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An  alabaster jar

Amongst the discard

Embedded in the mud.

The fisherman

Well trained in the ancient art of picary

Catches a halibut

In the morn

It is the noon. The river is all but gone.

Dry as a bone. A bona fide state for a river under the baking sun.

The harlequin fish now ARE all dead.

The cavities once called a river

Now await the rain for life to return in its core.

Still the alabaster jar

Among the discard- waiting to be fished out.

Next to the last alive pair of toads in amplexus.


Oh the river

The supreme life giver. Calls for Anuket!

Times are desperate.

The sun is hot. The rain won’t fall.

Amethyst stones on its cracked banks

Glitter and reflect its sad facade.

The fisherman sits and grieves for the dry river

His eyes transfixed in the limestone.

Alas his halibut is still fresh

In the bucket. He reaches out and fishes out the alabaster jar.





Copyright © YASEMIN BALANDI | Year Posted 2016

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A Fishy Tale

Said a Cod to a wise old Eel,
I would like to know how you feel?
Though people snack on dips,
Lots more eat fish and chips.
They say it has great meal appeal!

Said the Eel to the wise old Cod,
I find that unusually odd.
I've never had to worry,
As so many eat curry.
Very few are after my bod!

Just then a worldly old Squid,
Doing what Squids always did.
Went swimming slowly on by.
Said he "Me, they'll never fry"
"They'll only eat me jellied!"

Next came a Lobster and Blue Crab.
Followed by a Flounder and Dab.
They agreed with the old Cod,
A fish with a succulent  'bod'
Always ends up on a slab!

Then a Shrimp, Whelk and a Mussel.
All went by in a hustle.
Then the Winkle with the Clam,
Who said "I'd better scram!"
"Cos I give chowder its muscle!

Following next came the Herring,
In a disguise he was wearing.
For he was truly afraid,
That the batter being made,
Was for him.  His instinct unerring!

Then both a large and small-mouthed Bass,
And a lone, solitary Wrasse.
Not to forget the Scallop,
Going by at a gallop.
All getting away en masse!

Next Mackerel, Haddock and Plaice.
Not one with a smile on its face.
The handsome Halibut too,
Was looking glum and blue,
Which went as well for the Dace!

Now to all fish its crystal clear.
Most of them have plenty to fear.
Be they skinned, fried and eaten
With bread - White, Brown or Wheaten,
Or soaked and battered in beer!

Rhymer. December 6th, 2016.

Copyright © Denis Barter | Year Posted 2016

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Are You a Narwhal

Are You a Narwhal?

That large whale with a unicorn-like tusk,
Eating cod or halibut whenever it must,
Swimming around in small groups so cosy, 
Clicking, whistling or knocking so noisy. 

Are you a narwhal, jousting with others?
Animals are supposed to be configured as brothers;
Its protruding tooth, so obvious and offensive,
Reminds me of my potentiality to be abusive. 

Do you joust with your neighbours, spar and contend, 
That you’re more than them, yourself do you tend? 
Do you stand on that invisible step that we all have, 
Right beside us, all the time, to get one above? 

Do you catch the other person out whenever you can?
Just for the kick and the thrill, yourself not to ban?  
Do you stay with your own type, gather in small groups? 
Do you trust only them so your clique has no loops? 

Do you laugh in their face when they’re down and embarrassed? 
Do you edify yourself with your own tales of piety harnessed? 
Do you chide at the first thing you see not quite right? 
Do you retain all your money, with charity are you tight? 

Don't be a narwhal, just emulate their way, 
That's also obvious to me on this day; 
Strong, long and elegant, swimming away, 
Rearing their young, keeping predators at bay.  

Copyright © Rhoda Monihan | Year Posted 2015

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The ambiguous red herring

Fished all day not a red herring on the line                                                                     but I got a basketful of kipper                                                                                    Hunted all day not a fox one                                                                                             with a red herring on the line  										  a shark ate my sandwich today                                                                                       He got away with the halibut                                                                                          a shark ate him today for the halibut                                                                                He did not get away

Copyright © John Beam | Year Posted 2014

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ABC Animal Twist

ABC Animal Twist

Adored and diverse, life thrives on earth; each day nature sees new births.
Big and small, abundantly in seas and trees; great beauty breathes.
Chameleons, cats, corn snakes, and coots, survive great threats in life's pursuit. 
Delightful dragonflies from dart frogs duck; drake-crakes scoot upon lakes. 
Eagles and egrets soar blue skies; an elephant endangered cries.
Fabulous fauna: fairy flies, and deer upon flora feed needs.
Graceful purple gallinules, young goats, and giraffes bring joyful laughs.
Hag-fish, halibut and hammerhead birds…birds?  Yes!  Nature preserves.
Insects and ibis work their charm; crusty isopods cause alarm.
Jaguars enjoy tasty meals; leftovers are the jackals' appeal.  
Kiwi that fruits, kiwi that flies both species in New Zealand resides.
Living world the Creator made; since the beginning, wisdom stayed.
Matchless miracles, wonders, and births together blessed on our earth.
Never alone, no matter where, life exists here, there, everywhere.
Oh how beautiful, artfully wonderful, God-primed blissful place.
Planet earth and outer space together share a glorious race.
Question not; God loves this world. See creations glide, slide, swim, and swirl. 
Reverence life; it was made with love; He still watches from up above.
Still breezes and sunshine please; sturgeon, shrimp, salmon, and sardines feed; 
Termites, thrashers, terriers and teal find niches that have appeal.
Under God's skies, the umbrella birds fly.   Man ponders; God replies.
Venomous snakes make rodents quake; Vultures clean up for good health's sake.
Weeping willows watch wolves whelp; chirping yellow warblers sing to elves.
X-Ray fish known since early days leave modern man looking amazed.
Yosemite toads, yetis, and yaks live on the lands without lack. 
Zoology on earth from alligators to zorilla zings!

© Name withheld for the contest
February 24, 2010

Poetic form: ABC

See> ANIMAL HABITAT PICTURES LINKS for my ABC Animal Twist poem It was posted 
separately as a list poem.  OK I hope.  Smiles

Copyright © Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen | Year Posted 2010

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Have you ever been to the Arctic
and heard the "Tickling of the Ivories"?
That is the time when the Monodons
joust each other with their singular parries.

They have one thing in common...
A singular tooth that the males wear with pride.
They can swim, dive, and breach the water
on their 18 ft. plus sides.

They can move swiftly like the dolphin
when thru the water they glide.
They are not looking to skewer a meal
as in the ocean they hide.

What are these special creatures
that roam the seas so deep.
Their tusks were hunted in the middle ages
as Unicorn Horns for Kings to keep.

Related most closely to the Beluga
Linnaeus described them in 1758.
But they were well known hundreds of years before
As Vikings sought their tusks so great.

They do not eat Krill as do most whales
But dine on Halibut and Cod.
Their tastes are truly exotic
As they hunt within their pod.

They click and clack to each other
when they do communicate.
The future is getting tenuous
As to what will be their fate.

These are beautiful creatures whose 'Porpoise'
may be related to them all.
They have been oft featured on the Nature Channel,
We know them simply as "Narwhal".


Copyright © Dan Cwiak | Year Posted 2015

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Seafood Chowder


A bowl of seafood chowder,
hot butter afloat
with fresh halibut, crab meat
salty clams and prawns
a deep sea delight
bliss!                        .

Copyright © Rick Parise | Year Posted 2011

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Country Fare

I've traveled from the farm in Indiana, the place of my humble birth,
To places I never dreamed of seeing all around this earth!
On ships, trains and airplanes visiting fascinating ports of call,
And dining in hoity-toity eateries, more than I can ever recall!

I've dined on such exotic dishes as Beef Eterhazy and Athenian Moussaka,
Nasi Goreng, Halibut Cheeks, Paht Thai and Linguine Bugatta;
Linguine Primavera, Mahi Mahi, Lobster Thermidor and Cordon Blue,
Canard a L'Orange, Chateaubriand and savory Fillet of Wahoo!

I enjoyed those epicurean delights, but they'll never compare,
To the simple, wholesome dining on good old country fare!
I salivate thinking about a heaping plate of cornbread and beans,
With a salad on the side of fresh garden picked lettuce greens!

I drool just thinking about a hearty meal of meat and taters,
With stuff fresh from the garden like sweet peas and 'maters,
Home-made oven baked biscuits and heaps of fried chicken.
Ah, the very thought makes my old ticker begin to quicken!

Just to contemplate a repast of Bermuda onions and fried liver,
Gets my mouth watering and sets my old bones aquiver!
May you enjoy your Pate de Fois Gras at the country club;
I'll settle anytime for good old nourishing country grub!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Robert L. Hinshaw | Year Posted 2010

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Could Go


No intentions of being misleading
Could go by bleeding
Is one way of leaving
As the heart stops beating
And the lungs stop breathing

Also could be caused from exsanguination

Across a pagan nation
Could go by strangulation
Which'll cause and make abrasions
With no intentions of making a statement

Pulse rapid then slowing
Could go by overdosing
It comes with the risk of choking

Could go
While on the road 
Or in your own home
You just never know

The voices calling
On any side of the walling
Could go by falling
The outcome would be appalling
Yet enthralling
Like something never before seen, or only in a drawing

Above the Earth's layers
Could go by the might of Mother Nature
Whether your on land or in a ship as a sailor
The odds just may not go in your favor
Sooner than later
The sight of even greater danger

Among objects that are inanimate
Could go by accident
Tragic and just about as bad as it gets
Near and far from any waters with halibut

Only an earthling
Could go by burning
With zero chance of returning
Might be considered disturbing
But there are technically worse things

No guarantees
Could go by disease
Anywhere, not just by the seas
Or any trees and leaves
Whether your a kid, teen
Or ninety three

Regardless of if it involves being annointed
It's been one heck of a voyage
Could go by poison
Which could be quick or miserable and far from joysome
I'll tell you what it wouldn't taste anything like Hoisin
And like usual fingers would probably get pointed

Due to one too many mistakes
Could go up in space
On a ship or base
At a slow or rapid pace
Whether or not the pulse began to race

All of us are fallible
Could go by getting eaten by a cannibal
Or some kind of animal
Whether or not their claws are retractable

Nobodies laughing
Could go by crashing
Whether or not it's your fault, still come the sirens and lights flashing
Like they say nothing is truly everlasting

Before during or after nine
Could go due to it being my time
Which would be fine
And rather benign
Except that I need to finish this rhyme

By: Dalton Ogletree

Copyright © Dalton Ogletree | Year Posted 2017

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I've got a dish of killifish
I wish to eat that silly fish
Baked, or fried in peanut oil
Roasted, dried, or let to boil.

Make me a star-gazy pie
Take me to the Catfish Fry
Lead me to the China Sea
Feed me hermit crabs and brie.

Help me out with rainbow trout
Salt and thyme and wedge of lime
Filet of sole, or snapper red,
Served up whole, or just the head.

Meals of eels caught on reels
You're the star with caviar
Butter clams served with yams
Can't say no to salmon roe.

Tuna eyes baked in pies
Oh so daring pickled herring
In the lurch for snails and perch
Ring the bells for cockle shells.

Canned sardines on toast with greens
Sturgeon, sprat, and stuff like that
Grouper, pike, that's what I like
Smelt and bream that make me dream.

Cajun shrimp for my new pimp
Lutefisk and lobster bisque
Flying squid and yellowfin
Silver carp and capelin. 

Give to me a plate of oyster
Eat them raw, that way they're moister
Tilapia and tiger prawn
Eat them 'til my hunger's gone.

Hake or krill would be a thrill
Bass and shad will make me glad
Tasty crappie makes happy
Give a nod to Greenland cod

Oo! I'd like a northern pike
Barramundi served on Sunday
Grouper, alligator gar,
Halibut or no cigar.

Amberjack atop hardtack
Pan-fried kipper for the skipper
Mackerel, tasty as hell, 
Lox and mullet down the gullet.

Kokanee or marlin blue
Arowana, bowfin too
Bring to me your soups and stews
Sing for me the dogfish blues.

Copyright © Jessica Amanda Salmonson | Year Posted 2018

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Kenetic examples of wildlife are enjoyed after sipping green teas. But antelope sway at dusk. So be wary of teapots in tree houses. Gooseberries are often found loitering in desert yachts whilst porcupines are oblivious to sugar beet. Many an octopus are said to be humbled by the wandering lettuce but hieroglyphs are but a portal to mushy peas. A halibut always talks very very very slowly. The clock yawns. The bell grins. Please be aware that very playful ants in hats coats and shirts can cause great havoc in a bistro. Wreaking a great godly view to an unjustified pillar. A suit of armour would be rather ashamed at such antics. So one must gather molluscs for a stew in the lands of the giant amphibians. Dandelions on a bed of corn flour often tell stories of ancient snow clouds while orangutans can bury many coffee beans. Unforgotten is the tirade of the slouching shrimp in a teapot of sponge. And a galvanised pediatrician is not allowed to ponder on a two hundred foot pedestal. Ok. And a misjudged mishap mayhem moving movements monstrously. Hahahaha now eat a donut hahahaha and a toast of course. Xxxx havens heaping have xxxx miscalculation z.

Copyright © Taoi Chanan | Year Posted 2016

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Field mouse woke up. Asleep for many years. It had grown a moustache and side burns. Oh how dreadful cried sally spider peering into the mouse house. How terribly unbecoming and unsuitable for holding the silver goblet at the halibut harlequin hall. Field mouse responded. In mind. In thoughts. Looking into the can that had been dropped into his hole by a two legged fiend. At least it made a good mirror. Although he was grateful that he was out at the time of delivery. The bars above. With the sun. Oh up there. No friend. Oh well. And proceeded to cut customise and shave. With other dropped prizes. Plus thefts. Spider grinned. And manicured herself. Silvery bed. Oh how wonderful. Field mouse in a suit. Spider in gown. Halibut hall. Dance. Supper. Stupors'. And nonsense talk of trapped tapered topiary's traditional traders. Good good good good good. next week new news. Great. Xxxx xylophones xo xo xo. And a half day off work. Great. Deuteronomy z

Copyright © Taoi Chanan | Year Posted 2016

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                              Aurora Borealis creates.
                    Daring escapes.
              Fjords gorgeous!
Halibut is jumping.

                             Ketchikan landscape memorable.
                  Natural opulence.
           Poetically quaint.

                             Rustic serpentine tundra,
                 undulating valleys,
waterfall Xanadu.
                                 Yahweh’s zenith!

Landscapes and Towns Poetry Contest
ABC Form


Copyright © Kim Rodrigues | Year Posted 2017

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B times twenty tow equals eleven and a half thousand flying frogs but only in a sale

The B.1 @ 32 _ and a ?

A cosmetic cosmopolitan army can jump over the gates at an amazing speed and cause a song to burst out of gilded goods. But not only is the trouble centre marked in the paragraph it is also parallel parked between strobe lighting effects and strobe lighting effects are neither knots in a blanket, knees of a giant gnome, giraffes returning on a contraire council boat. Nor are they symbolic of a heap of dried spilt gravy. The journey goes up then down then side to side which is quite perilous for eggs and other fragility. But two little rabbits hopping on a farm make milk from eggs but that is a tale reserved. Hopping heaping having halibut hearing horal hoaxes. And a spinning castle on a pinwheel. Z institutionalism Z at twenty diamond studs in lines of ten.

Copyright © Taoi Chanan | Year Posted 2017

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Old and Bold

Old and Bold

Did you think you ordered Halibut but
     were served a Hamburger,
because you can’t see the menu?

Is there more hair in the brush then there is
     on your head?

When you tell friends that you’re lifting weight,
     does that really mean that you’re just lifting
yourself out of the chair to get a snack?

If you answered yes,
     then you need ‘Old and Bold”

Yep, just ten tablespoons a day will
     restore your vigor!

 (Caution: Alcohol content, 50% by volume)

Copyright © Mike Gentile | Year Posted 2017