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Beatle Mania

Beatlemania (The Fab Four As Lovers) Once a choir boy, John turned to romance, Fell for Yoko almost at first glance. In full public view In bed with her too - Showed the world how to “give peace a chance.” Quiet George played much more than guitar. Lost his wife to another rock star. Layla left him because Of how hung up he was On the music he made with his sitar! Ringo acted in “Caveman” and met His wife Barb (once a Bond girl) on set. Though the film of this drummer Was dumber than dumber, Wise in love, he’s not left his Barb yet! A heart breaker, Paul left Wife "One" For Linda, and made her a vegan! On their farm smoking pot, They made money (a LOT)! He’s a genius whose life sure seems fun! written Oct. 13, 2013 for the BeatleMania Contest of Rhonda Johnson-Saunders

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2013

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Whats Broken

What’s Broken?

Some things that are broken can never be fixed
Like hearts shattered, as glass on the floor
What felt like love, don’t no more
No distance No time
No rhythm No rhyme
No song No Dance
No Coincidence No chance
Hey if distance only makes the heart grow fonder 
What about time, It only makes you wonder
What about that time we were together
At the place we use to go
You held my hand
I stared in your eyes
The telephone ranged us 
Back to realty 
Mic check one two one two
I looked back and where were you
Gone without a trace, or explanation.
It felt like a plan shot down from the sky 
Or a child falling from a building 
Right before your eye
Or a laboring mom with great anticipation  
Only to be told that it was still born
Yeah that’s a heart breaker,
 Yeah that’s a Faith Shaker
Yeah that’s a breath taker,
 Lies Deceit
 Cries Defeat
 Who are we to judge?
What more can we say
If our heart got broken
We got what we deserved.


Copyright © Patricia Mitchell-Nunn | Year Posted 2014

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Forbidden Love

Dear  Forbidden  Love 

I am here to say good-bye.
I know that we are through.
But I had this on my mind...
I wanted you to know that I still loved you even though time has passed.
I know I tried to forget about you, but real love doesn't fade that fast.

I missed you so much I can't explain it so I wont even try.
If there was a way I'd find it if it meant being by your side.
So why should I try and hide it?
My love for you can't ever die.
It can only grow stronger for you. 
This is true for a fact my love for you it is so deep that no man nor beast could understand it in the very least.

Our love was unbreakable.
It went beyond the unthinkable.
It went past the sun, moon, and stars.
But even so even it was lost at some point.

Our love was forbidden.
A heart breaker in itself.
Two star-crossed lovers with no one to reach out for help.
This is why I must say good-bye my forbidden love~ 


Copyright © Kable Brown | Year Posted 2012

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The HIV-AIDS Crisis

At one point, there's no cure for HIV/AIDS. The virus has affected not just the
African-American community, but the entire human race, as well. The whole world is
affected by that disease, even in the United States of America. Everybody knows that HIV
is  passed on by having unprotected sex, using or sharing dirty needles/syringes, red
blood, breast milk containing the HIV virus in it, and blood transfusion. HIV/AIDS has not
only affected the adults, but the children and teenagers, as well. People who are living
with HIV/AIDS are always dying from that disease and it's a heart-breaker. The virus is
considered a life-or-death situation. I'm told that the doctors have been prescribing HIV
meds for the ones who were tested positive for that  life-threatening disease, but they're
not sure whether all of the pills are to keep half of the human race alive. But there are
fund-raisers that will help the researchers and the doctors find the cure for HIV and
AIDS. But despite all o the hard work everybody has done to end HIV/AIDS, it's still
there. And if the HIV virus keeps affecting the other human race in the future, there's no
telling what bad thing might happen next. This HIV nightmare must end now. When will the
HIV virus be eliminated permanently? When will this end?

Copyright © Brashard Bursey | Year Posted 2011

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An Arrogant Cad

The most handsome of boyfriends I had
broke my heart; what an arrogant cad!
But I don't think I missed
out on much. How he kissed
makes me think - sex with him must be bad!

 For The Contest: A valentine Limerick~ to your x-lover the heart-breaker ( explaining how life goes on ) after the heart break.
Sponsored by Sidney ~ LeeAnn

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2012

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Colorful Sins

                            Colorful Sins.

What should I do with my pain ?
Throw it away again 
What have you done with your love
You once told me that it goes above
Above all the limitations of sky
you even painted it, but did it dry ?
Go ahead and wash me with fire
Enjoy my sorrow, it is your smile that I admire
Burn my sins with clean water
And drag my heart to the slattern
Just please let me whisper the sea in your ears
Let it feed your soul with my fears
I shall be a native heart breaker
An international crime maker
Will you Emancipate my soul from sanity
And free my useless body from gravity
Clean my eyes from all that sparkle
Let them participate in the real battle
Explode my hallucinations
Grief on my imagination
You can turn me to ashes 
Watch my little heart crashes
Change the architecture of my smile
Rebuilt it in the Greek style
So my laughs will be philosophical thoughts 
And  we shall be two ghosts 
You who hunts my dreams when I an awake
You have always been an ocean, yet I can only be a lake
Sweep my touches softly from your skin
But know that it will become so thin
And then wave me goodbye
Ill bow mull think am just shy
Until you will see these drops falling in the yellow grass
That same grass that used to be green before you pass .   

Copyright © Oumayma Boumhali | Year Posted 2014

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A valentine Limerick

You ripped my heart out of my chest, while standing there laughing with jest, but I am a lover, and have found another, now her feathers lay in your nest.
Contest A valentine Limerick~ to your x-lover the heart-breaker
M.Mahauariki © 2012

Copyright © Murray Mahauariki | Year Posted 2012

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The Lioness

My precious was nearly destroyed by an heart breaker
but it was romantically rescued by an heart maker
my strength to trust was nearly gone
lovingly, i have it restored by a miss namely bimbo

Escape from the den of a lioness,
a beautiful kangaroo welcome me into her palace
when i thought that my love life is dead
and that no woman can again equate the balance

money is sweet and marriage is distasteful
those were the vain words of my mouth
cuz i have see too many ladies that are lustful
which weakens my tissues and gives me a bone

i lost a copper but look at the beauty of the silver i have
God have given a great, loving distance companion to my life
to teach me that there are still few that will reject the mark
those whose family not be tear apart

listen to  her and be natural about it
you will see how her beauty glows
her inner beauty is far precious than onyx
her gesture like the flock of mount-Gilead's goat

her is a fountain of honey and milk
no other honeycomb is like my beloved words of her lips
i believe GOD is sending her to me
change my regretful believe

Ever since i met you
i wish to end up with someone like you
i am very to have naked the true
but i wish to have a picture you

Copyright © Akere Victor | Year Posted 2012

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Jack Ace, Jackass

jack of all trades
master of none,
as he manipulates 
women for fun.

ice in his veins
and slick lil' snake,
he'll kill ta' steal the deal
real as he's fake

crowned heart breaker 
full trophy case,
but most ladies know him as
"Lowly Jack-Ace"


Copyright © JSLambert Mister ROBOTO | Year Posted 2011

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Blue-Eyed Boy

I am crying
The little blue-eyed boy
With bright red hands
Freezing in the pram
Whimpering, squirming
While mummy
Texts on her mobile
Ignoring him
Freezing inside a gaping plastic bubble
On a windy wet station platform

Not one word of comfort
Left her lips
Not one eye contact
Did the babe
Of her vagina
Nurtured in

What right do you have
Call yourself mother
An ape
On a leash
Would serve

Disgusting woman
Benefit grabber
Disposable shopper
Resentful back stabber
Made the child
Give it your best
Whoever said
You can detest
A miracle
Seed by your passion divided
A trillion times and more
Yet you

Give something back
You spiteful taker
A pair of mittens
You heart breaker
Purchase disposables
At your peril
Wash some napkins
You lazy devil.

No mother you
No church pew
Has seen your shadow
Let alone you
Your distain
For your own flesh
Will with you forever rest
And when he is older
You will regret
The object of
His detest.

Copyright © Judith Palmer | Year Posted 2010

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Wrong Turns

Looking for a heart but just cannot find,
I think I have lost it while trying to be affectionate and kind.
Now I am leading myself and others to stray,
Now my love is dirty as wet muddy clay.
In simple words they call me a galis or a player,
But deep down inside I am a lost child waiting for him to answer my prayer.
Did not want to hurt, did not want to become this bad lover maker,
Now all is lost, no trust to earn because I am a heart breaker.

I walk around now looking for a new heart to dice,
My brain starts to beat because this doing is not nice.
Today I might make her happy, but few days ago I made she cried, 
Please don’t think I am wicked! I want to stop! I just have not tried.
You can give me fun, even happiness and bliss,
I might destroy your heart at my will with my poisonous kiss.

Is there a kiss that can give me the glue?
That kiss which is breathe taking, a kiss that is true.
Once that love is found it might provide that special healing,
And also cause me to love again and have real feelings.

Copyright © Jameel Trowers | Year Posted 2013

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You must not know inspired by Yulli B's "You must not know"

You must not know
how I picture your lips on my bone
and if I'm not thinking at all
he'll burst through the International Concepts
70% pure, im fiend-ing for you
Can't get up from my desk because everyone will think im a Nazi, saluting proudly
the best sex around and I haven't touched you
just this wet dream
I'm trying to beat off
because that honey is the best
I bet the town next to us will know my name
You don't have time to smile when you're biting your lips
When i'm biting your lips
like a canvas brush painting 
Varying stroke patterns
o's o's o's o's all over your face
You must don't know how it feels 
when it is hard and ready to blow
you just melted all over it
pudding that good got me stalking your whereabouts
intercepting your dreams
and standing on stop of the roof with my jacket on in the middle of summer time
threatening to jump off if I don't get another lick
call the coroner
tastes so good 
I just left a skeleton
You must not know
I"m a professional
boxer without the gloves we lost count of all the rounds
What number on you on?
I'm a master 
so you could go to up bat all you want
look you are surrounded by the cockpit
wrapped around you like a bow
I bet you didn't know 
Im a gift in bed
Write down the month
write down the time
you will never get this high again
sorry I had to go and do this 
pounding so hard that it is
breaking your heart
now you writing how much your heart cries
You must not know
put the danger signs up 
he is a heart breaker
Just when you thought it was over
the levees broke 
and you flooded your panties
Operator: "Do you need FEMA ma'am"
You: "No, just called "T" instead
I'm flooding and I am drowing in my bed
I don't know what he put in me, it seems like 
I can't stay dry!
How many girls do you think he hit before me?"
Operator: "You must be the victim of the call we received about a big bang sound; hold on 
ma'am we are sending help now!
You: "Hurry, I'm seeing galaxies now, don't come without him"

Copyright © Tavarus M. Moreland | Year Posted 2010

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Hail to king Poseidon- God of sea! 
The water-bearer I need to thee 
Loss my Aquarius lost during the midnight crescent 
Leaving me no innocence. 

My love Aquarius, my possession 
‘til the tip of her hair my obsession 
Eyes full of lust,red blooded lips cast 
Fulfilling the pleasure from a thirsty past. 

A night of us under the moon light 
Full of passion but rage tries to hide 
Humbly I asked her love for me 
Gladly I gave my self for thee. 

My love Aquarius there’s no to love 
Fixing the pieces of your deadly heart 
The water-bearer, my heart breaker 
My love Aquarius the only healer.

Copyright © Nebuer Peroy | Year Posted 2014

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One-Night Suitor

I know this form as *Monotetra*!!

*One-Night Suitor*

How can I ever love again?
How can I ever trust again?
I am good, she's full of regret!
My mind is set, my mind is set

Will past demons haunt my future?
Will I lose my sense of humor
And become that one night suitor?
The heart-breaker, the heart breaker

How can I ever trust again?
How can I ever love again?
Lone wolf with beneficial friends
I will transcend, I will transcend

Can my heart find satisfaction?
I don't like to read in caption,
Dreadful silence causes friction
Interaction, interaction!

How can I ever love again?
How can I ever trust again?
open my heart without restrain,
Or fear of pain. or fear of pain!

Jared Pickett

Copyright © Jared Pickett | Year Posted 2014

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The Whimsical Life

Life is a Janus-faced Siren,
The Death’s nemesis,
The soul’s swan song,
A black widow, 
A shimmering mirage,
A fleeting moment in time,
A trickster, A temptress,
An elusive chimera,
A heart breaker,
A dream-wrecker.

Tread lightly into her lair
Lest you provoke her ire;
A true confidant of Time,
Together they play havoc
with the soul of man,
Stripping him of all his luster,
Of all his flamboyant spirit.

Hold on to her 
But not too dearly,
Let go off her
But not too lavishly,
Walk not behind her,
But neither lead,
Fall in steps with her
And waltz with
the beat of time!

~"What Life Means to Me" contest by Jerry T curtis

Copyright © Abdul Malik | Year Posted 2015

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I am bored with LONELINESS

Loneliness embraces me
now that you are gone
and my life is a meaningless maze. 
Coldness and hardness 
replaced your sweet pseudo love. 
I can not believe that I will never again 
hold your hand; nor kiss your lips. 
Your soft voice still whispers love to me at night; 
but you are silent and invisible when I wake.  
You never desert me in my dreams. 
Will you ever be there once more in reality? 
Or am I doomed to this eternal void without you? 
Dear mistress of my heart and cruel heart breaker, 
pretend that you still care, as you once used to.

(Remembering being bored with a broken heart for this contest)
Jack Horne

Copyright © jack horne | Year Posted 2011

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The Moon Goddess, Comes Down

The Moon Goddess, Comes Down

There you are, among the bold stars shining,
this bouquet of love for you I am holding.
That is me reaching up to touch your face,
this sweet moment my love-heart does so race!

I see your sexy, tan legs streaming on down,
the gold in your hair and the purple gown.
Beautiful vision, a feast for any lonely man,
chasing your heart, will win it if I can.

As you arrive upon earth to dance tonight,
I will adore you and treat you to any delight.
Your beautiful grace is such a heavenly sight,
our love grows everything becomes just right.

I love the shine of your long golden hair, 
excuse me darling, I can not help but stare.
Fantastic image of your body so hotly divine,
my greatest prayer is that you will be mine!

So sad that our time tonight is now ending,
I promise, every night we will be spending!
Each dance as you move with that bright light,
your love my joy wedding each and every night.

There you are, among the bold stars shining,
this bouquet of love for you I am holding.
That is me reaching up to touch your face,
this sweet moment my love-heart does so race!

Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxxx, 04-23-2015


Sponsor	Thomas Martin
Contest Name	Romantic Fools 
 Enter Poetry Contest
Deadline	5/22/2015 12:00:00 AM

No sadness , just pure joy in this one.
Sadness I will save for the heart breaker poem.

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2015

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Everything in life
Came easy to me.
That all changed
When I got my own family. 
Dirty diapers, late night feedings
& so much crying. 
It was spiritually, mentally
& physically trying. 
I'd do it all again 
That was the best time
Of my life.
I was a husband, a father
With kids & a wife.
It felt good to hold my child
He always smiled, when I did.
He was the best thing that ever happened to me.
Damn I love that kid.
I spoiled him rotten
He was my pride & joy.
Then God & my wife blessed me again
She bore me another boy.
My wife enjoyed watching me
Play with my sons.
She said, you are a terrible hubby
But as a dad, you're number one.
She already had children
Before we met.
I raised them as my own
I love them all, I have no regrets. 
I'd pray every night
Thanking God for blessing me.
With this beautiful wife &
My perfect family.
Her (our) daughter is so bright.
She's gifted, smart.
She has a beautiful spirit
She has her mother's caring heart. 
Her (our) oldest son is a
Mama's Boy & that ain't a bad thing. 
Mess with his mama 
& watch the drama he would bring. 
Her (our) middle child 
Is cool & laid back. 
He's going to be a heart breaker
That is a fact.
Her (our) younger child
He is so smart & oh so clever.
He has a special place
In my heart, I'll cherish him forever.
Her (our) youngest child
Is always happy, like he's floating on a cloud
He's always doing something, to make his mother & I proud.
My (our) oldest daughter
Is an adult, with children of her own.
We (I) wasn't there for her 
She had to do it alone.
I miss all my children dearly
This is a pain I didn't know that could exist.
It hurts to longer be with them.
My life was perfect when I was with them
Believe me they are missed.
This separation from them
Is unbareable as hell.
I hope & pray each night
That my children are doing well.
Whatever wrong I did to deserve this
I know I had to have overpaid that debt.
This as low as I ever been 
To lose my children is my biggest regret.
I try to move forward
But it's hard to stand tall.
LaToya, Buffie, Jaloni, Larry, Jimmy & Joshua

Copyright © Robert Cathey | Year Posted 2015

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Peace maker
Heart breaker
Once brought me news I did not want
Never know what's on other end
Emotions erupting


Copyright © Cynthia Alvez | Year Posted 2012

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The fields of wheat have grown tall,
and the path is almost invisible,
and over there the little girl stares 
at the light coming from the dark house.

She wonders who lives in that big, scary house,
which only the owls watch from a roof color maroon; 
and while there's no sign of the iridescent moon, 
its silver moonbeams startle a scurrying mouse. 

" Who lives there? " " Is he the graveyard keeper? "
" Why only one window is lit? " She suspiciously asks herself
by not going forward a foot, thinking of turning back
and be safe at home...dreaming of her adorable heart-breaker.  

Imagine if this frightening scenery were real,
she would run like a hunted zebra and scream her lungs out,
discovering that the light coming from the dark house is used for a kill...
and the murderer is none other than the rabbit eater with a voice so tart!

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2012

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The Apple of Our Eyes

Yessss.. I know there is a whole orchard,
But why do you linger here?
Why are you so tortured?
I’ll tell you why, my dear…

You ssee I know these thingsss,
as you would too..
If you had my wingsss.
Just look at it…Tasste it.. 

Ssuch a lusciousss  fruit! 
What is your fear? 
You are very assstute
Good eye, my dear.

The reason here is quite clear.
You are worried about obedience,
to the all powerful maker,
Such a total inconvenienccce!

A total heart breaker !
You are quite wise enough to ssssee.
And bes-sidesss…you know better,
Why not eat from thissss tree?

An innocccent longing and you must curb it..
Why worry about it? You DESSERVE it! Go ahead. It’ll be jusssssst fine!
Don’t worry about the man with you…
He‘ll allow it…Your MAKER gave you his rib... but he hass no ssspine.

My you are lovely today,
And so very WORTH it,
What do you say?
Nice thought. Nurse it.

Besssidesss,  Adam’s such a clod…
And if you eat this lusscioussss apple,
You’ll be in just like God!
There ya go! Atta girl! Small ssample..

Now talk Adam into a bite of the same,
You’re already stronger!
It’ll be easssy. He isss  ssssso lame!
Don’t wait any longer!

Now you BOTH can’t see the forest for the trees!!
Why are you idiotss looking for leaves?!!!

WOOPS! Here “HE” comes!  Sssorry, wish I could ssstay!
Have a nicccccce day!!  Hahahahahahah!   (exit Eden)

{not elibible for her contest but inspired by Carol Brown and her 
Apples, oranges contest. Thank you Carol.)

Copyright © Robert A. Dufresne | Year Posted 2011

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The kaz groove

a woman ask whats wrong with me
that some thing is not the same
she said she still see the fire 
but what happen to the flame

her words take me by surprise
because i didn't notice this before
so i start looking at my self
but cant find the kaz groove no more

lately i been under the weather
with some normal daily stress
but i never let it affect me
because i always rise to the test

now this person in front the mirror
looks like some one i know
but i don't recognize him
where did the kaz groove go

the kaz is really a cool guy
just like a cold Carib beer
but i not see the kaz groove again
looks like he drop it somewhere

he use to be a ladies candy
with words sweet like honey
but now he is like a dinner mint
with no sugar like a diet Pepsi

i,m not seeing the kaz groove
that he always have with him
or maybe he is giving it a rest
and just keeping it hidden

he came from Trinidad with the groove
and he use it across america 
the kaz groove was a chick magnet
like a Mercedes Benz and BMW motorcar

the kaz won dancing competitions
and won best looking at a bazaar
and when goes disco dancing
they use to call him John Travolta

he always have the groove with him
and the girls like him every where
the kaz was like a rear bottle of wine 
but now he is just like a Mexican beer

the girls use to ask him out 
he never once ask a girl for a date
the kaz groove was like a treat
you would see on the ladies plate

he use to be a fashion designer
making suits and beautiful women dress
and if you ask any one in Trinidad
they would he say the kaz was the best

and any sports games he played
he was always the best naturally
and every thing he cooks is so tasty
and some say he writes some nice poetry

"i love myself better than i love my self "
a big hit song by comedian bill Cosby
that song bring out a 'dog dance competitions
and the kaz clean house and take the trophy

the kaz with the smooth dancing move
and the original heart breaker
i don't see him these days at all
looks like he moving undercover

where has the kaz groove gone?
maybe the winter is to cold
and he saving it for the spring break
to bring back the kaz groove to the world

i know very soon the grove will be back
but i just have to wait and see
because i know the kaz groove
is here to stay till eternity

Copyright © kasim ishmael | Year Posted 2014

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See how little time it takes
To hate the one you love
The one of all, I cared so much

Tin and thick yet to come
Storm and wing still afar
Quick in time it fades away

Hit and run 
Never pays
Good to know who you are 
Bye-bye love and come no more.

Copyright © Hilary Frank-Ito | Year Posted 2012

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Can a person love two people at the same time???
Can a single heart be shared in to two???
can a sun and a moon rise simultenously???
Can a heart survive unbroken in two worlds...???

She was black while the other one white
Taller describes them better than the words could
I shared my heart and loved them wholeheartedly
I kept it a secret as I never wanted to hurt them
I showed them real love and made them believe me

Should I call it cheating or lost heart in two places???
would they ever understand feelings trapped in my heart???
Will I ever find peace and justice in my soul???
Must I call myself a real PLAYA or simply heart breaker???
CAN... A person love two people at the same time...???

Copyright © BOINEELO DENNIS KEVIN1 MOKOMA | Year Posted 2014

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the quick injection upon this skin worn like a shield
for the target aim portrayed snaps like two twigs
and falls like a toddler in full sprint
go the words meant to say, go the good intent
since in creeps the thought: 
'Why write down a single sentence when fleeting romance 
seems to be the only relate-able influential subject? '
So here, let the answer stem from the bravado of a man
whose lost his
let the answer stem from a secret, passionate monologue
maybe only one will read
but at least that one will know how I feel...
Amid last night, amongst a trail of complex questions
stood out one a comrade relayed to me
'Why are there women studies and not men studies? '
I won't win any awards with my response
in honesty, I expect scorn in my mailbox
but this is just the opinion of one man
though can you honestly tell me
the history of the world isn't about
us men using violence and false intellect
to make choices and influences around the world
Here, let me confess
us, men, we have a backwards superiority complex
like we're the bravest and strongest
that we're invincible, noble, can take on the world
and stand tall at the end
that we're champion gladiators, the world our arena
that bathing in blood is our ultimate heaven
though we fail to admit that anything outside ourselves
is what does us in
that the very bravado and pride are what make us the most vulnerable
that the very words we say, we fall victim to
a double edged sword piercing through our eyes
etched with burning lies we're so blind to
But honestly why would you listen to the ramblings
of a lonely peasant still trying to find subtle ways to
please and de-throne his heart-breaker
so Mother Aphrodite, here, I'll only speak to you
since I know you'll never ignore me
Mother my dear, would like to hear a quote to know my deepest fear
or I could just skip straight to the point
since every dollar to my name goes to the useless effort
to put a smile upon my face
Tell me Mother, how much does it mean to you
to have that small moment of polite open-hearted conversation
Aphrodite, please speak to me
I know why I shout it but I don't know why I expect an answer
you were never real to begin with...
My biggest fear doomed to spill is running nowhere
to this cliff where I witnessed your death
your stomach now a rope pouring from an open gash 
the size of a cave entrance where I lay my head
in hopes you'll hang me by your heartstrings 
since I failed to save you, calling myself Superman
when my very kryptonite was calling myself a hero in the first place
To put it bluntly, my biggest fear is blowing a chance 
to save a soul when all it took was a small moment of topic changes
when all it took was a moment not belonging to myself
a moment of sincere compassion to save a life
instead of looking at this pinwheel in autumn wind spinning 
from a distance
clueless on why it's my very name being cursed upon their lips
when I did nothing wrong
though in pure reality, in a sense their life rested upon me
turning my stomach inside out as the truth becomes jumbled mush
I just can't keep down
What, you still don't understand? 
Well here, let me tear your heart at the seams
maybe then you'll know how I feel
well here, let me give you a copy of my life entitled Sankarea
so you can understand how much 6 hours of film changed my life
so you can understand how much 
a girl having to die to feel completely alive...
Mother Aphrodite....
I know I said you'd never ignore me
I know I said you'd never leave me
but if you're real and can hear me clearly
please, can you just leave me alone for today...

Copyright © Crow thepoet | Year Posted 2016