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A Flash In The Pan by Bavington , Bette
Flash in the pan by Ramprasad, Latha
a flash in the pan by delapruch, andrew
A Flash in the Pan by Kopp, Robb A.

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One Day To Last Forever

Oh Lord I did not know the man
My Father a flash in the pan
Never in my life was it fate,
We both apart lived as strangers
My life empty stale no dangers
Yet without malice without hate,
Oh Lord I did not know the man
My Father a flash in the pan.

Let me clasp that day of respect
Tried to care explain his aspect,
Never in my life was it fate
Yet without malice without hate,
Oh Lord I did not know the man
My Father a flash in the pan.

© Harry J Horsman 2014

Copyright © harry horsman | Year Posted 2014

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Half bubble and a few bricks for contest

He is "half a bubble off of centre"
More than "A few bricks short of a load"
He is not a Prince worth kissing
He is more of an ugly toad.

Some think he is "Rock Solid"
A veritable "Mountain of a man"
Instead he's a snake Replacing a ladder
Nothing but a "flash in the pan"

You'll have to "hit the nail on the head"
For "he's not the sharpest tack in the box"
If you don't want this jerk to catch you
I recommend "pulling up your socks

If you think I was "born yesterday"
Or "I've got nothing to lose"
Instead of "Drinking the koolaide"
You musta been guzzlin the booze

For I am "the man of your dreams"
Look my way I'm "Love at first sight"
Forget that other "good for nuttin" fella
I'll "rock your world" "forever, a day and a night!"

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2015

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Hey LAdies!!!
Casanova's not who you think he is...

One simple google click 
background check 
will nullify his bliss.

There's much more to 
the Man
the Myth
the Trick 

A fake glitch 
flash in the pan 
don't make me beg 
an' expose that pathetic man's
Cracker Jack Prozac plan

C'mon baby, phenol Barbie Doll 
don't keep makin' same mistakes
believin' his B.S. trip and falls.

Manic Queen of depression,
leave old Papa Wheelie alone
his words are Romeo sweet
yet his lies are overgrown. 

*credit artists Marilyn Manson, Twiggy Ramirez, and Zim Zum for 
terms "Phenol Barbie Doll, Manic Queen of Depression"-- taken from 
Song, "Mechanical Animals" off album "Mechanical Animals" by Marilyn 
Manson Nothing/Interscope Records 1998

Copyright © JSLambert Mister ROBOTO | Year Posted 2014

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Goodbye, Good Riddance! (Co-written with James Fraser)

With no toilet seats carelessly left propped up
Oh, now I can be such a comfortable pup
Please take your Playboys straight out that open door
Then shut it quickly; I can take no more!
    Be gone with you, take all your shoes
    Your hairspray, make-up and your girly blues
    Three weeks of the month you loved me fair
    For the other week, I lived in fear
MY shoes?  Why you foul beast!  Your odor eaters
Didn't work!  Your smelly boots rest in sewers
Where they belong with that greasy hair goo
That left ugly stains on pink pillows once new
    Your pants were too tight, I couldn't get them off
    I can now wear my own; no longer you'll scoff
    And as for your cooking my health has improved
    Your name on the rent book, phew! finally removed
The credit card tab from your pub is gone now, too
That hussy barmaid can deliver it to you
And your shavings that clogged up my bathroom sink
Will be mailed to your mistress fast as you can blink
    At least she knew how to look after a man
    In bed with you was like a flash in the pan
    At least barmaid Betty purred when this Highlander taunted
    She was sensuous, delectable and she knew what she wanted
I'll remember you most when viewing pond scum
You sure were a loathsome son of a gun
I'm leaving this pit, too, so what the heck?
I'll send a new address for the alimony check
     You'll get your money like you earned it before
     Dancing naked on the pole in the floor
     I took you in, clothed, cared and fed
     But it wasn't me that was in your bed

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2009

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A Load Of CodsWallop

Oh my darling I met you on here
I will love you forever
never looking at another
you are my whole wide world.

Bah! what a load of cods wallop
dream on enjoy your fantasy
for if there's one sure thing 
it will all end in tears.

Love takes time to grow
if it is to last.
It needs nurturing
and time spent together.

What one gets on line
is just a flash in the pan
sweet talking words and 
maybe cam sex, are no go.

Love thrives on challenges
thrown up by everyday life.
You have to experience both
the good and definitely the bad.

Anything else is an illusion
although seeming sweet now
I have seen these internet affairs
that explode in wild passion.

Yet where are they six months later?
gone like a puff of wind
the canvas torn apart 
the illusion shattered.

Bah! its a load of cods wallop
a fantasy existing only in your mind
sweet at the time to be sure
but when it ends someone is in tears.

While their so called love
moves on to someone new
its all just a game 
and some play it so well.

Copyright © Shadow Hamilton | Year Posted 2015

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Aa Nonsense Poem


Now as I sit here
With an O shaped mouth
Wishing to write something
Ending up writing nothing...

Tired I am
Of this common brain drain
Greeting us all in this abode...

I can't write
I wish to work
None is here...

My dream job knocks
I open the door for it
I see it not...

Is it lurking?
Has it gone?
Is it coming back?
Was it just a flash in the pan?
I know not..

Here I wait patiently 
For it
Writing nonsense
Which might make sense...
Does it make sense?
I know not...

Send to me a helper
Before all goes awry...
Here I cry

I need it
Before it boils over!!!!

Copyright © Adesina Idris Dolapo | Year Posted 2013

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A Flash in the Pan

Hard strike on my line
Flash of light in briny gloom
Sizzling in the pan

By Robb A. Kopp

Copyright © Robb A. Kopp | Year Posted 2010

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Idioms Part 1


Among so many rocks and leafs
As well as animals that squawk or squeak
Talk is cheap

Many things considered a dime a dozen
Like limes and onions

You're either with or against the clock
Whether it is continually making sense or not

At times it can all truly
Be quite the doozy
Frustrated with seeing cruelty
And people acting unruly

Along the way
Is it wrong to say?
Every dog has it's day

They can make glass from sand
So much became a flash in the pan
Whether or not there ended up being any cash in hand

With my own flesh and blood
I express my love
While I step and trudge
Through different depths of mud

Haste makes waste
Across this place in space

You may or may not have your while life ahead of you
Just remember idle hands are the devil's tools
Near and far from special sentimental jewels
Realize there have been many kinds of metals used
Near and far from different sea levels and pools
The outcome may have been preventable
If such things weren't placed on a pedestal

By: Dalton Ogletree

Copyright © Dalton Ogletree | Year Posted 2017

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Still, and again
“Ogongo” crept into my mouth
As I behold the two nocturnal creatures

We have waited endlessly
No longer in my Aunt’s place,
But we became unsolicited watchmen
At the streets gate entrance
It was an ungodly hour 
Darkness had key to everywhere

Still, and again
I winked at my cousin
He nodded, and murmured
“They are on their way”

But when midnight started knocking
Out of the furfuled dusk
Appeared the two nocturnal  “Ogongos”

One bringing back the memory of the famous Yokosuna
Of the Heavy weight with an heavy duty
To her chest, 
Were a very big size-less eve’s apples?
Her mean look compliments her dark complexion
Her burnt lips. .  . Reddish eyeballs speak of her as a chimney
My cousin I pity from within my heart
Her hyena-like laughter
Turned me back to the second “Ogongo”
Of a lesser weight to the former
Her Eve’s apples were almost not there
“Bad catch, worst choice”
I echoed to myself until I saw
Her roundly shaped protruding buttock
Speaking louder than a loud-speaker
It overshadows her duck-like ugly mouth
It was an undeniable asset

Indeed, the “Ogongos” are both endowed
With a Unique Selling Point (UPS)
With these, I had taught they can never
Run out of good prices in the market.

Lo and behold,
At the crucial product delivery point
I rushed out of my room
Only to see my cousin outside too
Looking worried and dejected 

The “Ogongos” are over-used products 
The expiry date lapsed long ago
The USP was a flash in the pan
We both slept in the parlour 
Leaving the “Ogongos” in their different rooms
It was a bad deal in a bad day.

Alayande Stephen T
20th June, 2007

NB-Ogongo is a coinage for Prostitutes.
In Iba, with Ayo  and Yemi, expecting 
An Izobo daughter and Tobi’s call. 

Copyright © Alayande Stephen | Year Posted 2007

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i think we do agree, before we are born , to spend some time together, the ones that draw and startle some, but never stay no never, one, a flash in the pan, a labour of love, and then they're gone forever??? some? Don re: "Another Life" Debbie Duncan

Copyright © DON JOHNSON | Year Posted 2013

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a flash in the pan

embrace the utterly fleeting nature of your
for within moments you will disappear
& all that you think matters now
all your 
for future endeavors, for relationships, for trips & 
attempts at ascension within some kind of 
labor structure---
they all are reduced to the head of 
& as the smoke from that last obliterating fire
you’re whisked away by the

Copyright © andrew delapruch | Year Posted 2011

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Flash in the pan


Copyright © Latha Ramprasad | Year Posted 2015

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We’ve got a lot to be thankful for.
Personally 2010 was not special, but for all of us I can say this:
It was not a  perfect year  but with nearly 
Seven billion people all wanting to feel special
It   was   reasonably  successful.  Awesome in fact.

Nature held back  her furious destructive capability
Enormous  killer-quakes  were limited to  Haiti. 
Only 280 000 people died. It could have been worse.
No memorable hurricanes  or  mega-tsunamis,    
And Iceland’s volcano only delayed a few aircraft - 
And an oil spill in the Gulf, like all such spills,
Seems to have had little lasting effect,
Despite the nightly tv  news fiction.

20 million didn’t die of   Hong Kong  flu, or  bird flu,
Or AIDS, or Legionnaires disease  or any 
Of a number of  flash-in-the-pan  scary diseases
Widely hyped in  the media.
A  milliion  didn’t die from napalm attacks;
And there were no genocidal  pogroms based on 
“Understandable and entirely logical” issues such as
Skin color,   language choice,  or name of God,
(It is obviously good to kill someone  for being different  to ourselves.)

And as far as we know no babies were born into slavery,
Though  100 million Chinese worked like slaves
To produce our glitter  for Xmas trees.
And the really heart-warming news is that only
4 million children died of malnutrition this year, 
Down from last year’s total of 5 million.
We’ve  got a lot to be thankful for.

Copyright © Sidney Beck | Year Posted 2010

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The Voters

We vote them in to speak for us
Like lemmings we follow the presidential bus
Once in power and take the oath
To serve our country which serves us both
Many roads they travel down
Can trip some up, while others fall down
AmBushed in Iraq, the lair of Blair
Where many soldiers perished there
Taliban in Afghanistan
Guerrilla warfare not a flash in the pan
Another conflict to more pain
What in the end do we gain
Continue to send troops to different shores
To be gun downed and bombed as before
To fight a war so far from us
Should we really follow the presidential bus?

Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2009

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Absurd Silliness

Seven layers of fodder litter my desk
some of it golden
but mostly just mess

A flashlight -
should darkness suddenly fall
as I sleep at the switch
in case you don’t call

Three AA batteries when I really need four
to fire up the vacuum and suck up the gore

Two pretty flat rocks I can’t bear to discard
I may chew them tonight should I find myself charred

There’s a wee house from Ireland
my friend sent from afar
a condolence for leaving . . .
my front door ajar

An adding machine to calculate my losses
the numbers fly backwards, like aging,
but reverses

A roll of paper towels, a bottle of Windexes
as I tinker and fiddle and deny and digresses

I came in this room to clean up my messes
from 2005 I hope to start freshes
Here’s a blast from the past, a flash in the pan
a pig in a poke, a tickle and a smoke

It’s so worth the effort and a waste of my time
to blow up the past and change up the rhyme
so tell me you love me and I could care if it’s true
cuz ‘06 is here in its wiliness right on cue

It better be damned good, 'cause last year sucked the big one

. . . in days of auld lang syne

Copyright © Jill Martin | Year Posted 2006

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Some pros and cons of being virtually connected to reality 2nd byte

who felt incorporeal storied power 
   of Herman Melville as zen unseen aid 
instructing hypothetic rich kid to drop out of school 
   before his/her first grade
coz of all the money he/she made

which affected modus operandi rendered obsolete 
   child worker laws 
   and no sweat of brow getting paid
people used bitcoin (or other online currency) 
   additionally making purchases 
   with scant keystrokes to complete a trade.

As with any major dramatically novel scheme 
light bulb idea scribbled on napkin 
   scrap of paper 
   via cheesy or whipped cream
originating as a flash in the pan 
   aha eureka moment, or dream

as rough blue print subsequently 
   underwent beta testing, 
   before declaring pc innovation supreme 
whereby outstanding persons in the tech industry 
   clamored to join Kidde team. 

Whether seventh day add vent 
   hissed or other religious creed
powerful binary processing 
   impacted near 
   earth shaking incarnation indeed 
and ramifications in all walks 
   and talks of life sought expert need.

Coven chanting children murmured Luddites be damned! 

Thus spake Zarathustra (cue the opening scene 
from Planet of the Apes) 
   upon witnessing as if king or queen 
(in reality father or mother) 
   didst get immediately 

   dethroned thus, increasing mean
average positive 
   effects on society, especially lean 
microchip i.e. integrated circuitry 

   miniaturization "green"
technology (and eventual 
   attendant affordable price) 
   viz said trappings 

   unleashed upon global market 
   invited absolute zero dust, a must clean
as a whistle work space, 
   and manufacturers laboratory be microbe free
   hermetically sealed vacuumed "clean". 

Countless portable machines 
   unbeknownst soon epithet florid hack
   coining impromptu called cyber crime 
especially as majority proportion of population 
   didst purchase these dime, 

a doze in countless "end users" 
   snapped up these smart machines 
   excitedly keyed away indifferent to gunk
on unwashed hands 
   plus bits of food particles 

   eventually caking hardware with grime 
(eventually necessitating technician 
   charging gobs of moolah 
   sans to unstitch in time.

Copyright © matthew harris | Year Posted 2018

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Mind is Playing Tricks On Me

trapped within the very impulse of our loved beneath the perplexing ambush
we close the door of brevity with a slight adjustment of the hand when will we understand
caught betwen the world I know then onto the one I wish to go we become puzzled
my mind is playing tricks on me day after day with humble knee to bow the head to pray

out in the street where people meet we wear a smile yet know all the great while
when push comes to shove we tend to sweep things underneath the rug
in a time well spent in thought our chromosones run a bit wild
when I was a child i used to dream of kings and queens & magical places

yesterday is gone and I sit here all alone with a song in my heart to light the inner spark
we will humbly embark upon the distant road we are to tread within the walking dead
following aparts at the seams living in a land so very mean

with witches in the air without a care in darkened portals of my mind
a flash in the pan when to understand that true simplistic art
Warhol with his soup cans promising everyone 15 minutes of fame
Elder bush still trying to grab some bush best he keep his Tiger in the woods

living in a field of dreams faces that scream eating my favorite ice cream
blind leaders of the blind following a no it all for president isn't it relevant
chase back the dreams froom your hair without the willingness to share
lines being drawn in the sand when to understand send the troops home
no time for them to roam...

mind is playing tricks on me as we take things casually masquerading with reality
with sought after humble brevity living in a land of make believe
yet we have something up our sleeve
crimes of passion embarking on the New York mile

bloodshed in the street of the town of New Haven
gone our the days of the forgotten Ben Laden or have we forgotten him
North Korea fat boy in a suit with funny hair
a cause to reflect lest we have met together for a journey of fear

working to hard can give you a heart attack like that old school rap
with Slick Rick & Mellie Mel boogy down with your socks like the late Scot Lerock
Fetty Wap is still on top still got time to call up for a cop
many years from now I'll still be on top

minds playing tricks on my as if its in the gutter is it any wonder with Stevie
everybody needs me like freshly squeezed orange juice drinking one hundred proof Vodka
these are the days that try mens souls as in the summer soldier and the sunset patriot
we can learn from our past mistakes not to make them again

Guess its best to hold our breath & count to the number ten again

Copyright © Mario Vitale | Year Posted 2017

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A Flash In The Pan

My mind won't get in to gear
Memories come and go like a flash in
The old pan.
My mom's favorite ice cream that's clear.
Shoot! I had something else it just 
Some thing about spick and span.
My mind won't get in to gear
Memories come and go like a flash in
The old pan.
Why won't it appear?
Mind scan
Brain is over ran
Time to change my atmosphere.
My mind won't get in to gear.

Copyright © Bette Bavington | Year Posted 2018

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Gain Perennial Wealth

Catch the latch under the thatch
Roof within the hut
In your village where you snatch
Every chance to balance the gut
That propels your vision
To embrace the trace of the future
You believe lies in the diffusion
Lying at the intersection of a culture
Dynamic enough to promote progress
Conservative enough to preserve salient values
So  essential in your culture they digress
From puny conservation to sow clues
To the way forward in blessing Africa
Without turning your backs on the forward march
Humankind launches to recognise Jamaica
As  the homeland the  Reggae arch
Whose contribution Jimmy Cliff
Alongside Bob Marley and Peter Tosh
Transformed the music genre from a whiff
To a major component so posh
No connoisseur can dismiss it
As a flash in the pan in the pantheon world music
Celebrates and elevates to fit
New sounds and bounds in non-basic
Communication where a universal language
Inherent in music criss-crosses salient aspects
Humankind shares and spreads to assuage
Incongruities and insanities in prospects
That point to and chart the destiny
Humankind deserves
Despite flak, yak and intrusive scrutiny
That in the end serves
No useful purpose in uniting humankind
Despite race, opinion and obstination
Which turns people blind, makes them unkind
To the extent they annihilate an entire station
Blessed by the most high
To  kiss blessings and forgo chances
To step forth and fly
Higher than current circumstances
In their illusion to freak out
And promote doubt with diminishing clout
Today and tomorrow
Now and forever
If you should borrow
Not from fever or a disgrace river
But from God's manifesto
In which your portion lies in success
To derive nutrients not from alcohol but from the tomato
To which God has granted you permanent access
To prolong life
Live in optimum health
Give up strife
And gain and bargain for perennial wealth.

Copyright © john sensele | Year Posted 2018