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Best Households Poems

Below are the all-time best Households poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of households poems written by PoetrySoup members

the myriad colored land
Crowned with a tiara,precious white,
crashing at the heels turquoise tide.
here all known colors exude through ,
at every step diversities brew.

The winds of past,
would forever last.

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Categories: households, dedication,
Form: Prose

Premium Member Pet-Sit Panics
Most households have in USA pets
A hundred million cats and dogs
Other pet types include
Aquarium fish and bird
Most content in home environments.

I got discontent with a...

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Categories: households, funnyfriend,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Ant Sense
When I was a young child I studied ants 
I loved their formation on ground and plants.
Like tiny soldiers lined, disciplined well,
They worked hard all...

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Categories: households, beauty, nature,
Form: Couplet
Family is Togetherness -
Where there is hardship, struggle and heartbreak - There is Family
Where there is sorrow, tears and disappointment - There is Family
Where there...

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Categories: households, appreciation, encouraging, family, love, relationship, strength,
Form: Narrative
I heard the bells on Christmas Day
Their old, familiar carols play, 
And wild and sweet 
The words repeat 
Of peace on earth, good-will to men!...

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Categories: households, absence, arabic, assonance, birth, birthday, black
Form: Prose Poetry

Premium Member When We Need Health
Insufficient knowledge for fully comprehensive consciousness
is also
more than sufficient ignorance
of our individual and collective participation
in comprehensive disease, weakness, loss, decay,
anger and fearful hatred
wilting climatic change

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Categories: households, culture, health, love, peace, political, trust,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Serenade me, Julius La Rosa
Serenade Me, Julius La Rosa

His striped tie has a green tint color 
And his hands are dark and bulging with blood. 
I can see them...

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Categories: households, memory, me, dark, dark, kiss, me,
Form: Dramatic monologue
Premium Member The Mother's Day Poem
Mothers are such rare jewels and givers of life. They extend 
A guiding hand in pitch darkness to lead their children to a beacon 

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Categories: households, love, mother, tribute, women,
Form: Ode
One Autumn Night
The distant horizon now in passionate embrace of the sky
There are the stars, dewy wet; benignly conspiring to woo the pasture
Trodden for eternity by poets...

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Categories: households, autumn, beauty, romantic,
Form: Pastoral

Oh you Titans of the other world
Oh you the legend of the unseen
I rise my voice up on to you today

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Categories: households, africa, life,
Form: Free verse
Pictures of a Good Father
When it comes to being a good father what do most young black men see? 
Can they picture their fathers passing down any legacies? 

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Categories: households, black african american, father, inspiration,
Form: Dramatic monologue

This poor bloated woman, after nine months of inflamation
Dropped me off at the maternity ward, a brand new creation
She ejected...

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Categories: households, allegory, allusion, deep, fantasy, humanity, introspection,
Form: Rhyme
   A sizzling hot pancake metropolis
   Kingsize of all market places,
   Every mystery is salable 

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Categories: households, dedication
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Like Fish in Water
Like fish
for whom water might have the transparent invisibility 
of ubiquitous healthy atmosphere,
our primal natural-spiritual nondual first love
and last hope
is for ever-more regenerative health trends,

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Categories: households, culture, freedom, games, health, meaningful, power,
Form: Prose Poetry
One of America’s most treasured holiday and tradition is known as the celebration of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving a plentiful feast of food and a gathering of...

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Categories: households, family, food, holiday, hope, native american,
Form: Narrative
Trees everywhere 1
Trees Everywhere

Trees everywhere
But great is the coconut tree
Trees everywhere
Adored and grown with utmost care
Our lands were a coconuts’ sea
For long ages till recently
Trees everywhere.

It’s rubber...

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Categories: households, nature,
Form: Verse
Premium Member BLIND LOVE

“Six to ten inches”
That’s what the weatherman says
Snow-blower is broke
I with a very bad back
And my kid will have a fit

Asking him to work

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Categories: households, lifemom, mom,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Restoration Towns
I was skeptically listening 
to a retiring social researcher,
and problem-solving imaginer,
from the American Enterprise Institute;

An Institute
I usually find more destitute
of bicameral consciousness than not,
and thereby...

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Categories: households, community, culture, earth, health, integrity, love,
Form: Political Verse
The Chennai Floods - First Part

Firstly the rains came calling cool
It instantly brought hope and happiness
For people relished the Celsius dip down
And hoped for...

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Categories: households, courage, halloween, holocaust, horror, natural disasters,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member Canada Eh

Ocean Falls, B.C. has on average
Over 300 days of rain a year
Surely not somewhere I'd want to live
Many attempt suicide I hear

Canadians have a funny...

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Categories: households, pride,
Form: Quatrain
Into space, a rammed ship the passing Star spewed.
Feverish, life into its bowels forever doomed.
Survival hopes by a tumefying Sun aerified.
The void, blindly the last...

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Categories: households, naturelife, planet,
Form: Free verse
My Perfect Home Zone
My Perfect Home Zone...

I want the breeze of Jannah to permeate our abodes,
A restful peace within it take hold,
So I ask Allah to fill in...

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Categories: households, family, happiness, home, inspiration, islamic, meaningful,
Form: Tail-rhyme
Look at the facts not the Debate
Do you see anything to smile about?
Someone was on fire during the debate
He drank so much water he stuttered
That a sign the raft of hell...

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Categories: households, dedication, depression, history, on work and
Form: Narrative

Oh how I miss the sisterhood
the brrr...ringing of a bell
a catalog and a smile in hand

the scent of sweet cologne
nearly met customers at...

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Categories: households, god, jobs, women, youth,
Form: Free verse
                  TOO LONG LORD

Too long Lord,
Too long to...

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Categories: households, abuse, satire,
Form: Free verse