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The Words That flow Through My Pen

Sometimes, life has no reason unlike the seasons
It aimlessly drifts with the wind
We find ourselves in places of unfamiliar faces
Bathing in the shadows of sin
Our souls become lost up in the holocaust
That once was a beautiful life
Like a ship drifting upon the tide we bang and then we ride
The white horse straight into death
Into a giant black hole we dive in with our soul
Until we have nothing left
We then fall prey to our host who spreads butter on our toast
Our habits take over our lives
Everything we hold dear falls with one last tear
Into the darkness of night
Tired and defeated all our hope is depleted
Because we have nothing left to lose
Sometimes the storm passes as slow as molasses
Left frozen somewhere in the snow
Then our red eyes run dry with no tears left to cry
As we admit, I’d rather be dead
If you have a desire to live right, please take heed of my plight
And know that it’s never to late
Soon as you give it away find your knees and pray
You will find the comfort of home
And all of the disgrace will fall off of your face
Like the leaves that fall off the tree
And just like the bare tree soon you will see
Life is reborn in the spring
Like a warm days cool breeze, God fills us with his ease
And through him we find some peace
One day at time the trials all unwind
As the jigsaw falls into place
As everything gets better we become one with the weather
And the seasons suddenly become our friend
Our lives suddenly fly past, because we want to make them last
Like an ice-cream on a really hot day 
We are overcome with the obligation to tell of our salvation
Remembering all of those left behind
Some will find their way, others all we can say
Is Lord, we truly did our best
Dear Lord we write for your glory, telling our stories
That we would rather keep hid on the shelf
Our desire is to aspire so we can rise ever higher
With the words that flow though our pen
Giving of ourselves becomes our greatest wealth
As our souls become one with the Son
No high could be higher than faith and desire
Knowing we have been born again
One day we will stand before the gates that shall open to our fate
As heaven welcomes us in
We will look down on this earth, spirits of a new birth
Watching over the seeds that we spread
Knowing their lives were made better, because we were able to weather
The storm that raged through night 
Until the day I become shadows and dust I'll forever trust
The words that flow through my pen

Copyright © Michael Jordan | Year Posted 2010

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Love is a Gift

Love is a gift, but also it is learned.

The wisest have learned to give it away,

As a gift, it does not even have to be earned.

To love unconditionally is God's pure way

Aug. 7, 2018 for Faraz Ajmal's A Four Line Poem On What Is Love Poetry Contest

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2018

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FROM ME TO YOU a collaboration with Brenda Chiri

Dear beloved Grandma
What does it mean to be in love
Do you wear it like a glove
And then when you take it off is it gone?

Dear sweet Grand Daughter
Love is felt deep in your heart
That's where it will be worn
Once felt , you wish to never be apart

Now my child how does it feel
To experience young love please tell
It's been so long for me it's unreal
Can you tell me Aamira Michelle?

The love that I have felt
Has been nothing but sorrow and pain
While this heartache is something I have
Been leaning on like a cane

Well my child things will look up
Hold on to your heart don't give it away
Wait till it over flows your cup
That's the best advice I can relay

Why what sweet advice 
My dear beloved own
Oh how I love you so
But I have done this more than twice

Dear sweet child twice is not that many
Wait till you have lived as long as me
My heart has been broken plenty
You see with love there's no guarantee

So my dear child rest your sweet eyes
Know you still have your youth
Words I give are not lies
But in fact are all simple truth

Copyright © Aamira Overstreet | Year Posted 2018

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L O V E (***********\ /***********) \ \ / / \ V / \ / Love is the sweetest thing of all, If you disagree with me, just spin up your ball, It’s when the stars twinkle brightly in your eyes, As you taste your beau’s kisses under a romantic moonlight. V Love is the hardest thing to understand, The more you give it away, joy and pain come back as your rewards, But when hurt strikes back more, will you ever whine? Love endures all things-it’s the true essence that eases one’s mind. Love is conceived and rooted since before the beginning of our time, When this world was created, that love was the Greatest and Most Divine; The most priceless gift endowed in each and every creation’s heart, It conquers all things… leading to God, our ultimate goal in life. Love is an unconditional care and compassion towards mankind, It resembles to a maxim that goes, “ love is blind”; No matter how horrid a color you and others will see, Keep on loving in your heart eternally.
November 24,2013 4.05pm

Copyright © Galeo DS | Year Posted 2013

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I know (Oppression)

One thing that I know all about, without any doubt
        The meaning of “Oppression of The Soul.”
               I once shattered all my dreams, with ill-gotten schemes
                      Along with every single goal
Emptiness is a real dark thing
        As it eats its way through your soul
              I found the bottom of the pit, all I can say of it
                       It truly was a very empty hole
I guess every story has a meaning
         Just as every game has a price
              If you look closely at me, you’ll be able to see
                      A lifetime of pain in my advice
Oppression is a real dark word
        Regardless of how the word is used
                 If you’re in the shadow of it, the bottom the pit
                          You know what it means to be abused
For years I walked in the shadows
      I had nothing but hatred for the Son
                I just couldn’t see, why it had to be
                        All the things in my life that had been done
If you were to look into my eyes
      And read all the stories they have to tell
            All you would be able to see, is pain and misery
                   A shadow that was in a living hell
I know all about oppression
     For it rolls upon the shores of hate
        I once looked in the mirror to see, a ghost living in me
             Just a skeleton walking through his fate
I also know all about redemption
     Behind every shadow there rest some form of light
                   With in the breath of a prayer, I learned how to care
                           Thus changing the course of my plight
Every story has a meaning
        There is a way to right any wrong
                Grasp to the light, and then hold on tight
                          As you search for the meaning of your song
My song once was heavy metal
         I truly loved to bang my head
                 An empty soul, with a bottomless hole
                          A never-ending hunger to be fed
Now my song is a ballad
        A story that is full of hope and love
                I learned how to pray, and give it away
                       Accepting grace from the Lord above
Oppression crosses our paths everyday
        It is everywhere to see
                You know what’s right, learn to stand and fight
                       You will have learned to be all that you can be

Written for the "Oppression of the Soul Contest)

Copyright © Michael Jordan | Year Posted 2009

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Take Me For Granted

Take Me For Granted

Maybe I'm just crazy
or my views are slightly slanted.
But I love when you don't have to ask.
When you take me for granted.

I need it when you're needing me
when push comes down to shove.
I love when you take it for granted
that I'll show you my love.

How when you know I'll be beside you
and I'm not afraid to fight.
And how you take it for granted
you'll be loving me tonight.

Go on baby you can look away
the seeds already planted.
I love the way it feels to me
when you take me for granted.

Not everyone will get this poem.
But those that do, have known love at a depth not everyone will ever see.
They've been hurt. Taken advantage of and they have been betrayed.

Still they have known love. 

They were open to it. They've been warmed by it's fires and chilled by it's North wind.
They've flown where eagles fly. And they've crawled through hell and back.

None of it for them but for one they loved.

Because if you know love, you soon find that it's not love until you give it away.                       

Edwin C Hofert

Copyright © Edwin Hofert | Year Posted 2015

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Word Hoard

They say if you don’t use a thing for a year
It’s time to get rid of it, to get free and clear
Toss it or sell it or give it away
But to get clutter-free, just don’t let it stay
So, I checked my garage for stuff I could lose
And found hundreds of words I simply don’t use

Lilliputian and sprightly stood on a shelf
Elbow-to-elbow with some jive little elf
Bucolic and bumpkin were squirreled away
Beneath a big bale of bright yellow hay 

Garish and tawdry in a glittery box
Were embossed and encrusted with fake little rocks
Surreptitious laid low to avoid being seen
But I caught it sneaking off with clandestine

Beyond these loose words, which filled many a bin 
Lay whole turns of phrase like much to my chagrin
I held up to the light a gossamer veil
Before dumping it in a perfidious betrayal

An ethereal cloud, was glued to the ceiling
I scraped it off with an ambivalent feeling
I rolled back a large rug to see what I had missed
Only to uncover a yawning abyss

Into a huge crate, these big words I did toss
Bobbing on top were flotsam, jetsam and dross
Fatigued by these labors, I took a short break
But that little respite may have been my mistake

Soon I was deep in most pensive reflection
On the work it had taken to amass this collection
In crept myriad doubts about so brash a move
What if I should meet some cad I need to reprove?

What if some craven cur incurs my derision
But words fail me due to this rash decision?
Well, soon that old crate was quite vacant once more
And cluttered again were bin, shelf, drawer and floor

But one thing has changed, this is palpably clear
My leviathan word horde I now deeply revere
Intrepid and dauntless, I sling without fear
Iota and mote ... I dust off once a year


by Brian McClain - Feb 2, 2016

Copyright © Brian McClain | Year Posted 2016

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A Touch Of Love

Straight from my heart, these words I share.
To let you know, just how much I care.
A touch of love, I hope you feel.
To help you out, when your ready to heal.

I offer a gift, a gift that is true.
To give it away, in all that you do.
A gift of happiness, peace, and yes even love.
This gift is given, straight from our father above.

Some call me a friend, but Jesus is my name.
I share all your feelings, I take away the blame.
Happy or sad, I know your feelings well.
The hearts that are lonely, it is there I will dwell.

Open your hearts, and let us come in.
Our father and I, we can forgive your sin.
Ask me of truth, let your heart lead the way.
Repent and follow me, for soon will be the day.

Copyright © J.T. Hayes | Year Posted 2010

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The Key To My Heart

You have found the key to my heart
It’s safe in your care when we are apart
The door is locked as you can see
You only have to turn the key

Put the key in the lock and give it a turn
You’ll ignite the fire; the passion will burn
You know you mean the world to me
Forever in my heart you will always be

Hold on to the key don’t give it away
Together forever we will always stay
We share a love that’s oh so true
I’m glad I share my heart with you

Inspiration for this is a song I heard on the radio with the line 'Key to my heart'

24th May 2014

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2014

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Give it back, or Give it away.

Love tears apart the best of us.
It's not a matter for the strong or the weak.
It's a matter of trust.
It's a matter of telling someone you are 
at the mercy of a feeling.
Telling someone they have a piece of your heart,
that they will probably take with them, 
no matter where they go, or who they meet.
No matter how hard you try 
to give back or give it away.

Copyright © Rachel W | Year Posted 2010

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I Would Write a Song {resubmit}

So much of my life I spent doing wrong
If I could write music I would write a song

I have done things a man shouldn't do
These words are written for they are true

If you open your heart and look to the sky
Ask of the Lord then hear the reply

It won't come in words not words you can hear
It may come with a smile or fall as a tear

I found an angel said bye to my ghost
After I lost everything I gained the most

I found the Lord through the poems I pray
Sometimes it’s best to just give it away

I write out my words for they help me see
Simple is best for simple is free

Think of yourself just never think down
Your mind holds the music just listen to the sound

Everyone you meet has something to say
Be sure to include them in the prayers that you pray

All that you do and all that you see
Shares in your story and your destiny

When dealing with others do what you do
Just be kind and gentle to those you do it to

Everything is nothing that it shouldn't be
As a seconds a second and a tree is a tree

Copyright © Michael Jordan | Year Posted 2008

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What's It Like Loving You

What's it like loving you
If you feel the need to ask

It's like being offered refills
Before your halfway through the glass
The freedom felt by a superhero
When he puts on the mask

That's what it's like loving you
If you feel the need to ask

What's it like loving you
Allow me to explain

It's like the first sight of your blushing bride
On your wedding day
It's like all the love you've stored up
The moment you give it away

That's what it's like loving you
Is the best way to explain

What's it like loving you
Thought you might want to know

It's like standing in the bright sunshine
And basking in it's glow
It's like hearing your favorite song
Played twice in a row on the radio

That's what it's like loving you
Thought you might want to know

Copyright © Mike Hauser | Year Posted 2017

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Do not Prey But do Pray

Do not Prey But do Pray

Be as You wish to be
Seen as one of light
Be Human Not a Predator
Love above is near Us

I want Us to Thrive in Life
Not to Live under a Knife
Freedom for one and all
And be Who We can Be

Love of money is not right
It is like a Theif in the night
A smile is free as a Bird
Give it away everyday

Show You care about this World 
It is all We have to share
Be a wonder to another Soul
Let Our Love be Our goal

Copyright © Billy Jones | Year Posted 2018

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There is a gift of love you cannot buy
That is, very rare and very true,
It’s a gift of love you, can give to me
It’s like having a wonderful guy, just like you
The many things you can do for me,
In your kind and loving ways,
You can give me months of happiness;
That no one, but, you can take away.

Nothing can be more beautiful
Than thoughts I have in you
The thoughts I’ll treasure forever,
To me, you, are someone special,
Yes you, and only you will be.

Someday your team may win the game,
And someday, I may win you, someday.
But we all have to try, even me;
Yes we must try, to win each others love.
Cause a bell is no bell, till you ring it
A song is no song till you sing it,
And, love in your heart wasn’t put there to stay;
Love isn’t love till you, give it away.


Copyright © Linda Laframboise | Year Posted 2009

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Daddy's Song

Time has passed by so quickly
You’ve been gone 2 yrs today
I never knew something could hurt so much
The wound from losing you hasn’t even begun to heal
It’s still fresh and split wide open 
Daddy, how do we do this?

I still buy your candy
Candy I’ll never eat again
I just give it away days later
It's just something that I gotta do

Oh Daddy, what are we supposed to do
Without you here with us
It’s so hard to believe
You were here and now you’re gone
What are we gonna do

Daddy, How will we find our place in this world, now
When you and Mom are all we’ve ever known.
I wish I could wake up from this nightmare
And you’d still be here

Oh Daddy, what are we supposed to do
Without you here with us
It’s so hard to believe
You were here and now you’re gone
What are we gonna do

I hope you can't hear me
When I cry out to Heaven to get me through Hell
I don't want you to be sad
None of this is your fault

How are we supposed 
To fill this empty space
Nothing can replace 
The life we made with you
I wouldn't let it even try

Those old wore out flannel shirts you loved so much
Gets me through nights
When nights get tough
They make me feel so close to you
Daddy what are we supposed to do

You've missed so much
Your first grandson has a daughter now
She's beautiful, Daddy
She looks so much like you
Your second grandson
Your name sake, Graduated 8th grade
What I wouldn’t give to have seen your face
When you heard his name called
Your granddaughter, your Tator-head got glasses
She loves them, unlike the rest of us
How are we supposed to do this without you here
What are we gonna to do

Time has passed by so quickly
You’ve been gone 2 yrs today
I never knew something could hurt so much.

What are we supposed to do now
We miss you Daddy

Copyright © Sabrina Niday Hansel | Year Posted 2015

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Life is a Chance

I love the sound of rescue squad sirens
Someones got a chance

Houdini had no chance
He wanted to survive everything

Kennedy had no chance
He wanted what's best for people

Communism had no chance
Someone had to be in charge
And we all know by now
Power corrupts

Capitalism has no chance
People want more
Top to bottom
Squabbling gets ugly

Philanthropy has no chance
(see above)
Give it away
But not too much

I have a chance
I want to save the world

From what?
I'm not sure

To what?
I don't know

Or maybe I do
Uncertainty is key


Copyright © James Marshall Goff | Year Posted 2013

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My friends have always hated Valentine's Day.
They ridiculed the pimply-faced boys
Whose hormone-infused offerings
Smell of Axe cologne and sweaty palms.

Greater the mocking of pubescent princesses
Who prance and twirl and collect tokens
From admirers like shells on a beach, oooing and aahing
Over anything shiny or colorful.

I have always been neutral. Red is not my color.
Chocolate breaks me out. And I am allergic to roses.
I was raised on Disney movies, however, and am not immune
To the power a real love story inspires.

So while I never actively sought to steal
The heart of a young, handsome prince,
I didn't hate the thought that some Valentine's Day I might be the recipient
Of some amorous male attention.

What I didn't know is that there was a deadline.
Like Cinderella, I had a clock ticking
But no fairy Godmother to turn back the hands.
And the stakes were much higher than a glass shoe and a pumpkin.

There's an old song my mother used to waltz around the kitchen singing:
"Love in your heart wasn't put there to stay
Love isn't love til you give it away."
Catchy, romantic, but not very real!

The trouble was, no matter how much love I had in my heart,
I couldn't give it away. Nobody would want it.
My heart was broken. Not like when a lover cheats on you,
But literally, as in no returns, VERY-limited-lifetime-warranty broken.

And as my twenty-fifth Valentine's Day approached,
I was in a hospital, knowing that my happy ending wasn't to be.
Despite the many attractive interns that surrounded me,
Flirtily discussing my deteriorating cardiac status, the ball was over.

Everyone had tried to find me a match,
But it looked like the transplant gods 
Were even worse shots than that little demon Cupid.
My date for Valentine's Day this year would be St. Peter.

And I was ok with that. I had a good run.
So when I closed my eyes the night of February 13th, 
I was ready for what came next. Or so I thought.
But instead, like another favorite fairytale princess I admired, I woke up.

The light got brighter, and sound was added.
Beating -- a strong, steady rhythm, one I hadn't heard in a long time.
This must be heaven, I thought, 
Wondering why it looked just like a hospital?

"Happy Valentine's Day," gushed a young, fresh-faced nurse
Whose scrubs were adorned with hearts
And tiny Cupids, bows loaded for bear.
"You almost missed it!"

"Where am I?" I stammered?
Although it was obvious I was hooked to as many or more machine as before
And I felt an INTENSE pain in the area of my chest,
I also noticed I was speaking easier, mostly because I was breathing easier.

"Cardiac surgical intensive care."
She went on to tell me that a young man died in a motorcycle crash the night before
And his heart was a perfect match for me. He wanted to donate his organs,
And all I was allowed to know was his first name, Emir.

Long story short, after an extended recovery,
My health is the best it has ever been!
I play tennis, actually go to the gym I belong to,
And no longer introduce myself as: "The girl with the limited lifetime warranty."

Before I knew it, Valentine's Day was upon us again.
I had no boyfriend, but I felt happier than ever!
Still, I felt my recovery wouldn't be complete
Unless I could somehow find a way to wrap up the story of my special Valentine's gift.

Rules are strict, and I couldn't find any more information
On the young man unless his family chose to reveal it.
And apparently, they didn't. So I had to be satisfied
With just looking up the meaning of "Emir," and finally I understood.

On that special Valentine's Day, not only did I wake up like a fairytale princess,
But a young man truly gave me the greatest gift of love imaginable: his heart.
Not metaphorically, but literally, giving with no hope of receiving back.
An unmatched gift of love from a man I never even met.

And the meaning of my rescuer's name?
Well, that's what makes my story worth telling!
Because my research found that "Emir" means "Charming Prince."
And that is how I knew I would live happily ever after.

Copyright © Cindi Rockwell | Year Posted 2016

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The Pastor's Wife

She sits there and waiting at home all alone,
Setting the example, setting the tone.
Waking up in the dark of night,
And her husband nowhere in sight--
	This is the life of a pastor's wife.
Cooking a meal, and then he is late,
But so patiently she'll sit and wait.
Then so tired he goes off to bed,
Just eating a little of what he was fed--
	This is the life of a pastor's wife.
Hearing the money she skimped hard to save
Would help someone needy, if only they gave,
And seeing him take it and give it away,
Then God blessing the sacrifice in just a few days--
	This is the life of a pastor's wife.
Rearing the children when he is not there,
Knowing he trusts her with their love and care,
Knowing so much he can't tell her he knows
Of sessions of counsel where many will go--
	This is the life of a pastor's wife.
It can get lonely, and it can get drear
To be without often when she wants him near.
It's still a position she chose for her life,
To be that supporter, the help meet, his wife--
	This is the life of a pastor's wife.

Copyright © Clarence Billheimer | Year Posted 2011

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Freedom and Religion

Brainwashed to think you’re free
By men who think they know
They lead you on and you follow
While all you are is a devotee
They think of you as a sheep in a flock
While you follow on and hand your head
You help them and their lies you spread
While you’re no more than breeding stock
They feed you myths and stupid lies
And you believe whatever they say 
You’d believe them every day
Even if they preach that a pig flies
If you ever have any doubts
About something that they proclaim
They’d say you lost your faith and aim
And that the devil through you shouts
The only freedom you possess
Is not in the life you so far led
It is all there in your head
It’s what they ask you to repress
You were given a mind to use
Not so that you’d follow blind
But so that the truth you find
And you escape their evil ruse
A human’s truth is his alone
For no two men are just the same
They may share common blood and name
But their mind is their sacred zone
When you surrender your reason
To these men of greed and lust
You’ve condemned your mind to rust
Against yourself, that’s high treason
So wake up man and get your life back
You only have one, don’t give it away
There is no price you have to pay
To these swindlers in white or black

Copyright © Charbel Tadros | Year Posted 2015

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Poetically Pathetic Crow

Just enough to make it just
I want this to be enough to make this
The last song ever, the last note ever
The last romantically, poetically sad excuse for an apology, epilogue
But I've already messed up the melody that would've carried me to the finish line from this moment in time
So if you would allow me to pick up my fragile pieces, go back to my quiet solace
Hit reset and start all over again...
This Wild Life, my muse today
A consistent mainstay
I just hope it helps okay
I made a mistake, a miscalculation
A slight misconception
Played a song to induce tears
I knew it would hurt
You'd think I would learn
It's been gone for years
And I can't get it back
You'd think I would learn
Cause for years, it's all I asked
Then I said, "Get Away, Get Away
Just give me some space"
Hey, This Wild Life
Is it okay for me to turn this into a song for myself
Give it away, give it away
Let me have this today
Don't Say no, at least not right now
For right now, I'm not fine
I'm not alright
And there goes my melody tonight...
I called you here, stay here please
I will get this right
Sarah, hey how are you
No, please don't look so confused
No, you did nothing wrong here
No, you haven't appeared in a blue moon 
Forgive me, I just miss you
So soon, everyday feels so soon
Years too late and it feels so soon
Don't leave! Wait! Just hear me out
Please just stay, no don't turn away
I need you okay, I need you okay
If I told you to listen to this song
Would you say okay?
What did you do so wrong to me?
I turned the thought over and over in my head
Found negative answers instead
I turned the thought over in my head
And wanted to go home to sleep instead
I turned the thought over in my head
What did you do so wrong to me?
And there it is, the question it seems
You don't know and I don't apparently
What did you do so wrong to me?
Played our song on repeat as you told me constantly like a tape recorder mouthing off all your indecencies
As you washed yourself of me with love and all it's other drugs
Were you snug like a bug in your rug as you took your blanket shape shifting it like a knife constructed to pierce me
Were you happy knowing that you slit both my wrists and broke my neck leaving me dead
Did you ever once consider how I felt, did you ever even hear me when I said you were all I had left
Did you ever once hear me when I said you were all I had
You were all I had
There it rises, the problem I have with you
The anger, the rage your memory ensues
My gut says to hate you for all you put me through
The lies, the false goodbyes, the way you had me by rope tugging at me
A blind dog on all fours
My gut says to hate you
Call this the end, scream for you to
JUST GET AWAY, GET AWAY! Let me dabble in the misery you plagued me with this day"
While my heart says, "No, shut up. Sarah, I love you. Don't leave, stay with me. Sarah, pick up the phone, contact me. Sarah, I love you; say something to know you remember my name. Sarah, Sarah, Sarah please don't give up on me
As my mind bust out laughing maniacally, "She doesn't love you, why else would she torture you? Torture your insides till you felt like you were bleeding all the time? 
Why would she love you, embrace you when all your love was blind?
Why would she love you when you've been living in her vicinity; you've lived in the same city as her and yet you've only seen her face once 
Nearly collapsing on sight from a panic attack when you wished it, wanted it, asked for it
You cowardly fool, why would love someone like you when it's so much more fun to torture you? Muhahahaha!"
To be fair I thought you, Sarah, were all mine
Though maybe in truth my love was blind, I thought you were all mine
How many shared your fruit with me?
And that's what brings me to my dilemma
Why I called you here
Why I play this song on repeat, intentionally messed up the melody yet still keep it intact
Please don't go away, go away
Sarah, please stay
I am selfish, I don't understand
With you, I knew what it meant to be a man
Sarah, I'm lost without you
I'm no one, you were my dream come true
Sarah, I diluted myself with poison and revenge
I've turned green with envy, wanting you; demanding that you return to me so I can have the real closure I've wanted for so long
But all this closure that I seek, is for me to kiss your cheek and say see you soon
8 years later and it all still feels so soon
Don't get away, get away
Sarah, please answer me
Do you have any pleasant memories of us?
Do you think of us anymore?
I, cluelessly in love with you
You, blissfully radiant too
All I have are these downhill memories
A giant snowball of negativity
Please share with me what you have left
Sarah, please don't go away
I still carry pictures of you for my sake
So I don't run out of my house, screaming "where are you?!"
So I don't call your phone feeling blue saying I miss you
Sarah, please don't go away, go away
I need you okay
Sarah, please don't leave me all alone again
I can't keep screaming at your moving pictures saying I hate you with rage
I can't keep staring at your heart with wonder and puppy dog eyes
Thinking softly if I'm still there, somewhere
Sarah, please don't go away
I'm lost this day....
But she never answered me
She never heard me
I stare blankly at this mirror, envisioning her face
But it's just my own, twin streaks of tears rolling
This Wild Life singing softly
"Don't say it's over"
But it's over
It has been for 8 years
I've tried to twist time, make her mine one last moment for a lifetime
I saw it once, she was my forever
I am her never
What's funny is I know the words she'd say if she read this
She'd say incredulously
"Awe Russy, I'm impressed
You have a way with your distress
I love you too but there's no more room for you
I'm happy you see
You need to move on cause you won't be happy chasing after me"
But the thing is in small steps, I have moved on
There's a lovely lady I'm chasing west coast bound
I repeat for it to be real cause honestly it still sounds so make believe to me
That I am traveling to California to be with a girl I saw in the same light I saw Sarah 
And I'm terrified, terrified
So I call back on my first promised wife
I don't say hello, and I won't say goodbye
I'm just letting my mirror know that I'm letting you go
So it can pass it on to your reflection so you can see me in your eyes one day and finally get back to me
Just don't say I love you too...
Just tell me "I remember you"
Because I can't forget you too

Copyright © Crow thepoet | Year Posted 2016

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Hold the key to my heart

Its like a treasure 
That has a lock
You do all you can 
To get to that box
Its padded and sealed 
Because it hasn't had time to heal
Its rushed to be open 
Then there's a token
That's tired of being broken
Earned the medallion
And the others 
Got the trophy
It didn't shine
Then I remember
Love had sublimed

But somehow 
You got the key
And unlocked that part of me 
That left 
You got the treasure 
Declare your wealth,not on the shelf
My heart is made of Gold
Somehow you have the key to hold
I dont want to push you apart 
Just hold the key close to my heart

(verse 2)
Yes I've heard It 
I've heard the key turn
Like a incorrect code on a safe
But if you sit and think
The numbers could come back to you in a blink
Even if you've gotten it wrong
Don't stop
You'll get it
With the right fit 
It can be unsealed
Your heart can be honest with how it feels 

But somehow 
You got the key
And unlocked that part of me 
That left 
You got the treasure 
Declare your wealth,not on the shelf
My heart is made of Gold
Somehow you have the key to hold
I dont want to push you apart 
Just hold the key close to my heart

Time in and time out
I've learned
Can't give up 
On love 
It will come
But you can't give it away 
It has to be earned
Love is like the time on a clock
It time the right one 
He will have the key to unlock

But somehow 
You got the key
And unlocked that part of me 
That left 
You got the treasure 
Declare your wealth,not on the shelf
My heart is made of Gold
Somehow you have the key to hold
I dont want to push you apart 
Just hold the key close to my heart

Written by:Concetta Hardnett

Copyright © concetta hardnett | Year Posted 2016

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All In Curl

give it away
give it all
all for what
all for nothing
nothing you bet
nothing yil get
get out there quick
get lost in a ditch
ditch ya wife
ditch ya dog
dog won’t miss ya
dog'll piss ya
ya think yiv got it down
ya haven’t been down under
under what ya say?
under what ya pray?
pray it ain't worth a zack
pray your honey aint outback
outback’n the wild roo’s nestin’ kick
outback and back again he’s slick
slick and kicking for a noice steak
slick and mad as a cut snake 
snake’s got death in his bite
snake’ll ruin a weddin orright
orright’cha got two seconds tah think
orright your seconds gone yeh in a stink
stink in heaps
stink the dunny rat he is
is you thinking in the wild to slack off
is you ready to rack off
off to the waters in a hurray mate
off to the sandy slates run clean
clean as a bottler at sea
clean as ya ever can see
see here we all left our lives
see this is where we feel alive
alive in the wild far from the loo
alive away from the crazy blue
blue sea soppin the sand around
blue surroundin this land we’re proud
proud in the danger of ever
proud to amaze whoever
whoever ya meet
whoever ya see
see chance give it a burl
see um tackle the crock in a curl
curl on his back is a good going off
curl in his teeth yiv gotcha limb torn off

For the Down Under contest
Sponsored by:  Debbie Guzzi
*Don’t think I did this quite right! Though it was fun to try anyhow ^___^

Copyright © Laura Breidenthal | Year Posted 2015

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Free Culture Satire

Free Culture Satire Written: by Miracle Man 8/3/2017 Give it away free and you’ll never hear a peep, And if push comes to shove-charge half price; Now the acronym BOGO makes everything cheap, Just pay extra shipping and that will suffice. I’ve never been one expecting to get things free, I was taught my hard work would surely suffice. With my view of this folks frequently disagree, And continue volunteering unsolicited advice.

Copyright © Tom Wright | Year Posted 2017

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Kindness Unhinged

          Kindness does not cost a penny-  it is free for all,
to be considerate and kind is not that hard to do;
     some would consider me weak, consider this a flaw,
perhaps I am deranged, unhinged, crazy, insane.

          To show kindness is not a weakness- it is strength,
or am I mentally unbalanced and totally confused;
     maybe I am psychotic to even think that anyone cares,
I must be unglued, unhinged to give it away freely.

          But in the end-  I must be true to me and my values,
so kindness and consideration I will give away freely;
     and should I get it back that is a wonderful thing indeed,
more often it is all a one way street with not return address.

           Still, I will never, ever stop being me . . . 
August 28, 2016

Poetry/Verse/Kindness Unhinged
Copyright Protected, ID 16-823-847-0
All Rights Reserved.  Written under Pseudonym.

Copyright © Dear Heart | Year Posted 2016

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Conversation With My Heart

Heart fervently pounding, old man beware
The message it sends, it's warning declared
Walk lightly my friend, I'm battered and bruised
Remember that feeling of being subdued
Play and have fun, day and night
Reinforce the wall, with all of your might
If that protective wall should crack and break
Surely there will be, more heartache

"Thanks for the warning, I hear what you say
When I think of the pain, love stay away
I'd like to go forward. see where it leads
This one is different, just one more chance please
Maybe this piece, you haven't mended yet
If I give it away, will I live to regret
Perhaps she'll take it and put it with hers
Be tender and caring, give the love it deserves
Oh languishing heart, just please keep beating
Let's enjoy it now and pretend love's not fleeting"

What are you thinking? Have you lost your mind?
The love that you're seeking, you'll never find
Love takes what it can,then walks out the door
Leaves us in pain, curled up on the floor
Don't give me away, just try to be friends
It won't be so painful, when it comes to an end
You think you're ready to start over now
If you hurt me again, I'll get even some how

  An original poem by the "poemdog"  Daniel Turner

Copyright © Daniel Turner | Year Posted 2016