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Harrier Jet and Chips by Deeks, Karen

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This is a poem about one of our endangered birds of prey, the Marsh Harrier. 

Dancing in the air 
moving to an unheard tune 
instinctive steps 
laid out 
under the summer moon. 
never to be seen on stage 
nor laid upon the page 
Ballerina of the sky 
above the ground 
nothing escapes 
your searching eye. 

Dancer of the air 
princess of heather and moor 
pirroueting to finish your dance 
no audience to approve 
or imagine 
a fatefull, longing romance. 

All alone 
you dance above 
only the clouds 
to give 
you love.

Copyright © Andrew McIntyre | Year Posted 2016

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All Aboard::

It’s time to board the Aircraft Carrier
You are welcome to step inside
Flying like a nitrous boosted harrier
That’s zooming down a greased up slide

The destroyer lurks on the horizon
We ready the poetic torpedo 
In time for our dramatic liaison
Which will increase our verbal libido 

I hope you look forward to reading our works 
To bask in our poetic manner
Our ponderings have already irked
But our syntax is strong like an angry Bruce Banner

We will not be silenced by the Soup
We will stand tall to carry Aircraft 
We will sometimes fly a loop-the-loop
We will poke you with our poetic shaft

Copyright © Poetry Aircraft Carrier B | Year Posted 2013

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Merlin the Hawk:

In the Druid tradition an inspired Bard was said to possess "bird's knowledge." Druid shamans would dress in cloaks of bird feathers to perform certain ceremonies, and divination would be practiced by observing the flight of birds. In trance, the Druid would enlist the aid of his bird spirit-ally to fly to other realms, or would transform himself into a bird on the inner planes to accomplish a certain task. Each type of bird represents different qualities, evokes different experiences, and has different gifts for the Druid: the eagle brings renewal, the wren humility, the swan grace, the raven initiation. The hawk, whether kite, harrier, merlin, goshawk, or sparrowhawk, can give nobility and stature, dignity and pride. I once heard that a Cherokee shaman had to turn into a hummingbird in order to find the lost tobacco seed, in their mythology, it was brought to them by the hummingbird.             

Copyright © White Wolf | Year Posted 2016

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Names are chosen to suggest aggression;
Anything smacking of peace is for suppression.
Soviet subs are Typhoons not Seabreezes.
The USAF  flies  Eagles, not  Robins
And it’s a Tomcat,  not a Tabby cat, 
Real men fly a Hornet not a Butterfly.
The British prefer  Harrier to Supporter.
Native American names can include
The Tomahawk  but not the Prayer Bead,
And the Apache but not the Micmac.
No doubt a new aircraft carrier 
Could be called the Charles Bronson  
But not called the Oscar Wilde.

Copyright © Sidney Beck | Year Posted 2014

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YES LORD : confident, courageous and called

Women are the womb 
And the backbone of society 
So in this women's season
We celebrate how we came to be 

When I look back in history at the many women 
Who have come and gone 
And the impact they made in our lives
And the challenges they borne
From Harrier Tubman to Shirley Chisolm 
From Mary Mcloud Bethune to Rosa Parks
Women confident, courageous and called 
To bring their sisters out of the dark 
Women of impact called to lift each other up
Sisters of King Jesus and in communion
With Him we sup

When I think about Mary the mother of Jesus
I now understand 
Why she said Yes Lord I will acquiesce
To all of Your plans
And in spite of the difficulties 
and the challenges she would eventually face
Mary said yes without hesitation 
Eventhough apprehension was in place

We need to let go of that question 
"Lord, how can this be?"
And comprehend that with the Lord God
There's infinite possibilities 
As its not about the who, the what, 
The how nor the why
Its all about the Holy Spirit 
And the power it supplies 
Yes Lord, Yes Lord we must come to realize
That its about stepping out of comfort zones
To reap the heavenly prize 

You can't come to God with stipulations 
Like you're in a contract debate 
Its God's way or no way 
not a minute to procrastinate 
And you can't expect to have it when you desire
For once you've said yes Lord 
You must do as God requires 
So get out of the way 
And let God work on your behalf
Sit down, shut up and let God 
Write the draft
You may need to be pulled in before 
God can push you out 
You may need a tune-up or a cleaning
To remove all the doubt
And reduce the clutter in the spiritual 
Closet of your life
So your impact will be as significant 
As that of Jesus the Christ 
And to limit the collateral damage 
To those you love, stay in position
Now confident, courageous and called 
Because of your godly transition
No longer pregnant with possibilities 
Now ready to give birth to your new reality
To stop clenching open up
And let God's plans come to fruition 
Allowing the spiritual midwives to prep you
And place you in prime position

Yes Lord like Oprah Winfrey
 I'm Confident enough to take on your request 
Yes Lord like Sojouner Truth 
I'm Courageous enough to pass the test
Yes Lord like Mae Jemison 
I've been Called to take on this mission 
Yes Lord like Angela Mayou 
I accept it no matter the conditions 
Yes Lord like Mary I give you
Complete and total control 
I'm ready to make my impact
As I surrender to you my soul

Copyright © louise nelson | Year Posted 2018

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So we were in need of sudden blaze
to seizure the darkens with naked eye 
reason your distant shape
and trace origin astray

With bear fields of coal still untouched
bunglers of dirt beneath the frosty hem
as heavens kneels struck by ahead 
with brightness - a harrier gaining strength 
pouring along the earth droplets of dread

O! how I tend in to your embrace
protectress of orchards – look
the pearls of pain overlay my temples
burning same stigma hooks
emerging like lavenders 
		      with moonlit night

So we were in need of sudden blight
around of half of hundred years
and yet it's not enough
to keep the courage in curious touch
to foment the heat out 
of  fingertips – as one
learn again all about the life

	Portlaoise 05/03/2016

Copyright © Marcin Malek | Year Posted 2016

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When I was young and lived with mum,
We’d wait all year till July come,
We’d pack the car and drive away,
To Mablethorpe on holiday.

It wasn’t flash and hardly slick, 
But those things aren’t the things that stick,
When you think back now what mattered most,
Were the simplest things of little cost.

Even now I miss such things,
As candy floss and doughnut rings,
Busy arcades in neon flush,
Space Harrier and the 2pence push,

When on the beach we loved the sea,
And sparkle lollies (just 12p!)
A donkey ride and the kites we flew,
And paper flags for a castle or two.

The Fulbeck pub – a major plus,
A beer for dad, pop and crisps for us,
Michael Jackson still going strong,
And PYT was my favourite song.

It may not have been Saint Tropez,
But I’d like to go back there some day,
With mum and dad and my brothers too,
Laughing in the sun like we used to do.

Copyright © David Horne | Year Posted 2016

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Still spinning

I was sleeping and dreaming, silently screaming, while violently weeping And mildly feeling that I was honestly grieving I was quitely greeting my anxiety's breathing It was wildy eating at who I was... I could see through the mirrior he was frustrated Feeling devestated, felt isolated, feeled truly aggravated Did I mention the love and hatred upon his eyes Or even the soul teared through a genocide A gemini inside, but set aside he felt terrified But through the lies disguised in your mind He was ultimately petrified...It was you that was scarier then ever, even his barrier Now I'm flying high like a harrier, with you i'm more marrier Was it scary cause of your terror, or your character? See I truly miss you miss, you're a beautiful beautious Broken and brutal, but with you I see what beauty is I love it, cause you're so humorous, is it obvious?  I'm operating this auto race Just for you, I'd be dominating...I'd be going pedal to the metal, just till it's settled I just want to win a medal, I'm feeling kind of dreadful I've even beaten my only devil, going crazy, am I mental? Nah, it's where I extract scratched tangets and you stare vast in past pamphlets And you have no answers for your last math's classes, within exams I see you vanishing You close your eyes and drift in planets'n'canvases, and you crash in crafted canyons That clash with granite and imagitive paniced bandits with a habit that granted An attached handprint that reflected my poetic languages They call us anguished animals, but I pass on my damages, on through these messages See I may look different with my clothes that are charred and almost carved off I'm scorching like dark hearts, and warped like barked bronze  Can you see I was meant for journalling? I'll be discerning them, as they see me surfacing I'll just be surging in, and it's you that i'd prefer to bring even out of all these earth-a-lings I hope it's permenant, you showed me what my purpose is, I needed the encouragement It was a form of your subtle perfectness, is it courteous that you bring me nervousness? Right now, you got me prouder then, all my extended ends, it's pride from you that i'm conjuring in.... Your loves got me flying high in your turbulence, it's a superb inherent gift, I don't think I could picture it, It has me feeling one with the churches and all my burning urges end...

Copyright © Trent Billy | Year Posted 2015

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Harrier Jet and Chips

The sun shone spendiferous as a shiny new pin on a vetrans lapel 
She stood on parade for our lazy remarks... of such a fine day
As we slid lazily, contentedly (should be a word, i think) downhill past ducks dogs and chicken fried people
Chatting i observed my chubby toes and sighed
Cars bottlenecked ridiculous that some should drive
But... i didnt care as Carl was happily walking his faithful old dog
An she didnt mind
Hoping to loose a few cruel lumps from her saddle sack
A nice calm... very slow pace... to the beach... and back
The sea was a backdrop to the flow of families engrossed in
Wiping babies filthy faces
Dogs sweating and peeing
Peeing and sweating
Couples canoodling 
And us....
As a screeching female teenager on a bus 
After EVERYONES attention
ENTER the...
Jet Harrier....swoon
Well i did at least
Stood fixed to the spot, sweating hands to my fore
Sighing as he swooped round ten time or more 
( i doth recline to tell you just how much his screech and swoon affected me)
But one does confess, the earth did move quite a bit 
As I gazed fixed over our excuse of a sea
Southend on mud and the odd floating (your turn to guess next word  )
(Just then, as per usual I realised Carl had buggered off ahead
And I was left,quite some space behind
So i picked up pace, with a smile on my face
That i may loose a few pounds.
We then sat on the wall and ate some chips..

Copyright © Karen Deeks | Year Posted 2012

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Hand behind spring

Spring appears on slopes and catkins are in full bloom
The spring is born from depths of winter like child from a womb 
Like soul lifting the essence from winter’s icy tomb 
Like wind whispering the meaning of life like fire that prairie will consume

Hen harrier above the fields of grain flies covering the sun
As he looks for pray among plains of cotton
His eyes scope the horizon
The clouds hovering lazy the visage of endless expanse of blue have soften

The spring is brought by invisible hand of unknown friend
We know it is done by position of the sun and biology blend
But who positioned the sun and biology send 
That human mind has difficulty to comprehend 

Meaning of life is whispered somewhere in the spring bloom
With the wind spreading seeds against rainy gloom
Mining of life is human idea so what dream would God’s thoughts consume
Maybe the expanse being the base end of this procession of thought is spawned in spring’s womb

With first and last thought having collided
Like the soul of souls the spring fragrance is casted
With the primrose by that spirit blessed
Bringing smile to us as we admire what spring has painted

Copyright © Patrycjusz Kopec | Year Posted 2013