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When I Cry

Majestic illusions, dwell in my mind,
my special place that is only mine.

Filled with miracles, given through love,
my little heaven , when life gets tough.

A voyage I take, no one else is here,
I feel no sadness, I feel no fear.

The quietness, and serenity of an ocean voice,
waves coming softly, the air so moist.

Peace all around, no hassle of life,
my safe Haven of refugee, whenever I cry.

Copyright © Christy Hardy | Year Posted 2007

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*****To the naked EYE, this poem may seem like gibberish,
but I assure you it is loaded with 24 palindromes,
3 palindrome phrases, 1 hidden palindrome phrase,
and is chock full with enormous wordplay...
oh and one more palindrome in this description. 
Can you find more? I challenge you word freaks!*****


Last night, around eleven or so, I decided to paint a pink castle.
To my dismay, on display, is what looks more like a pink *******.
Picasso would've been so proud!
Today, upon recording nothing short of a colossal debacle,
I've chosen to
utilize the eyes of a hostile apostle.
Tossing docile scribble, I'm scribing.
Describing life like a diatribe conniving REVIVER at a revival.


Palindrome EYE to the side of my tribe.
Get in line, standing at the hands of HANNA.





We OTTO-matically 
DAD got so damn mad he DID the DEED
and split three XANAX with his MADAM and MOM!
(ALA the ABBA GIG way back in them AHA kookie KOOK days)

So anyways...
Back to peek hassle!
Do ya' think he might like ta' take a stab at my STATS?

*****(this was fun as fun can be:
hope you have half as much fun with it as I did:)*****


Copyright © JSLambert Mister ROBOTO | Year Posted 2014

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A sip of tea in my Magic Cup.
A fancy bowl for my little pup.
Faraway from a world corrupt.
I found reason and meaning to reconstruct.
By day I live under the perfect sun.
I relive a life where unhappiness~ is undone.
From the time I opened this door my life slowly begun.
I unlocked the purpose that unites us* all as one*
By night I isolate my dreams in my log cabin. 
A pillow case made of, worry free feeling of satin.
My harmony keeps me from thoughts so devil-in.
My moon shines in the river with beautiful waves of medieval Latin. 
My island based entirely on reason, of insanity hassle.
A sweet paradise entwined by the meshed flower tassel.
My own fantasy surrounded by a flawless pharrell castle.
Governed by my own golden state temple Utopian idea vassal.

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2011

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Well, now that I am registered officially,
into the ranks of those who search and dig,
for gold, and paper that's done and serialized,
or plastic that buys the pleasures on high,
I might as well sit down and think hard,
about all that I will buy with gold and paper,
serialized and plastic that shines,

First a bouquet for mama to say 'thank you'.
and wish her sunshine and rainbows too,
and not sun to scorch her chocolate skin,
but rainbows to herald goodwill and peace.

Then I might try to buy a voice, as loud as,
can be to join all the others that sound,
and call for what a child needs to grow and sing,
the time to play, learn and be loved, more time.

Most of all, I'll ask not to buy this one, it is priceless,
true friends to love now, forever and always, eternally
not perfect because I am far from the best,
but whose love, like mine, does not need justification.

So you see, what I want needs just a penny to buy,
and what I need wants no money to purchase,
so why the hassle to wear a veil and deceit,
to go down the vents, with spade and pans.

And now I will pay the price it will take
to be unregistered officially from the ranks,
of those who dig and search, for gold and paper,
maybe plastic that shines and buys,
and if you want and care, here I offer,
my friendship with no charge, no price tag.

Copyright © Juliet Maruru | Year Posted 2008

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The Earl of Pence

'Twas a dark and stormy night! (OK - so I'm being a tad histrionic!)
The Earl of Pence was lounging by the fire sipping his gin and tonic.
Lightning flashed and thunder roared sending shivers down his spine.
Even his hound, Lord Percival, was so upset that he began to whine!

'Twas well-known thereabouts that phantoms haunted the earl's castle,
And on such frightful nights they were bound to cause a spooky hassle.
Nefarious deeds had occurred within Penceshire Castle walls in the past,
And were replayed in 'spirited' form leaving generations of earls aghast!

A shriek from the bowels of the castle sent the dog into howling fits,
And brought the earl bounding to his feet, scaring him out of his wits!
The blood-curdling screams were from a former Earl of Pence who in 1642,
Was hung by his thumbs in the dungeon for a fair maiden that he slew!

Suddenly, the ancient organ in the hall began playing eerie chords.
Heard on the floor above was rowdy dancing by ladies, knights and lords.
Ghastly emanations from the past paraded through the terrified earl's room,
Antecedents all, leering and grinning and predicting the anxious earl's doom!

Lord Percival sensing trouble long before, across the moat had bolted!
The storm subsided and the apparitions faded leaving the earl quite jolted!
He felt a bony hand upon his shoulder that took away his final breath.
'Twas his valet who offered a gin and tonic to the earl who now lay in death!

Copyright © Robert L. Hinshaw | Year Posted 2014

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The Poetry Pub

My friends who Ive missed ive been gone awhile working on a book 
and while working on that book i had a idea i know thats scary huh? 

Well I wanted to start a group or site that just wasnt out there for poets a get togather 
almost bar or pub enviroment.
a place free of the clowns who come on these sites only to hassle fellow poets.

And I have created just that a invite only site or as i call it the poetry pub.
Its got chat rooms message boards music you can upload photos
start your own groups.

i started it i run it so  all i need is people to be part of it.
its free to join and its invite only please check it out if ya wanna be part of a one of a kind 
site    then send me a soup mail  all i need is for yato send me your email and i'll send ya a 
invite its that easy Fellow souper gary la buda  is already a memeber and if you have any 
doubts just ask him about the site 

please join it will be something you truely wont regret 
thank you my friends  drop me a line and come join  the poetry pub.
grab a pint and join some good friends 

once again no catches  no bs please contact me 
thank you my friends

Copyright © John Patrick Robbins AKA Gonzo | Year Posted 2010

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Queen of my Eternity

Queen of my castle,
Your wish is my command.
Nothing is a hassle..
For I’ll do as you demand!

Queen of my universe,
Tell me what you desire.
If worshipping you is my curse,
Let me roll in your fire

Queen of my day and night,
Have your way and hold me tight!

Queen of my eternity,
My heart does confess;
That my only activity,
Is loving you with all that I possess!

Queen of my earth,
Rain on me and watch my growth
My love since before my birth,
Adoring you is my solemn oath!

Queen of my life,
I’ll love you after my last breath…
The one who will be my wife
My queen even after death!

Copyright © Jimmy Anderson | Year Posted 2011

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Rhythms Of The Heart

We try our best to maintain good rhythm But at times life gets in the way The every day challenges of modern living The demands we face each day The greatest reward we receive in the end Is happiness and true contentment At peace with the world and all things pure Not harbouring any resentment The ultimate aspiration of every human Is a journey free from hassle Filled with many accomplishments Where your home is really your castle Rhythm is an extremely important part Of contentment and a happy life Good rhythm lends us a sense of well being A journey free from strife © Jack Ellison 2014

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2014

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The Wilderness Part 2

Why not build a building of the real self,
You mind has jumped off it’s cliff,
Having nothing left of itself,
With the old man dead,
Where is the dread,
Live life instead!

There is nothing left,
But God within myself,
For I have been in a hassle,
In my worldly castle with my selves!

Here is the way it goes in hassle’s,
Worldly castle,
My aware said, I do declare,
To my mind, in times line,
Who said to my brain,
You’re lame,
Now my lame brain,
Said, to my flesh,
You’re the very last,
To see,
Twiddle Dee,
The mind’s creation for you to be!

Now that we see our devils,
Lets get our lives on the level,
For there is no devils,
Only a house divided,
Has been decided!
You can now see the cure,
That has been provided!

Just your outer parts out of line,
Created a wilderness in your mind,
In life’s time line!
So sit and pine no more,
No need to walk the floor,
Your mind created your life’s W- - - e!
Read about it in your bible some more,
Living with her has been such a chore,

So now I’ve opened the real door,
Of my inner world to explore,
It’s the real world,
Not the world in peril,
But my real pearl, of God’s world! 

One soul, one heart at a time,
With love’s kind,
Dane & Carolyn!
Myself I can change,
You, I cannot rearrange,
My love I can give to you,
But I can’t live it through you!

Once enough members of life’s city is built,
The whole world will tilt,
Toward perfection,
In love’s direction,
Toward the city’s election,
Of a world of perfection!

In the building of the city,
Black stones are a pity,
White stones build the city,
The carnal mind is a pity,
From the white of the hearts,
Comes a perfect city!


Copyright © john freeman | Year Posted 2009

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The Waves.

Perfection's never something, 
You can capture oh so well. 
But her beauty burned like gazing, 
At the fires that burn in Hell. 

And people they would beg of her, 
"Let me capture you in photograph." 
But with beauty that was so obscure, 
She'd always turn and laugh. 

She woke up every morning, 
But this was a different one. 
Called an artist that was yearning, 
"We can do this just for fun." 

She stained her lips with rose. 
Painted her cheeks in the fairest rouge. 
Slipped ballet flats upon her toes. 
And in her sundress she found refuge. 

The amateur had no say, 
She had planned the perfect spot. 
She whispered, "I'll lead the way." 
A small price to pay to get the perfect shot. 

Her movements were so delicate, 
It's as if they were devised. 
She used a subtle hand wave to indicate, 
That they had finally arrived. 

You would think you'd see a castle, 
Or maybe a field of green. 
But this enviroment was quite the hassle, 
Maybe her sense of taste wasn't keen. 

She thrusted weeds away, 
Steering clear of twigs and rocks. 
The warm wind made her sundress sway, 
And softly tousled her gold locks. 

Upon a bridge she advanced, 
The planks began to creak. 
The water below her danced, 
And sunset began to peak. 

She lifted her legs with elegance, 
And supported herself with a beam. 
The photographer shuttered in benevolence, 
But followed along with this dangerous scheme. 

It's as if the camera was under a spell; 
As beneath the bridge, waves violentally lashed. 
She threw her arms out and willingly fell, 
As the light grew bright and flashed. 

The tides pulled tight around her. 
They made her twirl and spin. 
And the camera man swore, 
she smiled as they tugged her in. 

Perfection's not that fluent. 
Not something you can capture oh so well. 
But now we have a picture here to prove it, 
As the waves dragged her to Hell.

Copyright © Ashley Morrissey | Year Posted 2010

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In for a penny, in for a pound
money makes the world go round.

“Baksheesh, pretty lady, Cleopatra eyes?”
foreign intrigue in a bantering guise.

“What do you want, My Queen?”
“Just for you, right here, behind the screen.”

One dollar, five pounds, the world goes round
in for a penny, in for a pound.

“Oh my beauty, please stay, please.
Come, come here, to my shop, stay for tea?”

“No hassle, so honest, nice things abound!”
Money, not love, makes the world go round.

*Baksheesh means a TIP in arabic.

Copyright © Debbie Guzzi | Year Posted 2010

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Silver Jubilee

Celtic courtship ended
nineteen eighty-two.
Marriage nuptials blended
"us" from me and you.

Seaside lovers heading 
to the Irish Sea
showcase Christmas wedding, 
silver jubilee.  

Touring without hassle -
Isle of Man’s ferry,
Dublin, Blarney Castle,
Cobh Cork, and Kerry.

Guinness, china, mincemeat
pricey souvenirs;
homespun sweaters compete
lamb’s wool profiteers.

written February 19, 2018
contest:  88 syllables hosted by Joseph May

Copyright © Reason A. Poteet | Year Posted 2018

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If you are plagued with dragons in your basement,
And you have tried, without success, to drive them out.
If you need advice and dragon information,
That's what this short discourse is all about.
Now, you can't depend on pest exterminators,
Unless, perhaps, you call Saint George himself,
And pied pipers are of very little value,
As all dragons are notoriously tone deaf.
Since the riddance of house dragons is a hassle
That you might not be prepared to suffer through,
You  might find compromise and coexistence
Is the sensiblest thing that you can do.
The rumor that all dragons are ferocious,
Is a rumor we could not substantiate.
As to whether they are prone to making mischief,
Its a subject that's still open to debate.
Some say dragons are quite friendly creatures.
Why, I've heard  that they make gentle, loving pets,
And it's said that if one treats them with affection,
The great, scaly fellows never will forget.

But if you choose a dragon as a house pet,
Your fire insurance rates are sure to soar,
Unless you teach your dragon not to hiccup,
And to breathe into the furnace when he snores.
On the feeding of domesticated dragons
(We have saved this information till the end):
They feed mainly on bad dreams and mustang nightmares,
And a local politician now and then.

Copyright © William Robinson | Year Posted 2005

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Drunk on my Tractor

I get up early, a rancher with chores
Hay grows in fields, animals shuffle, roars
Dawn breaks its steel grey grip on my land
And I, well, I have a clear bottle clutched in hand
The first swipe, the one that burns the most
Clears the head, lifts the fog, begins my dose
Work ahead, hours on the grind
A key in my hand, the tractor is mine
Muddy boots climb my *** to my seat
Prepared I am, for this summer heat
A seperate, full bottle in pocket, the engine is turned
Key to the right, another throat tickle burned
Through the gate on into field I find my day anew
View as of now, not quite so askew
The rows start straight, a farmers simple task
They soon grow crooked, I can't find my flask
Fuel runs low, a hassle to refill
Inebriated I find it easy to spill
Unwiser still, I light up a smoke
Finding my way, to field with a toke
Stoned and drunk I arrive at my field
I'll try it again, a little more even keeled
A drunken chuckle to nobody in sight
What a great poem, another forgotten to write
A vision of an old boss, his hatred of me
I laugh, again, to no person I see
He works all day at his nine to five
And I'm drunk on my tractor, happy alive

Copyright © Bic Gi-Sa | Year Posted 2017

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Feminist in the Garden

(Inspired by all the Adams, but with special mention to Frank, 
Dr. Ram, and Christopher)
For being a lazy head, see what you reap. . . 
I came from your ribcage while you were asleep!
I’m second but best,  and I’m looking fly,
so get with the program. Wise up, silly guy!

Don’t get all riled now that I’m not your type.
Have you seen a mirror? Talk about hype!
Go look in the stream then and see what I mean.
I’m needing a king because I am the queen!

You can’t lay down laws, for Eve is my name.
And as the First Lady, rule-breaking’s my game!
And neither to me does size matter a bit.
I’m after a man who has style and great wit!

Around here you won’t find a 7-11.
What did you think? That we’d gone to heaven?
Inside this here garden, with plenty to eat,
I’ll cook, but you catch it. . . And bring me a treat!

If being away from my voice is your wish,
then go to that stream there and catch me a fish.
I’ve already trained all the parrots to talk
to entertain me while you’re out on a walk!

Go be by yourself whenever you please.
I’m woman, and I’ve put the creatures at ease.
The mammals already have found me so grand,
I’ve got them all eating right out of my hand.

Because of my wisdom and my patient ways
I think we’ll be living here millions of days.
So don’t bother me and I won’t bother you.
And maybe we’ll even find “fun stuff” to do!

A doctor named  Ram in a garden nearby
is looking for someone who digs a smart guy.
He says that he needs the “intellect’s touch”
I might just go there if you hassle me much!

And off somewhere else I heard of another
named Adam too. Could he be your brother?
I might like to check him out, though his Eve
has told me he fancies himself with a Steve!

And don’t think I’ll leave for your telling me to.
There’s only so much you can get me to do.
That snake tried to give me an apple. The fool.
I rarely eat fruit, but a roast sure sounds cool!

So gird up your loins and catch us a lion.
Then I’ll don my leaf apron and begin fryin’.
And just you remember, in sex’s sweet war,
The one with nice “melons” is surest to score!

For Deborah Guzzi's Eve in Eden Contest
& for P.D.Slam contest (thanks Deb and P.D!)

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2010

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Snow White Retold

There once was a girl named Snow White,
Of a poisoned apple she took a bite.
Seven dwarves found her sleeping,
And they began weeping.
Who would fix their supper tonight?

Only one thing could save this fair miss,
A prince must give her a kiss.
There was no time to waste,
So the dwarves they made haste,
To find a prince for their miss.

A prince showed up the next day,
And the dwarves they did not delay.
They showed him Snow White,
Told him of her plight,
Then said, "Kiss her, then be on your way."

The prince gazed down on her face,
And his heart started to race.
What a beautiful maid,
Yes, she must be saved!
To refuse would be a disgrace.

He bent and kissed her awake.
One kiss was all it did take.
They stared at each other,
The dwarves said, "Oh brother!"
"We may have made a mistake."

To the prince they said, "Listen here!"
"We want to be perfectly clear."
"Snow White belongs to us,
So don't raise a fuss,
Or you'll get a swift kick in the rear!"

Snow White was quick to object.
"Now boys, let's show some respect.
The prince saved my life,
And I'll gladly be his wife.
What else could you possibly expect?"

The prince said, "Hey, don't worry guys.
You won't have to say your good-byes.
You can live in the castle,
It won't be a hassle.
Cross my heart, I'm telling no lies."

So Snow White and her prince tied the knot,
And they honey-mooned on a great yacht.
The dwarves stayed behind
And at the castle they dined.
All in all they were pleased with their lot.

Copyright © Kim Merryman | Year Posted 2011

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The Love-Hate Relationship

Instead of building your house on the sand,
You should build your house on a rock
I can hardly make out if you truly understand
That you are making it difficult for me to express my feelings to you...all you do is mock
Putting up with your eccentricities...hating the truth of what I'm feeling 
You're all around me and I can't refuse to not see've deceived me enough and now, my heart needs healing 
Don't blame me for your lack of have the ability to change that, but you treasure pleasure
Because all you're doing is feeding my frustration...that is in my nature 
Trying hard to stay rational 
But, I begin to lose control
Living this life with you in mind
I walked alone on the road of recover
Fear clouds my mind...I wish I could leave them all behind
I believe that I'm strong, brave and unlike any other
I'm sick of this mess of a love-hate relationship
That we've developed - we need to get a grip 
I bit the bullet for you...
Yet you live your life as if I haven't done anything for ungrateful and greedy you've become...who knew... 
The truth caves in in my mind of lost love
Bleeding out lies and leaving all regrets behind
The light will wash away the darkness from up above
True, darling, there's answers to all questions, but some are hard to find 
Haunted because of you're blinding me with your tainted hate and heartlessness 
Exhausted because you are way ahead of me...but I'm tracing the horizon with my fingers, hoping that you won't discourage my childlike happiness 
Living this life with you in mind 
I walked alone on the road of recovery
Fear clouds my mind...I wish I could leave them all behind
I believe that I'm strong, brave and unlike any other
I'm sick of the love-hate relationship
That we've developed - we need to get a grip 
I bit the bullet for you...
Yet you live your life as if I haven't done anything for ungrateful and greedy you've become...who knew... 
I claim my heart's buried love and it reassures me that hate won't take over 
Why are you on the edge all the time? Am I worth anything to you?
I'm coming undone all because you left me in my ruins and I have a heart to forgive you because I don't hold grudges that's for sure
Why did you keep me in the dark? Why won't you wake me up from this nightmare that you painted in my mind's eye out of mere revenge? How cruel of you and you have no clue what I have been through 
Living this life with you in mind 
I walked alone on the road of recover
Fear clouds my mind...I wish I could leave them all behind
I believe that I'm strong, brave and unlike any other
I'm sick of the love-hate relationship
That we've developed - we need to get a grip 
I bit the bullet for you...
Yet you live your life as if I haven't done anything for ungrateful and greedy you've become...who knew... 
We have a lot to learn these days
In remorse flames, I burn in many ways 
I am driven crazy by your stubborn actions
Our interactions...our affections...they have all turned to infections - seeing me suffer these pangs of rage makes you feel these satisfactions? 
You keep on playing your mind games (kindness is what you lack)
You were calling me awful names (behind my back)
And then you say that you love me 
I'm thinking of what to do endlessly
I thought you were different from the evilness I see everywhere
Now I see your true colors while you live without a care 
Don't forget what I've done for your sake
Do regret ripping apart what was beautiful between I know what it's like to have a heartache
You are a rock, but soon you'll reduce to sand
You are wishing upon me harm and I don't quite understand
Why all you do is mock
All you do is mock
All you do is mock
You walk away and vanish in the echo your "good riddance", leaving me to waste away
Are you in Faraway Land? All I do is hold up my fist, like the warrior that has accepted his fate of dismay 
Don't watch over me, fantasies that are all but sugarcoated lies
Don't throw me to and fro, for I'm not a toy to be manipulated with...I had enough with your hopeless cries
You're not listening ...
You're talking and hissing ...
All you do is mock...
Cease your mindless talk...
The photographs of both of us without a fear
Makes me think of the times I spent with you
You were the sunrise and I was the blue sky
Whatever happened to that? Did it disappear?
You made me smile, but now I frown because that's all I could do 
I miss the old you...
But the new you stole it away
I was sick with the love flu
The moments you made my day 
Don't mock me in my grieving process
Just because you can't relate to my distress
It will take a while 
To earn back my trust
I didn't run that extra mile 
Don't mock me or my hopes will turn to rust 
My heart might bust
My heart might bust 
I won't let love be reduced to dust 
Don't give in to your heart's foolish lust

Why did you build your house on the sand? 
Don't give up yet, start over, work hard and your efforts will not be unknown 
I'm glad that you are starting to understand 
It's a must to build my house on the rock, but I'm not doing it on my own
You tore down the walls
You haven't answered your calls 
But I'm willing to work things out without a hassle and mindless talk
Together, we will build and build and build until we have a castle on a rock
Paradise is close at hand because we took a stand 
Let's be friends again...finally, you get the picture of where our dreams land
Just make sure it's built on a rock instead of sand

Copyright © J.W. Earnings | Year Posted 2015

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A Little Problem

These midgit's live in a big castle.
Where getting around's a big hassle.
They looked for a way.
So that they could stay.
But the steps, too much of a passel*.

* Passel : large number or amount.

P. C. P. S. No offense intended with the use of the word midgit's. Peace. :)

Copyright © robert johnson | Year Posted 2014

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I'm trying a brand new recipe

that is claimed to be delishful.

Fresh beans with hue of grue

with butter pat and bacon fat melded.

I served it to my family

 and waited for the praises

My tween son smarked,

"This grub you made

is truly vomitrocious".

"It's all you're getting for your brunch,

you better eat it up."

He snarled, "I'll wait for linner

and scraped it in the garbage.

He flundered off and I let him go.

I didn't want the hassle.

The other children squiggled a bit

but ate their food so they left too.

After  brunch, I opened my email.

Nothing but infomercials.

The small children were watching The Muppets

and my tween was on the internet.

I settled down to a sitcom and

the peace and quiet was fantabulous.

August 22,2014  For Potmanteaus contest

delishful  (delightful and delicious)

grue (green and blue)

melded (melted ad welded)

tween (teen and between)

smarked (smirk and remarked)

vomitrocious (vomit and atrocious)

brunch (breakfast and lunch)

linner (lunch and dinner)

flundered (flounder and blunder)

hassle (haggle and tussle)

squiggled (squirmed and wiggled)

infomercials (information and commercials)

Muppets (marionettes and puppets)

Internet (International and network)

sitcom (situation and comedy)

fantabulous (fantastic and fabulous)  My brother who was a radio personality 

swore that he coined the word fantabulous.

Copyright © Joyce Johnson | Year Posted 2014

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It was not a dark and stormy night
The night was not sultry nor moist
The sky's color didn't please the knight.

The Knight was a gentleman since his youth.
That that Knight had had a thing for mares
of the night was not whatsoever an untruth.
But today, he is OK, managing his wares.

The firmament was red and raining.
It rained blood. 1920! I was eight.
The Knight was fond of chess playing.
When he saw a white knight
was missing he rushed to the stable. The horse ate
the knight!
Luckily, his rival, the Czech
had brought with himself a board.
Thus, it's impossible to be bored!
Nevertheless, the Knight punished the horse
for eating the knight. What a night!
And, although the Knight's voice was hoarse
as a crow he made sure the cheeky horse
would behave. "Now back to the stable!"
At this point, the Knight, didn't feel stable.

Now, let's go back to the chess match!
They did make sure the pieces match.
And the Czech, ludicrously, bust out a match
for his cigar. Now, not a missing piece!
Great! They can start the game in peace!

11 minutes later, the Czech mate
won. So, he said: "Checkmate!"
$100 prize! A cheque signed the Knight.
"This is a bogus cheque, mate!"
cried the Czech. What a horsey night!

They both heard
the horse neigh.
A lamb in the herd
heard the Czech say: "Nay!
This is a counterfeit cheque!
You can't do this to a Czech!
I had you in check
only once before checkmating you!
You won't pay? Gimme the ripe ewe!"

"I can't! The ewe is on the lam!"
"Then if no ewe, you get me a lamb!
Should you refuse, I shall touch the piano!"

Dark Castle. Knight and Czech keep arguing.
Stark hassle. Night can't check this lightning.

The mussel sleeps
and counts
ewes, lambs, sheep
and Counts.

The Count's mussel
can't count muscles.

Copyright © Ivo Cosentino | Year Posted 2014

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Attention deficit disorder

A rock for you, mountain for me
Why am I defeated so easily

I put on my pants one leg at a time
That's where there lives an invisible line

Marking the difference between you and I
Explaining my crawl as you fly high

Looking down from your castle
You view me a hassle

I try and try
Excuses run dry

My race is over before it begins
Victoriously, you meet me at the end

Still pep in your step, energy to spare
A turtle minus a shell, I feel so bare

If only I could slow my train of thought
Perhaps I could achieve the life I've sought

But my wheels keep on turning
Wasted energy, I'm burning

Thinking and thinking
Steadily sinking

I start feeling better when I take a pill
Mind thinking clearer, but thinking still

When will I upgrade from thought to action
The cause comes easy, but where's the reaction

Bounteous ideas floating around
The problem, I find, is pinning one down

My mind can chisel the perfect creation
Birthed and deceased in my imagination

A woman with a brain, packed full of intellect
Mouse hovering the button, can't click select

Day in and day out
Goals die and new ones sprout

Nothing is better to excite
Than a new vision when it ignites

But then I notice how my life is compacted
And easily I become too distracted

I try solving the fraction in my mind
Soon realizing, I'm out of time

Another fresh start, I didn't see finish
Perhaps over night, I will replenish

I've realized the truth and admit how it stung
A gritty feel and bitter taste tattooed on my tongue

I'm merely a hamster, the world my wheel
Making no way, but running still

Copyright © Anna Hopper | Year Posted 2015

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I could drown

In a boat
Rowing around the moat
Of my family’s latest castle

The one with towers and a flag with a tassel
And it really seems to me a lot of hassle
That the drawbridge is up and not down

The water’s very brown
I could drown

* based on Prince Magnus of Sweden, who nearly drowned during the construction of the castle drawbridge (another time, he allegedly leapt into the moat believing he saw a mermaid).

18th May, Jack Horne for Nette’s Trois par Huit a Bridge contest

Copyright © jack horne | Year Posted 2014

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Arthurian Footles

Arthur's Land:

Lancelot & Guinevere:
in lust

Meeting of Knights:

steel cone
in stone

Merlin's Temper:

Morgan's Powers:

The Lady of the Lake:

Quest for the Grail:
the goal -
find bowl

A Knightly Siege:

Copyright © Heather Ober | Year Posted 2013

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Let The Good Times Roll

Heard this before? “Life is what you make it” So very true, we are all captains of our own vessel We are the ones that map out our course The winds of life are not always in our favour But the happiness we receive is much more gratifying Than always having things handed to us on a silver platter We appreciate even the smallest gestures of love and kindness Aside from the lunatic fringe, we are all cut from the same cloth The one percent lunatic fringe cause all the problems For the ninety-nine percent of normal folks like us All we want is to get from point A to point B With the least amount of hassle So my advice is, just let the good times roll One day at a time and all that stuff © Jack Ellison 2014=center>

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2014

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Let freedom rain like the drops from the sky
Let freedom reign it was said but to me it’s a lie

What does it mean to be free?
In this world free is of an idea
Not reality so in all actuality how can freedom reign

Free: not enslaved or held captive
Enjoying personal rights and liberty
But the truth is that I pay for the air 
That I breathe I literally live for a fee

In a world where potent politicians
Navigate words persuasively 
Covering up the corrupt
Just to keep it away from me, away from we

See they give us no choices
This comes with no explanations
And they can curve any path they want 
With no direct destination

Yet still in a world where every boy & girl
Wants to be an entertainer or famous an actor or actress
And supposedly this is the land of the free
But yet I’m caged paying taxes

And I see the white collar worker trapped in his castle
Mugging us and bugs to us as if we are a hassle
So he digs in my pocket trying to profit
And it’s illegal to stop it so I just sit what a look that is baffled
It’s like their robbing us blind
 But we clearly can see it
Because we see between the lines
But between the lines we don’t read it
So that means they keep feeding

The land of the free where gas a gallon is a dollar plus three
The land of the free where candidates are uttering trust me
But there must be a way for a change
But until that day just “LET FREEDOM REIGN”

Copyright © Trey Foy | Year Posted 2008