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Best Huffing Poems

Below are the all-time best Huffing poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of huffing poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member Little Puff Puff and the Magic Castle- Part 2
Thus we follow little Puff Puff brave and true,
For the Castle of Magic was within her view…
She will journey far under the skies of blue,

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Categories: huffing, 1st grade, character, children,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Upon Misty Morning's Fast Fading Glow
Upon Misty Morning's Fast Fading Glow

Upon misty morning's fast fading glow, 
dance fairies on glittering silver wings. 
Flying with fantasies flowing in tow 
And sweetest...

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Categories: huffing, blessing, creation, destiny, giving, journey, life,
Form: Classicism
Sitting on the Fence at Twilight
Sitting on the Fence at Twilight

When the sun waved good-bye in the afternoon,
I’d say hello to the smiling Man in the Moon. 
Perching on our...

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Categories: huffing, childhood, memory,
Form: Rhyme
Lounging licking leaping
Prancing pouncing peeking
Corners closets crouching
Tail twirling twitching
Sniffing sensing sneezing
Hissing huffing hunting
Pretty purring preening
Curiosity kitty killing
Nine long lives living...

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Categories: huffing, animal, cat, funny, humorous, pets,
Form: Alliteration
Upon Misty Morn's Fast Fading Glow Collaboration
Upon misty morning's fast fading glow,
dance fairies on glittering silver wings.
Flying with fantasies flowing in tow
And sweetest joy such dancing often brings.

Above their heads the...

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Categories: huffing, hope, mystery, time,
Form: Classicism

Premium Member The Percussion Of Perfection -
There is a beat to the world,
it burns and bites, it can calm & comfort,
it will arouse and it will anger, it is a romantic...

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Categories: huffing, life, nature, life, nature,
Form: Didactic
Hurt People Hurt People
Flirt with Whitney
Flirt with fear 
Life is good
But I rather be anywhere but here
Body aches from pushing out tears
Driving on the road of life
Eyes is...

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Categories: huffing, deep, depression, feelings, longing, meaningful,
Form: Free verse
Willie Lynch Take Control
We think we are free but we’re not….”I have a full proof method for controlling your black slaves”…..yet we’re not slaves anymore…Are we?….we’re chained by...

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Categories: huffing, black african american, slavery, society,
Form: Free verse






Wants more
Loud snore

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Categories: huffing, funny, husband, mom, sexy,
Form: Footle
The Manchester Ship Canal - Part One
Glancing down from breathless heights,
Amidst climey sighs,
The looming colossus awakens from slumber
And stretches across Thelwalls linear skies.
The hot engines hissing steam -
Recalled from fond memories...

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Categories: huffing, history, travel,
Form: Rhyme
Rhymes with Stuff
Rhymes with “Stuff”
     By Dane Smith-Johnsen

Bluff is a cliff that above land is laid.
Bluffs are charades to win card games played.

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Categories: huffing, education, children, kindergarten,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Boyhood Dreams
Many are the boyhood fantasies gazing into a cozy winter's blaze,
Or watching vagabond clouds scudding on lazy summer days,
Or in deep reverie with glazed eyes...

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Categories: huffing, childhoodsummer, fishing, summer, boy,
Form: Rhyme
The Little Train That Could

A little boy with a great big grin,
Loved to watch the train come in. 
To see it travel on the track,
Up a steep hill and...

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© James Tate  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: huffing, kids,
Form: Rhyme
Something of Donald Trump I Like
In Two Thousand Fifteen, Donald Trump stood firm
Said smart folks will soon come to learn
That the U.S. is in need of sounds from his horn

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Categories: huffing, america, black african american, bullying, discrimination,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member To Own the World
Orange crush
Bleachers on a sunny day
Standing underneath
Hiding in the shade
Woke up there
After an all nighter
Party at the field
Smoking crack
And huffing nitrous
What a scream
Old Skinny Scrappy...

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Categories: huffing, discrimination, freedom, identity, moving on, trust,
Form: Free verse
At the end of my rainbow
At the end of the rainbow would love to find
a magic formula that would help mankind

one spray of this followed by a touch of that

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Categories: huffing, rainbow,
Form: Couplet

 How the weather changes her flights
like a moody woman’s temperament!
A sunny beat trails along the lane
where birdsongs drone of summer’s glow;
my cotton dress bopping...

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Categories: huffing, change, confusion, weather,
Form: Light Verse
The Cavemen
Ugg and Ogg, on a rock they sat.
 The pair were in hiding from the sabred cat.
 They had hunted for a whole week long.

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Categories: huffing, funny, humor, silly,
Form: Verse
Twelve steaming appetizers, artistically set.
Seven sea morsels in a bird's nest net.
Great pies of meat cooked in butter and sweat.
Puddings and pastries and a heart-thumping...

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© Tom Arnone  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: huffing, abuse, addiction, candy, chocolate, food, motivation,
Form: Rhyme
' no farting allowed ' - a scene in a car with friends



sultry aestival zephyr's puffing
as elated lilt's playing - I'm huffing
abdominal heftiness
yeah! it exploded! SUCCESS!
OOOPS!!! earphones plugged in ears . . . they're laughing.


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Categories: huffing, funny,
Form: Limerick
The Three Little Pigs
The Three Little Pigs

By Elton Camp

(I continue to be puzzled at the quite horrible 
nature of some of the stories we read to our 

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© Elton Camp  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: huffing, fantasyhouse, house, red,
Form: Rhyme
People Watching
     Old man, blank faced, gray, balding, bent back, 
suspenders holding up loose pants, a half filled 
plastic grocery bag hanging...

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Categories: huffing, people, old, people, car, old, people,
Form: Free verse
The Garbage Trucks
The house still sleeps,
Coughs, rustles, creaks
scuttle under my closed door.
The truck grumbles into the alley.
It used to be a barmaid 
trashing bottles near
the house where...

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Categories: huffing, nostalgiahouse, house,
Form: Free verse
The Big, Bad Wolf On the Prowl
The Big, Bad Wolf On the Prowl

By Elton Camp

Little pigs the wolf doesn’t hate
He loves them and so he ate

The first pig’s house of straw...

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© Elton Camp  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: huffing, analogy,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member WOMAN IN GOLD

The eighth lioness of  the field arrives
permeating heat, inhaling  exhaling mist
of blistered days perched on strands of
morning glories and floats of shimmering
porous sun.......

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Categories: huffing, mystery, summer, woman,
Form: Personification