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Best Hankering Poems

Below are the all-time best Hankering poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of hankering poems written by PoetrySoup members

At the footbridge Sue was meeting her beau
(He was married to a woman called Flo)
Sue soon found out his deception
She dismembered his erection
For his love...

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Categories: hankering, betrayal, body, humorous,

Purveyor of Ecstasy
Miles in a coaster, a day and hours elapsed, 
Felt the utmost relief when the whirling wheels halted; 
So weary and dizzy, even a smile...

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Categories: hankering, appreciation, beauty, education, environment,

An Idyll of the Past
I am of Maroon extraction, dear
My grandmother's grandfather fought
Without surrender or tanant of fear
And two times with Boukman caught
And twice unlike him escaped
To die in...

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Categories: hankering, historyme, child, me,

Premium Member WHAT IS LOVE

Love is deciding to share your life with your soulmate
A reciprocal trust, sincerity, devotion
A two-way hankering to be the best you can be
Love is never...

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Categories: hankering, devotion, life, relationship, soulmate,

Premium Member Embers and Snowflakes
In our  crimson embers lie the snowflakes
In our snowflakes rise our whispers
In the downward valley 
You asked

Where are gone the embers
My bird asks your...

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Categories: hankering, depression, desire, journey, love,


Winter sun plays hide and seek
odd shadows chill my bones
They remind me of constraints
I crave to escape instinctively

Like a caged animal
Itching for
The taste of freedom

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Categories: hankering, angst, animal, anxiety, freedom,


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Categories: hankering, desire, love,

Premium Member The State of His Hair
Girls and boys
pick up your toys
Your playground
has been shut.

There’s a man out there
with greasy hair
hellish hankering
in his gut.

That’s what we thought
till Joey’s father was caught.

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Categories: hankering, people,

Premium Member My Offering
When the sands of life run out for me
And I'm about to die,
Will St. Peter say "Come in, Ma'am,
If I bring a piece of pie?


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Categories: hankering, food

Premium Member Cold, Cold Winter
It wields misery like a knife. And there's no magic wand to be waved 
To make it fade into oblivion. It leaves me suddenly hankering...

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Categories: hankering, january, longing, seasons, snow,

Premium Member The secret lives of chimney pots V
Spawned from the loins that 
Perpetuated the loyal serfs mongrel
These peoples of a conditioned and
"Resigned-To-it-all" breed.
Born into the enveloping tedium
Of interlocking days...Interwoven
With interlocking days -

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Categories: hankering, philosophy,

The Crime Of Love
Shall I suppress the hankering of love,
And behold one’s stifle whispering bare,
Or quench thy besmirch of venom thereof,
Or bedight thy fog, doer of despair?
Before perceiving...

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Categories: hankering, confusion, desire, discrimination, hate,

Tumbleweed Billy And One Eyed Sam
            Tumbleweed Billy And One Eyed Sam

Banked off jagged hills, pushed on by memory

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Categories: hankering, adventure, business, games, magic,

Premium Member Road Trip
So if I recall I was on the backhaul
early 2003 sometime 'round late February
usual cold n' bleak Jersey winter 
still snow n'ice enticed roads n'...

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Categories: hankering, bereavement, evil, horror, journey,

Dance with you
9th march 2012, by: Sashi.Prabhu(zeauoxian)
 ~ LET'S DANCE! ~ Poetry Contest

Dance, only with you, my sunshine,
Dance, our vigorous emotions within erupt and rise.
Dance, exuberantly and...

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Categories: hankering, happiness, life, love, song-desire,

There's an event in the country that few city people ever know,
It's called the Greasy Pig Competition held at the local show,
It's a novelty event...

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Categories: hankering, humorous,

Premium Member Counting Down
Twenty-six letters in the alphabet:
Vowels and consonants be soldiers to defend my message

I'm like a twenty-five cent coin rolling on a parking lot;
destined for the...

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Categories: hankering, confusion, imagination, introspection,

Vast skies, the tiny drop’s soul now ascending
Dying, to heaven helplessly heading
On the ground,a corps, dried, into vapor turning.
Hard-hearted heat, its flesh mercilessly still biting.


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Categories: hankering, inspirationalriver,

Major Motion Pornography
A subtle carol echoes of the evening
Upon bended knee I am arrested
Betwixt strange refrains
Shaking the floorboards of Teicu

The evocative moans amplify
The foolish peacemaker of astrologists

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Categories: hankering, life, mystery, language, language,

Premium Member Dreams In Ether
Coveted dreams
Waft in the ether
Illumining opalescent
Hankering yearnings in your sanguineous veins stream
Awakening the enthusiasm to wake up each morning with a sense of purpose 


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Categories: hankering, dream, emotions,

Valentine Matte
Countless generations lapsed since height of Greco-Roman mythology conceived, birthed and populated vast canopy of sky and expanse of terrestrial firmament, whereat obeisant propinquity quintessentially...

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Categories: hankering, adventure, age, animal, body,

Thanksgiving Day/Dane Ann
The wind is quite blustery on our short walk to grandmaws
Hankering to have some chocolate pie and dressing
And see the new baby boy!
Never get to...

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Categories: hankering, familyfamily, brother, brother, family,

137 PEOPLE view this i will disembowl my girlfriend's ferrett, Chaos


Must I beg half of my life to read my tome
The sensuous one with whom I share my home

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Categories: hankering, girlfriend-boyfriend

feeling powerless
surrendering to passion
hankering for more

curse rhyme or reason
allow your heart to decide 
listen intently

elbow fear aside
seize the moment and hold on
surrender to it

Diana-Marie Bombardieri

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Categories: hankering, romance,

Premium Member How To Overcome Temptation
The tempter is a master of persistence
desiring you to stumble and to fall
but from the things he offers, keep your distance
and you will overcome and...

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Categories: hankering, bible, character, christian, growth,