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Best Homo Poems

Below are the all-time best Homo poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of homo poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member We Rulers Of The Earth
We Rulers Of This Earth

Homo-Sapiens we call ourselves, rulers of this Earth,
   Intelligent and civilized, but what is all this worth?

We're working hard...

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Categories: homo, angst, corruption, drug, earth, pollution,
Form: Couplet

Premium Member Fool's Paradise
Upon a tattered pillow, day or night,
He sleeps through happy hours without a stir;
Tail wrapped around and paws tucked out of sight
Beneath a purring ball...

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Categories: homo, corruption, humanity, life, society,
Form: Sonnet
I am Africa
I held the stumbling humanoid,
Standing on two feet, scared as an alien
I am his cradle and his playground
Even before he was named Homo Sapien.

Watched him...

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Categories: homo, africa,
Form: Quatrain

Drag branches comeback
Across the forest floor:
Knowledge of the rough¡

At water’s edge
I gather some things up:
“Happy Ending Story”.

We’ve the time to give the Babel...

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Categories: homo, faith,
Form: Free verse
My Children are Mexicans
out in the county and up the highway
anger hangs like lost voodoo over Miami
dances on bumperstickers
floats on airwaves
scars faces with perpetual glares
colors perceptions darkly
alters moods...

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Categories: homo, social, children, son, old, lost, wife,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member to the ku klux klan Part 2
We are all essentially African. That's where humanity first took birth.
Some then left Africa to populate every land mass on planet earth.
Those of us who...

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Categories: homo, educationdark, africa, dark, hate, sun, planet,
Form: Rhyme
Botched Artwork Saves Town
Botched Artwork Saves Town

Sometime last year, in late August 2015, something unusual went viral..
It was an ancient picture on the wall, vastly unlike its original...

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Categories: homo, appreciation, beauty, blessing, celebration, community, happy,
Form: Free verse
What I Am
I am still alone.
They really don’t know anything.
They say that they understand.
That it’s wonderful.
but then they pass on by
and don’t say a word.
They don’t include...

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Categories: homo, feelings, how i feel, lost,
Form: Free verse
D –
The logic of rotting, and withering;
Like the purity of human beings.
Like the given touch of life.
Just simply vanishing and vanishing into a burning void.


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Categories: homo, death
Form: Free verse

what have we done that which led us to thee?
What have we done that brought this monster to flee ?
Lord ! Is this what you...

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Categories: homo, prayer, sad,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Homophone - Girl And The Frog
Their once was a girl 
Knot two pretty an knot two ugly
Just a normal ordinary girl
She was inn love with the prints,
Butt couldn’t get clothes...

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© Eve Roper  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: homo, girl, humor,
Form: Free verse
What's the Crack with Rugby
For Ian Diddams and my Dad

So what’s the crack with rugby?
My father used to play
He’d come home with an injury
Every other day
My mother used to...

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Categories: homo, appreciation, dad, games, humor, men, sexy,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Beginnings Endings
Beginnings – Endings

Out of the darkest reaches of time and space
came molten minerals, gasses, rocks, comets
– life traversing aeons, in suspended animation
across millions of light...

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Categories: homo, history, planet, universe,
Form: Free verse
Wrought liquid metal, hued in the fire's of hell,
Pored into a castings shell, then hammered well,
By the angry fists of Satan himself, behold the skeleton...

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© cherl dunn  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: homo, evil, fantasy, gothic, halloween, holiday, science
Form: Free verse
Racial Discrimination
"Do you know such a work place
with racial discrimination?"
Asked some homo sapiens  friends
who aren't so tall but with fair complexion.

By the way, you can...

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© lg ds  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: homo, faith, funny, people, work,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Fire God Speaks Out
Angry FireGod sneers sarcasm,
"Not warm enough yet?"
"Still too much clean water and air
and other healthy stuff,
like sun-baked red chili peppers?"

Excuse me,
I was under the impression

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Categories: homo, culture, destiny, fire, health, religion, science,
Form: Narrative
The Origin Of The Universe
Once there was nothing called universe,
From a Big Bang the present universe was born,
The earth was small in size,
The temperature of the earth was in...

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Categories: homo, change, creation, imagination, mystery, universe,
Form: Classicism
Premium Member Eat More Chicken
Overheard at the annual convocation of a Butterball turkey flock:

"'Tis Thanksgiving again and as usual our necks are on the choppin' block!

Them pious Pilgrims began...

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Categories: homo, humorous, thanksgiving,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member YangyYolks with YinYin-Whites
Start and end each day,
and life,
with a taoist egg.

I doubt my eggs are religious.

No, but they are natural,
organic incubators, 
co-arising nondual yolk form
with white-transparent regenerative...

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Categories: homo, analogy, culture, earth, food, health, math,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member What is the Picture
What is the Picture ???,

the tapestry that man has weaved,
before and throughout recorded history.
Of what ?, have we been lead to believe ?
For me, it...

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Categories: homo, nature, planet,
Form: Rhyme

Humans are of One kind,
Homo Sapiens, Human beings.

They do no Run as a Pack
As other beings do.

They move as Families
On this dear...

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Categories: homo, cousin, daughter, family, father, love, mother,
Form: Free verse
Life Is a Jungle
One person, you think may equal one mind 
but in each personality, there is much more to find.
Homo sapiens and the animal kingdom are separated...

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Categories: homo, animals, imagination, people, visionary, animal, animal,
Form: Rhyme
I don't Tolerate you, I accept you
With the invention of man came a myriad of difficulty and distress. 
When the first australopithecine gained it bipedal wings and set sail on the...

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© Lexi Break  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: homo, history, world,
Form: Free verse
Refused to die
I held the stumbling humanoid,
learning to stand on two feet- scared as an alien.
I was his cradle and his playground—
even before he was called Homo...

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Categories: homo, racism, slavery,
Form: Ballad
You Are Africa
You are Africa 

Every 30 Million km^2 

This is you

You are Africa 

Every 54 countries and even the 2 disputed

This is you

You are Africa 


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Categories: homo, beautiful, birth, black african american, body,
Form: Free verse