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Fake me is better than real me

It’s odd how we all have a persona,
An image we’d like others to see.
My emotional clothing, my charm and charisma, 
It’s nice but it’s not really me.

The real me, my hinterland, the me of me, the “who” that I am,
Isn’t defined by any professions.
I’m not defined by my job, nor my house, nor my clothes.
I’m not defined by any possessions.

Possessions show that I’m cool, calm, I’m collected.
Always seeking a classy sort of style,
But on the inside the thoughts in my head go crazy, 
Like an untamed deranged juvenile.

Always overthinking random stuff of conversations I’ve had. 
Had years ago with my peers.
Thinking the best, then contemplating the worst, 
Battering myself with debilitating fears. 

I hide these fears behind fake actions, fake clothes, 
Fake talk and a fake phrase.
Convinced that a fake me is better than me, 
For now and the rest of always.

Entered into "Who ARE you?" contest by Catie Lindsey 4/30/2016 , ranked First place

Copyright © Lewis Raynes | Year Posted 2016

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Sometimes I just go crazy
Trying to give my kid his medicine
You have to be some kind of genius
You know, like Thomas Edison?

And I've tried almost everything
From the airplane to the train
But he always sees it coming
And the teardrops fall like rain

I try to tell him, "It's good for you"
He just tightens his lips and grunts
Or knocks the spoon out of my hand
Just another of his crazy stunts

Now my kid is only four years old
And when I tell him it will make him better
He says, "Have your people call my people,
And print it in the form of a letter"

And Mary Poppins lied to us all
When she told us what to do
"A spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down"
Well, that just simply isn't true

Copyright © Larry Belt | Year Posted 2010

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Shawty Got Swag

$hawty Got $wag
Shawty got swag, Shawty mad dope. Face all cheesin’, She real turned up. Goin’ to da club, She steppin' wit her peeps, Lookin’ so ratchet, She’s straight up hoochie.
No racks in her pocket, No stacks in her wallet, But she all into bubbly Slurpin’ and burpin’. Lookin for a big baller, Who’ll give her wat she wants, Wildin’ on the dance floor, Tweakin’ an’ freakin’, Shawty actin' so cra cra! She just like da rest a dem, But Shawty real fly, Sure likes a lotta ice, Bling bling, and Benjamins.
Shawty creepin’ to hook up Coz she needs a boo wit finesse, Who’ll give her Yves St. Laurent, 5-star hotels, and 5-star restaurants. Shawty off the chain, Shawty off the hook, She got game and she’s aight! Shawty da bomb - fuh real!!!
08-18-2014 Contest: Ebonics – Let’s Do Some Slang Sponsor: Verlena S. Walker Placement: 1st Some Terms and Definitions: shawty – a young attractive female; dope – cool, nice, awesome; swag – style; turn up – excited; mad – really a lot; peeps – friends, close pals; baller – a thug that made it in the big time; racks/stacks– lots of money; aight – alright; wildin’– to go crazy, acting out of control; cra cra – crazy; tweakin’/freakin’ – dancing provocatively and moving around out of control; cheesin’ – smiling; finesse – man who has swag and can spend a huge amount of money; ratchet – ghetto diva; creepin’ – sneaking about; bubbly – champagne; bling bling – expensive flashy jewelry; Benjamins – hundred dollar bills; boo – one’s lover; da bomb – the best of the best; game – skills; ice – expensive flashy jewelry usually diamonds or jewelry with diamonds; off the chain/off the hook – excellent, fantastic, awesome; fly – cool, in style; hook up – getting together with someone romantically; hoochie – a female who dresses trashy; straight up – absolutely, really.

Copyright © Pandita Sanchez | Year Posted 2014

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My True Love

  I Love Him.

I will dream of him
lighting up my darkness,
covering me with his perfume
go crazy with love, 
and make our life sufficient
gentle and persevering.

It is time to look outside
and feel fearless,
face what I fear the most,
and when the fog's lights will
move in through my window,
its time for me to move on,
to make choices that I can
live with.

I am the reason why my shadows
are awake, I must find a new way
not to look backwards.
I am only human, I need to recover
from going to one extreme
 to the other.

I will look like a fierce 
passionate woman;
away, away I'll fly towards him,
hold him so tight,
together, we hear each other's groan, 
watch our lustrous eyes
 until dawn.
Allow our secret impulses,
urge our desire to land 
in each other's trembling

I'll tell him, "Listen to me. This night 
will be different." 
With the sigh of our breathing
echoing melodies will be sweet,
but those unheard will be sweeter.
Love me, the very word will sound
like a bell tolling me back towards you, 
you, my sole lover.

How I wish to feel the infinite love 
while settling together in my garden,
watch his divine face as an illusion
beneath that joyous veil.
Forbid the roses to miss the spring 
as their harmonious values,
lives in our souls.

Forbid our garden not to agonize
without the light of love, 
prevent the branches on the 
trees from suffocating,
without the light of love.
Prevent our clouds from separating
before taking with them, 
our light of love.
We will take the stand
to forbid the darkness,
and proclaim the 
light of love.

That's where the key is, 
if the light of love opens 
a door to our tranquility,
feeling safe, our love will 
become our strength.
Still together for,
forty five years. 

Written By
Therese Bacha
August 18 2014

Copyright © Therese Bacha | Year Posted 2014

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Her Masterpiece Is Her Story part three

It's an addiction.
She craves the friction.
The brush against the canvas,
The blood scented, crimson kiss.

This girl has nightmares every night,
She does sad things out of your sight.
She'll have moments where she feels okay,
But then she realizes the feeling does not stay.

This girl is chasing a never ending road.
She's holding onto love and won't let go.
And it's making her go crazy.
Her vision of what's real is getting hazy.

This girl loves theatre why you ask?
Because there she's SUPPOSED to put on a mask.
There she can be someone that she's certainly not.
There she can pretend to be anything she wants.

The girl doesn't understand a thing anymore.
She is feeling like a complete attention whore.
Isn't she that, though?
Maybe she isn't really her only foe...

But she is, really she commits a crime of hate.
How much she hates herself there is no debate.
She can't even explain it to anyone and that's okay,
Because no one would know what to say back anyway.

She thought she was lucky and she thought she was blessed.
Really her faith is just being put to the tragic test.
She thinks that possibly she's failing like always.
It is just like any other of her days.

People say she's enough but her mind is her biggest critic.
She just wishes someone would come along and get it.
Like he did the boy that went away.
The boy that's scars were starting to fade.

The best friend of this girl?
Yeah, she's in her own horrific world.
Falling apart at the seams.
While her own best friend lives in her dreams.

The artist has fallen off the edge.
She's been pushed past the ledge.
And no one is there to pull her up.
This would be just her luck.

What's the world? oh yeah, relapse.
This girl felt like she was about to collapse.
Drown under her brain's commands.
Fall down because of her demon's demands.

She's an artist with crazy dreams,
that happens to be falling apart at the seams.
She has no cause for her pain.
All she knows is what's in her brain.

Copyright © Madison Marie | Year Posted 2013

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- Sad Violin -

No one can see it,
but it is there
Dark and cold ... as wet thick fog
The thoughts go crazy
A sad melody replay
Fight with a sword, vision failed

Drowning in mournful tears
Kills the inside of the chest
With fear of death lullaby
Always fighting, demon of the deadly sins
Give the crying heart something to live for

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2017

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Bukowski Contest

Several times, too many to count 
I was suffering or bored and pulled his books out. 
I'd open one up to a random page
Begin to read and wave some green sage .

His words would clear all of my pain
Funny or wild and deeply insane .
They had a way of making me smile 
Which no other anecdote worked meanwhile. 

In poetry classes that I took at night 
In Hollywood where the lights shown so bright. 
I used one of his poems as my homework 
The class would go crazy, acting bezerk. 

His simple everyday themes splashed on the page 
Easy to understand no matter your age. 
Told stories that could lull you to sleep 
When a period would end it was silent, no peep. 

So it's safe for me to say that Bukowski rocks! 
A modern day poet with outlandish plots 
Never a dull poem I've read 
I've always kept his books next to my bed. 


Copyright © Kristen Bruni | Year Posted 2014

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a sample of rock
collected from the moon - -
bidders go crazy

for Carolyn's gemstone contest

Copyright © jack horne | Year Posted 2016

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Sway - For the Adult Mind

You must learn self control
Because if your heart Continues
To beat obnoxiously
when you imagine
My pink lips softly parting and calling your name
Or when you close your eyes
And dream of the way my hips sway
Thinking of the curves between my shoulders and my thighs
And that when you twine your fingers in my hair 
My body will quiver and my voice will sigh
If your heart becomes erratic
When you dream of the smoothness of my skin 
And the dimples that exist on my hips and my back
The supple curve that your fingers wish to grasp 
Thinking of the nectar that like a drug you crave 
And of the way your hands would lay
and the way I might taste
If your heart pounds wildly 
When you dream of a kiss 
Or the way our bodies might fit
Laying on the silkiness of sheets 
Breathing my name like you've never tasted oxygen 
when you imagine the heat 
I might bring to your skin 
And the way you could change 
What I feel within 
Like I've never before felt sensation 
if you heart wont behave 
Then you might go crazy 
Wanting me like you never knew 
the meaning of want before
Convincing yourself your in love
Dreaming of a lust so outrageous 
That meer thoughts can make 
Your heart pound away
Imagining the way my hips sway

Copyright © Jay Loveless | Year Posted 2013

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Witches n' goblins
Will be at the door.
Funny faced children,
Some are a boor.

Tiny people, dressed up so cute,
You just want to hug them,
Give them the loot.]\
Some dressed as angels,
With mom's homemade wings.
Will bring smiles to your face,
When the doorbell rings.

Some kids will be naughty,
As they ring the bell and run.
Or call on the phone,
Hang up just for fun.

Family pets will go crazy,
With every new sound.
As they run to the door,
In a noisy bound.

Take it all with a smile,
For each yer it has been.
A spooky old night,
And enjoy Halloween.


Copyright © Raymond Morgan | Year Posted 2014

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Poet's Page Pleads

I lie here waiting for your gaze -
    The hurt in your eyes is cold fire,
Why don't you come near nowadays?
    What have I done to draw your ire?

The hurt in your eyes is cold fire,
    It seems you are upset with me,
What have I done to draw your ire?
    Talk to me or you'll go crazy;

It seems you are upset with me,
    I feel useless, please fill my blank,
Talk to me or you'll go crazy,
    You know I'll help you, let's be frank;

I feel useless, please fill my blank,
    Why don't you come near nowadays?
You know I'll help you, let's be frank,
    I lie here waiting for your gaze.

(Pantoum and Personification)
May 25th, 2017

Contest: Form P
Sponsor: Broken Wings 

Copyright © Jo Daniel | Year Posted 2017

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Poet's (Poetry In Motion)

I will go crazy if I don't release these feelings inside me
It's a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde type of poetry!
       Creativity emerges, seen through my minds eye.
My pen surges like the blade of a Samurai!
       It's pure determination to reach out and show it.
An obscure imagination for I AM A POET!!!

 Hmmm...I tag you Charma!
-What makes you the poet you are?
-Must end your piece with; "I AM A POET!"

Copyright © Jimmy Anderson | Year Posted 2010

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Complicated Love

It's as if every time i take 2 step forward,
You always make me take 5 steps backward.
You're on my mind all the time,
But am i on yours?
I miss you so much,
But do you miss me?
I'm crazy about you,
But do you even see it?

Sometimes, sitting here,
I feel tears rolling down my cheeks,
Just the thought of you,
Makes my heart melt into to two.
But yet, i can't let you out of my head.
I can't go a day without thinking about you,
Or i may go crazy.

Just hoping and praying,
That you'll soon realize that,
I'm going to be here for you, when you need it most,
I'm going to be here for you, through your roughest time,
I'm going to be here for you, when no one else show care,
I'm going to be here for you, because i love you.

Copyright © Nancy Phan | Year Posted 2009

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My attempt at poetry

Dedicated to all Soup poets and muse - please continue to help and thank you.

I didn’t know how to write poetry as I was new, only 6 months in the poetry game so no shame, many a day after writing I was feeling blue, I thought I was stupid and everybody was to blame. Met amazing people here and their care is free, apparently it’s a rhyming thing or not, it was driving me up the bloody tree, thanks to all the positive input I got. I now know more or less what is required, I tried “Monoku” oh my, what a mess I made, struggling to write at work almost got fired, I was so embarrassed, under my desk I laid. I tried to write a “Haiku”, I cant even say the word, but nevertheless I tried, what a load of pooh, valuable comments but almost meant how absurd, I know why poets go crazy, and what they go through I tried to write a “Kimo”, hey whatever, what the hell is that supposed to mean, but stuck to my guns and did endeavour, produced what I thought was clever and clean. I tried to write a “Verse”, was told to call it that, submitted to contest, no comments, but N/A, again, like I was talking to a stranger and saying sorry you just spat, re-looked at my poems, I’m too stupid to give up and I’m vain. I tried to write a “Sonnet” about my new sweetheart, apparently it has only fourteen lines and limited syllables, took so long she almost left me with a new broken heart, no fuel in my car, and all the McDonald bills. I tried to write a “limerick” an apparent popular form, this is supposed to be funny have rhythm and rhyme, previously for me anything that rhymed was the norm, for that my English teacher should be smacked for his crime. Finally I realised that its not just poetry but expressing life, all you appreciate, love, you find funny and even hate, your inner feelings, emotions, caring and your strife, the special people on this site that help and patiently rate. Now I do endure to write, and appreciate all and thank all, for their positive input and renaming my form appropriately, If my poem does not make it in any way or at all, I don’t care because I am learning and will continue patiently.
Yes I do know the form is supposed to be "Rhyme" not "I do not know" - that is one of the intentions of the poem

Copyright © Mark Paul van der Merwe | Year Posted 2016

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The Charlatans

With a load of worries on your shoulders
You dolefully trudge on your path of life
Evading any ditches or impeding boulders
craving for a life free of stress and strife.

But then someone cuts right in front of you
Shoves his faith in your face and his views
And wouldn't let you be even on cue,
Sadly but the pestering just continues.

And for the fact, since the beginning of time
Priests and politicians have come and gone,
Yet mankind has kept on with his crime
So why not leave politics and religion alone?

That’s when I go crazy with a machete,
Hold me tight for I can’t stand steady,
Like to shred those goons like spaghetti...
Ha, I am shuddering with rage already!

~Judgmental People and Haters
contest by Brenda Chiri

Copyright © Abdul Malik | Year Posted 2017

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When I Die

When I die
please call the cops
don't lie
then put my body on some hot rocks.
play 2Pac
over my block 
to honor me
then spread my ashes across the Black Sea.
My life of sin
will be over
when the train pulls in
life will be on my shoulder.
I'm in the zone
all alone.
When I'm gone
will it turn you on?
will it make you happy?
will it make you sad?
will it make you go crazy?
and will it make you mad?
When I die
don't tell my dad
he's a father that I never had,
just another face in my broken past.
The good memories
never seem to last.
Let life go on
for my son
may he never touch a gun.
I'll fly like a lightning rod
to the house of god.
This life is getting stranger
everywhere I go
I'm always in danger.
Let my soul linger on
let em' drop the bomb
let em' sing this song
learn right from wrong
smoke out of my bong
let the band play on.

When I die
will you cry?
will you try
to lie
about the way I died?
Will you honor my pride?

Illuminati confirmed
I will lay where my homies burned.
Everything I've seen
everything I've learned.
You've turned.
I hope I still grow
after I go.
I hope my rhymes will heard
all my words
by the birds
far away
I hope I don't go like Marvin Gaye
but, it's better to burn out
than to fade away.

When I die 
will you cry?
Will you try
to lie
about the way I died?
Will you honor my pride?

Now, I know 
I said and did a lot of things.
That I hurt you.
That's what really stings
because I know how much you tried 
to help me through.
Play those strings.
All my love
all the hard times
all these rhymes
and those crimes.
Your my dove
my first true love.
You will always be in my heart
I made the teardrops start.
All my art
walking after dark
my fiction is stark.

When I die
will you cry?
Will you try
to lie
about the way I died?
Will you honor my pride?

Don't reject
my respect 
for the dead
or I'll pump your guts full of lead.
You will see a lot of red.
I'm a thug
when I'm holdin' a slug.
If I catch wind
of you harming my friend 
it will be your end.
Enough said.

When I die
will you cry?
Will you try
to lie
about the way I died?
Will you honor my pride?

Copyright © Blake Holland | Year Posted 2016

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Mythology - The Gods Must Be Crazy

Gods of mythology from long ago,
commanded humans act within their law
or else there might be punishment, and so
man worshiped, followed, never to withdraw.

These gods ruled over sun, moon, rain and wind;
and humans prayed to them for harmony.
Now in our world, they would be quite chagrined
by skies so full of our technology.

Our airplanes, jets, and rockets would incite,
and put them in a frenzy of despair
with terror in their skies both day and night,
and techno signals bouncing everywhere.

Apollo, Zeus, Poseidon, Jupiter
you would go crazy in these modern days.
The sun and sky and sea do now concur
your power has been lost to nature's ways.

No more your lightning and loud thunder claps.
No more your floods from storms that you set free.
No more a drought to make the crops collapse.
No more the sinking of great ships at sea.

We have since learned about our universe;
that earth is reigned by scientific means.
New rules for skies and land and sea traverse;
No gods of mystery behind the scenes.

We now can travel land and sea, and oh,
the sky and outer space, our playground too.
Gods of mythology from long ago
you must be crazy since we've dismissed you.

Your paintings and stone statues all remain
and written history still stirs the mind.
Gods of mythology, it's clearly plain
you served a purpose to ancient mankind.

Sandra M. Haight

~1st Place~
Premiere Contest: YGGDRASIL ME
Sponsor: White Wolf
Judged: 05/20/2017

~2nd Place~
Contest: The Gods Must Be Crazy
Sponsor: John Lawless
Judged: 01/18/2016

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2016

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My eyes are dazzled at the sight of you,
Extremely chic, your sparkles they just grew.
Your penguin costumes always sat just right,
With candelabra burning there so bright.

Yours eyes they glittered as if they just knew,
The secret to life was you, being you.
Your smile was a magical starlit gaze,
When you came out, we were all in a daze.

That you were eccentric, no one would doubt,
The crowds would go crazy, when you came out.
Walk to your piano, sit there so tall,
Fingers would move, and captivate us all.

Rings filled with diamonds slid over keys,
Magical misfit, our senses appeased.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans 
Mystic Roses Contest: Eccentricize my Eyes 

Copyright © Brenda Meier-Hans | Year Posted 2014

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Soup Mail

What can I say
I don't receive it every day 
Though I never check it 
But once a year 

So how would I know 
 If It was really there 

Just like on Facebook as well
I never check my messages 
Which irks my daughter to no end

Though I truly must confess
This is also the way of my house
As I watch the messages scroll

 And I wonder should I answer it 
By the time I figure out if I should 
That number is surely gone from sight 
It is no big thing to me though 

My older sister used to go crazy
She would say how am I suppose
To get a hold of you in an emergency

I'd say because I hear the message    

I most always keep the ringer off
Then I had the see through phone
So I just watched the lights go off 

Maybe I will check my soup mail 
more often than not 

I wrote this last night because I checked my soup mail and seen there were 5 messages;
9/ 24- 25/ 12;30am    2012

Copyright © Debbie Duncan | Year Posted 2012

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Kananaskis is

Kananaskis is 
four-fifths a line of  haiku
Kananaskis is

With spring’s sudden warmth
serial avalanches thunder
one triggers the next 

Winter’s snow melting 
laughing, leaping, running to 
valley far below

Green slopes banded red
dying lodgepole pine,  memories	
of last year’s Chinook

Golden larch quivers	
as the first storm of winter
passes close tonight

As a boy, I came
to know this quiet valley 
father's special place 

Leaving highway to
where mountains reach to heaven
we drove the stone road

Fishing beaver ponds
dad came on bees, lost his specs 
on return  just bees

One night as we camp
a timberwolf comes to call
returns to dark night

On the upper lake
clouds mask the solar eclipse
but fish go crazy

One spring’s discovery
drawdown pools, teeming with trout 
who won’t touch anything

A five pound rainbow
beached chasing Peter’s lure
red stripe - jealousy

Late autumn, Lake B
big browns cruise downwind beaches
only we know where

A ski resort appears
wonderland needs paved roads
we protest in vain

Twenty years later
returning with my children
to an unknown place

If you slow to look
irate traffic leans on horns	
rushing to their lodge

My kids and I fish
a borrow pit now a“lake”
tourists' put and take

To a grizzly bear
roads are barriers wider	
than flooding rivers

Kananaskis is 
four-fifths a line of  haiku
Kananaskis is


Copyright © D.W. Rodgers | Year Posted 2014

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can't live without u

If i could never talk to you,
i would go crazy.
If i could never see you, 
it would break my heart.
If i could never hear our voice,
I dont know what i want do.
I cant live without you.
You make me happy.

Copyright © Angel Hale | Year Posted 2012

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Like a Duck's Wiggle

I know of a girl called Daisy
Whose wiggle sure isn't lazy
From left to right it swings
Making my heart sing
The images make me go crazy

Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2011

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My loving daughter

My loving daughter... A treasure and blessings for us from our God to have you as a wonderful and sweet daughter You bring us a special joy and charm and fills happiness around our home Your smile does brighten our days and set us free Your hugs and kisses make our hearts melt There is no life without you and you are everything to us Years have gone so quickly and brought so much changes in you But your every experiences have left us to remember you forever We are proud to be your parents and its the best ever we have felt Sometime you make naughtiness and we go crazy but silently we enjoy when you tease us and others You are the beautiful child we brought you on this world for reason To love and teach you right from wrong and protect from sins No matter what, God will keep us together forever That will be the best of our family can be. Ravi Sathasivam / Sri Lanka All rights are reserved 2015

Copyright © Ravi Sathasivam | Year Posted 2015

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Remember how you'd come home and
you'd lift me up and we'd go crazy dancing
to the rhythm of the newspaper man...
do you remember Daddy?
Remember how you'd go to the rooftop
and take me along and we'd search
for the seven sages hiding in the sky...
do you remember Daddy?
Remember how you'd be really tired
and i'd ask you to tell me a story and
you'd tell me a story but i'd fall asleep...
Daddy, do you remember?
anything at all?
do you remember me ?
do you know me Daddy??

Copyright © Juhi Chacko | Year Posted 2014

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-For Prince

Black onyx handsome, 
Small is beautiful, 
Soft campy creature, 
Definite in feature, 
All chiseled, boned, 
Talents honed,  
And used for a king's ransom.

A royal purple mist,
Rained down on fans.
A thousand in the cast,
(He's never going to last).
Sing, Hip hop, do yer dance,
It's really yer last chance; 
And maybe you'll be missed.

Let's do! Let's go crazy! 
Count sheep, fall asleep,
Red flag, Swag dance, Sweet feet!  
Tap it, Rap it, on a side street.
Keepers, weepers, of the dark,
One chance to make yer mark.
Sigh or sing, no time to be lazy!

Speed of light, day or night,
You know time can't be defined.
Check it off, count loves, 
Hope you hear the cry of doves. 
Yer wanting all yer extra time, 
Kiss it in yer billboard climb;
A nanosecond dove in flight.

Burning up your axe,
Ending up an icon, 
Pay your ticket, seeum, 
In Hollywood's museum. 
Paisley is the handle,
Stiff, dripping like a candle,
Just a manikin in wax. 

No birthday's, no gray, or wrinkle.
In purple paper, wrap a lost chord!
You float above a cherry moon, 
Wing it, sing it, it's your last tune.
Spirit vaporized, name that's canonized,
And all your data to be analyzed. 
Precious purple, a periwinkle sprinkle.

Always cry for love, never cry for pain;  
Elevé, do rise, caught up, surprised!
Don't stare sleeping there,
Death upon the stair.
No liquor, no last flicker, 
No barcode, no heart quicker, 
An April snow has left you sleeping in the rain. 

By Edlynn Nau 
© April 23, 2016

Copyright © Edlynn Nau | Year Posted 2016