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The Snake Charmer

She has eyes like a magnet, that pulls one in
To a steel web where there is no escape
Then she licks her lips as she watches you
Tease and taunt you, tell you where you have been
And her evil smile, that is her type of rape
Telling you what will happen to you

A Black Widow Spider's heart and cold to the bone
A forked tongue of a snake and she will hiss
The Devil's child, you are her toy
The Queen of Evil sits on her throne
The kiss of death is her kiss
It is you she wants to destroy

You search for a way out, you beg to be free
Desperate, as if there is no hope
Crawling you are at your wit's end
She begs you to flee
To hang yourself, she gives you more rope
Then hugs you like a long lost friend

Freedom is something in a long lost dream
To the salt mines, ball and chain
Her poison, is your water to drink
All the time she is thinking of another evil scheme
So her pleasure will be your pain
Escape, is all you can think

For every tunnel has some light
After a fog lifts, there will be sunshine
Following every storm, it will be calmer
Sometimes it takes a lot of wrong to be right
And goodness will not die on the vine
Even the snake will bite the snake charmer

Copyright © Danny Nunn | Year Posted 2010

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Unquotable quotes - V

Unquotable quotes – V

Constant dipping wears out the hardest bone.
Out of sight, out of bind.
Too many cooks spoil the school books.
Be a cuckoo and lay your eggs at the cuckold’s next door.
When lightning strikes, the fire-brigade rides.
Don’t cry over spilt tears on a tilted table.
Give a dope a long rope to escape prison and hang yourself.
Till the cows come home lone and married.
Do not teach a dog how not to bark.
A shark’s « fin » is the end of the film.
A rhinoceros’s horn makes the infidel a born again thorn. 
Early to bed, early to rise makes the wife stealthy, squelchy 
    and clock-wise.
A lawyer is a liar/Who rides a bicycle on a live wire/Smokes a 
    salmon in her office oven/Slurps noodles with poor 
    poodles/Makes fudges out of judges/Ends up selling 
    divorced wives/On the internet stock archives.
A two-timing two makes fools of fours on all fours.
Go fly a kite when you’re tight out of sight.
When the garden warbler trills on oblivious, the magpies 
         ensemble grumble.
Patients can undo all the good doctors do.
Even cars can become chronically ill.
Children need not be seen so long as the noise they make 
         reminds us of them.
Authority always provides cover for cruelty.	
The nation is always worthy of the most scurrilous crimes.
Religious service serves only the ritual’s hollow promise.
He serves God best who serves all creatures first.
God cannot be in need of help. Nor does He need adulation.
Is religion an attempt to bribe God ?

© T. Wignesan –Paris,  2016

Copyright © T Wignesan | Year Posted 2016

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Suicide Alert

One hundred years of hell
And a hundred more of pain
Why did I stop you hanging there
So you could hurt me again

I came gracefully granted your wishes
Healed all the pain
I had a word with God 
Wh also helped me again

Now my world is empty
No guitar notes left to play
Why why why 
Did you have to try and hang yourself that day

What now can I find that will brighten my world
The rain falls constantly as if its been hurled

What was a thing of beauty
Has turned into a dark force
The princess, I was the angel, you named me
All reminders and sweet remorse

Tears I can't even wipe
They just flood right down my face
Hey I thought you loved me
What happened to our special place

How did heaven turn into hell
Did the devil turn up and cast a spell

Or is this just my innocence
A fool awaiting her fate
Were you the devil in a disguise
Me In your world of hate

Did you trick me 
Did you fool me
Just to bring me pain
Will you return
I doubt it
I wont ever let you again

I fought your evil demons
I faced every bit of your fear
Once again I turn around
You have left me here

Like a shadow I now remember its spell
Did you reverse my magic
Did you cause my hell?

Whatever you did you did it well

Copyright © Gail Lewis | Year Posted 2016

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Villanelle: What do you do if the Culprit's the Country

Villanelle: What do you do if the Culprit’s the Country

What do you do if the Culprit’s the Country
Will the Head of State turn against the Police
Go hang yourself on the nearest pipal* tree

Which country faults on its own territory
When It cracks down citizens or migrant mice
What do you do if the Culprit’s the Country

Take the oath if it bolsters the Enemy
No pious paean will wash sins away, please
Go hang yourself on the nearest pipal tree

Your life’s not yours to take if not for Patrie*
Ribbons and medals on chest consecrate vice*
What do you do if the Culprit’s the Country

O! for the belles bells tolling the reverie
Look! My Country’s crown towers above cloud’s fleece
Go hang yourself on the nearest pipal tree

No country’s worth the life of one family
If the force that protects corrupts the Police
What do you do if the Culprit’s the Country
Go hang yourself on the nearest pipal tree

•	pipal: since the pipal tree has no prop roots, at least,
in death you can serve to prop it up

•	Patrie: French for Mother Country
•	vice: French pronunciation, please!

© T. Wignesan – Paris,  2015  

Copyright © T Wignesan | Year Posted 2015

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fortune cookie surprise

losing dire hope

about the fire in your horoscope

walking a tight rope

working hard not to be broke

but what they pay you
is a bad head squeezing joke

but don't lose hope

don't drop the soap

maybe do a little dope

and definitely don't
hang yourself with a rope

use rhyme to entertain
the mental health scope

casual like
wearing a transparent robe

traversing the literary globe
the path where your destiny unfolds

paved in glittering gold

and you don't even have to kiss a toad

Copyright © Sebastian Aaron Baez | Year Posted 2014

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It feels like home

What makes a home a home?
Is it because you are there?
Or someone there?
A home is a home when you can hang your hat down
and not afraid you will mess it up
A home is a home when you can walk around in your underwear
and not be afraid you'll be losing it
Losing what?
Who knows?
Your self control, inhibition, whatever...
A home is a home where you can express your feelings
and not be afraid that you will be judged
as too sentimental, detrimental, temperamental 
You are never that, are you?
A home is where you hang yourself to sleep
on the couch
and do whatever
where you are perfectly fine in your own world
come whatever what may
You don't stir up for nothing
I hope you can be like that
Anywhere you go
Because a home is not a home 
if it's not in you
Welcome home, baby
I know I am

Copyright © Toquyen Harrell | Year Posted 2015

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Pick Your Poison

Pick Your Poison,
Blade or Pills,
Rope or jumping but not for thrills.
Pick the way to end your life,
will you use a gun or knife?
Hang yourself and snap your neck,
What are you waiting for?
What the heck?
Choose your end and be on your way,
Death shall not wait all day.

Copyright © Rellik Anne | Year Posted 2015

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Backwoods Delirium

Hang yourself from that family tree, cut it down build a coffin for you and me. I ain’t got time for that threshin’ floor.  Not the first time I’ve felt the inside of a warm body cavity and understood. Stretch the flesh, and visions told. Prophesies rot within bleached skulls. The sun knows no mercy for its decimation.  I ain’t got time for that threshin’ floor. Drag my belly across that killin’ floor, Welcome lil’ girl this slow death we call life.                                                             
Well the fiend’s they cometh from deep within the woods.  Filth, filth… divine visions. We’re ganna Bleed upon clover. Consumed by Clouded thoughts, numb tongued with a haunted stare. Moonstruck, finger tips meet broken flesh. Survival, it is a killer. We got Graves without faces and we’re cursed to wander as the sun burns a hole in the sky... Carve me a smile,we got  Bones in a pile. What we do in them woods is holy.  O’ it feels so good to be washed from sin, that blood of lamb tastes divine. My sweet sweet lord, he’s up above. 
It’s a nightmare made flesh kinda’ Sunday.   Gatta’ love that velvety God flesh in your mouth.  ...And her womb spews forth blasphemy, and her lips uttered deceit.  Black alter. The trail of dead ends at your doorstep, the stream of blood rests at your feet.

Copyright © Pauly Plaster J.R. | Year Posted 2014

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Your Own Suicide Part 1 of 2

(Gen. 2:7 / Jer. 10: 23 / Matt. 4: 4/Isa. 45: 22/John 3: 16/Heb. 4: 12, 13/2 Tim. 3: 16, 17)

Would You Jump Onto The Point of A Sword?
Would You Jump Onto A Live Grenade?
Would You Drink A Whole Bottle of  Poison?
Have You Lived Your Whole Life & Not Prayed?

Would You Open Your Mouth Wide To A Bullet?
Or Cut Your Own Veins With A Razor?
Would You Hang Yourself With A Noose & Fall?
Do You Not Want Eternal Life's Favor?

Would You Put - You & Your Loved Ones At Risk?
For Some Science Guess or Thesis?
That Life Got Here By Hit & Miss
& Means Nothing But Biological Pieces?

Are You One of Those That Fear Nothing?
Even As Your Own Life Ages & Fades?
At Powers & Forces Beyond Your Knowledge
Are You Not Just A Little Bit Afraid?

Would You Put Everything That You Value
and Hold Precious In This World ...
and Any Future It Could Have Had
Into A Tornado's One Final Twirl?

If You Knew You Were Going To Die
& There Was Nothing You Could Do To Stop It
Would You Live Life Like An Aimless Rocket?
Or Trust It To GOD's Powerful-Purpose-Pocket?

Do You Think That Humans Are The Only Ones?
The Only Intelligent Beings In The Universe?
Or Do You Know That We Are Not ...
& Just Don't Care Who Was The First?

And What If A Christian's Belief-Based Views
of Life - and Hope and Faith Proves To Be Truth?
Are You Prepared For The Consequences of Disbelief?
and Your Own Disaster? ...Well, Really ... Are You?

And If People Can Really Live Forever,
If There Was A Remote Chance That Its True?
Wouldn't You Make Sure & The Time To Find Out?
Or At Least Try To Get A Clue?
(If People Will Live Forever - Why Not You?)

And If Your Life Is So Terrible & Tragic
and If Your Life Is So Bitter & Bad
and If You're Ready To Give Out & Deliver It Up
Then Why Are You So Spirit-Sad?

And Would You Still Take Your Vague Chances
Not Caring About All The Particulars & Facts?
That If You Were Wrong About GOD ...
Now, Wouldn't You Want To Know About That?

Would You Jump Into The Deepest Ocean
if You Really Don't Know How To Swim?
Would You Let Yourself Sink Deeper & Deeper
if The Only Raft & Rope & Rules Was From HIM?

If You Were Buried Alive Beneath Boulders & Rubble
With Dust & Death Pressing In Every Layer
and With Just One Last Communication
Would You Still Ridicule Your Only Savior?

(Part 1 of 2)

       Written & Copyrighted ©:  9/18/2013 
       by:  MoonBee Canady

Copyright © MoonBee Canady | Year Posted 2013

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You Hate Me

You don't care
For me, You
Never have,
You never believe on me,
I get betrayed
By you day by day,
I get hurt, I get
Burnt, I am hated
Everyday, I cannot
Deal with this any longer,
I hope you get shot,
I hope you hang yourself,
I hope you leave my mama
And me, and my brothers,
You don't love us anyway,
Just go away!
I wished I had a
Voodoo doll of you you,
That way I could
Torture you the way
You torture me.
You don't care
About anyone 
Besides yourself.
I don't clain
You as my dad,
My step-dad,
I claim you as
A man who 
Don't give a
****! I HATE
I was begging that
Someday you'd love
Me. It ain't gonna
Happen! I HATE YOU
Dedicated To: Ronald Robert Kirchmann Jr.
Briana Lynn Palmer

Copyright © Briana Lynn Minard-Adler | Year Posted 2013

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Why die so soon

Why die so soon when there is so much to see?
so much to learn and someone to be
Why cry over words thrown out by an acerbic tongue, 
why hang yourself up when there are so many discoveries to be done?
why exacerbate your wounds just because of some hungry hounds?
Why die in pain and let go of everything you have done in vain?
And why not die in peace than in pain
lie down and think again,
Why try the taste of poison?
When you can give the world a taste of your horizon,
Why sink in the deep dark grave of your tub
Life has just started and you are still a cub,
Why take pills and shut up your mouth
when there are so many melancholious tunes left to hum 
and so many songs to be sung.
So why give up on yourself so fast? 
when somewhere in there your quality is unsurpassed,
you take a step thinking that life is a bee hive,
But then one thing is for sure
your soul will regret this all it's life.

Copyright © Vidushi Sharma | Year Posted 2017

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Though you go through trails now
Trust in God,our refuge,our rock,
Let Him tell you how
Cause,on your hearts door He does knock,
Trust in Him and never doubt
For He knows what's in your heart,
Cause God will always be there to help you out
From,you He will never part,
Let the Lord be your hope
And,give your heart & soul to Him,
Don't hang yourself by the world's rope
His love for you will never end,
Let the Lord give you rest
And,help you in your time of need,
Cause,God's love is the best
Even if your faith is as small as a mustard seed,
He will never abandon you
So,when your sins you can no longer bare,
And,are ready to start your life anew
Give your burdens to Him, cause for you He does care,
Though you feel weak
Through Him you are stong,
Because,when it's Him you seek
To Him you belong,
When your trails come to an end
You will recieve a blessing,a great reward,
Because,to you many angels did He send,
From Jesus,our Lord,
Run to him when you need to feel safe
And,remember all it takes is just a little......

Copyright © Michelle Mesza | Year Posted 2005

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Marytr of The Heart

The beginning of the end must surely start when you acknowledge your ability to Martyr
your heart, the light that once shone so bright beyond doubt begins to falter and fade, it
starts burning out, for the person you love whose heart they did give feels the sorrow of
holding onto a life they won't live!

If your certain within you that your sure you could leave then your lover starts the
process of starting to grieve.

For there's no other protection or shield to guard from the loss of a lover whose hearts
turning hard, if your willing to Marytr to hang yourself out to dry, that's the point
where this love is beginning to die!

I write you these lines without stopping to think, for the words come out faster than the
pen flows it's ink.

I have heard what your saying and I know you don't lie, and if your becoming a Marytr then
I surely will die.

So before we go further down this long lover's lane, I guess what I'm asking is are you
willing remain?

Don't tell me you'll Martyr your heart without doubt, cause my response is to leave you,
before then I'll walk out!

This is written in poetry as I struggle to talk, it's my heart opening up as the tapestry

I promised to love you through wind and through rain, I never questioned how many days
still remained?

I beg you sincerely with love through light and dark, don't ever leave me, don't Martyr
your heart, there's one thing that I ask you, put this love back on track, and please
erase that line from us, please take those words back!

I used to hear echoes of your words in my head, of romantic concepts of what you had said,
now instead of those love lines what I hear in the dark is " I won't be afraid to Martyr
my heart!

Copyright © julie Cottingham | Year Posted 2008

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How can someone cope with being alone, when the only thing they fear is just that?

You strive to be the best
Hoping you might be seen
Everyone that sees you, only sees the rest
Your destiny is to always be last

The loneliness eats you up inside
Hope dwindles and fades
Never good enough to be by someone’s side
The shallow pit of your grave is made

You hold onto fleeting hope
However, the resolve is gone
All you can ever do is mope
You know that it will not be long

Your thoughts turn dark
Wanting the peace of the dead
Happiness no longer your mark
Your aim turned towards your head

Life used to be grand
Always so full of glee
Than you fall and land
You tried to flee

Dreams of heaven turned black
Nightmares of hell become reality
Tortured like you are on the rack
Still you hold on valiantly

Hope is no longer real
Gone a long time ago
Love you no longer feel
You wish the pain would just go

Your heart hangs in shreds 
Tattered and torn apart
Bleeding in different shades of red
You were just never that smart

You try to show affection 
You almost welcome the pain
The most painful affliction
You wish you could stay sane

You give them your all
They laugh and mock
Watching you in agony fall
Till you land like a rock

Everyone says they care
Even though all you do is hurt
Lashing out at those who dare
To say that you are not dirt

There once was a time 
When they said I love you
Now you know it was just a line
There is nothing for you to do

Except there is one last thing left
Welcome the peace of the dead
Your life now clamed by the rift
Hopes and dreams never said

There is nothing left in life
Only broken dreams and hope
You give in to the strife
And hang yourself on the rope.

Copyright © shaun smith | Year Posted 2005

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you can't be the bad guy

You can't be the bad guy,
then play the victim to,
you can't hang yourself,
then want a hero to cut down the noose.
You can't walk around making yourself cry,
we all know your like that cuz your f***d up inside,
manipulating those around you,
carefully placing your steps,
being cautious with what you say,
making sure not to trip yourself.
Not meaning what you say,
not saying what you mean,
is such a dirty way to live,
why can't you just come clean?
You poor little thing,
it must just be terrible,
you think I am oblivious,
this mind game your playing on me,
of noticing, I must be incapable.
Well someday I will no longer be your pawn,
this game will end,
and I'll find somewhere I belong
where there is no need to pretend!

Copyright © aunna jones | Year Posted 2017

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Nobody has told me of Hell,
I knew a few things,
but nothing was like I witnessed,
for I wittnessed the end.

Nobody has told me of Hell,
and not many people really cared,
and honestly neither did I,
at least untill I saw it.

Nobody has told me of Hell,
but I know it has a bedroom to hang yourself in,
a bathroom to drown yourself in,
a kitchen to slit your wrists in,
and a living room to burn in.

Copyright © Rae Stegall | Year Posted 2007

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You were exceptional, son of Simon,
A Judean among Galileans.
You were beloved, son of Simon,
Dependable. Unfailing. 
You were trustworthy, son of Simon,
How ironic for me to say.

Heaven knew it could have been anyone… 
Any one of you could betray me… 

You were intelligent and educated.
Not even Levi the tax collector
Could compare to you. 
You were ambitious. Avarice
Took ahold of you 

I knew.

My friend became a fiend.
My brother a betrayer. 

Son of Simon,
You know I read hearts.
I recognized your inclinations, 
Your deepest motivations. 
I hoped you would change them.
You refused.

You believed 
That you could handle your heart
Without God’s help.
Did you forget Jeremiah?
Did you forget King Solomon?
Did you forget the ancient prophets of long ago?


I taught you well. You were my disciple.
I knew you well. You were appointed apostle. 
I believed in you and yet you did not believe in me.
You were the slanderer,
Even when you were one of the Twelve.
Backbiting Mary and Martha 
For anointing me with pure oil.
You mention selling it for 300 denari.
You greedy and lying thief. I know you,
Son of Simon!
Stealing from the money box!
Yet the poor will always be with you! 
How your heart stung!
But you would cast the first stone… 

You went to the Pharisees,
Self–righteous and hardhearted, 
Sons of vipers and doers of evil!
How they made the law burdensome!
How they plotted against me!
How they hated me without cause!
Yet you let the Devil use you as a tool.
So you asked how much to betray me with.
The answer? 30 pieces of silver.
To me and my Father, the price of a slave.
You agreed to the value.

Did I mean that much to you?

Nisan 14.
The day of reckoning for me.
I know you know
You had long since sold me,
Yet I cleansed your feet.
Humility won the fight,
But lost the war.

I identify you as my betrayer:
The one who ate my bread
Has lifted his heel against me.
And so I see you for who you are:
Son of destruction.
Slave of Satan.
You gave yourself up to his will.
You combated against the Holy Spirit.
You are beyond redemption,
Beyond reproach.
A disciple of God
Turned advisor to demons!

At the garden of Gethsemane,
You greet me and call me Rabbi!
Why flatter me, you hypocrite?
Do not call me Rabbi.
On top of it all, you gave me a kiss!
What did it matter?
It was a pharisaical sign.
You identify me… 

And now I identify you as Judas Iscariot.

While you take back the 30 pieces,
I am spat at, whipped at, 
Beat at, mocked at!
Talons ripping at my back.
Thorns burrow into my scalp.
I am hung on a tree,
Unable to breathe.
Claws of a lion 
Dig at my hands and feet.
As I expire,
A spear is lunged at my side.
I have borne all of these afflictions.
I stayed as one and none would harm me.

And yet you, son of Simon,
You could not last long in your remorse. 
Go back to the scribes who wanted me dead.
Ask for the pieces to be taken back.
So? Of what issue is it to them?
Is it not your part that has led to my undoing?
Your 30 coins have now been paid.
A Field of Blood is left in its wake! 

You hang yourself like Ahithophel.
The branch breaks. 
You collapse below.
Your insides burst open!
Your intestines spill out!
You are bludgeoned beyond belief.
I only shake my head in derision.

And the lesson? A Judas hides within
Each and every one of your hearts.
Guard it, for it is treacherous.
The snake lies again
Waiting to strike you on the heel.
Sin is crouching at the door,
And its craving is to dominate you;
Will you gain the mastery over it?

Copyright © Isabel San Martin | Year Posted 2018