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Best Huddles Poems

Below are the all-time best Huddles poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of huddles poems written by PoetrySoup members

Spring Bud

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Categories: huddles, life, love, nostalgia, sad, seasons, time,
Form: Shape

Wall Street

Set upon the new world stage within the burning fires of hell. Silently posed factions of the elite, suppress...

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Categories: huddles, political, slam, social, war, war, world,
Form: Epic
Ode to a rose on a sunset
A kiss from a rose on a sunset night,
as the clouds dip into the sea.
A kiss from that rose as the waves fall,
over the beach...

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Categories: huddles, caregiving, dedication, devotion, happiness, health, hope,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Crest Fallen
the box of Crayola’s has fallen to the floor
like pick-up sticks they lay, crisscrossed
and I without a partner or a pair of jacks

rolled paper named...

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Categories: huddles, color,
Form: Verse
Premium Member For Within Thine Eyes, I See Love's Eternal Gaze, - a collaboration with Susan Ashley
For Within Thine Eyes, I See Love's Eternal Gaze, 
- a collaboration with Susan Ashley
How shall I, let your kind and most tender heart...

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Categories: huddles, beautiful, creation, heart, inspirational, passion, romance,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member For Within Thine Eyes, I See Love's Eternal Gaze - a collaboration with Robert Lindley

How shall I, let your kind and most tender heart go
with its immense depths, sweet kisses, resplendent glow.
I could do no such, no more than...

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Categories: huddles, heartbreak, hope, i love you, leaving,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Shadow Walker
Remnants have been stained the color of
The blood moon
Hidden beneath the boulder that is Western
The glory of sunrise has been buried
With promises of eternal light

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Categories: huddles, blessing,
Form: Free verse
Microscopic Windfall
Perhaps I’m facing pogonophobes? 
Apparently wore the wrong face.
Age-hardened wiry wisps forge 
post-pubescent platemail -
protect strangers
from my truest fleshy pores, protect me 
from the xenophobes...

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Categories: huddles, business, people, sick, society, work,
Form: Free verse
On Rescuing An Injured Pigeon
sliding screen door screeches, pigeons scatter
thump of wing against breast, shockwave breeze
more frequent than in the past, shimmering necks
soundtrack squirrel zig-zags,...

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Categories: huddles, analogy, animal, pain,
Form: Personification
Premium Member The Lost Years
They started married life so much in love
and such eager expectations.
The future was theirs to live with verve,
while tasting of the world's treasures.
But then the...

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Categories: huddles, husband
Form: Free verse
The Man In The Moon
The Man In The Moon 

Follow the crooked path 
     through a frosted gate
And hide in the shadows, 

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Categories: huddles, longing,
Form: Rhyme
Rite Of Passage
We seem to have it all
As we want for nothing
In the darkness of the womb 

We are evicted into the light
Sadness, then happiness 
Unaware of...

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© okoi nkanu  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: huddles, bereavement, death, grave, journey, metaphor,
Form: Elegy
Premium Member THE GOLDEN PEN
Lightly the rain falls upon the lamp lit streets, the shabbily dressed figure
Walks with an air of uncertainty down the cobbled stone streets, leaning,
On his...

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© cherl dunn  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: huddles, celebrity, dark, farewell, fear, halloween, tribute,
Form: Free verse
A Homeless Child
A Homeless Child

By Elton Camp

Destiny doesn’t live in a country far away
She’s a child born and living in the USA

Destiny and her mother have lived...

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© Elton Camp  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: huddles, angst, mother, father, father, mother,
Form: Rhyme
These steep hills are part of me
Where I learned to ride a bike
And gazed over the industrial haze
And ice-dammed the steep melting  streets
So the...

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Categories: huddles, memory, education,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Of Pigeons or Man
Pigeons in flight, skimming over the streets
Swift, restless movement, but going nowhere
Cleaving curved wings in the sweltering air
While no one takes notice of the rhythm's...

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Categories: huddles, people, sad,
Form: Free verse
Good Son
That summer your dad died 
and we brought your mom
to stay a few weeks 
‘til she moved to the nursing home 

we drove east to...

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© Soulfire  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: huddles, lifehome, home,
Form: Narrative

Evergreen pine adorned like lace          
Tassels of joy, warming an embrace     ...

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Categories: huddles, christmas, joy,
Form: Rhyme

Steep hills and sudden

Gouged by ice, and water-formed -

This is no  civilized  landscape gentle

With  demesne and orchard

And sun-kissed downland...

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Categories: huddles, home,
Form: Free verse
She huddles against the grit of a brick wall, 
In the grime of the alleyway, 
Unable to keep warm, 
The knife of hunger in her...

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Categories: huddles, animal,
Form: Blank verse
Three Penguins
Three Penguins

Three little waddling penguins, walk like well dressed men
There all huddles en masse leaned against the ice felt cold,
Then their stoical stance as they...

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© Theresa CW  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: huddles, appreciation, beautiful,
Form: Rhyme
Urban Decay
Relic of a raucous night's revel
In an empty shop doorway
Stands a solitary cider bottle sentinel

Bundles of bedding. Beneath 
Huddles a barely visible body
Whom I have...

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Categories: huddles, death, obituary,
Form: Free verse
Homage to a Soldier

Across the sea in a far off land,
Hunkered down in a bombed out farmhouse, a soldier makes his final stand.
Seriously wounded, but no...

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Categories: huddles, devotion, recovery from..., warwife, home, home,
Form: Verse
Confessions of the great I Am
I am standing on the threshold of destiny
I see my light shining in the horizon
My past has crumbled behind me like the giant walls of...

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Categories: huddles, faith, happiness, fear, me,
Form: I do not know?
Breath let Go
The earth shudders and the dust of a thousand years
lifts into the sky like a blanket thrown up in exultation
and beneath this blanket plates grind...

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Categories: huddles, dedication, faith, forgiveness, hope, inspirational, introspection,
Form: Free verse