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Let love triumph

Human imprudence leading to so much bloodshed learn to love like birds share the sky above to fly let love triumph over bullets. © kashinath karmakar( 10th August 2011) ===============000=============== Placement: 10th ;(August 2011) Contest:Bald Eagle in Cemetery contest (Photo based) Sponsor:Carolyn Devonshire

Copyright © kash poet | Year Posted 2011

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The Sonnet

I sought to compose an imprudent poem
And started to draw on the blank paper
Words in transparent foliage
That took on the shape of weeping dew. 

I wished to disobey the rule,
Institute an unruly troop,
Not to house feelings of stone,
Nor even listen to balanced peace.

I wanted to, but could not compose
Verses in metrified lines
Using named decasyllables.

Among lines with alternating rhymes,
Is born, with the imprudence as sung
Not a poem, but rather a Sonnet!

Copyright © Benedito Silva | Year Posted 2011

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Impossible Love

I cringe to see your delicious tears trickle thus
And your emotions foul as our ties get worse,
I wish we both lived in some idyllic utopian land
Where things obeyed the whip of some magic wand.

There, I would not hold a grudge against my only love;
For there the egotism and imprudence that shove
Our affections to make room for hate do not tread,
And the strings of binding care flourish in their stead.

Which place would keep in friendship two souls so fond?
The frosty chill of the earth would not save such a bond 
For it’s fraught with hesitation and such suspicious doubt
That uproots the fledgling shoots of love before they sprout.

Which imaginary land would host our love’s endangered day
And defend it against its impending fast-approaching decay? 
I’m convinced that there’s not a place among the planets nine 
That can ever tame wild restless hearts such as yours and mine.

Copyright © Hannington Mumo | Year Posted 2015

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Deep Ocean Bubble People

Deep below the ocean's surface volcanic vents do spew,
Fumes of pressurized oxygen with their bubbly molten brew.

Down where the water's pressure is denser than that of air,
The lava's effervescent bubbles form an atmospheric lair. 

There lives within these domes of air a group of simple people,
Who've built a social structure, igneous edifices and coral steeples.

As mammals, they share the very brain within our own dense heads,
But they've learned to use it in ways we've never dreamt of nor read. 

Here above the surface we use our bodies to produce economy,
Blinded by bills and schemes of capital with very little autonomy. 

Unbound by bonds of profit and wealth, the people who dwell below in the bubbles,
Can feel and read each others' thoughts, keeping them in love and out of trouble. 

To eat, they can summon and stun the fish that swim outside their atmosphere,
With a simple thought which emits a pulsing wave which their minds can hear.

Beyond meeting their needs for sustenance and nutrients,
They spend their remaining time playing with their compatriots. 

The games they play are aimed to grow their minds that give them health,
And laugh with friends, for humor and happiness are what they consider wealth. 

They have one law: the Golden Rule, which is to love all with pure imprudence, 
Which is neither governed by politics nor policed by the failure of jurisprudence.

Unlike the surface dwellers above that they have become psychically aware of,
They have no distant sun to worship but volcanic light that they've grown to love.

For they make no assumptions of origins and live to learn not claim, 
Reasons for light to embolden the masses with fear when darkness came.

One day these people wholeheartedly hope that their bubbles will rise to meet,
The people above who live in duplicitous splendor rather than in simplicity of unity.

Copyright © Brendan J. Simons | Year Posted 2017

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I feel,
A strange hunger
A hunger for freedom…
Though I have,
Yet I desire…
A deep unfulfilling kind of starvation…
Can never get too much of freedom,

Intangible yet priceless, 
Like air,
Invisible yet vital for life,
Embrace but don’t abandon me!
Without you,
I will be like fish out of water

Give me the space,
To live my life,
The way I want to,
With whom I want to,
I understand there are constraints,
I understand that absolute freedom means anarchy,
But allow me to make my choices,
To create my own little world,
Free of dogma and prejudice…
Let me do,
What I want to do…
I don’t dream of an unreasonable world,
But a world of reasonable limitations…
A fair world, 
Where justice is not a delusion
Am I talking of an imaginary world?
No, I am not…
I want to be free,
Just like animals in forest
Just like birds in sky,
Just like busy ants,
Just like jumping squirrels,
Just like galloping horses…

Give me freedom…
Freedom from anger,
Freedom from attachment,
Freedom from anxiety,
Freedom from bitterness,
Freedom from craving,
Freedom from chaos,
Freedom from depression,
Freedom from dilemma,
Freedom from diseases,
Freedom from despair,
Freedom from darkness,
Freedom from deceit,
Freedom from dishonesty,
Freedom from envy,
Freedom from egotism,
Freedom from fear,
Freedom from frustration,
Freedom from fright,
Freedom from fury,
Freedom from grief,
Freedom from hatred,
Freedom from irritation,
Freedom from imprudence,
Freedom from jealousy,
Freedom from lies,
Freedom from loneliness,
Freedom from medicine,
Freedom from narcissism,
Freedom from oppression,
Freedom from pain,
Freedom from poverty,
Freedom from pride,
Freedom from resentment,
Freedom from rigidness,
Freedom from sorrow,
Freedom from subjugation,
Freedom from trouble,
Freedom from tears,
Freedom from torture,
Freedom from temptation,
Freedom from vanity,

Freedom above all,
From these mountains of challenges,
That I am surrounded internally and externally,
Let me be like a bee, 
That sucks the nectar 
From the flower of life,
Without harming it…
Like the beautiful lotus,
That thrives in dirty pond water…
Let me enjoy the freedom,
Without disturbing others…
Free from all bondages,
Allow me to dwell,
To live 
And let live,
A life of my choice,
To breathe 
The fresh air,
To fill my world,
With love…

Oh, Master
Give this servant
The freedom 
From the precincts of life
Allow me to rest in peace,
In the bosom of your earth…

Copyright © Vinaya Joseph | Year Posted 2015

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Let These Dreams Turn True

These dreams 
Which I dream now for few nights—to my surprise…!
As last night she was walking with me 
On that willowy road,
And looked down in the dumps, and remorseful for all-- she ever did.
And when I tenderly asked her why?
She gave a quarrelsome reply,
“What! (Bulging her eyes out and wide);
He my Husband is not my Lover?
As I was—someone’s dearly loved…!
And I can feel it every single minute,
I am an unwanted wife but a moneymaking machine.
I…, I mourn my imprudence I called my wisdom, 
Rejecting alas! Those merry days and nights in love
For this false fictitious living…!”

Well! I could sense it with ease 
That she still loved me as ever,
And needed in bad time my arms’ refuge.

My God! let these dreams turn true 
And she returns soon to my long wintered garden 
As sweet spring.

Copyright © fayaz bhat | Year Posted 2014

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error of perfection

With impatience, we leave
for a broader world covered in gloom 
With imprudence, we deliver ourselves 
Into a brand new darkness 
With grace, we thrive 
And embrace the bleak future of our lives 

It's just how the society works, I guess 
I've tried many times to theorize why we are 
And why we hate all 
I've tried many times to love 
Only to be met with violence 
Oh, dear society please keep it up 

Maybe if I shout high enough 
I will be understood 
Maybe if I cursed loud enough 
You'd hear me out 
I'm just a pitiful error; 
Unfit for modern society's perfect biology. 

With anger, we delve down 
Into a bloody hell that everyone seems to love 
With anguish, we march to the tone 
The tone to injure ourselves to 
With perfection, we love 
And I hate you 

It's just how the society works, I guess 
I've learned that all of us are fake pieces of rubbish; 
I've learned we're all littering a beauty that we rape slowly, surely 
Oh, dear society please keep it up 

Maybe if I hurt immensely, 
I can inflict these wounds onto you as well 
Maybe if I leap down the concrete tundra, 
I can make it rain acid on your precious face
We're all pitiful errors; 
we're all perfect for one another 

Screw your creations, beast 
Screw your ideals 
Society, please glue my shattered pieces 
Into your deviated masterpiece 
I hate you...

Maybe if I die slow enough, 
I can enjoy the burning of it all 
Maybe if my corpse mocks well enough, 
I can stir tears in your toilet eyes 
Pitiful error; 
that's all we ever were.

Copyright © Jake Brunton | Year Posted 2017

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Gathering Stones

It is dreadfully bitter
The taste of my imprudence

A brackish reminder

Bubbling acrid froth
To choke back
Aftershocks heave and pitch my 
Shaky foundation

Acid courses over


Destroying hope of
Amaranthine love

The brine erodes each stone
So well
Etches them with its indifferent regard
Leaving me a caustic cocktail
To slake a ruthless thirst

Nothing is sweet


Dreams are best left for dreamers
I will gather stones for my foundation

Copyright © Tess Norton | Year Posted 2014

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Mastering The Language That Only The Poet Understands

Music makes one dance,
and the dancer expresses
the mood of its sound;
poetry makes one recite
verses that are lively or dark...
it's the state of the moment,
that voice trapped inside
longing to break free.

I lift the burden of heaviness
by letting out my breath 
and give life to words
whether they sound soft or harsh, 
impactful, shallow or profound...
I master the language that
only the poet understands.

Do I expect awards, handshakes
or lauds? None of these I meditate
to win the crown and scepter of the gods,
and undeserving of such glory or merit...
I let modesty outrun imprudence.

Whatever critics think of my work
as being excellent, or mediocre,
I pursue enlightenment in knowledge...
words and ideals that make wisdom grow.

My pen is more powerful when it does 
something amazing and reveals 
the purpose of its intent by mastering 
the language that only the poet understands.

Written on 1/23/2017


Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2017

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The Astute And The Dumb

The astute and the dumb are
found on this road we traverse;
the one with goals to set, the other
with no character, interest or talent...
can both coexsist and not clash?
Which one of these two individuals 
can survive a biological warfare 
without discipline and knowledge?
Most certainly, the one has studied
the activities of the superior minds 
that somehow seem invincible to
whatever they encounter on the
battlefield or in the menacing air.
This is not a war between two
mythical gods, Jupiter and Saturn;
who took the side of the courageous 
Titans? Today, nobody is immune to  
such an Apocalypse event, it may partly 
or entirely destroy our unique planet 
on any erratic, or maddened moment. 
Let the mindful guide the careless 
and diverge them from their dramatic fate. 
If History is a testament of lies and truth,
can it be meditated by some who are
about to repeat the mistakes of the fools?
The astute will prevail in any given
circumstance, the dumb will be subdued
for his ignorance and imprudence.

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2016

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April fools Day - Foolishness -

April fools Day - Foolishness - Irrational deranged and ridiculous Carrying-on with a fool trick of imprudence More to bring joy rather than sadness A crazy balderdash of daftness Discreet acts of constant madness. Absurd poppycock behaviour come’s fatuousness pleasures Reasonable insanity of countless measures Even an idiot had sort through all the dangers No one can get hurt that’s preposterous...! It's not quite senseless not quite a mistake Illogical excitable ingenuous lapse to make Faux pas foul up of a goofy gaffe Next year will be different A whole new set of Inadvisable claptraps. All we are missing is a clown and a multi painted poodle A jazzy jive of a crazy flapdoodle Times not up until midnight wait for the whistle Be careful because here comes another tommyrot twaddle. BS applesauce of trivial acts of lunacy A bit of tomfoolery and hogwash hooey Enjoy the new tricks brought to your attention of memory Imbecility and impractical ideas of stupidity But a prank on a friend that can be hilariously funny Happy April fool's day to you and everybody. Written by Michael Robinson. Copyright © Michael Robinson 2018

Copyright © Michael Robinson | Year Posted 2018

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Natures destiny

nature’s destiny
embedded in mankind’s soul
destroyed by humanities imprudence
civilizations deliverance
basic laws


written by
cecil hickman

written for
Sponsor Constance La France ~ A Rambling Poet ~  
Contest Name Six Lines of Poetry, Please 

Copyright © cecil hickman | Year Posted 2011

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Seven-Ten: An Uneasy Life Lived

Will liveliness find its way? Can I see my friend again? I ask such questions in search of answers, but find nothing but afflicted heartbreak when contradiction becomes aching past. Forgiveness becomes a price if woe becomes your regret. I search for reasons to move on with ease, search for amends from reparation found. I must atone for the perplexed lost years. I shan't seek unbearing pain or things facing forlorn tears. Stretched out before me is courage and joy. I need repayment for wrongs committed, wipe away my morose and disturbed fears. I drown in depressed anguish, intense grief and imprudence can only cease when given one more chance. I need to find peace of mind, but quittance could squelch my agonized and intense soul. My path's lapsed if it's traveled too light with no warm regard. Seven-Ten Poetry Contest Emile Pinet March 6, 2018

Copyright © Lu Loo | Year Posted 2018

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Even the longest dream
has the folly  and endurance
to win destiny's adversities,
and who's against it
with an expression of doubt,
but tries to change it fast
with imprudence...
by showing malevolence and shame!

Even the longest dream encourages
the impatient and passionate hearts
to reveal those hidden emotions
and immoderate passions to others!

Even the longest dream
won't wake us up from our deep sleep;
and it isn't likely to set any extreme:
unless we fret and weep!

Even the longest dream 
can't give us
neither hint or mystery,but it hastily
dissolves itself in dazzling sunlight;
how can it be
possible to dream,
if even the longest dream
flows like the swift waters of a stream?
Where will one find the real dreams
of one's heart?

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2006

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L---leaving lapse loess lurching

I---imprudence indiscretions

P---pulling out passage plunges


Written words by James Edward Lee Sr. 2018 ©

Copyright © James Edward Lee Sr. | Year Posted 2018