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A Cigarette Betrayed

I’m living in anticipation
With other cigarettes who are also growing impatient 
We’re waiting
To be the next chosen one 
Now, the door opens and we’re soaked by the light of the sun
Screams of “PICK ME!, PICK ME!”
She plucks me from the bunch; I’ve never felt so free 
Straight from the prison she sticks my butt in her mouth, which is odd
Now, she puts a flame in my face and sets me on fire, OH MY GOD!
But hold the phone, this feels great
I wish I could tell the fellas back in the pack their fate
She takes me out of her mouth and holds me with two fingers
She blows my smoke in the air where, for a couple seconds, it lingers
She taps my back, a feeling so good it might be a sin
Some embers of mine fall to the ground and disappear with the wind

After 5 minutes of pure bliss 
She once again pulls my butt off her lips
Smoke, as usual, flows into the daylight
I’m waiting for the taps and for the embers to take flight
But instead, she suddenly flicks me away without a sound
I fly through the air, drop, and crash on the ground 
No big deal, It was certainly an accident 
At least I’m still lit
Then as I look up I see the sole of her shoe driving down 
All I can do is stare and frown
She crushes me on the asphalt
Then smears me around; sprinkling the wound with salt
I disintegrate to ash
How could she just treat me like trash?
I thought that feeling would last forever
But I guess you decided, for no evident reason, it was time to sever 
I’ve been betrayed
Alone I wither and decay. 

Copyright © Kyle Carlson | Year Posted 2011

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What is death

What is death?
A mystery I can never solve
Or even understand I don’t think any human can
What is death?
A question no one ever gave me an answer for
Well not the one I need
I’ve been living in confusion since the day I lost you
They told me: tomorrow you will forget
They told me: Tomorrow everything will be better
How can I forget?
When everything reminds me of you
What is death?
I can never find an answer or even understand
You were here and now you are gone
You were there and now you are not
I hold the phone to call you 
Cause I can never believe that you won’t answer
I see your grave I read your name a thousand times
In order to believe and yet
It might be someone else the same name as you
Am I losing my mind? 
For nothing makes sense to me
Will it ever do? 
Will I ever understand? 
How you were just right there
And now simply now you are not
They tell me you are in heaven 
You are gone 
But yet they say he will never leave he is always in our heart
You are either there or not
You can’t be not here and yet in my heart
I don’t want you to be in my heart
I want to call you
And I want you to answer
I don’t want to hear tomorrow will be better
I think I’m faking it
Why do I even care?
Questions in my mind 
Maybe a way to make my self-feel better
Why do I even care?
But I do 
I need you here
I need you now
I need to call you
And I need you to answer
I don’t want to understand death
I don’t want death 
I don’t believe in death
It’s a lie they created to take you way from me

Copyright © Nesma Alnsour | Year Posted 2012

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Wake-up, Wake-up and Let's Play

Here is my newborn brother to celebrate the day!
Together we'll splash around in mud spots eating tater tots.
Wake-up, my brother, wake-up and let's play!

There's no time for a baby snooze for the sun we shall lose!
I'll have you hold the phone books while I get a cookie from the high nooks.
Here is my newborn brother to to celebrate the day!

Slip 'n' slides and kiddie pools, otter pops and pizza!
You have no idea the magic things hidden beyond your eyelids!
Wake-up, my brother, wake-up and let's play!

You do like sleeping, don't you? This we'll have to fix.
Maybe mom can whip you up a snack of caffeinated Chex-Mix.
Here is my newborn brother to celebrate the day!

We will certainly rule the planet together one day, you and I.
As King Brothers: Your Highness Who Does Stuff and Your Highness Who Doesn't.
Wake-up, my brother, wake-up and let's play!

Yawwwckk, now I'm sleepy, move your teeny arm a smidgen.
Maybe tomorrow when we're both awake we'll catch a pigeon. 
Here is my newborn brother to celebrate the day!
Wake-up, my brother, wake-up and let's play!


"Brotherly Love"
Matt Caliri

Copyright © Matt Caliri | Year Posted 2011

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hold the phone
My girl Friday is here,
and the eagle has flown
Got an increase in my cash flow;
now I can do some things,
the weekend's here, lots of places to go
First I got to swing by my buddy's house,
find out what's coming in, what's going out
I'm holding all the cards,
got my hand on the kitty
Time to get hustling,
time to get real go gitty
Before the next move, gotta take a quick time out
and enjoy the sound

that's the sound that your pockets sing,
it's the sound of a cash register ring
I'm tapping on the glass ceiling with my bling-bling

I get to briefly see what the other side of life is like,
got me another chance to drop the mike
But I gotta move fast,
make the money last as long as I can
A poor man doesn't get to live the rich life often

oh yeah, look at what a little prosperity can bring
makes you wanna buy the big meal, and eat the whole thing
I love scratching the surface of the glass ceiling
with my newly bought diamond ring

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2016

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FATE? Some say that retribution's fine, high intervention seems divine. The spark of lightning's suffered break, no satisfaction do I take, coincidence doth make this rhyme. by vk4pr Don Or how a knockers early 1990 8088, 10 megahertz computer got scorched by lightening years ago when i was using Ham radio a bit more often Carolyn, poor ole radio sits alone, used to talk to my dad on it, i own, recorded his stories on an ole reel tape, perhaps frequency movie i can ape, hope ya healthy happy babe, a going, johnsons gone so hold the phone:) on ya baba, love....Don John Smith, I annoyed a Ham, lightening hit his antennae mast, scorched his modem and toway radio,what a blast, jumped into the old xt computer box, an blue the bejesus out of its socks, onetimes not:) MORAL don't pick on poor ole johnson:(

Copyright © DON JOHNSON | Year Posted 2011

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It's Thursday afternoon,
there's a buzz in the office
about a memo sent straight from the top
Even before you read it,
you sense somethings's not right,
by the looks of that fidgety company cop

The memo said,
short and succinct:
Tomorrow you won't get paid
Hold the phone,
you better call the local precinct
There's some thievery going on I'm afraid

It's bad when you work,
and you don't get paid
It ain't good, no way, no how
It's bad when you work,
and you don't get paid
It's like being a muzzled ox chained to a plow

You didn't sign up to be no office slave
You're furious, and you need to vent
You're worried about where you're going to live,
if you're not able to pay the rent
It's hard to make ends meet with a bouncing check,
it's near impossible to try and move up
Working for nothing wasn't the career plan
You might as well be outside holding a cup

It's bad when you work,
and you don't get paid
It ain't good, no way, no how
It's bad when you work,
and you don't get paid
It's like being a muzzled ox chained to a plow
It's bad when you work,
and you don't get paid
Guess you're free to live in poverty now

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2016

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Pushing the Edge

I helplessly indulge myself with so much hate I could even puke
My hands tremble as I hold the phone against my ear
I push the right buttons and wait for the ring to go off
It feels like forever because you never want to answer

I could hear the heavens screaming this overwhelming hatred inside
The fires of hell burns a reflection in my own eyes
Do you need me to spell it out to put some sense in you?
I hate you and everything we do

Love was such a wonderful feeling for innocence
And yet this tainted heart of mine can no longer pretend
I took a deep dive into the unknown when I got burnt
Your lies destroy everything beautiful in my world

My eyes drown in a turbulent flow of hot tears
I should taste your blood to conquer all the misery
I can no longer utter sweetness to your ears
We are one reality I bite with remorse

You make me scribble all the wrong things
You push everything to the edge
You make me want to suffocate my breath
And yet you are still the love of my life.

Copyright © Alison Sade Peñaranda | Year Posted 2009

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Burnt by kist

Burnt by kist… The burning kiss sets pants on fire, Soon over come with heat desire, No rhyme or reason we perspire, Just takes one burning kiss, The eyes do lock, no question there, A first sweet kiss, we tremble, stare, At once returned, fascination rare, A heightened state of bliss, Hold the phone cos we aint here, Step up to own, yes you my dear, Brain disordered, mumbling, *****, Do you remember this, Just takes one burning kiss, Don Johnson

Copyright © DON JOHNSON | Year Posted 2013

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Wole Francis poem

Woles... IN THE EYES OF YESTERDAY looking forward, from looking back, self perception, have a crack, long as ya wind up in the black, aint no miss direction, guess?
Don Johnson
confusion reigned, about a poem, Wole Francis is the one that owned, "in the eyes of yesterday" produced by home alone, just hold the phone, it's me....heheh

Copyright © DON JOHNSON | Year Posted 2011

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shoot to score,score to shoot

A shaft of light penetrates my barely open eyes,the promise of a bright new day from an angel who lies,no reason for hope no happy ending up ahead, my eyelids reunite i'll just stay in bed but sleep is never easy since i tasted the forbidden fruit, i used to shoot to score now i score to shoot.
The nausia comes first closely followed by the headache, god i need to get better, answer the phone for christ's sake. dark clouds descend, i can barely hold the phone, just one more hit i promise, i dont want to die alone.Just one more hit i swear, to make the pain go away, just one more time's a promise i make myself every single day.
At last my prayers are answered,my knight in shining armour is waiting at my door but there are no fairytale endings for a dealer and a crack whore.I board the junkie express and mainline to the station, first stop euphoria last shop desperation.
I'd like to think i can be normal again, its the only thing that keeps me sane but once you've bought a ticket its hard to get off the train

Copyright © peter swindell | Year Posted 2015

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Hold your horses,
hold your guns.
Give me time,
or give me love.
Let me breathe,
in my beliefs,
about oceans deep,
and clovers with 4 leaves.
Hold it in,
hold the phone,
Let’s be lovers,
not alone.
Hold your horses,
hold your guns.
Give me time,
or give me love.

Copyright © Ag Ki | Year Posted 2014

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911: Remember Their Pain

Each year we talk of  911, but time has made it less, my friend.
Have we already forgotten the holes in those lives it left behind?
Their family’s memories will last forever. A whole lifetime…

What if you’d been trapped in one of the towers, with them?
What would you have done while waiting for the end?
With smoke billowing from below, and the heat rising within.
The staircases and elevator shafts are crushed, you know…
There’re impassable. A few injured are with you, still?
Would you believe you’re going to die or live?
Would you hold hands with other survivors of the crash?
Would you wait a rescue from above? Would you pray to God?
Would you smile when others prayed in another language at your side?
Would you wait in silence? Would you simply cry?
Would you take your phone out and call the family, you love?
What would you say when you got them on the phone?
This may be the last time to talk with them, you know.
Would you ask your beloved to hold the phone, to hear the baby’s breath?
Could you even talk amid the tears and pain?
Would you share your phone, for others to do the same?
And when the building began to tremble and rock and fall… 
Would you cry out to God above?

No one above survived. A memory we must not forget.
But don’t forget the thoughts and prayers that were going on within…
Two hours of fear, hope, prayers and pain before the end…

Copyright © Carol Eastman | Year Posted 2011

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One little pill
Takes the pain away
Getting high from the thrill
Slowly loosing touch today

Hold the phone
What did you say?
Help me out,
For once I pray

Cause the devil is with us
Sneaking around
The devil is in us
Not making a sound

To beat this evil
And gain back the life
Pierce your chest 
drop the knife

Today im not  myself
Tomorrow will never come
Im taking this life off the shelf
And finding where im from.

Copyright © Jonathan LeCroy | Year Posted 2011

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elan vital

elan vital The elan vital in man or beast, the noble spirit we see the least, where hoarding dollars, makes IT glad? Where persecution makes IT sad, UNPRINCIPLED Vultures feast, Nobility comes with a decent IT, spiritual heights above the abyss, a fall into darkness, aint the way, be nice to 1 another hey, or you aint worth your piss, spirit into body, calls it home, 2 parts the spirit PLUS de instinct zone, angered animal runs amok, you caint control the smuck, no complete control of this, vim n vinegar 4 piss, weak spirit hold the phone? Don Johnson

Copyright © DON JOHNSON | Year Posted 2015

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how the never mind, sneaks up behind, to harry confront thee, the triggered thoughts, amount to naught, cos p.d. it is she.... Don re: the p.d. "AM I" Dumped and alone, sure hold the phone, i sailed that lonely sea, to suffer, think you're all alone, poor bloody johnson me. :) shut up brain and let me be...

Copyright © DON JOHNSON | Year Posted 2013

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Fine, whatever

Who do you think you are?
I said it so many times to my old friend
too many times
until I said it loudly one last time
and that was the end
I had enough-   and banged down the phone
outside the birds were singing so sweetly
and the wind was blowing like violins
as I sat pondering . . .

Some may call me meek but I think I am calm
I take a lot before blowing up
and with this un-friend I took her attitude for years
fifteen to be exact . . . 

I recall the times she was horrible to me (so many)
like the time we had a yard sale
and she broke a nail
what a lot of of shouting and cursing
and I made the mistake of laughing out loud
(well, honestly it was funny)
she turned on me like a wild cat in heat . . .

Another time, I helped her to move
(gosh she had a lot of stuff)
she had booked some movers but they never showed
so, I called guys I knew with a truck
and we moved her-   it took all day . . .
I stayed to help her unpack
after seeing all the collectibles she was putting out
I said-  you don't have to put them all out at one time
(had heard that on a design show once)
well, I thought she was going to go through the roof
with the steam coming out her ears 
so I left . . .  hungry and took the bus home . . . 

I had been working nights, when she asked me 
to go to a movie-  I kept slipping down in my seat
and I think I snorted a few times
after, she said, how did you like the movie ?
and I replied, worst movie I ever saw
she left me standing in the parking lot bewildered
I walked home through the dark park 
under the twinkling stars . . .
then, there was the classical concert where I truly 
did fall asleep . . . oops 

But, there were lots of times
leading up to the last day where I would break the silence
and call (we would never, ever mention the incident)

But, this particular day
I had gone out with lady in my building for cafe
SHE- had called and called and left messages
I really had intended to call back 
but forgot . . . 

Well, she called me again, hello I said, so sweetly
I had to hold the phone away from my ear
for the cursing and shouting that was happening
where to "H" were you she roared !
I listened (calmly) grinding my teeth 
then-   said loudly, fine, whatever and
WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? slamming the phone
that was the end . . .  of our un-friendship
it felt good to be free of her negativity . . .  

Yet, there was a sadness too!
for there were some great times along the way
but the price to my dignity
was just too high . . .  in the end
August 26, 2018

Poetry/Narrative/Fine, whatever
Copyright Protected, ID 18-1054-960-01
All Rights Reserved.  Written under Pseudonym.

Written for the contest, Who Do You Think You Are
sponsor, Caren Krutsinger

Second Place

Copyright © Dear Heart a.k.a. Broken Wings | Year Posted 2018

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Inside Out

I spit this on the mic to flow oh so prolific 
What's the since in believing in Christ 
If ur just gonna take him out of Christmas...
Dish the wish list...u can't re gift this...
Can't unwish this...
Hold the phone put it to ur ear so i may call
You on this...
I don't mean to phone straight home...
Put ur wish bone on this...
I'm in this rap for tit and tat cross my t dot my i's...
Bring that right back...
I said I'm in this rap for tit and tat...
I'm diving for the truth but 
it seems I'm getting lies just stuffed full of cotton...
So I start digging in deeper let the lord be my finder as well as my keeper...
Im just the seeker...
I use to just be the peeker I was searching for it all...
But the only thing I was able to do was watch it all fall...
Behind it I would crawl and cry about how I almost had it all...
That's all....
The devil wanted me to give up...
But my success was simply based off of me getting up and moving on...
So I left my baggage behind for claims...
Now I'm onward bound to my success full stead ahead ....
All aboard this train to success...
I use to walk out my house...couldn't see my path so foggy 
Now I'm gliding down my path so hands free cuz god is handling me....
Can't u see what I see my cup now runneth over...
All brand new...
My home turned to a castle I can see the riches the success...
That the lord has for me...
He set it all up now it's slowly falling down for me...
I use to bit the hand that feed me 
now I shake it and hold it so firmly he guides me down the path...
Hand in hand...makes me feel so securely...
So surely not late I thought...
But maybe not so early 
He came at the right time to save me from myself like a goalie...
So holy...
Hollie mollie I use to feel so lonely...
But now I feel so secure its like I'm held down 
held together by a force much stronger than gravity 
Yet I feel so free like I'm on the moon zero gravity...
Helped my outta all my problems...
Had so much sin I was indebt to sin...
Had to look within to get out...
That's when I found God and he turned me inside out

Copyright © Mario Vitale | Year Posted 2017

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Just In Case

In case of emergency,
pull the lever that 
		        make the train stop
In a car, slam on the parking brakes;
if you’re a moving pedestrian, 
		          halt and hail a cop
In a 911 situation   ...   hold the phone
During a surgical operation,
	      should something go wrong
Don’t panic!
only crash dummies have plastic bones
Just in case of a nuclear meltdown,
			if all the shelters are full ... 
still find a way to get underground
You won’t have much time,
	radiation poisoning is a drag
The survival clock is ticking,
	      countdown to a body bag
Just in case you missed the memo
Just in case you didn’t know:
don’t go getting Dumb and Dumber, 
and eat the fallout yellow snow

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2017

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Against My Ear

I hold the phone;
I hear you speak;
I am not cold;
I am not weak.

I have no tear;
I do not moan;
I have you here,
Inside the phone.

Against my ear
The phone I press
To snuggle in
Your happiness.

And when you laugh,
And when you sing,
I sudden have
A quiv'ring wing!

Then when you say,
"I love you much",
The height of day
Is mine to touch.

All distance shrinks,
All space is not;
The links of love
Are almost hot.

Three thousand miles
Away you are,
But in my hand
One burning star.

Copyright © Brian Faulkner | Year Posted 2008

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I Would Like To Sing A Song

I Would Like To Sing A Song

I would like to sing a song,
But everything has been said.
I would like to say something profound, 
But everything has been sung.
I would like to look at ugly things 
and see the beauty inside,
of what I'm looking at.
Often things that are so damn beautiful,
it ss the opposite; I'm being fooled.
Like lambs wool over my eyes,
I just can't see through it and look inside.
Sometimes I see the darkness peering
At me.
I cannot help who I'm, 
No more than the earth 
can shed its nature.
I died and then was born
and now that I'm born 
I just can't die.
But hold the phone 
I have a call.
Oh, it's Budah asking me to come back
I said how?
If I don't believe,
Then he said, look up to the sky 
and think of me,
Learn all the lessons
I have to give and you will finally 
be a man that is free.

By Marc Acrich

Copyright © Marc Acrich | Year Posted 2018