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A Hero

Once upon a time there was a brave man
he loved the princess and she returned his love
the king saw a chance to test the young man
he set him three tasks to complete to win her hand

The first task lay in the dark forest
there he had to slay the ogre
he set off with fear in his heart
the stories of the ogre were terrifying

The forest seemed alive and gloomy
as he got deeper in he heard a noise
it was a cry for help, he hurried over
to find an elf caught up in brambles

He set the elf free and told him why he was there
I have to slay the fearsome ogre who lives here
that is no problem says the elf I was on my way
to eat him when I got caught up in those brambles

They travelled deep into the stagnant forest
at last the ogre's lair was in sight
the elf challenged him with a mighty roar
the blows rang out until at last he lay dead

Thank you said our hero I could not have beaten him
that is ok said the elf I will travel with you a ways
back to the king with the ogre's head in bag
our hero tips it out at his royal feet

Bravo, well done says the king your next task
lies to the south where a evil wizard lives
bring me back his black heart and his wand
the hero accepts it was not as if he had a choice

They set off towards the southern deserts
arriving they found sand hot enough to fry an egg
wincing they made their way further south 
chancing upon a cave lion stuck in quicksand

Together they worked to free the lion
pulling him out to safety at last
the lion thanked them and on hearing their quest
asked if he might join as it was the evil wizard
who had caused his plight, he was chasing him down

When with his wand he made the sand trap appear
so now the lion was really angry and wanted him
all three travelled further south towards the mountains
this was where the wizard lived high up the cliff

Arriving at last they challenged the wizard
and a mighty fight broke out neither side winning
the elf grabbed the wizard and bite his arm
distracting him so the lion could pounce and kill

At last the wizard dead they took his heart and wand
and finding a magic carpet they climbed on
and flew through the skies back to the palace
where they handed the king the heart and wand

You have done your country a great service
with those words he knighted all three of them
your final task is not easy you have to defeat
the goblin that lives to the west in the swamps 

It is just as well we have our carpet said our hero
the gases would kill us before we had gone a mile
enjoying the flight looking at the sights around
our hero reaches his destination in the west

Entering into the crystal caves they travelled deep
as they went down and down they came across a gnome
caught fast by a landslide of rocks pinning him down
they set to work freeing him and as last got him out

Where is my hat he asked I need it for my special powers
searching round they soon found it for him thank you
we need to take the left fork which climbs up
at the top to the right is where the goblin lives

Reaching his lair they entered slowly 
with a maddened roar the goblin attacked
laying out the elf, the lion and our hero
The gnome pulled on his hat and turned him to gold

Picking up the statue of the goblin
they got back onto the magic carpet
and swiftly flew back to the palace
placing the golden statue at his feet 

You have completed all my tasks said the king
and made our kingdom safe once more
take the hand of my daughter and care for her well
so it came about that they got wed

They lived a long adventurous life
with the elf, the lion and the gnome
ruling the land with wisdom and kindness
so that all flourished in their care


Copyright © Shadow Hamilton | Year Posted 2013

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Doggone dog contest

         "SUMMER TIME"

The dog days of summer come whetherwe want them or not.
Laying in a pool is better than being hot.
The dog days of summer are here from dusk til dawn.
We're all wishing for rain to water the lawn.

The dog days of summer are for swimming and fun.
Fishing or baseball even tanning in the sun.

The dog days of summer are hot enough to fry an egg.
Wishing the days were cooler so I wouldn't have to beg.

The dog days of summer are going to be over soon.
When school starts again you'll sleep until noon.

Copyright © T.A. Skyles-Theoklapoet | Year Posted 2010