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A Promise to God (Co-written with John Moses Freeman)

Come December 21, two thousand and twelve
On the winter solstice, mankind may burn in hell
As man's Creator, I've sent multiple warnings
Nostradamus, the Mayans, Hopi Indians
All believed there was still time to reverse this course
But My warnings have ceased, even My voice grows hoarse
     Dear Father, my sacred heart is of course willing
     Though mind be the enmity of Christ's blood spilling 
     My center most being, with Your spirit's all seeing
     The sacrifice of Your son saves souls of all beings
     Father, though slay my flesh, Thou hast immortal stash
     For Thou has the Adamantine, the adamant cash
This is not the response I expected from you
My warnings so long unheeded have made me blue
You are my children and I vow to save your souls
But to save your flesh, you will have to meet these goals
Let the evil wars end, allow nature to thrive
Cast aside all notions of greed to stay alive
     I shall heed with God speed to sow the righteous seed
     My love will manifest, for 'tis my soul's main heed
     I shall present my flesh body as this soul's alarm
     I shall not conform, from this world I shall transform
     Holy acceptably my receptacle sin free
     By my renewed mind transformed by Christ's mind shall be
I will spare your flesh if your words prove to be true
In turn, dire prophesies I promise to undo
Encouraged am I to hear you express remorse
It was never My wish to take action so coarse
To save body and soul, I sacrificed my Son
It has been My wish that all men will live as one

     Forgive Father, so shall I speak just this once more
      As Thou has given thus this world for to explore
     ‘Twas a parasite seed from derivative mind's greed
     Brought forth by chance, a wild branch, doeth Thou not concede
     Purgeth my wild branch of chance, ‘tis your right to do
     That I might pursue Your true vine, my love be true

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2009

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Demons of faith,
God speed,
Ageless tears,
A dweller lost in the perfect Odyssey.
Bricks of memories, barricade my way out.
Growing gray within the ageless centuries.
Steady rivers, at the pitch of one response.
Times out, by the heat, and beauty.
Tragedy is never a fear to announce.

The drug that takes to cure, the world,
~ lost in a torn humanity.
Harmless, results and tears
~ struck in every way, in the same day.

Sneaky thoughts up my sleeve. 
I will leave, the envious of me, this you best believe,
There is no way in...
I found the perfect way out...
Destroying demons,
That get in my way..

Waking up in a dusty road.
Unleashing every load.
Today's a different day, still I wake up the same way.
But, today life is reversed.
I find myself with an endless thirst.
Tossing me into a 700 degree level,
I shine away from the path of the dust devil.
Swirling all around, forbidden to enter my bound.
Your pitch at me,
a fever I want no more.
Now I can see, the emptiness of the things inside of me.
Now I can feel, my soul reaching out to heal.

Breaking every cold sweat, 
Shivers, pneumonia a life of regrets.
Withdrawals left behind.
Symptoms, showing the fever is gone.

God Speed*
Into my life*


Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2011

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An Outer Unfold ( Of Inner Gold )

Life on the flip side,
  A state where souls can’t hid,
And the proverbial eagles glide,
  All of love will be satisfied,
To structure, will not be tied,
  No strife, just life,
Love without end,
  No fend no foe,
Are you ready to go,
  Those that receive it ,
And believe it,
  Will never leave it!

A soul lost in mind’s wilderness,
                                               Isn’t a plus!
For any of us,
  What’s the fuss?
Will degenerate us,
  Like Rome and Egypt,
The soul becomes paraplegic,
  Like a prodigal son,
On a,  from God run,
  Eating with swine, the lust husk of corn,
And some say don’t be!  Alarmed?

  You’ve seen the results,
Of souls of lust,
  The Nero burn,
Of unconcern,
  He did not learn,
And the Pharaoh child,
  Of the Nile,
And the Mosanic child,
  Float on the Nile,
The Mosanic rod,
  Was God,
In the hands of Moses,
  Pharaoh thoughts, not able to oppose us,
This rod of Moses!

  New city, the image of greed,
Will not succeed,
  The seed of old,
Of the mind of Adam’s fold,
  As the grassy knoll,
The bold of mind’s unfold,
  A great family of greed,
Again does not succeed,
  Not God’s seed,
The greed!

  Another time upon us,
Are you the opponent,
  Will the lady succeed,
In economic greed,
  Or will love conceive,
A new relieve,
  By love believed,
A new child being conceived,
  A pregnancy of relieve,
Within lady of light,
  Lifting up life like a kite,
New world of light,
  Out of a greedy night!

As many as will,
  May take of this gospel pill,
A reality deal,
  Love’s pearl,
The real girl,
  Not of the world!

Encouragement has been a plenty,
  Hasn’t been skinny,
For any,
  Love is not a genie,
Not an empty minded panacea,
  Receive and believe,
Is love's relieve!

  Whatever is believed,
Is your conceive,
  Of the mind,
Not of love’s kind,
  The heart,
Is love’s start!

  From the sacred heart,
Comes the bond of meekness,
  Love with no flaw of weakness,
In bleakness,
  As the mind’s fears in weakness,
Read and bleed,
  Or concede,
God speed!!


Copyright © john freeman | Year Posted 2009

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As the Earth Revolves Around

Outside stars sparkle while daffodils await the morning sun.
Crickets sing their cheery song hoping for a night of fun.

Roosters and hens sleep hidden, snuggled in branches of trees.
Owls are awake, looking around, feathers ruffled in the breeze.

Inside, folks are fast asleep without a sound or a peep.
The sun is on the other side, warming the shepherds’ sheep.

Around the world people love and hate, it happens here and there.
Let us turn our hearts to peace; show tolerance everywhere.

Let us set aside our greed and use only what we need.
Let replenishment be man’s rule of thumb…please, God speed-

Value thrives in the soul of a man, not in what he “owns”.
Wisdom holds the key to love and to the Creator’s throne.

The heavens shine a warming glow; it does not hesitate.
Likewise let us show forth love and bring earth’s peaceful state.

Before the daffodils look up, let us end hate’s bitter cup.
Love one another around the world…God’s creatures…waking up.

When the night sky sparkles each star as earth revolves around.
May wisdom fill the heart of men and peace on earth abound. 

© March 26, 2011
Dane Smith-Johnsen

Copyright © Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen | Year Posted 2011

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Sweeet 'Johnny Angel'

Smile.. ;)
Sweeet Johnny Angel
Honeycomb.. heart
Beautiful.. ever so
Shine Your Light.. 
Make my Heart Glow
Ever so Bright...

Sweeet Johnny Angel
For tis.. Sweeet as Honeybee
Those whom knows
He spreads His Angels Wings..
Flys like the wind..

Sweeet Music
Of Melody
Within Heart
Johnny Angel
Do your part..
Giving your gift of Love
Compassion.. kindness
and Sweeet 
Your words heals hearts
Here tis.. Sweeet Kiss'ss 
Smile... Your Heart tis a Glow...

Flutter your wings..
Spread your Loving words 
Tis Harmony you sow

Love tis sings
Sweeet Johnny Angel..
with Golden Wings..

Keep Shining.. 
Fly... across the sky
with God Speed  

Spreading Joy..
For all hearts and Souls

Ps.. Thank you for your honey kiss'ss
Sweeeet Johnny Angel

Copyright © Star Light | Year Posted 2011

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Wizened skin like burnished leather
Thin, grey and long, disheveled hair
Clear, sharp blue eyes that seem to stare
Through sun scorched face, alert, aware

A ‘lived-In’ face that’s so expressive
Tales he tells read like a missive
His arms and hands he flails about
To all he jests, he seems to shout

Belying age with youthful vigour
He starts his day with seeming rigour
But, easy going, he always jokes
With folk at whom, light fun, he pokes

He’s up each morning before the dawn
Striding, planning, never forlorn
Before sunrise you’ll hear with luck
His famous catch-phrase,  “Get Tae F***!”

He’s worked on rigs for oh, so long
With everyone he gets along
On the “fine old lady” Stena Clyde
No deference – ALL he does deride

From owner, manager and high paid “suits”
To lowly boys who clean the boots
The tone the same, The grin, the look,
The cheeky laugh, the “Get Tae F***!”

Sub zero frost or tropical heat
His ardour you will find hard to beat
Old habits die hard they say
Not his – he does them anyway!

Does a place exist he’s never been?
That has a port that’s never seen
This tall slim figure filled with pluck
Or heard his raucous, “Get Tae F***!”

They say he’s always been a sailor
From Antarctic wastes upon an ancient whaler
15 years old in the South Atlantic
A hardy life, forget romantic!

Steam driven ships before motor’s advent
He sailed near and far. Came and went.
A story true with each port of call
His audience he holds in thrall

But all through this, both feet aground
Though invitations still abound
To high profile golf tournaments
The best hospitality at these events

He mixes with the best of them
The rich and famous golfing men
Yet on the course when he mis-hits his ball
Not “fore” but G.T.F. to all

And so it seems his time has come
To rest upon his laurels some
He’ll sure be missed – God Speed, Good Luck
It’s been a pleasure Jimmy, “Get Tae F***!”

No dismissive snort from any here
From us, a greeting, a hearty cheer
Received with grace, a smile - a look.
You grin then tell us,  “Get Tae F***!”

Copyright © Thomas Mansfield | Year Posted 2014

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Why is a Beast a Beast

 The image of beast doesn’t know
being an image of formidable  foe
he is hindrance to his own essence glow
the pride of life is but parasitic show

The fact in the parasitic show
is the fact that doesn’t know  
true fact hidden in ones essence glow
the fact is, the lower fact can never know(C. I Cor. 2:14 KJV)

True fact of the fact is God speed
cannot be known of concept greed
the seed of essence God speed
shall never be know of serpent seed

When a fact is a temporal fact
like an out of whack sacroiliac
intertwined to the human back
concept fact knows not essence of fact

A beast doesn’t know he’s a beast
for of his own concepts he feasts 
not knowing he’s gruesome beast 
a counterfeit within Love’s feast

Why in the world is there beast…? 
the fall in the garden from peace
living in a wilderness un-fleeced 
the beast doesn’t know he’s beast…
                                             of his own creation un-fleeced!

A beast un-leashed is never at peace
a beast unleashed is free mind un-fleeced
the human beast doesn’t know he’s a beast
a mind un-fleeced, without Precept peace

When and why is a beast a beast…?
Love’s free-will of human mind un-leashed…
`Tis human concepts, not Precept that un-leashed 
the human beast… proof that Love is at peace…

Worldly concepts are of individual free-wills 
the beastly natures are of the human spills
love doesn’t will the beastly human deals 
but gives space to common human ills,… 
purposed to learn Love’s will…
                                Love spills, seal Love’s deal…
                                 a beast is a beast
                                  of concepts’ feast 
                                   did not come from true east..

Copyright © john freeman | Year Posted 2012

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Epitaph Eulogy BY Linda Blair News Flash OBITUARY


Epitaph – Eulogy
Linda Blair

This man, lying here in state – DEAD – lives.
His aged soul - but not his heart – he gives
to me – for me - this is such a shame,
so on him – everything – I will blame.

He has always – to a degree -  been there for me.
in my need – my desire – much more, I want to be,
and so, because these things I want, are not met
I have left him perplexed, to wonder, worry and fret.

Fret about the things I do, I do not want him to know,
and so, I play my little games, put on a great show.
Now that he / I have gone - to that great beyond 
I believe I now understand my act – him I wronged.

And so, I now leave this old man – alone
to take his life’s journey - on his own.
I wish I could find peace and glory
in telling Bill, - for my act – I am sorry

I think he knew ?, that it is just not in me
to face up to, and accept my responsibility.
May god speed you on your way Bill,
I pray, one day. you may, again find life’s thrill.

B. J. “A” 2
May 29th 2004

News Flash

   Found today in his Prairie Avenue, seniors apartment, Port Coquitlam B.C.
dead of wounds inflicted, it has been determined, on May 6th 2004 by one
Linda B. of Dewdney Trunk Maple Ridge B. C. who has been alleged to have 
stilettoed Atfield in the heart, many times, in the parking lot of a gas station on 
Lougheed Hwy., and then left him to bleed to death in the parking lot of 
Shaughnessy Station, under the shadow of the catwalk that crosses over
Lougheed Hwy. It hovers over the 701 bus stop, the bus that provided her 
with an escape route, Poof and Mrs., Linda B. disappeared .
   There will be no formal charges laid against Mrs., Linda B. for her crime 
of being a product of her nurturing and nature, for her indifference. 
Mr., Atfield left an impression, he understood the nature of the beast that
laid within and in parting – departed – forgave once again.
   An autopsy performed on Mr., Atfield, revealed that the weapon used
by Mrs., L. B. was similar to numerous others that have perpetrated 
the soul of this old fool, tried to destroy him copious times, on previous
occasions. The scar tissue found, that doth surround, covers much 
of his beating, bleeding heart. This is Friendship ???, this is Love ???

Article written by B. J. “A” 2
Published by The Now News Paper


Found this gray, gloomy day, of a broken heart,
friendship past away, ended, no chance for a new start.
Laid to rest upon a heap, Wm. J. Atfield Jr. of
Port Coquitlam, British Columbia.
Mr. Atfield is survived by his three Daughters,
his Father, Brother, Brother / Uncles.
Mr, Atfield follows the demise, the destiny,
the fate of many – relatives, friends, acquaintances,
stranger, human kind who have put their faith,
their trust their lives in the hands of friendships .

May 29th 2004

Copyright © William J. Jr. Atfield | Year Posted 2014

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Brother Farewell

You’re free now, baby
No more restraints
No ominous darkness behind each day 
All the fears have gone their way
The aching bones
The lonely heart 
They've left you now
You can start your time anew 
Without suspicion 
Or worry 
Or lingering despair 
You’re free now, baby
So go your way
Your path is bright 
Your heart unchained
Time for reality, no more delusion 
The way of the soul invites no confusion. 
Your truth is unfettered 
And puts rest all illusion.
God Speed, my brother
I’ll see you soon, 
In the place where the light shines
Bright as the moon.

Copyright © Laura Dodd | Year Posted 2015

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My Clone Got No Soul

My Clone Got No Soul

My clone, it seems, came out with no soul,
I guess it got lost, in the petri dish bowl.
In the mirror, a face like me would come through,
But that’s where it ended,
He was more like Deep Blue.
He never did find that “happy” place,
He never belonged, to the whole human race.

I wanted to console my clone with no soul,
But which part was actually there to console?
His head, his heart, his hand or his foot,
That’s a soulless sole, with no spiritual root.
He tried yoga, and diet, and Zen meditation,
But the chakras weren’t there for his elevation,
And soon he came down with “no motivation.”

I gave him the novel, that old Frankenstein,
He was all Shelly and shell shocked,
And out of his mind.
He took to drink, his gourd to console,
He even packed up, a nice little bowl.
I guess any change of mind will do,
When you’re trapped in your ego,
All cornered and blue.

So I bought him a TV, 
With a satellite dish,
But it didn’t satisfy, not one single wish.
“Too many reruns,” he said with a stare,
“Heather’s cheating on Alex, but what do I care.”
I’ve got more problems that are troubling me,
All existential and twisted, to the nth degree,

My guanine, and cytosine, none of them blessed,
My adenine, thymine, just like the rest,
All of them sequenced, in neat little clips,
Here comes the four horsemen,
Of my apocalypse.

I felt sorry for him, so sorry you see,
It was not his decision, to be all you can be,
Or not to be, that is a question, posed
with Shakespearan glee,
He couldn’t read the fine print, you see
With no eye’s you see. Oh say can you see?

My clone passed a man with a pamphlet to read,
Jesus saves my dear boy, that’s all that you need,
this contract you sign, will grant you God speed.

“I’m soulless and homeless,” said my clone with a smirk,
I haven’t had time, to be a real jerk,
I’ve been in a fog, an unfortunate haze,
I’ve been only alive for a couple of days.”

.My clone moved around on the physical earth,
With no hope of redemption, release, or rebirth,
“If love won’t release me, it’s hate I will breed,”
I‘m a terrible spawn, from a terrible seed.
In a losing game, I have to concede.”

(Now I never thought a twitch, to put him on a shelf,
But when we sat together, he was beside himself.)

My clone on his birthday sighed a terrible sigh,
That he wanted to, “just lay me down and die,”
His desire for this, was so total and blind,
His own DNA began to unwind,
I called up the Church, the Lab, and the State,
That my clone was dying at a terrible rate.
“Your call is extremely important to us”,
As long as you don’t raise, or kick up a fuss.

He died on a cold night on old Halloween,
Alone and frightened at the terrible scene.
And there, I laid my clone to rest,
But alas, he had no soul to bless.

I took a walk, to kick my heart rate,
And was grateful, 
that I had a different fate.

And if your neighbor greets you,
with a blank full of stare,
I hope he’s just tired, 
and someone’s in there.
But don’t call the Church the Lab or the State,
They usually arrive just a little too late.


Copyright © Mark Leeper | Year Posted 2013

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Again, left alone

Again, left alone...... A year has been passed since I left home Again my life become lonely in the military barracks My life without you, left me with only tears I know that you never want to see me in tears But it's been so hard to be here without you When I am away from you, there is part of me dying and I don't know where to hide my tears Although, the distance has kept us away but your memories keep on speaks to me Always, It tells me that our love is to be loved No one makes me feel the way you do No one loves me so much the way you love me When I am stay at the door of your heart then I feel your inside flames that's burns my soul Oh my love, let God speed my love and bring me again into your arms soon. Ravi Sathasivam / Sri Lanka All rights are reserved @ 2015

Copyright © Ravi Sathasivam | Year Posted 2015

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Knight might

True Knight Could you support the Underdog , Could you take the poor mans' part, Knight Errant could you fight Magog, Rip out his Demons heart, and when the wrong of Evil done, You see the Devils' part, to give your life to overcome, be Valiant cleave the path...Don We the persecuted poor want equality with the Evil rich. We can have equality without Communism or any other ism. The Evil Demon Greed is overpowering and the Lying Propaganda pre-veils:the Truth:} We have a media like Facebook to reach everyone, and give each person the vote of how it “will be” Furthering THE Political Correctness foisted upon us we should insist on Equality of Pesos' for all on the Planet. Not Dollars but world bank credits. This obtainable Utopia needs funding “without the need for greed to be rich ethics.” Advertising is needed to get Utopia, rolling, remove the Evil greed, stamp out the evil seed, remove the shoddy lust, Give power to the Just, the rich will be Non-plused, A better day, God-Speed, In the One God yes we trust....

Copyright © DON JOHNSON | Year Posted 2016

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Run with Wind---God's Speed--Wild-Mustang--Lasting in Time--

My Wild-Mustang
Running free
Tis ways of Your Spirit
Shall always be..

Wanting Love
But yet.. Wild-within
You want to be

tho.. True Love to behold
Within My heart for thee..

But as we both know
Always Run.. on the go...
Running down.. winding roads..
Within this earthly Life
What.. Wonders Love
Truly beholds

Perhaps... maybe fear of 
Mustang being trapped
Within a Fence.. place in Corral
Not able to run Free
Of Love.. True Extents
Yes.. My Wild-Mustang
As I see.. 
Let go.. Let God..
Give you speed-fast as the wind

Let You know
You No longer be
bound unto me
As you had once said.. 
But then again.. 
Bound is your Spirit
Within the Wild-Wind

Your heart tis be 
Ever Sweeet as a honeycomb
Your Spirit.. tis a Wild-Mustangs tis roams
Sweeet tender heart.. Loving and kind
For You are.. Wild-N Free
As tho 
within my dreams 
I Shall behold
Always "You and Me'

Thank God.. For you are a True Blessing
May Your Spirit Run.. 
Fast as the Wind
With God Speed..
Just Never let go.. 
Of Alpha and Omega
God Almighty Love you know

Wind of God"s Speed--Run Wild Mustang.. Your Free.. 
As I see.. Tis God planned for You to be.. 
honeycomb heart.. Sweeeeet..
Post this one just for you..

Copyright © Star Light | Year Posted 2012

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Richard Grasby Sr A Dedication

With the roar of that motorcycle
You got one more ride ahead
An asphalt highway The wind in your hair
A younger man with eyes of an older soul
That gate is waiting for you to round that bend
Hold on tight for a great beginning
Lite by love and heart
You cruise right on in with that purr of those two cylinders
Freedom from pain and freedom from strain
You are on your way Uncle Rich
Heaven's gate wide open like a throttle
Welcoming a kind and gentle man
Who was loved for his toughness 
As well as his tenderness
We will miss you down here
Give gramps a great big hug for us all
We love you so god speed to you
Keep on admiring the view
We will make you proud and We will see you again someday soon.

Copyright © DAVID GRASBY | Year Posted 2017

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A Loving Farewell

Life moves on with or without us come what may
Oh, Sorrow, how we feared this day.
Oh, Sorrow, how we tremble in dismay
The moment is upon us when we must say


Your retirement came too soon and caught us unaware
Now tears fall, are falling, falling tears of despair.
We have cherished your friendship, your humor, your care
And how you looked after us, ever constant, always there


Confetti here, confetti there confetti in the air 
As we celebrate your honorable and hard-working years
With applause resounding and loving but bittersweet cheers
You are special Lovely Lady we will hold you close by
With warmth and respect always and on that you may rely


Pretty Lady, Lovely Lady, Pretty Please,
Give us Ten Thousand Hugs before you take your leave
Remember us, think of us and do not forget
We want to be the memories you will never regret


As you go, fly safe, fly far, soar high and away
A New Adventure awaits you so do not delay.
God Speed, Lovely Lady, as your hour of departure nears
May you enjoy one thousand times one thousand
Happy, fulfilling years


Copyright © Carol Zic | Year Posted 2011

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Free Verse rhyme

For the cause of naught, all wars have been fought
For in Love’s true entity, God provided a plenty
For the cause of naught, hate has been wrought
Sin was the begin of naught, for which greed of wars are fought
For cause of naught, lust was thrust, from mind of dust
For `tis naught therein the mind doth trust

God’s dread, as proverbial cat was led, mind’s curiosity was fed
The naught by curiosity fed,  to the mind was dead, as God hath said.................(Gen. 2;17)
The debt of God’s dread, His Son, to the naught of humanity was fed

The derivative mind, thrust forth into life
Departed from life, entered into strife
Now the tree of naught, the mind is wrought
`Tis naught, within the mind, where war is first fought

It has been said; War is Hell
But hell is a soul at war with God and self
Un-- till,--- by total destruction,-- nothing is left,--- of ego self
The conclusion of naught,--- `tis mind’s illusion

Economic  self destruct, by the naught of mind’s luck......................(Rev. Ch 17 & 18 Harlot)
For `tis by two party feed,-- `tis America’s mind greed
By the corporate course, they shall have to force------Us
Eventually Love will intercede, swallowing the mind’s greed
A Mosaic seed, shall swallow Corporate greed,      Even,
As it doth feed, thinking it `tis,-- itself-- God speed

For the “Naught” Christ’s blood bought!!!


Copyright © john freeman | Year Posted 2009

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Took our friends to the airport this afternoon,
Don't like them going, but they'll be back soon.
We love having friends who we're comfy with,
Sometimes they are much closer than kith.
Gone to see family and friends far away,
We're happy that they'll be back one day.
Glad it is them that's going and not us,
For they're going to pay out in Toys-R- Us!
So we said not goodbye, but see you anon,
We will be waiting for the plane you are on.
Then it's back to normal whatever that is,
Until they are off again for a Christmas whizz.
So we said God speed and keep you both safe,
Until you're safely back from your holiday place.

© Dave Timperley 08 August 2016

Copyright © Dave Timperley | Year Posted 2016

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Robert Michum 7-1-97 Jimmy Stewart 7-2-97 Charles Kuralt 7-4-97

         ROBERT MITCHUM-----7/1/97
          JIMMY STEWART-----7/2/97
           CHARLES KURALT------7/4/97
On lifes long road, who knows where are the ends
and when the ones we love leave us alone
what words express the loss of dearest friends
held oh! so dear, whom all the world has known?

Was this their highway junction to all time?
Our grief would be too great for only one,
and three together taken, shouldn't rhyme
but brings reality now that they're gone.

Out on the road, with Charlie, Bob and Jim,
we see ourselves in all they've ever done,
as memories, some bright and others grim,
from reel to reel, and love them every one.

They told our stories, every one was real,
as if they knew exactly how we feel.
               God Speed, My Friends
© ron wilson aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

Copyright © Vee Bdosa | Year Posted 2013

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New Year 366 Page 21

Peter Andre

Our daughter is Peter Andre mad
 She's really got it rather bad
 A card board cut out on the bedroom floor
 Large as life couldn't ask for more
 Except to get her hands on the real thing
 Which she did at a concert as he did sing
 Grabbed her Peter round the waist did she
 Security had to get him free
 But seriously Peter is her passion it's true
 So carry on daughter you’re a fan through and through

Easter Bunny

Exactly what would we do?
An excellent bunny are you
So exciting yet never seen
The execution of delivery you've been
Easter without you not the same
Renowned by only your name

Bouncing around as you try
Under an egg yolk sun in the sky
No child shall be exempt 
Never miss any egg delivery attempt
Yes Easter bunny you are excellent

Easter Bunny

The Easter bunny did say
It is my favourite day
I've got eggs to share
With children everywhere
For free they don't have to pay


Barbaric or a sport
One more has been caught
X certificate the fight game
Is any sport meant to maim 
Naturally not but some take lives
Gone fathers leaving children and wives

Easter Monday

Eggs to be eaten before they melt
A prayer to be said while you are knelt
Sitting together to have a meal
Together a family that loves a great deal
Easter a time for loving and sharing
Rather than fighting we should be caring 

More over this day is one for the lord
Open his message you will not be bored
Now is the time to reach out for peace
Demand that we have it let it release
After an age of terrorism and fear
Yes Easter Monday let love reappear

Easter Monday

On the third day Jesus rose from the dead
The stone rolled away an empty grave instead
So he could sit at his father’s right hand
As it had always been planned
Welcoming all who wish to believe
In the holy trinity
The father, son and Holy Ghost
In heaven with the heavenly host
Waiting for us all to reach out
Forgiving all our sins no doubt

Rhythmic Beating

Hold your hand upon your heart
Feel that rhythmic beating start
Underneath the rib cage wall
Heart will rise and heart will fall
Then your lover comes in the room
Your heart beat races to sonic boom
I know this feeling every day
When my lady wife kisses me that way
When we hold each other tight
My heart it races day and night


Blackwell Nick I wish you well
Out of the ring you fell
X-rays and scans show a bleed in the brain
In the ring you suffered the pain
Not knowing this would happen to you
God speed your recovery from injury to


Does it matter what country
Where death and destruction fly free
Does it matter what colour, race or creed
Murder is murder and to stop it is a need
Taliban or Isis it's all the same to me
When will they stop their killing spree?
They even kill their own in an act of atrocity
When will they smell the coffee from them we must be free
To all those who died in Pakistan I offer up one prayer
May heaven open its gates to you and peace may you find the

Lady Linda

Happy birthday to Lady Linda Yeates
A beautiful lady not from the states
An English rose from Warwickshire
There is no praise that could be higher
A blessed birthday she is due
With love from me and all of you

Copyright © Owen Yeates | Year Posted 2016

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Bring it on

                                              A new day, start of a new year,
                                              may it be full of gladness and cheer;
                                              bring happiness to friends and relations,
                                              bring glory and friendly salutations;
                                              bring contentment to your existence,
                                              relieve all your stress and resistance;
                                              bring great wealth in time of need,
                                              bring you healing with God speed;
                                              bring love for your very own heart,
                                              a love from which you will never part;
                                              fill all your days with love and wealth,
                                              give your mind and body great health;
                                              expand your growing love soul to soul,
                                              love and your purpose is our only goal.

Copyright © Ronald Karzmarczyk | Year Posted 2012

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Of Missing Parts

Often times, I'd sit and wonder, What life might hold for you.. And you, of course, would understand The reasons why I do. Do you know how much I needed you? Because it's in you, I find.... Those parts of me I need the most, The reasons for the rhyme. So many things I thought I knew.. Until God shared you with me... Now, I've pondered other thoughts, Of life as it's going to be. So these, I'll keep within myself, Since you know where to find, Shadows I'd forgotten about, In corners of my mind.... Mirrored in your eyes I see Reflections of my soul.. Handle please, this heart with care, That piece of me you hold. You, I love, but this you know. If only I now could find a way, To show you just how much I care, God speed that blessed day.

Copyright © Pokey Lanford | Year Posted 2011

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Big Brothers

Big brothers, big brothers,
Evidently lovers,
With technology advanced,
All over the expanse,
For above earth’s stance,
Doeth not employ,
To destroy,

Flying in earth’s air space,
Far above the human race,
This is sadly, the case,
While earth’s carnal mind,
Can not define,
How they are flying,

We know they are there,
Even the mind doeth declare,
But how, and who,
Please give us a clue,
That we may pursue,, you,
Out into the blue,

But they already have,
If we will open our valve,
To the love that we have,
Love will lead us out,
Of the mind’s gout,

Physical clues, left all around,
The earth to be found,
But first our love, must come around,
So put on your, cap and gown,

Theology of mind,
About God,
Is not being God’s sod,
The love which is God,

Theology of mind,
Not big brother’s kind,
And will never align,
With a lover’s kind,

Love must lead,
Before we bleed,
Mind’s godless greed,

There is a seed of love,
For lifting above,
Time line of mind,

These other folds,
Of which I’ve told,
Of Christly molds,
Having followed love,
Are flying high above,
With master technology,
Are not mythology,
But of life’s biology,
But not of mind’s theology,

Mayan hieroglyphics,
Giving some specifics,
While stones of old,
Bugged eyes behold,
Higher technology,
Not of mind’s theology,
While heartless greed,
Promotes not,,, God speed,

While two voices,
Of two choices,
One has love’s power,
The other is a liar,
Choose love’s power,
Rise up in this hour,
To join big brother,
The lover,
In true technology!!


Copyright © john freeman | Year Posted 2009

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Alpha said to Beta
So, How’s that flat?
My Gamma built a Delta
What do you think of that?
Machep sounded off, 
“My Beth!” he cried
Epsilon’z ETA, is
exactly what we need!
Eats in the cooler, 
if you make god.speed.
She gave the Ta
and with one Iota 
proclaimed “Yo, dates! “
I swear I told you?
I dared ya, 
to a Nu game and
Kappa the lamb did too….
So, How can
be in only one place
when a woman 
is always in two?
our best phenomenon
How do, you like your Pi?
In a Rho, sea glass
filled to the brim?
Served …
with a scampi 
and why?

The Sigma signaled and 
the meanings mingled
said a tometa, 
was a Stigma.

Thank You @Phi
Chips! it is.

did; the

Copyright © Izzy Gumbo | Year Posted 2010

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IT WAS MY RESURRECTION TOO: (part 2) just sit on it

Mary Magdeline and Mary the mother of Jesus the Christ
went to the tomb was Jesus was laid after the sacrifice
it was a risky venture but they felt a powerful need
to go forth to give Jesus a proper burial with God-speed

the Roman soldiers were standing about to guard the grave site
so that none could steal the body of Jesus in the still of the night
but when both Marys reached the tomb they saw that the stone had been rolled away
and sitting upon it was an Angel of the Lord and to them It did say
wearing raiment white as snow It said to them "to have no fear"
for the One you seek has arisen and His body is no longer here

no longer was Jesus in that tomb which was His enemies' place of defeat
no stone blocking the entrance that would have made His destruction complete
Jesus would not be shut in nor His people to be shut out
an Angel of the Lord sitting on that stone which had cried out

in order to demonstrate dominion over anything in this life
you need to just sit on it and then claim it in the name of Christ
to eradicate the pain, to exterminate the anger, to eliminate the bitterness
to extinguish the hate we need to sit on it in the name of righteousness
so put all those negative things in life under your feet
dominion over all of it the next phase to go out and meet

it was my resurrection too on that day when Jesus arose
it was my resurrection too on that day it was Him I chose
His resurrection power now resides inside of me
His resurrection power has secured my destiny
arisen from the dead and now sitting at the right hand of God
dominion over everything with a righteousness of heart

God rolling away the stones in my life that have tried to hinder and defeat
God rolling away the obstacles in preparation for my journey to be complete
it was my resurrection too, a new life I have been given
it was my resurrection too and by the power of His blood I'm now driven
God rolling away the stones and all those negative things in my life
just sitting on them with dominion and the blessings of my Lord Jesus Christ

Copyright © louise nelson | Year Posted 2010

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Stargazer's Prayer


Stargazer's Prayer
by oldaubry


Capricorn, Virgo, Sagittarius too
Grace me with your image
as you come into view
I feel my true self
as I look to the sky
I can feel that one spark
as the evening is nigh
your stars are a guide
like a mariner's chart
as I use the sextant
that is bourne of my heart
I pray for safe passage
I don't want to roam
May God speed my journey
and help me get home

Copyright © ward billings | Year Posted 2009