sons
Off to war with such pride,
they fight for political beliefs, 
Where so many have died.

What father would encourage,
Their beloved to be in harms way?
Knowing on the battle fields, 
Their life may be taken?

Each soldier freely chooses, 
To put their life on the line,
Believing their actions ensure
A better world left behind. 

You say you can't understand
How God could sacrifice His son,
Giving Christ to choice,
If man's soul was lost or won.

Each day battles are fought, 
Lives taken because of convictions. 
Why did God allow His son to die?
There will always be conflictions. 

Copyright © Rev. Elizabeth Anderson | Year Posted 2014

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What Love Is

Love is coming home late at night,
while everyone else is asleep,
so you can earn extra money,
so they have something to eat,

Love is trying to help the homeless,
just by giving them some food or a sweater,
or by giving them a little cash or
taking them right to a homeless shelter,

Love is staying up all night,
with a very sickly child,
comforting them and telling them,
that everything will be alright,

Love is staying all those years,
married to the same one,
even though at times they drive you insane,
and everyday is like a rerun,

Love is giving your life for someone,
even if that persons a total stranger,
you put your life in harms way
and face the ultimate danger,

Love is putting our differences aside,
and learning to forgive and forget,
learning to swallow our political pride,
be we a Republican or Democrat,

Love is driving 967 miles to see
your Dad whose dying from cancer,
and when you see him in his hospital bed,
happy memories you try to recapture,

Love is driving all the way back up
to pick up your now widowed Mom,
driving her all the way down to Maryland for a wedding
then all the way back up again,

We see love everyday,
be it at home, work, church or shopping,
its in the little things we do,
thats why love is so charming.


Copyright © cheryl hoffman | Year Posted 2016

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The actions of a few have put the world in harms way
"You were our favorite mistake"
is what the hypocritical Christians say
when disowning their own children
when they turned out to be gay.

Copyright © LuAnne Pratt | Year Posted 2014

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Night Creatures

the night is dark and 'oh so quiet,
not a soul around to be seen.
Trees stand still,
moon hides behind clouds.
Crickets chirp,
and all are asleep.
'Oh mystical night what do you have in store?
Something nice, or frightening?
Perhaps something more.
In these bushes and on the land,
creatures lurking,hear that sound!
What can it be that we do not see?
A thought in our minds,or maybe a reality?
Who's to say what is,is not,
and who's to say what is ,is?
A sound of wind blows by my ear,
and all the nights secrets come to be known.
A sad and lonely soul is out there,
and so are the lost and desperate who care.
There are those to who will come in harms way,
pray for their soul,pray I say.
For who are we to run and hide,
When God gave us his son,for us he died!
We need hold no fear or anger inside,
but love and trust and hope,have pride.
But do not be careless or to prideful you see,
share what you have in generosity.
You have all that you ever will need,
so give it away to those who plead.
Be loving and honest and kind and true,
God in heaven shall reward you.
So creatures lurking in the dark night,
come show yourselves and what you are.
Let no creature or soul be harmed,
but let us all gather,do not be alarmed.
for the creatures of the night are all at  war,
doing their duties,and all their deeds,
to make life more beautiful for all that care.
A creature is a name for the un - known,
that are not seen and never alone.
Give up your fear to God above,
and he shall give all his protection, all his love.
Good night to those who are quite leary,
and all those who feel dreary.
I say to you to all my friends,
this is only the beginning,it never will end.
Enjoy all you see,
and embrace it most dear,
for lifes little journeys are alway's so near.

Copyright © Susan Grado | Year Posted 2006

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At Any Cost

Symptomatic folly,
 the tail now wags the dog

Whose bark, it whimper’s drolly,
 all teeth removed and gone

Reacting, never acting,
  new victims every day

All courage has retracted,
—the future in harms way

Jailed speech unto the warden,
  whose words may not contend

Our patriotic burden,
  its truth we must defend

With cowards grabbing power,
  a swamp that we must cross

Lies from ivory towers,
—to fell at any cost

(Villanova Pennsylvania: January, 2017)

Copyright © Kurt Philip Behm | Year Posted 2017

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His Father's Son

HIS FATHERS SON							07-23-08

“He is his fathers son” ,
The one that you should’ve taught, right from wrong
He’s the one who you kept waiting all night long.

“He is your offspring” , 
Your footsteps he should’ve been following
While teaching him to be king of his own castle to his queen
He’s the one that while in the streets, you should’ve been teaching, 
not to be a drug feen.

He is, your fathers  grandson,
The one “you should’ve showed love to” 
And how to provide, with the right means
Like how you use to love his mom
How could you,  interrupt his dreams

He is your son,
For whatever reason your fatherhood was revoked, the day you became dead-beat
Telling him about how the system was all a big joke, and when you took off 
and were on the run, convincing him, it was all in fun “that day”

He was your one and only” , 
You decided  “that moment”
That you were more important, you placed him under the gun, in harms way.
He was your son, 
From conception to now, the streets consumed him,
ever since you walked out and left town, 

Until “NOW“, he was a good child,, never disrespectful, boastful or loud
He choose a good path, one that was directed,
 by the only Father, with whom his earthly father never connected…
His number has been called, and your no longer around
And all of the other fathers sons are watching with their sons,  as they’re lowering
Your only namesake’s casket into the graveyard grounds.

He was His Father’s son, but please don’t you ever get it twisted,
Because our son knew whose last voice he heard, 
before he breathed his last breath,
And was Heaven bound.

Copyright © Ida Igess | Year Posted 2009

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The Children

People everywhere bring me your ear,
I have something to say that you need to hear
bad things are happening to our children today,
creatures of darkness are taking them away

Wake up people, open your eyes
they are lurking about and telling them lies
these are our little treasures, given from God above
all they ask for is our unconditional love

Yet we let them in these creatures of the night
robbing us blind in plain sight
of our children, our loves, our prize possesions
you'd think by now we would've learned our lesson

They torture them, kill them, and lock them away
they're hoping someone will come for them someday
yet you stand idily by and watch them creep
while these thieves, these killers walk the street

These creatures of darkness, some are close to you too
your sisters, your brothers, or maybe even you
when it comes to our children, no one is excluded
aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, all are included

Don't leave your children in the hands of a stranger
because leaving them in the hands of someone 
you think you know, maybe putting them in danger

So take time people, investigate
There are creatures out there who are filled with hate
They'll take your babies and make them cry
then turn right around and tell you a lie

They'll say your child is just like their own
and in the very same breath wish they were gone
So love your children, and always protect
and you'll be rewarded with their love and respect.

There are too many children being put in harms way, because of carelessness, 
I just want to draw some attention to this huge problem.

Copyright © Betty Culberson | Year Posted 2009