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Hall Of Fame For Daddy's

          She came here on a day most unexpected,
          And he took her up and held her in his arms,
          Yet,in him she felt the strength she needed,
          In his heart he vowed to keep her safe from harm.

          It didn't matter what she said she wanted,
          Cause to him she was the apple of his eyes,
          Though the things she asked for wasn't that important,
           She could always count on daddy to supply.

           He taught her a side of life that mama couldn't,
           Things like warmth,strength,and security,
           Though to him she didn't always seem to listen,
           But what she learned from him, she taught her family.

           There ought to be a hall of fame for daddy's,
           Created in the likeness of God,
           And heaven help us always to remember,
           That the hand that made the cradle,
           Strengthens the world.

Copyright © Avis Bailey | Year Posted 2012

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Cliche Heaven

Cliche Heaven

Be it as it may I'll try my hand at some clichés
    and address the elephant in the room soon when pigs fly.
It’s a win- win situation, put your game face on, work the crowd
   as we wrap our heads around comparing apples to orange.
We are all data driven, with an ace in the hole, stick a sock in it
   while stepping  up to the plate and  peeling back the onion
 and easily hit it out of the ballpark with a world of hurt.

Be my team player, run with this, my agent of change  
  but don’t throw me under the bus as you think outside the box.
We can touch base later seeing where the rubber meets the road
  and put boots on the ground, a perfect storm, deal with it.
Here’s my two cents,  if it works  I'll go off the beaten path
    driving route 66 on the road not taken when it’s up for grabs,
     and taking a walk in the sun, learning the new math.

That said,  don’t  put me out to pasture,  wait for it,  
  there’s no sign of my slowing down,  its going viral.
These are the signs of the times, take the bull by its horns,
   It’s a brave new tomorrow and all bets are off.
Don’t  force my hand to be up close and personal
  I’m a rebel without a cause and  to die for.
   Don’t get bent out of shape raising the bar in the winds of change
    There’s something for everyone, just another babe in the woods.

Stay tuned, like, duh, as a matter of fact, at the end of the day,  
  it’s a last ditch effort as you live and learn the luck of the draw.  
Pay it forward, that’s the ticket, give and take, get a wake up call,
 same song and dance, say what you will, you’re as sharp as a tack.
It’s all smoke and mirrors, just splitting hairs to reinvent the wheel 
 and walk the red carpet for a quick buck to pay as you go
 Heaven help us, 
I believe there's an app for that.

Copyright © DM Babbit | Year Posted 2016

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Heaven Help Us

Danger in the sky
One deep breath of the dragon
Will destroy mankind


Copyright © faleshia murphy | Year Posted 2010

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Lack Wanting Needing more But getting less Pray Heaven help us out this fiscal mess Unplanned suddenly most costly demands Poorest people With palmed hands Hunger Grows Growls And moans For more life As it consumes The simple happiness of humble homes 7/16/16 Triple Tetractys 2

Copyright © Janis Thompson | Year Posted 2016

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Hobble Hubby

My hubby let the dogs out and sprained his ankle on the step.
Then for days he hobbled around on that foot, stubborn yet.
Definitely not getting better I got him a crutch at the store.
For twelve hours it sat there not doing much, after being procured.
But then he picked it up with grumbles, of that you can be sure.
Now it’s become fun to make up stories to keep his friends adrift.
Would you believe he stepped into an interdimensional rift?
Or how about I got mad and kicked him in the shins, ouch!
Or the dogs bit his leg as he took my sons homework from their mouth.
It must have been a great paper or tasted like meat sauce.
Or it happened in the basement while he was wrestling with the Trolls.
Perhaps he followed a group of Lemmings to a place he shouldn’t go.

Yes, he’s my hobble hubby and I love him oh so much.
With his imagination life is never dull as my heart he does touch.
And occasionally he balances on one foot and tells coworkers…
He’s practicing his Karate Kid flamingo move or such…
And he’s warned me he’d be safer if he could only find reverse.
Yep, he’s on his way to recovery with just the right amount of smiles.
Heaven help us as he continues to entertain us with his wiles.
Believe me, his imagination will bloom as time continues on.
Now if you’ll excuse me…I have to go catch up…for like he says… 
He hobbles like the wind and it’s really hard to keep up.

Written 4-24-2011

Copyright © Carol Eastman | Year Posted 2011

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Liberty Statue

Liberty Statue
There she stands with torch in her hand.
Beaconing freedom throughout the land.
Welcoming those who come to this land..... of the free.
She doesn't care what color you are.
Whether you come from near or from far.
Many an eye has shed a tear.
To see her so Proudly welcoming you here.
This lady we call Liberty was a gift from France to you and me.
She stands on an island called Liberty, all on her own.
Letting one and all visit her home.
Greeting people of all nations who come to this land.
Liberty is the name she is called.
And Heaven help us if ever does she fall.


Copyright © Crystal Bellman | Year Posted 2010

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The Millennials Are Coming Heaven Help Us

Especially amid the abstract statement by her country's commander in chief ?
That education is the best investment for America's future: feed them to breed them
Surely would seem but, another view ? Albeit, ancient by nature these absolute truths
Waxing gross as cankerous their sores crossing troubled time; pegged of pagans whom
Claim a tomorrow that they shall never find ? Again, extracting the Light to embrace this
Night his waning thought she sings in lullabies, lord Frankenstein ? Who shall confess you
                  ........Afore, `HEAVEN'S MESSIAH, HIS KING OF KINGS`........ 


Copyright © Johnny Rhinem | Year Posted 2014

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Wise, Asp

What is this?

Spit at me, will you??
Hiss and spit and rattle your tail?!?

Be my guest, oh Great Coiled One ...
You are king, after all, and I but a fool!
But THIS jester has dealt with your kind before ...

Oh, yes, and far, FAR worse!
There is another creature that shames you in its ferocity ...
Her temperamental and capricious airs
Hold much more menace and fury!

Oh, she can rival the worst of your ire ...
Bare her fangs, hiss and snarl, rattle her tail, and strike ...
She is easily the most formidable opponent man has ever known,
Yet her most insidious and treacherous trait
Is the exquisitely captivating form that wraps her ...

Heaven help us, we are naught but powerless before it!
Oh, it is a deadly and guileful costume, indeed -
A slinky guise that takes your breath at one moment ...
And the next, brings you weeping to your wobbly knees!

So, do your worst, Asp ...
Bring your wicked wrath to bear,
For I have met my match,

And she laughs at your feeble folly
Even now ... this ...


Copyright © Gregory R Barden | Year Posted 2018

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Heaven Help Us

Iron eagles overhead
and turmoil on the ground,
above them all a clear blue sky
spreads tranquility around,
then came the magic carpets
black and grey to cast their spell,
and cascading  globulets of water
from the heavens  fell,
in the hope of giving nature
what it needs to stay alive,
and show that life will still go on
if humans don't  survive,
then the golden globe of fire returns
shining as bright as it can,
which means heaven has done it's bit
the rest is up to man.

Copyright © norman littleford | Year Posted 2006