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Champagne Toast

*Drunken Master *

sweet lavender lips
I heard it through the grapevine
transform from sweet grapes

sweet lavender lips
I heard it through the grapevine
libation of wine

sweet lavender lips
I heard it through the grapevine
intoxicating -----X----- beverage 

4th place

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2013

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July 4, 1961

           Well HELLO MARY LOU, 

You won’t believe this but I just HEARD IT THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE that someone else was 
getting a DOUBLE SHOT OF MY BABYS’ LOVE. Right now TIME WON’T LET ME alone ever 
since I heard GLORIA saying please, BE MY BABY. I was just WALKIN’ THE DOG when I SAW 
HER STANDING THERE. She came right out and told me she would GIVE ME SOME LOVIN in 
the MIDNIGHT HOUR. She guaranteed we would feel JUST LIKE ROMEO AND JULIET; all I 
had to do was HOLD ON TIGHT. But I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW, thanks to the warm 

I remember when I was playing the field; all I ever thought was WHY DO FOOLS FALL IN 
LOVE?  I’d give anything to get back to someone like sweet little SHEILA. You remember her 
don’t you?  OH DONNA, if your sister lets you read THE LETTER I wrote from SAN 
FRANSCICO, you know I’d be taking ROUTE 66 back to see that little BROWN EYED GIRL. 
Then maybe CUPID          can draw back his bow because until now this TRAVELING MAN 
has just been SINGIN’ THE BLUES.
I’ve got to find some kind of LOCOMOTION because WE GOTTA GET OUT OF THIS PLACE! 
Maybe I could hitch a ride with MUSTANG SALLY; you know I was BORN TO BE WILD if I’m 
thinking of asking her for a ride. Remember when you and I used to cruise down to 
SUNDAY afternoon. If it rained we kept time with the wipers and the RHYTHM OF THE RAIN. 
By the way, did you hear that BONEY MARONEY really did DO RON-RON after she drank that 
bottle of LOVE POTION # 9? I guess it is just another example of we really have to LOVE 
ONE ANOTHER because a little SUGARTIME  will go a long way towards making it a 
Poor LOUIE LOUIE  told everyone that I FOUGHT THE LAW after spending a few hours 
drinking down at MARGARITAVILLE, don’t believe him.  There are always two sides to every 
story and BLACK IS BLACK because THAT’LL BE THE DAY I’d be handcuffed by that CHAIN 

IT’S MY PARTY next weekend but it will be just ANOTHER SATURDAY NIGHT unless I can find 
a little RUNAWAY to be my DREAM LOVER. After all, what would a WORLD WITHOUT LOVE be 
like?   If I can’t hook up with her, DO YOU WANNA DANCE the LA BAMBA, or maybe LET’S 
TWIST AGAIN? We can do anything that you wanna do but LET’S DANCE to that hot little 
oldies band called THE RUNAWAYS.

            All my Loving,

*Written as a tribute to a local 50’s/60’s cover band called the “RUNAWAY’S” using their play 

Copyright © John Trusty | Year Posted 2010

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A Letter To My First Crush

A LETTER TO MY FIRST CRUSH My Dearest Kevin My hands shake nervously as I write this letter The fountain pen drips the ink in heart-shapes Pieces of my heart as it reach out to you I just want you to know that loving you isn’t easy My dozen of Harlequins and my entire Mill @ Boon collection Have'nt prepared me To deal with a player like you I heard it through the grapevine, That you are heartbreaker and womanizer With only one thing on your adolescence mind My grandmother always told me, that Why buy the cow, when you can get the milk for free My grandma is a wise woman More like a heroine in my eyes I am the heroine of my life More like a Nancy Drew without a clue on how to love you I am never satisfy, I am curious And mysterious However I am very chary Kind of gal ^ I do believe that I am in love with you today However, I might hate you tomorrow Because you never know with a secret admirer To the man I love today They are nothing more than I can say. I will wait for your reply my love

Copyright © Annie Lander | Year Posted 2013

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A Short Nap

The Mocking Bird crooned
His melody of love all night
Whip-Poor-Will answered
"After Tonight" in loving delight

Finally she_ Mocking Bird
Answered, shhh! be quiet
I already "Heard It Through The Grapevine"
Cheating is your game

Around four a.m. I got a short nap

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2011

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Mary Joseph and the Donkey

Mary Joseph and the Donkey
By Franklin Price

Mary, Joseph and the donkey, on the way to Bethlehem.
Jesus not yet born, but he was still with them
Warm in Mary's stomach still swaddled in the womb.
Would be crowded in the city, hoped that they could get a room

Finally arriving, they were tired and needed rest.
They tried but found no lodging which put their patience to the test.
The innkeeper announced, to give a room he was not able
But they could have a place to rest in the corner of the stable

There was nothing else to do and no place else to stay
Quickly they must get inside, God was about to have his way
Although the conception holy, the birth came naturally
And there was baby Jesus for all the world to see

They wrapped him up, and moved the cows, and laid him in a manger
Angels watching down on them to keep them out of danger
Little did they know, wise men and kings were on the way
They heard it through the grapevine that Christ was born that day

Shepherds saw them passing by and joined the growing crowd
Arriving at the stable dropped to their knees and bowed
The star that brightly led them there still glowing in the sky
Shining on the king of kings who on the cross must die

For Christ was sent to save us, he was God's only son.
Was sent to live among us, to show he was the one.
If we believe this story's true, that Christ was heaven made
Our everlasting life is free our dues by Christ were paid.

Copyright © Franklin Price | Year Posted 2015

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Eighth Time


Many days I 
Was way high

Still the same guy

During the daytime
It was officially gametime
At the same time
As the show "Dateline"

Time to educate minds
Before, during and after all of this "debate time"
Worldwide not just statewide

Now tell me what good is something that continually claims lives?

They say something worthwhile just may take time
Therefore, if you really want it, don't waste time

People and animals going through difficult and strange times
Experienced it first hand, and heard it through the grapevine

Some just wanted to skate by

Never once have I done a facetime

Life has never just been about "play time"
And always having to have a great time

Movements sporadic, rather erratic or systematic
And in a straight line

If it didn't work like that, why would it the eighth time?

Nah it ain't fine
Not going to let you take mine
I'll just show and prove before I gotta say why

Beings with canines
and without, doesn't matter in the end because eventually they die

That goes for all, regardless of if the suns ray's shine
All along the lake side

Sad to say some many bodies of water became dry

Still the rage climbs
Out of a scale of one to ten, I'd rate it a five

By: Dalton Ogletree

Copyright © Dalton Ogletree | Year Posted 2017

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Musical Hevean

I took a dream ride through heaven one night,
It seemed that the stars were shining real bright,
the angels all seemed to gather round,
the main stage, where Marvin was getting down.

He started his set with a song called hitch-hike, while keeping time,
then smoothed it out with I heard it through the grapevine,
then he asked the crowd what's going on???
mercy, mercy me, as the all the angels began to sing.

He closed out his set with after the dance,
and all the saints smile and watched him walk of in the distance.

The next thing I knew brotha Ray soon followed,
tickling the ivories, like there was no more tomorrow,
He sang to Martin,Bobby, and John,
before the mood could sink in, he took us beyond,
a collaborration, with Jackie Wilson dancing and singing 
moving throught time. Higher and Higher was the audience request,
they couldn't ask for more nore settle for less.

Copyright © Jesu Johnson | Year Posted 2008

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Connecting Through Cyberspace

Connecting In Cyberspace

One day I opened up an email that had been sent my way.
They were searching for their relatives who they had never met.
Growing up and thinking their was no one else around
But they had heard it through the grapevine there were others to be found.

I had written about my family and friends who had passed away.
“Gone But Not Forgotten”. was floating in cyberspace.
I had listed my brother’s name and other family  members too.
I was missing all of them and my heart was feeling blue.

Then I got this strange email that said “are you the one”?
I am looking for my people-I want to meet each one.
He was stationed in the service way across the miles.
We exchanged our numbers and boy did his heart smile.

Another message came from a niece living across the mile.
We had never met although I had came to town.
She had heard about my visit but I had went back home.
So she found me on myspace and she was such a charm.

We corresponded time after time and then I went home again.
We ran into each others arms and a brand new relationship
Oh Auntie-My Auntie was all that she could say.
I shall always remember that look upon her face.

So as write and send out messages into cyberspace-
We just don’t know who we will meet in this worldwide space.
It may be a loved one or just a long lost friend.
Just be ready to connect with the one who is searching within.

Copyright © Mary Duhart | Year Posted 2009