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The Best He Learned His Lesson Poems

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Thor and Loki Part 1

Thor is the God of Thunder 
Loki is the God of Mischief 
They are said to be brothers 
but one is adopted 

Thor is the son of Odin
Loki the son of a frost giant
but that doesn't matter 
to their mother Frigga

Thor is the rightful heir 
of Asguard
Loki was trying to take
it away from him

Loki even got Thor in
so much trouble 
Odin banished him
to the earth for awhile 

Odin took Thor's power
Even the strength to
weld his hammer
Until he learned his lesson 

While Thor was on earth
he meet a woman named
Jane Foster
Who he fell in love with

While this is going on
on the Earth 
Loki is causing trouble 
for Asguard with the frost giants 

Odin is even on his sick bed
Frigga is fraught with worry
asking for Thor to be unbanished
Loki sees this opportunity his to rule

Eventually Loki starts causing 
issues on the Earth
Thor eventually gains his power back
and goes home to Asguard to deal
with his adopted brother Loki

Odin wakes up from his deadly slumber
He hears what Loki has done
and helps Thor deal with him
Unfortunately Loki fell to his demise 
off the rainbow bridge

Or so we thought in the end
but that is for another story 
Loki is not dead
for he is ready to cause 
mischief in New York
for the Avengers

Copyright © Julie Leigh Rodeheaver | Year Posted 2017

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Ignorance Versus Aprehension

Ignorance versus apprehension

left behind today
my smile walked away
but not away from me
it just led me to get free

you showed me life's race
right now i'm out of pace
10 seconds of attention
against a thousand yard stare
ignorance versus apprehension
the inversive tortoise and the hare

tortoise tests the water
hare just jumps right in
then jumps out of his skin
learning it was blood from the slaughter
all his friends and kin
both his son and daughter
he learned his lesson then
regret became his Alma Mater

so what am i really trying to say?
don't think my life is without care
yeah, you're ahead of me today
i am the tortoise you are the hare
i watch the miles melt away
you just blindly stare
the finish line is not your care
but i hope someday i meet you there

Copyright © Clay Young jr. | Year Posted 2011

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Partisan Limerick

There once was a little snowflake,
though America a mistake,
so he went to Iran,
spoke his mind and was hanged,
he learned his lesson far too late.

Copyright © David Welch | Year Posted 2018