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What's New at the Zoo

Paula parrot is my name. I once was wild, but now I'm tame
A chatterbox who likes to talk! 
Some news to share? Let's take a walk!
Now tell me what's the latest scoop? 
Oh! Watch your step! There's Dodo poop!

When I fly around the zoo, I'll likely make a friend or two
Some call it weird, or quite absurd, to chatter with the other birds
and sometimes share a joke or two, with Ollie Ostrich, and Adolf Emu

I can't deny, I wouldn't lie, I look the Cuckoos in the eye
We shoot the breeze, and share some pie 
and when I leave, with teary eyes, they flap their wings, and shout "Good Bye!"

I pass on by and say "G'day", to Hippity Hoppity Kangaroo
I greet Giraffe, we share a laugh,  a "How are you??" to Mr. Gnu!
I chat while the Chimps, do acrobats, and say "Ell...o" to Elephants...

Poor Tiger's throat is very sore.......he's caught a bug, and cannot roar!
I offer honey for his he can growl, just as before!!

For Penguins shivering on the ice...I gave them boots, and sage advice
(They are rather bashful....but very nice!)
I'll take a swim, with dolphin friends, and saddle up, my pal the Whale
He wants to know some shocking news, and promises he'll never tell.

Zack the Zebra,  in black and white, pajamas worn, in fancy stripes
I tuck him in, a bed of straw, "Sleep well, my friend and "Nighty Night!"

It seems bizarre talk to those, who live a life behind those loathesome bars...
I chat a lot, perhaps it's looney...but they have told me, "We are lonely"...

So, if you like to talk a lot....give strolling through the zoo a shot!!

For Contest sponsored by Just the Archaic Poet  ..."Personalize an Animal"  12/31/13

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2013

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Broken Spell Check

A musician splits a chord of would
Super Hero where's a bright read hood

The baker gently needs his doe
A gardener has her cede to sew

Something old, something gnu 
something borrowed, something blew

Copyright © HGarvey Daniel Esquire | Year Posted 2015

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Having My Weigh With Homophones

'Tis know wander nor em aye telling yew anything gnu,
Hour tongue is awash with homophones confounding me end ewe.

Ah, two sea thee broad expenses from a towering mountain peek;
Thee pristine see, thee rolling veil end meandering creak.

Watt a thrill two watch thee eagle as it sores through thee heir;
With incisive ayes it seeks its pray with indomitable flare!

Sergeants ar knowted four naming voluntears write out of thee blew,
With that knot sew subtle commend, "Eye knead you, ewe end yew!"

Watt they were volunteared fore, they haven't thee slightest clew,
Butt that is a part of army life, beeing tolled watt two dew!

Wee're tolled inn thee Good Book that inn thee grate buy-end-bye,
Wee shell awl return two dust wen it comes hour our too dye.

It can bee etched upon my stone wen my life is nigh its cease:
"Though he maid grate youse of homophones, Mae he lye inn piece!"

Entry for John Hamilton's "Wordplay Extravaganza" Contest

Copyright © Robert L. Hinshaw | Year Posted 2016

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Ain't America Great

Miz Liberty welcomed Luigi to America's shores to begin a brand new life.
He arrived at Ellis Isle with piles of baggage, three kids and his addled wife.
He knew not a word of English but there's one thing he understood;
He must soon learn the baffling lingo so as not to be misunderstood!

Luigi enrolled in an English class and was bewildered from the start,
Trying to absorb the meaning of various words the teacher did impart!
There were so many words that sounded alike that he could not construe,
And how to fit them in a sentence or a conversation, he had not a clue!

"For example" he asked, "How and when do I use-a you, yew and ewe?
Please-a told me once-a more when it's-a proper to use-a do, dew and due!
When I visit da zoo, is da beast in da cage called a new, knew or gnu?
Can you tell-a me if da tree colors in fall are called hue, hew or Hugh?"

"How can I know if I use-a these-a words correctly, too, to and two,
Or if I get-a sick which of these-a words do I use-a, flew, flu or flue?
I'm-a having all kinds of troubles with these-a words, heir, hair and hare!
In da market I can't figure if I should ask da man for a pare, pair or pear!"

He strove to comprehend the perplexing language and all its doublespeak.
His kids could speak like natives but for him things were looking bleak!
But over time he learned to parse and spell and the jargon he did subdue!
Last I heard of Luigi he was a tenured English professor at Columbia Yew!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Robert L. Hinshaw | Year Posted 2011

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To see her blog, adorned with pastel tones
Widens the gap that pervades my bones
For now we eat her passing meal of plain white rice
Leaving us all alone, without much needed fashion advice

The red light district has lost an inductee
For I would have love to be involved in her naked party
Yet for now we must all be content 
With the debauched path she hath went.

Sadness invades a binary world
Where tweeters and bloggers hearts have curled
Bringing back memories of Madonna’s ‘Like A Virgin’
Her fashion advice precise like a mastoplexic surgeon

I remember the fervour when you were followed by Kath Kidston
A similar experience when I had my first Jar of Branston
Yet when you found out the intensity with which I was following you
You wanted to change species and become a Gnu

You learnt to accept my frequent outpourings of love
When you finally spoke to me, I felt as free as a pure white dove
But upon your departure I feel pathetic and hollowed
The best I can hope for is the number of one of the hot bloggers you followed

She was always my muse, my intimate inspiration
No-one can cause such an outpouring of personal perspiration
My heart now yearns to see her type a special tweet
One that would make Mr Sexton act like a dog on heat

Now the world mourns the passing of Lily Fulvio-Mason
I can still see her face reflected in my wash basin
With every heart beat, every full blooded pulse
My sadness streaked blood makes my body convulse

But now it’s time to go, my heart says goodbye
The pain eats my nipples like the Syrphid Fly
I can finally see your body laid in an eternal rest
And now I can now finally uncover your breast.

Copyright © Tom Hyam | Year Posted 2013

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Wen Hairy Met Tarry

(Revised with new homophone added in. Thanks for the catch, Becca!)

*Wants upon **uh thyme inn uh would, uh vary gneiss prints named Hairy
met inn the missed, hi awn the bow of uh tree- uh ferry named Tarry.

The ferry felt lo, fore he was week, and he was inn knead of sum meet.
He bald, “Whoa is me. Eye cant even stand hear awn my own too feat!

My pour hart is braking, and I’m inn  pane. The last thyme that eye eight
was daze ago. Ewe sea,  I’m inn uh hays and due naught feel sow grate.

Eye parish and long fore whine and ham. Even bettor wood bee lam!
Butt eye wood settle four uh peace of bred with sum suite bury jam!”

Prints Hairy new he had sum mince, sum Tick Tax that **whir inn the pear
of gnu read genes he war. He took them out  and waived them inn the heir.

*“Lickerish to, eye halve write hear!” Prints Hairy tolled the ferry.
“Its naught much, butt pleas dew eat. Later awn, wheel dyne and make marry.”

Prints Hairy placed the ferry Tarry aun his pail ***wight hoarse.
Then aweigh the roil with the ferry hastened aun his homeward coarse.

Awl day long they road and road.  ***Wen the ferry started to grown.
Suddenly, from the hoarse, both the man and ferry whir throne. 

Hungrily they paste beneath the setting son and threw the knight.
They pressed awn until mourning. Hairy’s residents came inn cite!

Prints Hairy’s wife had supper ready, and she’d maid uh pi.
From udder happiness, the ferry thought that he mite dye!

She *heeded up they’re food four them. They both had groan sew pail!
She listened as the ferry Tarry tolled his tragic tail .  .  .

of  how heed lost his weigh and, four food, had knot won crumb
until her deer spouse rescued hymn. At last, his prints had come!

Written April 10, 2015, using homophones from various lists. 
Note: I did not use letters, for example, U for “you” ; they were not on the lists I found.
Neither was “hee” which I was going to use for “he.”
The main list used was The HOMOPHONES LIST of John F Troutman and Joy A Miller
* these are a few more homophones I found on Wikipedia’s list.
** these homophones appear on, perhaps the most comprehensive one. 
*** These homophones, perhaps antiquated, are from Suber & Thorpe British English

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2015

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Walk With Me

Come take a walk with me
let us stroll the savannah
I want to show you the beauty
to introduce you to East Africa

A land seeped in dark history and mysteries
where once the Tembo roamed in their thousands
mighty animals who feared no-one not even lions
capable of uprooting a tree yet also tender to young

Most Majestic king of beasts lays sunbathing
his job is protection and to father strong cubs
replete from a gnu feast he dally's the day away
at dusk he will, with his brother do a patrol

There are hidden water holes if one knows where
here the birds swoop in, parrots and love birds
weavers and horn bills, egrets and fishing eagles
all flock to drink and then if safe a lovely bath

Thorn acacias adorn this lush land their tops flat
a treat for the long neck reticulated giraffe
they nibble away and seem to avoid the thorns with a-plume
then gracefully bending down to snack on buffalo grass

Vast changes in landscape, deep rift valleys
amidst the hills filled with peace and grace
lakes that startle as so bright they sparkle
once teeming with fish now sadly rather depleted 

Villages of mud and straw huts, naked children
women with just a skirt, many men in throngs  
cauldron in the centre where all share the cooking
a communal building where the young men sleep

Scrub trees line the deep red soil with clumps
of dry grass, little cover here for hunter
the herds on high alert ready to take to heel and flee
the slightest movement enough to spook them

Wondrous baobab trees with root like branches
a favourite place for natives to stash food
the landscape is continuously changing, some things no more
animals hunted to verge of extinction for what good?

The herds of Tembo once numbering up to 300 per herd
with ancient leaders who had the knowledge to survive
the harshest of the droughts that can plague this land
Africa the continent of fire, of spices, filled with flora

This continent of dark mystery holds me spell bound
it hosts a vast treasure of so many things all precious
from the smallest to the largest, from stones come gems
how can I convince you that here you must visit and soon

For here in this land are so many stories to delight,
to inspire and even to soothe, and some that will enrage
the gentle poet heart. And inspired by the vast array
here on display your poets soul will be totally inspired

written 01/12/2014
by Shadow Hamilton
contest:  Impress me 1V

Copyright © Shadow Hamilton | Year Posted 2014

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Ewe No A Lyre

This is my Homophone contest submission     

Ewe No A Lyre

their once was a man with a bore
who worked down at the local bizarre 
the bore eight corn colonels four lunch
and blew genes whir awl the man war

owe the bore eight serial two
from a plait unlike me oar ewe
we wood knead a bowl and a spoon 
ore a mop wood bee totally due

won fine weak day mourn wile working  
he brood tee four the men who maid toys
making tee and giving assistants
was that witch maid the mane men
his buoys

his gnu fame was nice 
and it urned hymn
a day too lien back and relax 

sow he went strait too his sweet
and wile still on his feat
he eight mince, mustered, pees and bare meet
at work he aloud his ant two chute bawl 
butt four know obvious reason at awl
she through bred and plumb pi at 
   the goal

he chaste her aweigh
butt owe my he felt sow bad
sew he cent her to scents and a flour
and aloud her two come back inn an our

the gilt she felt
brought her pane
four she new she ode hymn sew much
she gathered her teem just inn thyme
two sing thank ewe sow very much.

win he herd the whey
they whir singing
it brought a tier too his I

he ran too the gait
two waive wildly
wile screaming a hi pitched buy by.

      by Rochelle Harris

Copyright © Rochelle Harris | Year Posted 2015

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Why Is The Sky Blue

" Why is the sky blue? " , said the Baby Gnu. "

Why do the seasons start anew? " and " Why do they call this place Timbuktu? "

" I do not have a clue," said Papa Gnu. "

" But I believe it to be true, 

that the answer is inside of you and when I am long gone, 

I hope you have the view, that as you grew,

 I did what was true, 

tried my best to show you what to do 

and keep you far, far away from that place called the zoo."

Copyright © Donald Reith | Year Posted 2012

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COPLA 93 INVOCATION: This Bad Guy World

COPLA 93 INVOCATION : This Bad Guy World

The lone wolf shies away from the pack
The tyrannosaur scoffs at his kind :
Systems with it

Tiglons roam lone on the beaten track -
Fall prey the gnu foal lame and blind :
Systems well-knit

Stand alone and the pack will hunt you
Lose your integrity to live safe :
The human fate

The Overman’ll camp on the volcano
Far from the humdrum crowd’s stifling life :
Asylum bait

© T. Wignesan – Paris, 2014

Copyright © T Wignesan | Year Posted 2014

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who knew

who knew?

firstoff, i wish to say, but not overdo,
that i never knew, what the new gnu knew
he never really said very much, and i knew
he wouldn't as such, since, being a new gnu
he hadn't much clue 'bout what to do

the previous gnu had a more worldly view
from Kalamazoo journeyed east to Timbuktu
beyond Katmandu south, down to old Peru
been many places, wore out many a shoe
but always believed that he'd come through

he got entangled with a bit of a shrew
a South American sheep, a hot-blooded ewe 
that took every opportunity to scold and spew
venomous accusations that were mostly untrue
she really raised a big hullabaloo 

he, being the good gnu we all knew
tried to smooth her feathers, to gently subdue
her wild angers towards that wildebeest
but, to little avail to say the least
yet it was the best the old gnu knew to do

he bleated that his love for her was true
she neighed loudly that no, they were through
she saw him now, from a whole different view
said she was leaving, that he should not pursue
for all she cared, he could turn into glue

she knew now she wanted the new gnu to woo
the new gnu knew amorously what would quickly ensue
but couldn't overcome with analytical review
certainty of grief from passions point of view
love's cliff came careening into abysmal view

"Ewe are what I want" the new gnu cried anew
in turn the ewe replied "i will always love you"
we'll build a life we always wanted, long overdue
have many children, a whole herd, a gnu ewe crew
we'll be happy ever after, in our own petting zoo

the new gnu thought he'd just follow through
but things went awry, let's say, far askew
the new gnu knew he'd met his own Waterloo
it wasn't long, you know, 'fore the ewe went skidoo
without even so much as a fond adieu

then the new gnu and the old gnu began to renew
a friendship, from which they both, had withdrew
i don't wish to insinuate, and not misconstrue
the bond of companionship the gnus lovingly grew
when old bonds are severed another comes on cue

now the gnus know what all beings should too
happiness and contentment depends on your view
you never know what the turn of your screw
in pursuit of a felicity, unknown hitherto
gets new gnu possibilities coming out of the blue

...thank you...

© Goode Guy 2013-05-31

Copyright © Goode Guy | Year Posted 2013

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Many years ago I read a book entitled “Accidental Empires"
Of how a few men, from garden sheds, became multi billionaires
How could this be, what did they do, did they invent something new
Not really but if I say Bill Gates, Steve Jobs,  Apple Mac or Microsoft to you

Microsoft is a huge corporation but Bill Gates openly admitted he was a fraudster and a thief
Because the underhand, double dealing, industrial espionage etc went beyond belief
Microsoft invented the computer or so lots, if not millions of people believe
Making Bill Gates just like the US government and its UFO are real promotion, another trick up the sleeve

As long as you think Microsoft is the god, its Bill Gates win and your loss, on reflection
UFO attention takes peoples minds away from secret weapon, Black Projection
Dirty double dealings from both corporate and state but hang fire, hold on, wait
You have a choice that costs nothing, downloadable, its called Linux, mate

Operating systems built by the people for the people, especially those oppressed
Third world countries, low budgeteers, the Microsoftic angry crowd and the rest 
I spent good money on Windows XP, now the support updates have gone
Just another buy some more another Microsoft-con
Well thats no good to me, now I have to spend fortunes on Windows 8 or 7
Thank god for Linux, Debian, GNU, hundreds of free operating systems, heaven  

Bit like Henry Ford saying he invented the autocar, piss in the wind, far fetched, another steal
It was bits and bobs,trial and error  the stoneage had the wheel
Can’t ride to work on a wheel, need an engine, tyres  my mates a chassis and components, maybe out of state plates
How many new operating systems will it take to make a man mega rich beyond your dreams
As many as Microsoft knock out by conning the public, or so to me it seems  

Bob Dylan once says, you can fool some of the people most of the time, you can fool most of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time
So get yourself some free software mine is Linux Lime

Copyright © john scott | Year Posted 2015

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We all packed up and went to the zoo
Saw lions, tigers and even a gnu
And the funniest face
In the whole darned place
Was a monkey that looked just like you

For the Zoo contest

Copyright © Barbara Gorelick | Year Posted 2010

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My Dubba-U

What would you do with a Dubba-U?
Or maybe three; that’s up to you.
Some are short and wavy,
Mine calls me Davy,
Coz that’s just what Dubba-U’s do.

Well my best friend is a Dubba-U.
He swam all the way from Timbuktu.
And since he’s ticklish,
Gets very gigglish,
But when he laughs he only says, moo.

What would you do with a Dubba-U?
Let it play with Big Stu at the zoo?
If it were up to me,
I’d ask Mister Zee,
The most newest gnu we ever knew.

And that’s only a start,
Since Dubba-U’s are so smart,
Though they can’t count past forty two.
That doesn’t matter to me,
Coz they’ll always be
The most lovable,
Incredibly dovable,
Friend you’ll ever see.

But I must confide,
You first must decide,
Which you will by the count of two:
What you will do with your own Dubba-U?

But you say that you can’t decide?
Even though you really try tried?
OK, I’ll tell you what you could do.
Try holding it up in the air,
Or stick it on top of your hair,
While you’re at the fair,
In a chair,
Or here and there.
But I shouldn’t tell these things to you.
Coz you must decide,
Before going outside,
What you will do with your own Dubba-U!

For Dr. Seuss Style contest

Copyright © David Fisher | Year Posted 2015

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Gnu in the Crew

The gnu in the crew
Didn’t know what to do
He was feeling a wee bit bumfuzzle
For the bear in the middle
Spoke pure taradiddle
And he was just part of the puzzle
He called out “gardyloo
Yes, I’m talking to you
You’ve turned us about widdershims”
Then he heard billingsgate
From another shipmate
With language not found in church hymns
Now he felt gollywobbles
From all of their squabbles
And wanted to set the crew straight
“We must turn cattywampus
And follow the compass
And do it before it’s too late.”
Like sickersnees through some butter
An encouraging utter
“I think we can keep up the pace”
And soon by some gubbins
By hard rowing and pumpin’s
They found themselves back in the race

I was asked to write a poem using all those weird words you see.  You might have to look them up in a dictionary to get the true meaning of some of the lines.

Copyright © mike dailey | Year Posted 2016

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Flying my space canoe

Feeling like Gary gnu                                                                                                                                                              in a PC world                                                                                                                                                                        flying my space canoe                                                                                                                                                              When did gnarcissist                                                                                                                                                    politicians become correct

Copyright © John Beam | Year Posted 2016

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better late than never mate, i spent 15 years right in a fog, kicked in the head by a bloody horse, i surfaced at 30 magog, wisdom came a bit late:) Don it was 1960 i was feeding my dads racehorse Gnu extra oats, to make it run faster, like redbull it gives em wings, ask any old cowboy, They the oat fed horses get very springy. horse on steriods almost, feeling their oats is the saying, that's true. So my horse started bucking with me when i was 15. Ambushed by the horse one foot slipped from the stirrup and i fell getting kicked in the head as well. Brain damage and double vision for 15 years till i surfaces at 30, and the fog lifted...

Copyright © DON JOHNSON | Year Posted 2012

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Ill give you a clue,
It could live in a zoo,
I suppose some of them do,
It’s a gnu

Copyright © Alexander Seal | Year Posted 2015

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Mild hysteria from dystopia

Without further ado
i offer my literary missives anew
fur ye to ponder and brew
from meister mwm of his motley crue,
whom dwells in a nada very complex edifice
which numb burr oof offspring equals deux
whereby this spouse i.e me kind of resembles an emu
whence money a edified reader considers 
dis goy wit sum brain cells 2 few
chomped on by an carnivorous elder gnu 
and said two female progeny sired 
from one ova plus super seminal glue

swimming swiftly via viscous hue
genetic heritage comprised predominantly Jew
with one late uncle lou
who himself a milch cow and frequently did moo
which found me to rue
what comprises reality to be true
that all humans originated from the primate zoo.

*****Sapiens Sale hums lot 
witnessed vicious thermal winds that blew 
thick mass of cremated ashes 
across rubble strewn,
and severely cratered landscape!

The devil made mince meat
as like one huge lumbering ogre
and grim reaper
rolled up into one 
not so jolly green giant did slay
good will to all men,
and spat out pox with an emphatic nay
triumphing over godly salvation
using eponymous accursed pitchfork
made merry and rolled in the hay

simultaneously sneering out in delight
at wanton death and decay
whereby civilization forever mutilated
perforated said spindled 
and inappropriately sensually fondled
world wide web structure
where once proud arm strong spikes radiated
now sundered in total chaotic disarray! 

Copyright © MATTHEW harris | Year Posted 2017

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A Mish Mash of Rhymes

 Barely Bear!

Today, barefooted I walked behind a bear.
Not behind just any old bear,
But behind a bear, whose behind was bare!!
And barely steps behind the bear - 
This is the bear with the bare behind,
Followed two more bears with bare behinds!
Had they all three worn their fur threadbare?
Or was it from the bearing of their forebears?
But when I saw three bears with bare bear behinds,
It was barely bearable!  In fact quite unbearable!   
So to cover the bare bear behinds, and dignify their bearing,
I gave them underwear to cover their bare behinds!
And made it warmer for three bare bear behinds!
With the bears behinds covered, I bear
In mind, when behind bears with bare behinds
That although the bare bear behinds
Are covered by underwear, they are still bear behinds!
Though it makes it more bearable to walk behind!
Better than walking behind bare bear behinds!

As dawn did break, the Cock did crow,
“Morning is here”, don’t you know?
But the farmer not a bit impressed,
aimed his gun and its trigger pressed!
Now silence reigns as never before,
And late is that Cock for evermore!

The lightning roared, the thunder flashed,
Pig and chicks were shaken
When next there came another flash,
We got some eggs and bacon!

The Gnu is not a horse my friends,
and neither is the zebra.
But should it be, I swear to thee,
it would be a cause celebre`!

There once was a woman called Eve,
Who kept many things up her sleeve.
But the best of them all,
Which made poor Adam fall,
Was kept, where you’d never believe!

The Queen said she gave a full pardon,
To a criminal old and hardened:
But ere his sentence was stopped,
He’d already been topped:
Was pushing up crops in the garden

You need to be aware of the art,
Of putting a horse in a cart.
For should you do it wrong,
It won't be very long,
Before you return to the start!

January 20th, 2017.

Copyright © Denis Barter | Year Posted 2017

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Who's the Zoooze Chatterbox

You might find it very strange, in fact some think it's quite absurd
For when I stroll around the zoo, I like to exchange a word or two
I can't deny, I wouldn't lie, I like to shoot the breeze with that Lion guy!
And when I leave, with twinkled eyes, he cheerily says, "Adieu, Good Bye!"

I pass on by and say "G'day", to Hippity Hoppity Kangaroo
I greet Giraffe, we share a laugh, and then "How are you??" to the Gnu!
I chat while the Chimps do acrobats, and say "E...llo" to Mr. Elephant...
Poor Tiger's throat is very sore.......well that's a bore!
I offer honey for his grrrrrrrr......he takes a spoonful....and then he roars!!

The Penguins standing on the ice...I gave them boots, and sage advice
(They are rather bashful....but very nice!)
I sing a ditty while Dolphins swim, and "What's up?" Wally Whale
To the Zebra, dressed in black and white,...."Good evening, chums...and Nighty Nite!"

It seems bizarre talk to those, who live their lives, behind the bars...
I chat a lot, perhaps it's looney...but it's really only, because they get lonely...
So, if you like to talk a lot....give strolling through the zoo a shot!!

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2010

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a bowl of cereal on the front porch

sitting on the porch with a bowl of cookie crisp
reminiscing about the times when everything was cheap
sitting on the porch with a bowl of cap' n crunch
thinking about the times when one radio station was all you needed
sitting on the porch with a bowl of king vitamin
missing arcade rooms and backyard candy stores
sitting on the porch with a bowl of froot loops
wondering what happened to all the smiling colors
sitting on the porch with a bowl of frosted flakes
wanting to go to duff's after church on sunday
sitting on the porch with a bowl of apple jacks
thinking of gary gnu, muffy, grover, and letterman
sitting on the porch with a bowl of rice krispies
fiending for an early episode of the original muppet show
sitting on the porch with some crispy wheats 'n raisins 
realizing i overdid it and i'm out of flav o rich

Copyright © Marty King | Year Posted 2015

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A Primer on The Logic of Noses: Who Nose News

Tell me again about Nose-nosers and News-newsers.

	Nose-nosers know noses.
	News-newsers know news.

	Nose-nosers know no news.
	News-newsers know no noses.

	If a Nose-noser knows news it's a Nose-newser.
	If a News-newser knows noses it's a News-noser.

Nose-nosers and News-nosers know noses but neither knows news.
News-newsers and Nose-newsers know news but neither knows noses.

What do Nose-newsers do?

Nose-newsers nose out nose news
Nose-newsers pen no nose news.

Noses with nose news need Newsers.
Newsers pen only new nose news.

Nose-knowsers know Nose-nosers (who know noses).
Nose-newsers nose out nose news for Nose-knowsers.

Dad, what do they do with new nose news?

Nose-knowsers send Newsers new nose news.
(Nose-knowsers know nose news Nose-nosers know not.)

Newsers write new nose news in Nose Nuncios.
(Newsers never nix Nose-knowser nose news.)

Nose-nosers eye Nose Nuncio nose news.
Nose Nuncio nose news makes Nose-nosers News-nosers.

	If everyone knows nose news
	it's time for the nose news nose dance!

	Twitch twitch-a twitch twitch do twitch to the right
	Sniff sniff-a sniff sniff do sniff to the left

Dad, do they know anything else?

Nose-nosers know Gnus' noses.
News-newsers know Gnus' nose news.

Nose-nosers know no Gnus' news.
News-newsers know no Gnus' noses.

Gnu-nose-news-nosers only know new Gnus' noses.
Gnu-news-nose-newsers only know new Gnus' news

If a Nose-noser knows Gnus' news it's a Gnu-news-nose-newser.
If a News-newser knows Gnus' noses it's a Gnu-nose-news-noser.

Nose-nosers and News-newsers and Nose-newsers and News-nosers and Nose-newsers 
Nose-knowsers and Nose Nuncios and Gnu-nose-news-nosers and Gnu-news-nose-newsers 

Do you now understand who nose news?

Copyright © John Mudge | Year Posted 2016

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Hard Feelings in Homonym-ville

Last summer when you (towed) your three (toed), (toad)
I'd not give a (cent) for the (scent), (sent) through the air
Like when I dropped (chili) in (Chile) when it was (chilly),
The old one didn't, but the (new)(gnu)(knew) it was there!

So with sore foot, (I'll) walk the (aisle) on the (Isle) 
I (cite) the (sight) of this (site), can renew a man
Look me in the (eye), (I) say, "(Aye), I'm ready!" 
You say, "I guess (he'll) (heal) his (heel) when he can!"  

If I (rode) in a boat I (rowed) in a ditch by the (road)
Even until signs of (dew) seem (due), (do) you care?
If (you're) still to hold to (your) feelings of (yore)
I don't (buy) you'll stop (by) and say"(bye)", so there!

Copyright © PAT Adams | Year Posted 2018

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Noah's Ark

God asked Noah to build an ark
he was happy to oblige
but he wasn't so keen
when he found out 
what had to go inside

Two of every animal
then you must set sail
the animals were fearful
the whale began to wail

Even the Gnu knew
this idea would surely falter
but every beast preferred this idea
than being led by nose to slaughter

Noah followed the order
from gnat to lion to horse
this was a recipe for Pandamonium 
but Noah knew this of course

Seating plans were issued
but an almighty row took place
The lion the king of the jungle 
argued that he was a special case

The Queen Bee wanted second billing
while the Emperor penguin demanded a throne
while the homing pigeon panicked
at not being able to find his way home

Nightime was the worst
sleep was beyond them all
with the woodpecker continually pecking
and the gloworm lighting up the hall

The doves tried to keep the peace
as all hell broke loose
while bets were taken on who had the longest face
the horse, anteater or moose

The pandas tried to be romantic
sleep deprivation made their eyes go black
the magpies kept stealing the others duvets
and the squirrels were nuts to turn back

The elephants said they'd never forget
and they wished they packed more in their trunk
while the terrible smell that stunk out the place
was eventually blamed on the skunk

The bears awoke with sore heads
they had drunk all their supplies in one night
while the hyenas found it hilarious
at their next door neighbours plight

The crows shouted blue murder
but the bats were blind to it all
the ravens were ignored by the masses
as all they said was 'never more'

The maggots agreed it was just rotten luck
to be stuck in this mobile zoo
and every time the peacock showed his feathers
it made the pigeones coo

The badgers were set in their ways
the sheep said their wool was a curse
while the spiders got a verbal warning
for using a sows ear to weave up a purse

Finally they found dry land
the hare raced out in the lead
while the tortoise said there was more to life
than doing everything at top speed

Noah was happy that the journey had ended
and this was the end of the road
but at least one species had enjoyed the trip
the rabbit population had increased ten fold!

Copyright © Nik Pearce | Year Posted 2018