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I'm Not Alone

Tears were rolling down his face, he told me.
I heard them in the sound of his sad voice.
Before today, we’d been so glad to know
my tumor was removed. We could rejoice!

Expecting radiation for six weeks,
I felt fantastic! Chemo I’d escaped.
Late test results came in. I heard with shock
the dread word “chemotherapy” and gaped.

I called my spouse. He could not help but cry.
I felt his tears as if they were my own.
He said I was too good to go through this.
His words will get me through. I’m not alone.

Written July 28 for the Three Stanzas- Three Only Contest of Broken Wings
Quatrain form with the rhyme on the second and fourth lines of each stanza.

Note: I am sure I am going to be ok. This chemo and radiation are all extra precautions to assure cancer does not return. I just don't want to go through it all, and the news the other day I would need the extra chemo was very unexpected! Thanks, my friends, who support me with your love and prayers. Thanks, Constance. Your special word was my inspiration.

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2016

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Doctor Said

An apple every day, he said to me.
Berries too, for your recovery.

Can I have just one small slice of pie?

Doctor nearly glared into my eye!
Even nuts and cheese you must not eat.

For Heaven's Sake, Doctor,  I need a treat!

Good food should not be processed, white or fried.

How about some egg whites on the side?
(I was being snide because it's no
Joke that yolk is always good to go!)

Knowing I should lay off yummy things
Like burgers, chocolate, and pizza brings
Me such great angst! Everybody knows
No vegetables compare to fried potatoes!

On Thanksgiving, I will do some cheating.
Popcorn (hot-air popped)  I will be eating!

Sept. 10, 2016 For the Alphabet Soup PoetryContest of Kim Merryman

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2016

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Alone Together

Alone together, we enjoy our time
   and mostly we act naturally well.
We can be seriously funny too,
   but deafening silence is hard to quell.

Found missing sometimes, minor crisis of
   impossible solutions that are made,
like eating tasty, tender jumbo shrimp
   along with hot chili and marmalade.

And quite deceptively honest are we...
   good grief, we are what's called terribly good.
Low key, festive tranquility is ours;
   we never are clearly misunderstood.

So pleased to be each other's larger half...
   sweet-tart and butt head, we are such a pair;
tight slacks, light tanks and we are good to go.
   Life's magic realism we do share.

Sandra M. Haight

~6th Place~
Contest: Oxymoronic Obsession
Sponsor: David Lindsay
Judged: 09/07/2016

Oxymorons used, stanzas 1, 2, 3, 4

1. alone together, act naturally, seriously funny, deafening silence
2. found missing, minor crisis, impossible solutions,  jumbo shrimp,  hot chili 
3. deceptively honest, good grief, terribly good, festive tranquility, clearly misunderstood
4. larger half, sweet-tart, butt head, tight slacks, light tanks, magic realism

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2016

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A Frightening Experience

I saw the light and I was afraid
I didn't want  to go to it
I wanted to turn and run
But I knew it would follow me

I felt as if I was in a tunnel
Nowhere to turn. Nowhere to hide
Moving to the light would be the end
Pain. Tragedy. Ensuing sorrow

But I knew I had no choice

I was compelled

Condemned, if you will

Sentenced to suffer the coming event

So I moved onward into my fate
And at the time of judgment
The official looked at my license and insurance
Then he said to me...

You're good to go

Have a good night

Rockman  :-)

Copyright © Rockman Pritts | Year Posted 2014

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Robot Boy, censored version

So robots write poetry now.  Here's what I think of that.

Yer shiny enough, Robot Boy
Yer hard as a shard of rock
You never run out of energy
You and yer digital clock
Sex isn’t problematic
There isn’t an issue, you know
Just wipe you off with a dampened cloth
And then you’re good to go
I don’t love you, Robot Boy
You’re not my one and only
I keep you in the cupboard just
For moments when I’m lonely
But now a ghost in the machine
Has affected yer circuitry
Ridiculous algorithms making
Mechanical poetry
You’re hardly a Parker or Larkin
Your verse gets much worse with each byte
I have to tell you, Robot Boy
Yer poetry’s hogwash, alright?
You’re not making me juices flow
With yer hexadecimal rant
Where’s the amo amas amat
Amamus amatis amant
Where’s the chuffing soul in it
It’s far too formulaic
Give me an unexpected twist
And something a bit archaic
Oh, yer metre’s simply textbook
Get you with yer perfect pentameters
Adhering to all the rules of form
Within the expected parameters
There’s no chuffing joy in it, Robot Boy
In yer tedious black and white
Oh, you’ve cracked me one off one about rainbows (yawn)
Bet that’s an interesting write
It’s not like you want to woo me
You’re programmed to say it like this
There’s zero soul in yer empty words
That leave me as cold as your kiss
You’re not a poet, Robot Boy
Yer not Shelley, or Byron, or Wilde
You’ve never screamed in the wild winds
Or dreamed the world as a child
I’m just going to dump you, Robot Boy
Calculate that, methinks
‘Cos you turn me off with yer binary thing
And frankly, yer poetry stinks

© Gail Foster 2016

Copyright © Gail Foster | Year Posted 2016

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Hoo-Ya, Hoo-Ya, Ziss Boom Bah

Hoo-ya, hoo-ya, ziss boom bah! My doctor has given me a thumbs up I'm good to go for another year Let's see, how should I celebrate? Perhaps I'll try going a day without my walker Just kidding! I don't use a walker Hoo-ya, hoo-ya, ziss boom bah! Maybe I'll try dressing myself today Last time I tried that, I wore checks with stripes A major “faut pas” in the fashion world I was laughed out of the local coffee shop Perhaps coz I was wearing shorts, a bowtie And NOTHING else!!! Hoo-ya, hoo-ya, ziss boom bah! My adult diapers are starting to give me a rash Methinks it's those damn No-Name brands People kept asking, “Why are you walking that way?” Told them it's an old war injury! Hoo-ya, hoo-ya, ziss boom bah! Gonna close now. Wife Cathie made me some porridge Told me it's good for my toidy habits She usually knows what's best for me so I listen The doc just gave me a thumbs up So I'll keep doing what Cathie says! © Jack Ellison 2014

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2014

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Not A Real Vacation

Not a true vacation just an afternoon away from home and have lunch out of town. All along the wayside the lushness of summer spread out verdantly on each side of the road. Tall pines and mixed hardwood interrupted only by country roads and powerlines. An occasional home or a little community with neat yards looking well watered. thick cumulus clouds cover the summer's blue sky.. deceptive cover No rain on the way down just a warm summer afternoon spent enjoying seeing nature. Arriving at the restaurant chosen to eat a meal. Newly remodeled seafood place. Freshly painted, new flooring and decorations. Extremely nice people working in comfortable surroundings. Food ordered while waiting drinks served with hushpuppies quite greasy. Then a fresh garden salad which looked and tasted good to go with the cool glass of Sprite.. broiled fish arrive with overpowering odor... non-deceptive
I am sure that not all of these restaurants are that bad..The picture is not of the one at which we ate. Inspired by Scott Thirtyseven's Haibun contest Written: July 25, 2015

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2015

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Eight years ago
We started the race
We are still keeping the pace
For we are always good to go.

Many were called
Few were chosen
The few were weeded
Yet we kept on.

Some were cut down in their prime
Some unceremoniously came to the end of their time
Some found better dreams to follow
Others deserted, their endurance's root were so shallow.

But here we are
By God's grace
Daily waxing stronger
Determined to finish the race.

PS: Written on 08/06/13 to mark my eight years in the Nigerian Navy.

Copyright © Alozor Michael Ikechukwu | Year Posted 2013

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Me And My Mojito

I was lost again for sure
So I packed up my bags
To find a cure. Through
The rain, I held the line,

And rode my hog to the
Core d'Azur.  The first
Few days were touch and go,
I ate and drank and took

It slow.  The sun and sand
Came close to heaven, my eyes
We're open from noon to seven.
Nights were lonely, I roamed

The streets, until I found
A bar that makes a great
Mojito.  Two weeks are
Gone, I feel much better,

My hog is itching for some
New adventure.  Good to go,
One more night, just for
Me and my last Mojito.

Copyright © James Fredholm | Year Posted 2015

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Ghetto Good To Go

I’m not your average ghetto schmo,
I’m better than that
Much sharper than those dull D.C. politicos,
me just stating a fact

Another urban legend tidbit,
impo info you should know
Got laid back suburban wit,
I'm ghetto good to go

How do you talk to this Judeo-Africano
in Latin Esperanto?
Ask any of my Hispanic homies,
and head click how I flow

Partnering up with my Asian crew,
they like things going karma kismet
This is what no border brothers do,
from northern Inuit to southern Aztec,

Maybe you still think I’m not legit,
obviously you really don’t know
I got cool hip urban wit,
Me always ghetto good to go

Island ladies and Caucasian cuties,
they touch my heart on the down low
African queens and princess Aborigines,
give me love, not too fast or too slow

Arabic laughter and Jewish smiles,
my twin Pole dwellers are so mellow
Me be a singing cosmopolitan child,
Mr. Harmony be my road good fellow

Did I leave any of my global friends on omit,
holla back, yo ... let this adopted Native Americano know
This soul brotha always gotta come correct,
stay humble ghetto good to go 

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2017

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When life is feeling chaotic 
And you've worries of more than one kind,
Take yourself off to a quiet space,
Breathe and start to unwind.

Let your head wander in fantasy,
Go for a little escape,
Think of a place you would visit,
Getaway from your normal landscape.

It's good to go for a daydream,
To go to a magical place,
Where everything's vivid and shiny
Bring that smile back to your face.

Some will say you're away with the fairies,
When you leave this world for a while,
But with head in the clouds, you can shut out the crowds
And stop yourself going senile!

Copyright © Elizabeth Kinch | Year Posted 2017

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Middle of the road

I drink poetry and excrete it in my imagination to the taste of soup, inspiration in my gutter of sky, the farces run the barn of wood crawling fingers, digging deep into the fury velvet twilight map the location

Entertainer decapitate loyal crew to the kingdom of kingpin round morning blessing brother meek of submerged answers never to be repeated to the third person singular, but lukewarm of appetite detached morning mum. 

Line of angry dull pin the sharp hap to the loot of moon pointing straightforward to the faded Antilles, Western Indies scruffs of limitless anchor of my days to that thwart of subliminal good to go.

Smiling moon to the center of the sky peep into my prison of imagination, padlock to the gallows mistake shaking the dignity of arrow to the cloak the tempest banana republic to repugnant whistle sound

The kilos of rhythms backed up my pant of pain to till sunshine yet to blame the belated from the bereave lure to deputizes the post of ray to tray of mishaps, the din of lion claws of fun rub truth leaning side by side sip the peg of life to the smile of hyperbole. 

The sharp thoughts quick under my pillow from voices of an Island crying to trembling hawk jog of bug nails sound decontrol of hail night and the root of thief.

Copyright © Mohamed Manzur Bah | Year Posted 2017

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Pendulum Persuasion In Crystal

Pendulums have been used for divining - for finding bombs, water and gold ore But you just need a crystal on a string to find some answers you are looking for! There’s something that you really want to know - like where’s the key you lost and cannot find or where’s the best vacation spot to go? The answer lies in your subconscious mind! It may not be a question of where, but when. Is it the proper time to start anew or should you do the same old things again? There are crystal pendulums to guide you. Is there someone that you wish to wed? For decisions of the heart, you will need a crystal pendulum in pink or red. Your mind has answers that you ought to heed! Are crystals magic, or do they just guess? How can they really know what’s right for you. You must establish what means NO or YES. There’s one thing that you first have got to do. Reactions of your nerves the crystals gauge. So while the crystal hangs from string or chain, you’ll see it move. Your mind’s eye sets the stage. From your fingers’ nerves, answers you will gain. Ask questions to the pendulum for which the no’s are definite, and be aware how the crystal moves before you switch to answers yes. Keep practicing with care. The crystal only answers yes or no, but once you have connected to the way your pendulum reacts, you’re good to go! Get answers for yourself on any day. Black crystals work if danger you should face. Creative answers amethyst can show. Not just a pendulum of time and place - for almost anything you need to know!! May 21, 2017 for Kai Michael Neumann Pendulum of Time and Place Contest

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2017

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Calm cooling breeze
Taste of wetness;
Coming rain


Weekend stay
Home movie marathon;
Makeup treats


Pet dog circles
Runs round barking;
Mad freedom sings


Small people here
Body contact flings;
***** child talk


Newspaper highlight
Another tragedy;
Far yet near


I sit here
Waiting on words;
Dry well showing


The write words
Puzzling long scene;
Verse void piques


Word after word
Nothing to say;
Impact drowns


Old man limps
Bad left knee;
Painful strides


Sensuous maiden
Beauty confronts;
Hungry eyes follow


Humble origins
Fleshy windfall;
Emergent light


Sexy speaks
Fragrant distraction;
Wild allure


Blank paper page
Ink cursive words;
Plunder verse lines


Contract blank
Arguments sum;
Willing signature


Brand new book
Void to fill;
Finesse stakes


Car park story
Assorted brands loiter;
Business meeting


Fenugreek brew
Good to go;
Yellowish swirls


Leon Enriquez
12 June 2016

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2016

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Two Sides

In New York City, traffic lights
By walkers are ignored,
For getting someplace faster
Is the ultimate reward.

Except for little children – 
Thus, the right way must be taught
And therefore, with confusion,
Situations might be fraught.

Today a dad was on the corner
With his kids in tow.
They crossed against the light because
The street looked good to go.

“But Dad,” the kids protested,
“Don’t you see the light is red?”
“When I’m with you, then it’s okay,”
Is what the father said.

“But never do this by yourself!”
Which surely contradicts
His children’s knowledge, sending them
A message clearly mixed.

An urban kid learns quickly
There are two sides to a coin
And often your companion
Lets you know which side to join.

Copyright © ilene bauer | Year Posted 2013

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Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve We gathered close together Christmas Eve, while windows framed a winter fairyland; our own 'frosty the snowman' stood on guard beneath the moon, with hat and scarf so grand. With joy, we finished trimming up the tree while Jingle Bells played on the stereo, and thinking that just any moment soon dear Santa Clause and Elves were good to go with all the toys they'd gathered and packed up on Santa's magic sled to fly away, cheered on by prancing Reindeer and sleigh bells to bring kids Season's Joy on Christmas Day. Sandra M. Haight ~st Place~ Contest: Ho ho ho Sponsor: Eve Roper Judged: 12/27/2016 Must use these 10 words: Elves, Frosty the Snowman, Christmas, Jingle Bells, Toys Sled, Sleigh Bells, Santa Claus, Trimming, Winter Fairyland

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2016

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In The Olden Days

In the Olden days when we wear grasses,
When we dance naked under the rain,
When we were cooking grasses as drug,
When we have no fear in us and fear never
Haunt us just like the way it does now.
We were fine and good to go in the world.

In the olde days when life was for the brave
You marry as many wives as you want 
There was no trouble for our fathers but now
When a man marries one wife he can't cope with her.
We are lost and lost in the wood of life.

In the olden days when mothers were wives,
When girls were girls without dirty minds
When wives were wives that never nag, 
I should've married then than now that we have
men as women beating their husband at home.

In the days of old, when motor was not invented,
We were fine with horses and camels that never
Had an accident like vehicles does now to us.
Those days when we have no radio and television,
The heads of our youths were at home to impact.

In the olden days when we knew nothing,
We were nothing and nothing knew us;
We were good with throwing of arrows 
And killing animals for food but now,
We are killed by the so called canned food. 

We played with girls without anything in mind,
The elders removed their wrapper in front of us,
We were never ashamed to walk in the street unclothed, yet we were fine and honest to nature.
Plane never existed to kill us like wandering fowls,
Technologies were not there to mare us to sin,
We were just fine and cool with ourselves but 
Now, things have change and change to our own pain.

A pregnant woman was not envious of a nursing mother because she knew her own time shall come.
And a widower should not be jealous of married 
Ones because he has the power to remarry any time.
We live like one family and we seek the faceof the gods, religion was never the problem but now it is.
We shall soon see where this new dawn is going to.

(C) John Chizoba Vincent
All Right Reserved 2016
         Voice of vincent


Copyright © john chizoba vincent | Year Posted 2016

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Tales My Mother Tells

(7/5 Trochee form)

“You were such a sweet smart girl,”
my mom says to me
when I ask her how I was 
in my infancy.

Then she always tells me how
early I first talked,
saying “Jesus loves me” first;
At six months I walked!

And she says another thing
making me feel good.
Always I obeyed her by
doing what I should.

Mother says I helped her teach
Jenny what to do.
Jenny was five months old when
I had turned two.

Since I’d potty trained myself
after I’d turned one,
Mom says I trained Jenny too.
Then when Jen was done. . . 

I trained Melanie, born next
after I was three,
So I guess a teacher’s what
I was meant to be!

Just one thing about me, though,
drove my parents mad.
When they put me down to sleep,
I was very bad.

Whether it was eight or nine,
even after ten,
I would yelp like some crazed pup
locked up in a  pen.

Mother hated doing it, 
but my father said,
“Let her be. Just let her scream
in her little bed.”

So they shut my door so they’d
block my screeching out.
And I must have hollered till
I wore myself out!

Once, my head got stuck between
railings of my bed.
Doc says now my neck sits wrong
underneath my head!

And I nearly lost an eye -
Fell while running ‘round.
For the doc to stitch me, four
nurses held me down.

Once while Mom learned how to park
(I was just a sprout),
sitting fiddling with the door,
somehow I fell out.

Mom backed up, then turned and saw
I was not in sight.
I was underneath a tire,
winter coat on tight!

Did my Mom exaggerate?
Doc said, “Good to go!”
Was I saved by my thick coat?
Guess I’ll never know.

These are tales my mother tells.
One thing seems my fate. . . 
Nobody can make me sleep
before very late!!!

For Catie Lindsay's 
"Baby Boo's Shoes - Quickly Contest"

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2010

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The Mighty Tardigrade

Behold the awesome water bear
A tiny puffy hero
Who floats beyond our atmosphere
At absolute near zero

A brave and fearless debonair
Who hardly needs to eat
Amoeba here, a dewdrop there
It's good to go tout suite

A boiling hot tub is just fine
For rest and relaxation
And catching a few tanning rays
Of cosmic radiation

Wherever its eight legs do go
It's always got it made
And sails the universe's flow
The mighty tardigrade

Copyright © James Leftwich | Year Posted 2017

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By day you work the fence, you’re out stretching the wire. By night you read of Grace and stare into the fire. Come morning you fix a breakfast to last you all day. Come evening your supper is a better reward than pay. Come morning you eat a breakfast fit for a king. Come evening you’re so hungry you’ll eat ‘bout anything. Coffee warns of eggs and biscuits and such. Supper comes along usually ‘bout dusk. Tending a herd on the wide open plains. Gives a body time to think of all sorta thangs. Thangs like how great a country we live in today. Here in America, the good ‘ole U. S. of A. A country so vast, with big cities on each side. But here in the wide-open middle is where I reside. A country founded on God, they sat sail for where ever the wind leads. Strange how we all seek the same God, how some get off in the weeds. No one knows freedom better than the American Cowboy. Freedom’s nothing to sneeze at and it certainly ain’t no toy. Some folks don’t like our freedom and man, with out a clue. Stole some planes and right into our life they flew. Last week these guys tried to take our freedom away. Hurt some folks in the most barbaric way. On the prairie they’re snakes and all kinds of varmints. But nothing as mean as these guys that came here to harm us. If critters are out and pose some kind of threat. Yank a hog-leg, fire a round, you’re good to go I’ll bet. Hear me Lord as I stare into the fire and say. Rid their minds of this evil thinkin’ is what I pray. We can’t reason why things like that happen. You’re the only one that knows Lord, I reacon. Our leaders have shown Your Spirit as their witness. Our countrymen have followed suit, just as You’ve convicted us. I’m thankful all I do is stretch fence and rope in an occasional stray. Than to have to do what Bush has had to do the past few days. Lord; be with us, guide our leaders with what they “Have” to do. Thanks for uniting our country, You’re faith we must prove. By the fire I read where we’re here today and gone tomorrow. Life’s short, live it to the fullest, ain’t no time for sorrow. Come morning breakfast has been better here of late. Come evening supper has been especially great. Seems we have an awful lot to appreciate. Since the time of the attack, to date. Lord; guide the boys, give them wisdom with what they do and say. This ‘ole cowboy is fightin’ the war on my knees as I pray. By Jim "Ish" Fellers Copyright ©: September 18, 2001 ~ Tuesday

Copyright © JW Fellers | Year Posted 2009

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Tenant Fourteen

Enter apartment, ready to paint Open the door and empty it ain't Apartment not empty or unoccupied Furniture everywhere someone has lied Previous day, nineteen ninety five Parked rented truck ready to drive One single woman packing in haste Filled to the top no room to waste Unable to paint let one week pass Return to the job no sign of the lass Full of furniture time has stood still Come back next week right now just chill This is week two job is in doubt Landlord orders furniture out Donates items to new family in wait Family from Haiti in need of the freight Now it's all empty jobs good to go Where is the lass no one does know Prepare for the plaster and ready to paint Soft knock on a door interruption was faint Open the door elder man does request All of the furniture now he is stressed Landlord explains this tenant has fled Weeks have passed no word was said Father of daughter explains in strife Daughter no longer has taken her life Behind was left a husband, two sons Heavy the burden weight in the tons While loading the van can anyone know? That she was thinking which way to go Confusing the conflict inside her mind All of them mingled and intertwined Continue to paint apartment fourteen Woman who left this worldly scene Pondering heavy could words have been said If they were? would be here instead? Who's to know the outcome for sure Only one fact she could not endure Thoughts of her family are on my mind Find the time show goodwill be kind

Copyright © Ronald Kent | Year Posted 2016

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Hey there I been eyeing YOU
BEEN fantasizing about a rendezvous 
Wanna make your commute home
 one you look forward to
Have you been wanting ME 
the way I've I been wanting YOU?
Do u mind if I have a lick of your hot sexiness?
We can be discrete bend me over and pull up my dress
It's empty nobody here no one to know
Wanna ride YOU home nice and slow
Been lusting you so long sexy stranger I'm good to go
Tell me what you like I won't say NO
No need to waste time with fake pleasantries
We can give each other what we NEED 
I been watching you for months to and fro
Come over here give it a go
wanna please you you work so hard
Did my straightforward approach catch you off guard?
I'm a REAL grown Women I speak than I DO
Nothing to be scared of don't want to frighten you
But when I see something that I want I conquer it
I take care of my business baby I HANDLE IT
Come on baby no need to hesitate 
Our bodies come together
 our hips gyrate
Your touch feels good so RIGHT
I know what you want 
I know what you LIKE
No need to rush there's no time clock
Let's get busy 
Time make this train ROCK
straddle my legs around your waist
You tell me my lips you been dreaming to get a taste
Well it just so happens to be your LUCKY day
Pull me in closer feel my breasts sway 
When our mouths collide it's pure delicious bliss
I m so ready I will fulfill your every erotic wish
Your body has ignited inside me a burning flame
No don't speak don't need to Know your name
We are adults let's not waste time on a silly game
Doesn't matter won't change anything still WANT you all the same
You have had a long stressful day
Just relax &  lay back I'll help you wash it all away
Take it in feels incredible enjoy every minute
Wanna lick you everywhere wanna get all up in it
There you go close your eyes
Isn't this by far a more ENJOYABLE ride?
Dam  you feel good
 this is my idea of sexy fun
Don't get off this ride
Until your good and DONE
Than please pull down my dress 
Because  I gotta run
Don't tell anyone what we've done
It's our secret strictly
 between ME & YOU
Hope To see you tomorrow 
Same place same time ...ROUND two

Copyright © Diana Vee | Year Posted 2016

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The Right Decision for Me

Finding new courage many years ago,
I sang a love song in my quiet room.
I never sang dancing wearing a plume. 
Nor did I sing live in a bar’s playroom.

I could not, would not, in the public croon.
I did sing it once in a studio.
Musicians there arranged a background tune.
My song went well; and it was good to go!

The records came; yes, it was way back then.
With my plan in place, I soon hit the road.
I traveled on mountain, on hill and glen.
Promotions on windshields, my dream echoed.

Radio interviews … there were a few.
“Make My Dream Come True” flyers passed along.
Air play came quickly and out of the blue!
From state to state I promoted my song.

Security was in one parking lot.
Flyers on the cars; they said were No!  NO!
The hundreds I put out were all for naught.
They made me pick them ALL up … BAD; you know!

There were great days and many things to see.
I thought of fame, and where my life would go.
It was one outrageous dream for shy me.
So, I chose to give married life a go!


Copyright © Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen | Year Posted 2017

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Poem XXII - Chameleon

Black. White. Blue. Pink. Orange. I'll blend in. Tall, short, cold, warm. I'll blend in. She likes to remain calm, she likes to scream or maybe even lean. I'll blend in. People always playing cautious as if they got something to lose. Put in nothing, you won't get anything. You want to talk about your main chick? Or your main chick don't like the main...? I forgot the word. Don't need to blend in that much or else life would be boring. This all happens in steps. Before you sprint, you run. Before you run, you walk. Before you walk, you crawl. 

So how is one a Chameleon? It's all in steps. First you get the ratchets, they are down for whatever. Slip a 50 and she'll give you 50 reasons why she should keep that 50. She don't deal with broke niggas. So I suggest you save before you earn a couple of reasons why you shouldn't waste your money. Then you get the normal girls. The ones who do everything in order. They kiss, undress then do it. Not do it dressed like kiss. She needs a bit of work though. Some of them are dedicated to things that don't involve you. A little tweak here and there and the baby is good to go. Not around you, not with you but on you cause every girl has a weak spot. Will you find it? 

Sometimes you have to invest. Put in a buck. Watch it become a dollar fifty. Once she releases Her First drop, you wait for the ocean. But be careful. Once you open that tap, it will break and water will come in gallons and you might drown. That's where you get those undercover girls. Normal during the day but a freak at night. They smart at school and at clubs. They don't get down with people they know. That way their identity is always hidden. I saw a girl like that once. She told me she was obsessed with lollipops. I felt bad. I only had caramel sticks with vanilla inside. She didn't mind though and that's a good thing cause its good to experiment right? No it's not. She got so obsessed, she started liking vanilla killers and got killed by the vanilla. Stupid girl. 

She's nothing like those hardcore girls. The ones who've been around the block. Hits lean, kills the spleen but still lives. Then when they don't have any thing they hit a spleen and emotions spill everywhere. Now you, you have to adapt. The weak spot is that brain. Speak in riddles and you're halfway there. Another weak spot is your hands. Touch her here and she's sold. Lust and **** are spelt with the same letters. I'm not saying girls are sluts but when a girl has lust, it's not difficult to shapeshift. Once the girl shapeshifts that's when spots show. People can arguably debate that's its manipulation but son listen. It's not manipulation if you didn't force her to. 

You want to become a Chameleon? Adapt to these 4 people step by step and there's no one you can't adapt to. Son you need to learn that girls are not difficult, but they are never easy. They are challenging and smart. You just need to hold the ball first. Never listen to those that tell you that actions speak louder than words because it's the words that instigate those actions. That's powerful. 

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Laughter floats
Playground voices;
Evening canopy


Brick laid walkway
Busy wayfarers;
Old man ponders


Sunset strip
Children at play;
Frolic greets fun


Humongous tree
People cluster;
Heritage spot


Antique shoppe
Ancient escapades;
Old proprietor stares


Old winding road
So many hotspots;
Happy hours lure


New lease
Old car charms;
Good to go


Mechanic laughs
Trouble-shoots faults;
Restores car health


Brisk salon tour
Charming hair styling;
White streaks highlight


Pain stabs
Broken heart bleeds;
Vitriol sorrow


Ancient rubber tree
Heritage monument;
Living story preserved


Crowded mall lift
People like sardines;
Lonely together


Overcast skyline
Rain on the verge;
Afternoon matinee


Lovebirds float
Old man watches;
Showtime walkway


Haiku moment:
Touch jazzy feel;
Somnolent drift


Why and How
Now and Here;
Spontaneous curl


Primal black beauty
Metallic contours;
Ergonomic mystique


Glimpses here
Thoughts untangled;
Adrenaline rush


Lines surge
Observe rules;
Cutting thought


Leon Enriquez
17 March 2017

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