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A Hump Day Spring Morning by Ibeh, Edward
Everyday is Hump Day by Baxter, Warner
Hump Day by landrum, carol
Hump Day by Jones, Nancy

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Everyday is Hump Day


Copyright © Warner Baxter | Year Posted 2014

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Hump Day

I am so weary it is the middle of the week some call it hump day, but I don’t seem to be walking around with a hump on my back, but I can tell you I am too tired to be wired. If I was wired you would see my 
Hair standing up on my head. I might seem kind of hyper in your eyes, but it is just my inner child wanting to play. I had too much coffee so now I am eating some toffee. I am jumpy and I am getting 
Nervous because I now had way too much coffee. I feel like a tea kettle about to burst. I am starting to 
Get stressed I think I need to go get some rest. But I lay down to nap hoping I will snooze like Garfield, but my spirits restless so I lay there tossing and turning. Then, I remember I left the coffee pot on and the coffees burning. I manage to get up and stand on my feet I hurry to the kitchen and I turn the coffee pot off. I go back and I lay on my soft bed and I fall to sleep, in a really restful sleep when I 
Start to dream blissful and exiting dreams. I enjoy my dreams so much that I want to stay in my sweet slumber. I think of a number the number seven and I wake up alert and rested feeling energized, not worn down like a battery. I feel a surge of energy and I once again resume my daily activities.  I sit down to rest after I have cleaned my nest and I hear my stomach start to growl. I get up and I go to the refrigerator because now I want a snack.  I feel like Garfield I crave lasagna for a snack, but I eat some 
Carrot sticks and ranch dressing instead. How yummy they are in my tummy. I hear them crunch each time I take a bite oh it is so fun to munch. I think I will drink me some red punch now. I go to the kitchen and I get myself some red punch from the refrigerator and I pour it in my glass ,but to my surprise I missed the glass I poured some on the table as well. Well I must clean that up. If I keep this up I am going to be so lean because I must do extra cleaning because of my messes. I place my wash cloth back in the sink and I go back and I sit and I munch on the rest of my carrot sticks and I drink my punch. I love the sound of my crunch as I munch it is sweet music in my ear. It makes a rhythm and I go about with my day as busy as it is.

Copyright © carol landrum | Year Posted 2013

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Seven Days a Week

I was born on a Monday
At times my life goes a stray

Tuesdays was Happy Days night
during school it eased the fright

Wednesday is always hump day
heavy lifting worth the pay

Thursday the weekend is near
soon I’ll be feeling no fear

Friday best day of the week
man and woman cheek to cheek

Saturday known for cartoons
and the best were Looney Tunes

Sunday is the Sabbath
for some Monday is math

Copyright © Robert Heemstra | Year Posted 2013

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Hump Day

Wigglin' 'tween toes
the questions of a thousand thousand ages
wrapped tight in beat heart.

Who's gonna buy the cat food tomorrow?
Will trade ya for takin' out the garbage
wigglin' 'tween toes.

If you're in a hurry and need to turn left
but some one's in the intersection what is
wrapped tight in beat heart?

Rage tamed to socially
acceptable impatience
wigglin' 'tween toes.

Sometimes the sky grabs attention
raw beauty
wrapped tight in beat heart.

Tomorrow’s  a work day
will give it best
wigglin' 'tween toes
wrapped tight in beat heart.

Copyright © Nancy Jones | Year Posted 2011

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Mid Week Day

Like Laurence of Arabia in a camel race,
hump day can go by at a very fast pace,
while there are other times,
camel spits me in the eye,
and over the hump is no piece of cake.


Copyright © cheryl hoffman | Year Posted 2016

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A Hump Day Spring Morning

The veil of twilight lifts, unmasking 
The beauty that is spring. Out came the sun rays
Bursting through the clouds, shimmering like gloss
Of silk and satin; sneaking through the window panes
I feel the heat sensation massaging my face
The sun's glow, bright and warm, stealing into my eyes
A Wednesday, and it arrived in style. There's no hint of rain!
The beauty that is spring...steadily...steadily...steadily
Ringing a bell outdoors. I surrender blissfully 
To the peaceful morning ambiance, easing
Into a tranquilized mood. How good is the sound 
Of leaves continually rustling in the gentle breeze?
How beautiful are marshmallow clouds hovering above me? 
Or periwinkle blue skies softly kissing lush green trees
Near and far? The scenery outdoors arresting; good enough 
To photograph and frame. A fine day, thus far
 Even the birds agree, singing dulcet songs with glee
Even tulips nod in agreement. The vernal earth 
Smile at me in dandelions and cherry blossoms
And I smile back in ecstasy

Sponsored by Brian Strand
Date written and posted: 04/18/2018

Copyright © Edward Ibeh | Year Posted 2018

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Weekend Blowout

Friday has come 
And here I go
Ready to take up the weekend
Ready to blow the Saturdays with laziness
Ready to greet Sundays in Sabbath
Ready to start the Mondays in guile And climb over the hump-day
Back to Thursday, it's getting a lil' bit more easier now to deal wtih the days 
That may pass us by seven at a time

Copyright © shane solomon | Year Posted 2011

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Tick tock the grandfather clock
Briefly stops before it pops
Twelve times then it will be midnight
The start of my birthday
That has fallen on hump day this year
As I let out a little cheer
That midnight is finally here

Now I'm going to drink a few beers
To celebrate this last year
Before I rest my head
And just run off to bed
Because my girl is spending the day
Flying away on my birthday
That has fallen on hump day this year

Smile on my face for I plan to play
On this hump day 
At the time of the year
When old saint nick is here
And everybody is broke until next year

So I will celebrate my birthday
Just sitting here and drinking more beer
Because I have no fear
I'm going to kick this hump day into high gear
Hour after hour I gained more beer power
Surfing, wanting things to flower
Just hoping I will grow some willpower

Before I devour more beer on my birthday
That has fallen on hump day this year
Having a grand old time trying not to smear
All this beer that has got me jolly this year
Happy as can be one thing is clear
I'm starting to get low on cold beer
So out of fear, I chug another beer

To celebrate my birthday that has fallen
On hump day this year
Before I know it I'm up dancing singing a good cheer
Drinking another beer
Suddenly I found myself spinning around
Next thing I realize I'm laying face down

Laughing hysterically trying not to pee
As I pick myself up off the ground
To get a good look around
When I hear a familiar sound
Getting closer to me
That's when I see 
Her sweet arms wrap around me

When she said off to bed Mr ed
I know a birthday boy who needs to be fed
As you can figure out how this birthday toy
Got read all on my birthday 
That has fallen on hump day this year
When I drank this hump day away at play
And made the most of my birthday 
Dreaming of foreplay 
On my birthday this year

Copyright © jack cooper | Year Posted 2018

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It started out like any other,
Sun warming children’s faces
As they walked into their day

A day of hearts & chocolates
and BIG teddy bears
Celebrating love like 
teenagers do

Or not?

Mid-day turns as sun becomes its brightest
Kids sighing relief as their ‘work’ day inches towards its end
Hump day, Wednesday, week almost over
One day closer to their future,

Or not?

Bells ringing, 
Shots ringing,
Cell phones ringing,
Or not?

The heaviness of it all,
Impossible to carry,
The world weeps with victims
As dirt becomes soaked with tears and blood.

Blood of our most innocent
Blood of lives not yet lived
Tears of those that must live on.

Tomorrow is another day,

Or not.

Copyright © HEIDI SHIPKA | Year Posted 2018