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Here I am: that “horse of a different color”, purple, pink and white off to see the wizard to ask for wings for flight. I’m trotting hot to see the Wiz who I heard can do a lot like giving the Scarecrow a brain so he could actually appear sane! And that coward, the Lion, wanted to be brave. Poor little Dorothy, he really wanted to save. The Tinman was just an empty can. He had no beating heart but now he’s in love with a pretty little tart. So surely he’ll give me wings so I can sail above as poor homesick Dorothy dreams about the home she loves. She has a beautiful voice and if she had her choice she’d get her wish to fly too over the rainbow like the bluebirds do. She could ride upon my back and we’d sail through the sky over the beautiful rainbow. Oh, how I wish I could fly! By: Carole O'Terry Duet Copyright: 11/23/2018 "All Rights Reserved"

Copyright © Carole Duet | Year Posted 2018

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Even MORE Somewhat Twisted Thoughts of the Day

Talk about bad luck, I hit rock bottom and broke a leg
One advantage to hitting rock bottom is at least I know which way is up now
I hit Rock’s bottom and he promptly kicked my bottom from one end to the other
It usually bottoms out when I hit rock bottom


A tree fell in the forest and a hearing impaired gentleman was nearby so it did NOT make a sound
You think, therefore you are and just who do think you are, anyway? 
What does not kill me only makes me weak in the stomach when I am presented with the hospital bill
People who live in bakeries should not throw scones


Love is blind and keeps bumping into things
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways!  Um…
I loved her to death but got off on a technicality
Star-crossed lovers occasionally get crossed up and can get rather cross about it too

I made a Snowman that frankly speaking, looked Abominable
The Abominable Snowman retired to Florida and melted on the spot
Bigfoot treated The Abominable Snowman and family to dinner and footed the entire bill (however, things got pretty hairy when his credit card was refused)
Bigfoot often puts his foot in his mouth and he’s got a big mouth too


A mule got a species change operation and made a real *** of himself
So WHAT if I’ve got it all backwards?  (You whole-***- b_tch-of- a-son!)
Secretariat lost his *** in a High-Stakes poker game
A horse was unjustly discriminated against because it was a horse of a different color


Copyright © Tim Ryerson | Year Posted 2013

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Spinning, Grinning, Winning

~*~ Spinning slashing swirling powerful tornado lightning bolts, thunder and sirens Spinning wind sounds like a train, head Spinning homes spun to the land of Oz a whole town blown away dizzy head still Spinning ~*~ Grinning dazed and confused does not look like Kansas told to follow the yellow road Grinning at the yellow road still Grinning horse of a different color merry old land of Oz in awe always Grinning ~*~ Winning contests is fun I am proud of my work gold, silver, bronze, honor awards Winning is goal, humbled if not Winning Rictameter Fun this contest thank you Mrs. Campbell I am happy Winning ~*~

Copyright © Warner Baxter | Year Posted 2014

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Recently discovered an official White House report on the events that took place on 
December 15, 2009 Titled (Yellow brick road)) posted by Wikileaks.
The report exposed that there had been an accidental releasing of an experiment virus at a 
Class 5 military research lab known as  Emerald City  located in Oz Kansas .The Anti M virus 
upon inhalation temporally caused color blindness, and altered depth perception.  The White 
House declared a state of emergency for the entire State of Kansas ordering the closing of 
all public and private schools. 
The National Guard had been activated, and President Barack Obama said "It was for traffic 
control purposes." 
The following day Avatar premiered at theaters and received rave reviews all across the 
country, but not in the State of Kansas, where movie goers were walking out in droves, 
demanding refunds. One patron a member of the Lollypop Guild echoed the sentiments of the 
outraged crowd leaving the Toto Theater, he was quoted as saying. “The greatest movie 
ever, when monkeys fly, it’s the worst B movie I’ve ever seen.” 
In light of the recently obtained Wikileaks information the producers of the movie, Avatar, 
have filed a class action law suit against the government in Federal Court
Pertaining to the large release of the color blind virus at Oz Kansas on Dec.15, 09
Sighting that the government had negligently pulled back the curtain infringing upon the 
movie maker’s right to fool the public.
In a previously recorded interview, taken at HOLLYWOOD’S Ruby Slipper gala one of the 
producers gave this comment; “We had the Heart and Courage to make it all along. Even 
though it’s really nothing more then a futuristic Cowboy and Indian flick.  So we spent a third 
world’s yearly budget on special effects.  When you add that much glitz and glam to a dog 
and pony show people will be convinced; it’s a night at the opera.”
 The United States Government settled out of court earlier today with the producers of the 
movie Avatar, for an undisclosed amount of money.  A good source inside the bubble AKA 
Glinda, leaked information that the amount could be in excess of $500 million dollars. With no 
pending appeals following the (Yellow brick road) incident, the Brains behind Avatar will be 
clicking his heels happily ever after.
Written by  D. Gale
for The Kansas City Cyclone
Article title: A Horse of a Different Color
Source The Wizard of Oz

Copyright © Edwin Baldwin | Year Posted 2011

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Horse of a Different Color

This is the Horse Of A Different Color you've always
heard tell about...well and this season it's a
celebration of the heart...ceremony of the horseman as
the gypsies danced you kissed me and I lost all reason
and as they partied all night long we made love 'til
the break of dawn...then as the clan sat out for the
promise of gold summers wetland you took my hand and
climbed up real close to me...I said hold on tight, I
said getty up Midnight going down the golden mountains
and blue green streams...somewhere along the way you
whispered in my ear I want you right now, right here
let them go their own way we'll find how
could I resist that well I guess California can wait
another day or two we've already come thus far and
heart to heart I knew we'd live the rest of our days
for richer or poorer never to part...ceremony of the
horseman, ceremony of the heart and this is the Horse of
A Different Color you've always heard tell about!

Copyright © Bo Lanier | Year Posted 2015

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A Horse of Course

A horse of a different color, could be
a matter of what you had thought you would see.
It comes down to what you’re expecting, of course,
you could even question the fact it’s a horse.

They don’t call it horse-sense for nothing, you see,
I’ve never been wrong, according to me.

Copyright © Kevin Pace | Year Posted 2010

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"A Horse of A Different Color!"

The Wizard of Oz....

"But he is not really a wizard," she said

"Standing behind this curtain

That he has drawn...."

The lyrics of a song

Drifting through the air

The Goo Goo Dolls....'Broadway'

"See the young man sitting

At the old man's bar

Waiting for his turn to die...."

Is what she says

Well, is what she implies?

"He is no wizard," one agrees

For he is much to like

The Tin Man...."

"Or even The Scarecrow

The Cowardly Lion"

Another chimes in....

As they chide, then giggle

While passing their days away 

Blinking their eyes

And turning their heads....

Muting the sounds, of a song

The Goo Goo Dolls, and, 'Broadway'

"He's no wizard," he said

While whiling away the hours

Within these ironies, just

Waiting, for their turns to die....


Follow the yellow brick road!?

Copyright © John Rhinem | Year Posted 2008

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leaders flash before ur eyes

As the days grow older as the world spins the vicious cycle countiunes. The unity of one drifts further from the shoreline. Words spoken in the past still echo the air waves of today. One can only ponder the thoughts of great culture icons as the influenced thousands with there thoughts and out looks on the world. All ways different to take a look at the world threw another eyes. To walk miles upon miles in another shoes is truly a horse of a different color. Leaders embracing thoughts of change for the common good of his fellow man forever growing and strengthening the nation of human kind. To be chosen in a unknown destiny, to be bestow the message insight to the madness surrounding man kind. A honor that comes with a truly a brutal and sicking acts of heinous action bestowed from one to another. For the balance of light and darkness good and evil struggle in the on going power shifts. The unknown is truly the most honorific things we face, thus education is the most powerful tool against the slaughter of man kind. For man kind is a destroyer of his self. The arrogance of all religion to the government affiliation you associate yourself with. All threw out history the crusaders of thought slain before the eyes of the zombies. To see the light at the end of  a tunnel is a long road to hoe but to navigate the shadows of idocity is a life time of struggle i myself listen and only hope some one with the chance to project the thoughts of common sense and integrity to your common man will step forward and lead like the dreamer and teach us to imagine for the guidelines of life are not in some books there in the hearts and mind of the thinker the mouth on the airwaves singing to the air waves projecting to thousands

Copyright © Joseph gaydon | Year Posted 2014

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Love Letter

Hello Madam Butterfly, with the looks of being caught between a rock and a hard place. While you were being formed and before ever you were born, I 
watched near by. I even observed you there all alone, never knowing how long it would be; but I waited for you.                                                                  
I really like your style, your courage, your  dedication, and can't wait for your exit. Yes, my dear, I have been eyeing you for days on end, looking forward to meeting you. Oh by the way, I am Mr. Bee, just one of many who know and understand hard work. I may be a horse of a different color, a different species, or to you, like a fish out of water. However, I know love when I see it, and I can feel it with you, as you struggle  in your cocoon.                                       

I was tempted to hasten your exit, but I knew better to leave you be, alone 
and naturally. I have a vision of what you'll look like when you break forth; and you will be just stunning. You'll be strong and free like me, and your feathers will be a sight to see as you fly with me. Oh sweet Madam Butterfly, all the bees and butterflies will be forced to stop and stare.                                    

We will be the first of our kind; most odd I'd say, but two of a kind to fall in love.  Moreover, we will pay them no mind, because I took the time to wait for you to be truly mind.

10312017 PS Contest, Love Letter, Viv Wigley

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2017

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A Horse Of A Different Color

The sun is shining, it's sure a great summer Remember last summer it was a real bummer No promise of a deal Take the good with zeal Next summer may be a horse of a different color

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2018

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a horse of a different color
chaps of a different kind
wrap my legs around
as I climb on behind
Sunday on the Harley
a favorite of mine

Copyright © Jo Bien | Year Posted 2010

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the rains

To never see the ending must sound like a magical paradise a life of boundless possibility right?...Unbroken will determination like no other??? For the opposite end of the spectrum eternal wondering confusion pondering and questioning of why? why why ? For we all given life and a path and the weight of the worlds that surround us and the weight of thus universe. For atlas even grew tired trying to hold up the sky. For we look to the sky for answers for what truly exists in a world outside of our own. Seeking the rain of answers in a drought of existence is one of the toughest challenges to face day in day out year after after year. For the mirages come and go but you never truly drink from the chalice and feel the refreshment and the nourishment you desire. For the journey has made one weary and weak from the past battles of yesterdays and future tomorrows. For to pull Excalibur from the stone is tis just a fantasy but a far far reality for artorius was a leader of his knights and a commander in the times of darkest hours. Tho most of us never battle the Saxons in a bloody bloody massacre, we are the bandages the oxygen the meds the antibiotics of the trials and tribulations of the bloody massacre we call romance. A healing spirit in the destruction of shattered skylines of the heart massive earthquakes tsunamis you name it being light in the darkest hours is a honor in a own right but also a curse For to feel honored we want for ourself and no matter what the prize u seek is trophies ribbons etc there is also chance for failure but with failure comes drought and and with drought comes praying for rain and just like the farmer we want to have a successful crop and after so many seeds sowed in life u wonder is the rain coming and will my heart ever grow. For the farmer is heart of the farm but with out the farm is there in no farmer. For it is all just on vicious cycle one can only hope that the rain will bring the answers and u wont look up and drown like the turkey To drown in a sea of drought and existence is a horse of a different color. So once more to beg for the angel of mercy to become ZEPHRYUS and bring the rain of education of life and the answer to a over filling diary of the tales of a mad man.

Copyright © Joseph gaydon | Year Posted 2017

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Off to see the Wiz

I'm off to see the Wizard, the man behind the curtain
He can help me I am quite certain
I am a different colored horse
And I am tired of people staring of course

How many horses have you seen that are pink
If anyone can help me, he can I think
He helped a girl, a lion, the Tin Man and a scarecrow
If he could help them, he can help me I know

I don't want to be a horse of a different color
I want to be a horse like all others
So the Wizard was wise and with the wink of an eye
He ordered the Munchkins to give me a full body dye

Now I am the most normal horse around
No longer flashy, just plain old brown
So I left the city of Oz far behind me
And moved to a small horse farm in Kentucky

Poetry Contest: Off To See The Wizard
Sponsored by: Charles Messina

Copyright © Timothy McGuire | Year Posted 2018