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The Poet Destroyer vs. The Acrostic Italian: Round Eight

Putting my kisses all around your neck,
Obligates you to do the same to me.
Electrify my soul and I will be
The one whose knees will quickly hit the deck.
Destroyer, I am now a nervous wreck,
Expected to pay the ultimate fee,
Selling my soul so I can set your free
To bounce, as if you had been a bad check.
Restitution will have to be paid back,
Or I may never pleasure you again.
You can take my payments off of your rack,
Extending the time to pay for a sin.
Royalties will always be in the sack,
So that I can always secure a win.

Copyright © dakarai cobb | Year Posted 2010

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Wrapped in cellophane and ribbon 
mocking burned down evergreens
Screaming at the shadowed walls
as nightmares spurn your toxic dreams

Lurking near the bottles filled with 
endless empty molten fears
Dampening the diapers as a 
mother cries her countless tears

Broken weave of tattered sleeve behind the darkness to believe
That midnight forms what we conceive in moments cast to only grieve 

                              We’ll go dancing nightly
                              in the attic
                              while the moon is rising
                              in the sky

                              If I’m too drunk tell me,
                              I’m so scared your little
                              head will come off
                              in my hands

What the heck did you expect for just a speck, a tiny fleck
Now hit the deck you wretched wreck as long ago we did suspect

Counting money residue on 
blackened smoldered fingernails
As billion dollar babies sing 
in toothless whining rancid wails

Toddlers of the devil’s creed wear 
shiny plastic floating eyes
Now staring at you while you sleep
these monsters gather in disguise

This poem was inspired by one of my favorite songs, 
Alice Cooper’s “Billion Dollar Babies”
The italicized lines are lyrics from that song. Here is a link to the song:
And in case you didn’t know, the other voice you’ll hear singing on the song is Donovan (Mellow Yellow)  

Copyright © Chris Green | Year Posted 2017

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Homonym Carnival Rules

The aide will aid you right away
Names of guests are guessed today
Wines not allowed, don't whine aloud
Drop your watch and watch the crowd

Don't nod your head you may be gnawed
And still be still and not applaud
The band is banned to play Do- Wop
Don't break the brake or you won't stop

The course is coarse so hold on tight
That last phase may faze you tonight
A scent is sent for you to smell
Remove your rings to ring the bell

You will go forth at fourth by heck
If a herd is heard then hit the deck!

Copyright © PAT Adams | Year Posted 2018

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Mastering My Life

The day was short and I was tall,
oops, got that backwards after my fall,
for I was mixed up and worried,  befuddled I say
on this brand new morning in the month of May.
I set out like a flash and look what I saw
not much as you may point and guffaw
as without my glasses I followed my assets
like a dog with a tail but with far less facets--
my nose may quiver but I sniff far less
the reason I’m off as you might obsess
is the cleanliness rule is so often boohoo
so boring and dreary, I’m afraid someone may sue
me for the dust in the corners or tiny feet
who confront me and scurry as fleet as may skeet.
Ah, there they are, hanging around my neck!
Glasses sure make the world look like heck.
You see it and flee it as bold as one may
for look, it’s quite beautiful and sunny this day.
So I quaff one diet coke and with nerves prepared
I step out to take battle on the weeds I shared
for weeks on end with the neighborhood slough.
One must give back with fulsome ado dues.
Don’t you agree? I always agree it saves need to flee!
Why do you nod and sneeze like a bee?
Ah, the weeds, yes, let me clamber down there
And pull out tufts and Beware! The dirt I must share!
How does one deal with a face full of dirt,
why wipe it and the sweat on my new clean shirt.
Why not? It shows you’re living to the limit of full
and one certainly can quit when the cull is at lull.
Yes, a bucket is enough to start this week
because groan, my knees feel done in and weak.
So I shall water the flower beds sometime
after I watch the clouds float and unwind...
Did I pay the bills? Oh, yes indeed, I think yes.
Help me out, dear, don’t let me guess.
Okay, okay, here’s the hoe, I go check...
Yawn, wow, I did too much, I must hit the deck
rest in my easy chair and button my games
turning my head I fall asleep without blame.
Until I wake with a sputter and the phone cranky
making noise so much it must be hanky panky
And so after I groan, moan, and drink another diet coke
I set down to work on whatever I remember of the bloke
who once taught me about the drinking arcade
with buzzers and blowers and hints of life with no aid
and tell his tale with not much ado or PU
because keyboard tapping is easier than the loo,
or the weeds or the awake or the find of glasses.
Yes, I suggest, give me honor of many masses
to help with my head now lonesome for pills--
I will be finishing up by making a new will.

Copyright © Sheri Fresonke Harper | Year Posted 2014

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A Mix-Up on Payday

A Mix-Up on Payday

By Elton Camp

Get acquainted with Senator Rich
To control spending he does itch

Changing Social Security is his way
“It’s far too expensive,” he does say

Especially the cost of living increase
The senator would like to have cease

The elderly folks he’s willing to frighten
“Your belts you’re going to have to tighten.”

He doesn’t hesitate at all them to tell
They make enough to live right well

One day he was found at his desk dead
Before him lay the thing he had just read

A social security check replaced his pay
Though an error, he died of shock that day

For his heart stopped & he hit the deck
Seeing what he thought was his paycheck

Copyright © Elton Camp | Year Posted 2012

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The Deal

Running in the dark I tripped and fell
Copper in the air, all I could smell
Fear and terror touched my head
Hope I wasn't just left for dead

Up ahead was some kind of light
Saw some movement prepared to fight
Thats when I saw the look in his eye
Had to be strong or I knew I would die

He said follow me I know the way
If you want to live you'll do what I say
That's when I saw the horns and the tail
I knew right then I could be only in hell

I turned and ran as fast as I could
My body felt rigid, almost like wood
I could feel heat on the back of my neck
A blow to my head and I hit the deck

As blackness pulled me down in a hole
I knew that my life wasn't all that he stole
As hideous laughter brought me awake
I knew it was over, my soul he would take

What do you want was all I could say
He said with a smirk," You may want to pray "
My mind snapped and I began to squeal
The last thing I heard was " Let's make a deal "

Copyright © Scott Williams | Year Posted 2015

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Vertical Sea

            Vertical Sea

Arise horizons tell us what you see
Vertical rain comes on high wave conclusions adrift in mist
Fortunes waiting out on the sea for men who come in ships
So much rain came in from all directions in one instance
Sanity was questioned at a distance along with risk
Vertical rain broke portal windows with such force
Eighty mile winds crashed in as well
Distracted men at playing cards, drinking rum for fun
Now huddled in fear within the thin skin cabin
No one slept inside the dead of hour’s darkness 
Troubles bounced up and down out there

Pirates in the past fumbled their rich existence down
A new crop of water warriors can be found to take their place
Doubloons are buried in dark quarter’s underwater world

Above and below deck, inundated with storm and fear
Between each plank the storm took out more men
No thick skinned seasoned soul could harness or hold on
No salty language sailor could be heard

Above the tumultuous storm
The fierce beast rolled in on angry nature’s back
With it, folding over fifty foot waves, came torrential rains
Which pounded heavy on the bow

Churned up rogue waters on the vulnerability of sea life
Nature itself turned on them in adept ferocity
In violence it flipped the ship

Showed contempt for every soul on board
With total disregard for life and limb
And complete indifference towards the sailors

The blackness, void of light, could not help these tyrannical conditions
The monstrous storm consumed more than the rain
It drank up men and drowned them
Others flew in all directions
Most of them broke necks, died before they hit the deck
Instantly killed, dragged into the cold dark depths as well
All steps were in the wrong direction, in favor of the waves
They could not even cower in the craft or say a prayer
The boat and men turned upside down
The ship had splintered into nothing and flew into the gale

Only three men remained, bobbing on the giant waves
Flapping their arms like molested chickens on the sea
Tossed in every direction but straight ahead 
Rogue waves were in control, in hysterical rage and agitation
No one knew what happened to the crew 
They were never seen again

Copyright © Earl Schumacker | Year Posted 2014

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Thar she blows

Tinkerbell , Tinkerbell
My grandmother would shout 
Oh dear , Bloody hell
She's let the damn thing out.
I knew that it was coming
There was no more to be said
Whoosh , There she goes
Phtttttt Thar she blows
and she'd pooped upon my head.

No she wasn't a fairy 
but she was vicious and scary 
and that damn canary
Really hated me .

Next time I went round there
I wore my baseball cap 
I'm a brave lad from Yorkshire
and I'm not taking any crap
but she landed on my shoulder
 and gave my ear a peck
I managed to fight her off
and then I hit the deck 
Whoosh , There she goes 
Phttttt , Thar she blows
and she'd pooped upon my head 

No she wasn't a fairy 
but she was vicious and scary
and that damn canary
Really hated me .

She's sat upon the curtain rail
Surveying her domain just like a queen
but I know she is evil
and a disgusting poop machine 
She's got more ammunition 
 than a battleships magazine
Whoosh . There she goes
Phtttttttt , Thar she blows
and she's pooped upon my head.

No she wasn't a fairy
but vicious and scary
and that damn canary
Really hated me.

Copyright © DARREN WATSON | Year Posted 2014

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Canadian Mountie in Glasgow

A man from the Canadian Mounties 
Joined the Strathclyde police,
Seconded to tame the gangs
Of the inner Glasgow streets.

But on one sunny day
In Southern Lanarkshire,
A horse escaped from its stable
To bring some local fear.

So they called our Canadian pal
To see how he rides a horse,
And if he could tame the stallion
In the style of the Canadian force.

As he approached the GG
It let the man sit on its back,
Who bragged to his uniformed pals
"See I ain't no Mountie hack".

But slowly creeping behind 
Sergeant Jock gave the horse a wack,
The horse responded in kind
And bolted with its rider bear back.

To the shock of our Mountie friend
Being scared he'll hit the deck,
Grabbed the horse real tight
With sleeper hold around its neck.

But the horse just panicked more
And ran as fast as it could,
With the pride of the mounted police
'Round it's neck straight into the wood.

So the rest of the police on duty
followed the horse and its jockey,
Laughing and running so hard
Thinking of jokes that could mock him.

They eventually found the horse
Without our Mountie friend,
For the horse threw off Canadian pride
When their run had come to and end.

Now if you ask our Mountie friend
"Do you ride horses anymore",
He'll smile and wink as he tells you
"I've never ridden a horse before".

Note : this is a true story. A Strathclyde (Glasgow) policeman told me so it must be true

Copyright © Peter Hall | Year Posted 2013

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The Soldier Guard at the Tomb

I was silently watching the two Mary’s sigh and cry, 
When the earthquake hit and I just wanted to cover, 
The ground nearly parted and there was no-one to chi, 
I hit the deck for stones from the tomb threw over. 

Covering my head with my hands and laying tight up, 
I was aware of the two Mary’s moving over speedily, 
To the tomb stone to take advantage of the windup, 
Which just contributed to the terror weighing heavily. 

After six minutes it ceased, and peace did administer, 
The two of them were straight at the caster right in there, 
But I needed another while to recover from the disaster, 
So just sat looking firstly at the grass, then over there. 

By the time I got them they’d given the body determinedly, 
To the gardener who already had lit it and was fanning it, 
So I ran as fast as a chicken away from a fox very quickly, 
Up the mountain to get my head straight to think about it. 

I worked it out that I had to talk with the two Mary’s, 
Because I also appreciated what Jesus did when alive,  
Since he had cured my cousin from quadriplegic paralysis, 
Such that this cousin’s possibility was now to thrive. 

So I did decide to accept Mary’s plans of ingenuity, 
For the continuation of her son’s work with the poor, 
Which would change medical services directivity, 
From the rich monopoly over to with anyone to moor. 

The two woman’s plans would ignite a movement, 
Start a Society, organisation or group to proclaim,  
That the way to live was through love’s enrichment, 
Not by class prized, but by living everyday in His name. 

So we talked, and the two women promised me silence,
About my failure to keep the stone which sealed the tomb, 
If I kept silence about them having a stealing licence, 
And about their real physical action of removing the womb. 

So that was how the resurrection myth took off, started, 
That was how it began, it did come from two parties, 
From the Roman soldier representing the state above, 
And from Jesus’ kin representing the people’s armies. 

I don’t think Christianity would’ve occurred without, 
The soldier man Roman guard of the tomb believing, 
In Jesus plight and in the right of a movement, shout, 
About Jesus, through the religion of Christianity aging. 

Copyright © Rhoda Monihan | Year Posted 2016

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Mind Games

Id and ego are in retreat
have not been able to defeat

The bliss seen in the morning sun
A smile seen by everyone

A life without someone here to hold
An emptiness that can't be told

It's faith that keeps your mind in check
Soldiers all believe, hearing "hit the deck"

People will change and grow in life
God always protects your soul from strife

If unconditional love is what you need
Only faith and trust will grow that seed

for "Faith" contest

Copyright © Tom Larrow | Year Posted 2012

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MoonBee's Sci Fi - Bar Jokes and Riddles

" Sci-Fi Bar Jokes & Riddles ... "

( 1 Tim. 1: 11)

"Star Wars Bar ..."

A Jedi Knight and a Wookie, walk into a bar ...
The Jedi tells the bartender to keep the drinks coming.
Around dawn, when the Jedi is too drunk to think,
the bartender, then tells them both, its time to pay
their tab.  Then the Jedi, turns to his buddy, the Wookie 
and asks, "Do You Mind?"
------- ------- ------ -------

"Dune's Sand Bar ..."

On Arrakis, the desert planet known as Dune,
A Duke and a Baron, walks into a bar ...
Now, which one orders the biggest bottle of Mezcal?

-------  ------  -------  -------

"The Matrix-Mixer Bar ..."

Neo and Morpheus, walk into a bar ...
On that night, every patron, gets their first drink free
Now, the selection is between two drink choices on 
the list: They can choose either the 'Crimson Cocktail'
or the 'Blue Kamikaze' ... Which did Neo pick?

-------  -------  -------  ------

"Stargate Symbol Bar ..."

Col. O'Neill and Teal'c, walk into the Stargate
and wine-up in a bar (he-he) ... in a world
very much like our own. While there, they
socialize with the locals, sample strange brews
and get very intoxicated.  However, not to worry,
on this world, the bartender is used to visitors
who can't handle the native liquors ... So, 
the bar has their own taxi, on standby 
for such occasions.  So he dials the cab.
But before the cabdriver comes, the taxi
has to be gased up. The question is: 

"What gas station does he use?"

-------  -------  -------  -------

"Barsoom/Mars' Whiskey Bar ..."

A Thern and a Thark, walk into a bar ...
They join John Carter, who was drinking Cutty Sark
and a Martini.  Also there, is The Princess, who
sips on deja-blue water and a shot of Royal Crown.
The Thern, gives his order for a glass of Jameson & Gin

And the Thark, orders: Jim Bean and Jack Daniels
... and a Bourbon  ... and a Beer

-------  -------  -------  -------

"Star Trek's Hit The Deck"

As They Journey Into Darkness & Each Distant Star
Kirk & Spock Walks Into The Enterprize's Bar
And Tho' The Ship May Shake & Warp-Drive-Drop
Mr. Spock Keeps As Cool As A Glass of Ciroc
And Captain Kirk, Just Orders A Scotch On The Rocks
('Cause Scotty Takes Care of All The Enterprize's Stock)

-------  -------  -------  -------

Poem/Jokes by: MoonBee

Copyright © MoonBee Canady | Year Posted 2014

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Warm Waters

See those waves comin' fast?
Babe, they ain’t gonna last
Don’t you wanna take a dip?
Don’t worry, prepare for the trip
It may be cold but not for long
Don't let 'em tell you it's wrong

Pull the pin and ease it in
Let the warm waves crash and flow
If you want more just sing the sin
Your troubles came now watch 'em go...

It's a one way ticket to nirvana
Babe, we can have more if you wanna
Just sing the sin, I'll pull the pin
Let's see how fast we can spin
But first! Before we hit the deck
Let’s be safe, just one last check

Pull the pin and ease it in
Let the warm nirvana calm and blow
If you want more just sing the sin
Your troubles came now watch 'em go...

Let's see that good lookin' pearl
We should go and take it out for a whirl
You know you want more, so do I
But before we swim let’s go and fly high
One more dip in those waters can't hurt
We might get wet so take off that shirt

Let’s pull the pin and ease it in
Let the warm waves crash and flow
If you want more just sing the sin
Our troubles are gone, let's get blown...

Copyright © Kyle Perkins | Year Posted 2008

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Epitaph to fallen heroes

As we rallied to the Falklands cry,
And prepared ourselves to fight and die,
Some willing, some pressed, some volunteers,
All with deep down hidden fears.
Gangways gone, Hawser sip,
Sail Intrepid, fighting ship!!
Long hard days, sleepless nights
Working hard to get things right.
Ascension passed, Falklands closing
Argentine threat, everyone joking.
D Day troops- we pushed them through,
Still we laughed, so little we knew.
For us the war was still not real,
How could we know just what we'd feel.

Sympathy, hurt, pain and fears,
revulsion, hate, horror and tears
Bombs exploding - war is raging,
Begin to realise what we're facing.
Rockets loud and missiles firing,
Heroes living, heroes dying.
"Hit the deck" we hear the cry,
Please dear God I dont want to die
Air raid over, planes depart,
All quiet, that was just the start.
Weeks go past, countless plans
Intrepid:- Battle hardened veterans
Air raids come and air raids go
British Victory? Hopes they grow,
Ships hit, ships sinking,
People hurt, it gets me thinking,
So much pain and so much sorrow
Christ: it could be me tomorrow

Now at last Port Stanley taken
Argentine hopes, all are broken,
Britain has won, or have we really?
Peace has been paid for, very dearly.
Thousands of lives have been lost,
How can one start to count the cost!
Shortly, back to Britain will be the course,
Set by the victorious:- Task Force!
Into the arms of the waiting newsmen,
To be out on page one to page ten.
But when the publicity has all passed,
As I'm sure you know it cannot last,
Who'll remember the fallen lads,
Who gave their lives for the Falkland Islands.
The distant land no-one recalls,
Except when they bother to take a slight pause.
So take heed Politicians, look back over history,
And forget the Chivalry and the Glory.
They don' exist - lest not in this age,
Or can they in any future war we may wage.
Before you set forth on any crusade you may persue,
Remember the servicemen, you need to back you.
From this Epitaph, let one thing remain,
Don't even let one man have died in Vain!!!!!!


Copyright © Tom Clifford | Year Posted 2009

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Unpredictably, unbelievably amazingly so 
life throws up another avenue to follow 
just when my feelings where all in check 
you come along and they hit the deck 

Fireworks and Sparklers all aglow 
taking cover, need to go slow 
I'm running into you and I can't stop 
I'm so so dizzy like a spinning top 

I wasn't looking, but I fell 
into your web, under your spell 
Smiles and laughter hooked me true 
No more thoughts of feeling blue. 

Anticipation of whats lies ahead 
between the lines of whats unsaid 
beginning of something sowed to reap 
something that we both truly seek 

Holding the cup, take a sip 
taste the sweetness of friendship 
lets make a toast so it may last 
future happiness unsurpassed 

You came into my life, and into my dreams 
can this be as good, as good as it seems 
come what may, and only heaven knows 
what fate has in store for all our

Copyright © Allie Lusha | Year Posted 2009

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The Wailing Wall - June 2013

A morning of bullets at the Kotel
10 to be exact.
The wall is high and white
I felt the urge to reach the top
and peek over to see
what is on the other side
or look up and notice
the forgotten sky in all its glory
gently looking down
watching the human folk
kissing the limestone
attaching burden and hope into every crevice
reaffirming ancient rites
2 words determined a man's death
Shot through and through
a distorted thought perceived in passing by another man's discomfort
in an instant, red ties fall away
the daily folk hit the deck and scuttle away to find another spot to sell their truth
the heart is strong and the Kotel keeps pumping
I imagine workers coming in at designated hours
to sweep the fallen dreams away.
On this day 
2 men are lost

Copyright © Tamryn Pelser | Year Posted 2013

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Snake in the Grrr ass

A man from Bancock
Got a exscruisiating nasty shock
For he was sat on the throne
But he was not alone 
A very large snake
came up from the toilet bowl
And grabbed him on a certain place 
And wouldn't let go
I can imagine his screams
And his face
A tug of war for half an hour or more
Of his hellish day
The Doctors say
He'll be ok
But not sure about his wedding tackle.

''Just been on TV news, you could hear the newsreaders laughing in the background.
Poor mam.'' Always check before you hit the deck.''

Peter Dome. Copyright. 2016. May.

Copyright © Peter Dome | Year Posted 2016

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The Tale of My Birth

Hot as hell, emotions fire the flames, 
Nervous about meeting doctors, nurses, 
Curtain separates them from congregation,
The veil is not torn in two, but steamy adulation, 
Courts their friendship sessions to distance, 
Bible fanatic from mum, with a secular pretence: 
Stationed to obey that mile that you go, 
Faithful to womb child who does overthrow, 
That divine validation of mundane everyday life, 
Which never does blot his copybook, he’s your invisible wife, 
Just because nothing bad happens, then he’s loving, 
To be a feature of your relationships and thinking,
So good to give you a furtherer of your animations, 
So fine to set converts and following by time within your devotions: 
Baby born, and the first thing they said was Jesus! 
But I did adjust like a jet, right arm spasm, religion to suss, 
Because i had not related perfectly to my mum at all in her beauty, 
By getting into a tizzy, a fix about her vaginal cavity:
The umbilical chord did suffocate around my neck, 
Three times, and three times to many, ‘cos i hit the deck, 
Put in an incubator, a machine my life to sustain, 
Where i didn’t depend on maternal caresses to obtain, 
That blooming continuation that does greatly assure you of your future, 
You expectations, your understandings and boundaries to nurture; 
The machine of oxygen and warmth did suffice, 
To love this new born child as cold as ice,
To spiritual things and to worlds unknown, 
By humankind who only know hell when it’s thrown;
And as I did lurk in my hospital bedroom, or ward, 
Like a businessman who is playing the sure investment card:
I wished so much that black book to just disappear, 
As it only wrought despair, anxiety and tumultuous fear; 
My parents friends, stone cold as delinquent thieves, 
Prayed though those days as they sang “Bringing In The Sheaves,” 
Whilst appendices of nurses added that they’d do, 
Convincing my parents, including doctor-trained dad, that I’d pull through, 
They just read the bible to me, over and over, 
Through glass ventilator, that separator which did cover,
Happy as chuck, pleased as punch and relaxed enough, in that clever machine, 
I clearly didn’t see what they did mean, 
Because I was dressed in the NHS, nothing less, 
Never this sin to render or confess.

Copyright © Rhoda Monihan | Year Posted 2016

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watching tornado warnings in oklahoma

  will it pass this way again?

 nobody knows because the community 
 has to many paperbacks and the clouds 
to many sins.

 will twain swirl in the rain?
will steinbeck hit the deck?

  will it pass?

 will a folk singer from the north play the 
   piss into a gutter and give some simple 

    Now there is baptist marmalade in the 

 Now there is rye bread in the oven,
   but in a cafe on main street
 there is still.....

  black coffee.
     white porcelain cups.
          thick calloused fingers.
  all the regulars gathered there just like 
every other day.

 an old tv flickers over the counter just off 
to the left of a
 warped mirror that has  labor union and 
mason stickers
 from the early 90s on it.



Copyright © nathan martin | Year Posted 2013

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ALTER EGO: (There's Something About Nora)

She wouldn't want to bore ya,
but there's something about Nora.

Things physical, not audi
fly away from her body,

Fail to nail the counter, 
hit the deck all around her-- 

A zillion spills to mop up:
coffee grinds, egg shells, & catsup.

"Magnificent Uncoordinated 
Movements," an old boyfriend said,

In and out of bed. Still, There 
Was Something About Nora.

Copyright © Nola Perez | Year Posted 2009

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Walking down the dock on a sunny sunny day,
The ground begins to tremble,
The boards begin to shake.
Side to side the waters start to sway.
The houses started crumbling-
I'll go the other way.
Confused in dismay,
What brought on this day.
Then to hear steps running,
right down my lane.
Fear upload,I gotta go,
I'm running to the boat.
The boat takes off, relief sets in,
Then I think again.
I look around, my heart then pounds.
The demons chasing me,
were no longer on the ground.
I hit the deck & hold my breath,
But do not fear of death.
They see my face, its time to go.
I'll cut threw the evening show.
Somethings wrong,I do not know,
We start to over flow.
I grab a raft & say good=bye
I'm off this f*****g boat.
Arrive ashore,can't take no more.
Be sure to leave no trace.
Their right on my tail,they followed me there.
This game no longer a race.
Cut threw the yard,
Slow down my pace,
Look for some where safe.
Then to notice, I am all alone, nobody's here in this place.
The yellow house,the smell of paste,
I'll never forget this place.
The spooky sense I feel from here.
I hear them @ the gates.
I run out back, into the street,
then what I come to see.
A mansion on top a hill, as far as I can see.
I take off quick,& don't look back.
For this shyt, I ain't beat.
I reach the gates & continue to wait.
Hoping salvation for me.
--I turned to look and see,my demons in my dreams,are still chasing me,I cannot feel 
my feet.
I get so scared I close my eyes & open again to see.
I'm home in my bed,safe as any could be.
That was a crazy f***in dream.

Copyright © venessa medina-rosas | Year Posted 2011

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Night Games

It’s the bottom of the ninth and my turn to bat.
I turn to the crowd and tip them my hat.
The bases are loaded; three to nothing is the score,
Two men are out; this is what I live for.
I swing and I hit; it goes over the fence,
I am rounding the bases doing a victory dance.
The crowd is all cheering; the home team is screaming…
I roll over in bed – I must have been dreaming.

That girl in the office with the eyes so blue,
Asks me out for drinks when the work day is through.
We go to the bar and have an amazing date;
Finally getting together, we knew was our fate.
She has a gorgeous body and a beautiful face,
Even though it’s our first date, we go home to my place.
She takes off her clothes, I am staring, adoring…
I’ve awakened again - I must have been snoring.

I’m in line at the bank waiting to cash my paycheck,
When I hear someone yelling, “Everybody hit the deck!”
I fall to the floor and see a man with a gun;
The lady in the corner is starting to run.
He turns and he points; ready to take a shot;
I jump up and attack him so that he cannot.
I tackle him and grab him, bending his right arm...
What was that noise!?!?  It’s the morning alarm.

In through my window, the sun is shining bright
My day is beginning; that’s the end of my night.

Copyright © Joe Flach | Year Posted 2010

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Hard Green Tomatoes

Two boys gathered hard green tomatoes
from their neighbors garden
This would be ammunition against 
unsuspecting cars 
We hid behind a stone wall
A brand new 1973 MG and Bam! 
The passenger door had a Giant dent

We ran up a steep hill
changed our clothes
and walked calmly to the action 
with a football as a prop
My father knew…
He was looking out the bathroom window
When everyone left
he whacked me hard
I hit the deck 
I was 9

Mindless of Authority 
Programming essential at birth

Many years have passed and the boy
now a man is still learning
That was the only time my father showed
me attention

I was just  broken … that’s all
Still am

Copyright © Ron Cervero | Year Posted 2007

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novice sailor

The Novice Sailor
It was ten o´clock in the morning I was struggling 
to keep my balance looking out of the porthole in 
the galley and the day was dark as acute hatred
against the living. Green waves hit the deck tried
to break portholes a full winter storm and fear of
the sea filled us with silence. Somehow the cook 
managed to bake bread and make Irish stew and it
was my job to stop it from flying off the stove. 

On an iron ship on the precipice of a mountain of
water; we were insignificant and vulnerable ants 
on a leaf in an immense pool. Yet the sea calmed,
and the storm abated. I was fifteen and was proud 
to have survived a winter storm in the north Atlantic,
something to tell my mum when coming home.   

Copyright © jan oskar hansen | Year Posted 2014

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Hit the Deck

I  wake up every morning out of habit I suppose,
Though I’ve earned the right to lie there in somnolent repose.

God has given me this day and I must rise to meet it.
It can’t be wasted. Once it’s gone, there’s no chance to repeat it. 

I set the clock for seven and if I should forget.
My kitty comes to waken me.  I must rise to feed my pet.

Sometimes I have appointments to get me out of bed.
I set the time for early and the headlines heard or read.

There are days I have designs to be readied for a show.
A busy woman such as I can’t lie abed you know.

There are poems to be written and contests I must enter.
Life is flowing ‘round me and I’m right smack in the center.

No. 4 in contest

Copyright © Joyce Johnson | Year Posted 2011