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   Toro was waiting anxiously at the local
dog shelter, with sad lonely eyes. He paced
back and forth, as the days passed him by.

   If I wasn't a little Chihuahua, maybe they
would choose me then. I rather be a strong
German Shepherd, because they always get
picked, and my loneliness, would end.

   Oh, oh some people are looking to adopt! 
They are walking by my cage, oh no please,
notice me, please stop!

   They walked by Toros cage, as he wept and
let out a mournful sigh. His little heart was
broken, as he was not chosen, way deep,
deep, deep inside.

   He would start to tremble, from all the
rejection he felt, when he was looked upon.
 No one wanted a puppy trembling, thinking he
had something wrong.

   The expression, "Every dog has his day."
came into play, on this special day. My wife
Judy and I saw him shaking in his cage.

   My wife said. "What's the matter honey are
you feeling cold?" She raised him up and held
him, what a happy boy!

   Toro's eyes lit up like the brightest sun. His
tail was wagging, as his heartfelt pain, was
healed and gone.

   My wife said, "Michael this one, I have to
have."  "A wonderful choice honey." I said.

   He wouldn't sit still, as he was full of
excitement, as we were taking  him home. His
little heart was pounding so fast as his
anticipation had grown.

   He ran out of the car like he had been here
before, and waited for us, to open the front door.

   Once inside he met Saranac our cat, and
ran over to meet Lily May our terrier, my wife's
favorite brat. 

   He spends his time given us his loving doggy
licks and impresses us daily with his fancy doggy

   My Toro now runs around like he owns the
place. Every once in a while, he gives the
paperboy, a couple of barks and a little chase.

   He follows me now wherever I go, and bites
at the flies, that fly around his nose.

   Toro brings us so much joy, each and everyday.
" This is your special home, my little friend, where,
you will always stay." 

Michael Tor 9/14/2015  My pet, Contest. Sponsored by Broken Wings.

Copyright © michael tor | Year Posted 2015

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Deputy Dawg

Old dogs will not learn new tricks
Young dogs love to play heads and tails and chase after sticks 
Give a dog a bad name
Hi meet my new puppy, I called him Saddam Hussain
Your the man now dog
You son of a *****, thats rich
Every dog has his day
Monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday,  fido,  saturday, sunday
Alpha male
Beta *****
Running with both hounds and hares
Cant make his mind up if he is a dog, who cares
A not unblack dog was chasing a not unsmall rabbit across a not ungreen field
Meanwhile the white dog ran after a hare through the rape seed
Meaner than a junk yard dog
$50.00 for an old fender
Hair of the dog
Too much grog
Go see a man about a dog
Go get some more grog

Copyright © john scott | Year Posted 2014

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Each day in his little cell blocked from the outside, he sits, he waits,
Noting the people who walk past him, "oh he looks nice, will he come visit me?"
Day after day he cries, sometimes to himself, sometimes aloud.
Underneath the tough exterior is a puppy so playful, so loving, he can't harm a soul.
Rage is a word he can't even describe to you.
After all, he's just a dog. 
Nice and sweet, yet the world passes him by because, "he's too big, he looks vicious."
Can't we just judge without lame stereotypes leading our decisions?
Every dog has his day, just hold out for it boy.

Copyright © Mariah Lopez | Year Posted 2016

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O.J (oppertunist)

your life in dissaray...

oppertunist - has been...

...psychological self amusement


You want to go inside...

...This game you play...


Without probable cause...

...arrogant silence...


...powerful word alleged...

...every dog has his day...

...ring fence...

O.J once more on display...

...powerful word innocent...

...once accused of murder...

...armed robbery on the table...

accusation - alledged - alliby...



Copyright © Eileen R. Kelly | Year Posted 2007

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Pat Garret

Every dog has his day every kid has his fun.
But the dust has settled  on this  town.
And its bout time you turned tail and  run.

The draw may be fast but what about the 
one you dont see.
Friends  can make the best enemy,

For to be a legend first you must be made a tragedy.
For every hero  must have his villan.
A judas to betray.
But after these lines soon you will all but
fade away.

Kid you might but be careful with whom you play.
Words can be bullets.
So I always aim for the heart with everyone i say.

Billy your hero seems more like a pawn.
in a war of words 
your simpley a yawn.

As charming as a old creaky latch.
Take caution for my friend.
You've just met your match.

Copyright © The Unknown Poet | Year Posted 2010

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While his glory is fading
Into the years
All he can do
Is sit back and drink beers

Once he was an immortal
A legend in flesh

Now in freefall
Of which he can’t express

Once paying money
They came to witness his bouts
Just to see his foes
Crumble and pout

In the days of old
Days of power and gold
Select empires stood
Oh, so mighty and bold

In the beginning
They were unstoppable
As they grew
Defeat became impossible

Yet every dog has his day
Every power must pay

A price of pride,

Seldom known by most
For this price results inevitably
In a loss of the thrown

For so very long, he sat proudly
Atop all peers
All the while striking down
Upon them an insurmountable fear

In his prime no mortal
Could stand face up rewarding him with defeat
They all eventually 
Scrambled in a panicking retreat

This man was a god
Of the Boxing ring

Envied by all
Even the most powerful kings

Yet now his whole body 
Is now slowly degrading through the years
This is a legend’s
Darkest fears

For in eyes of thy own

There is no consolation prize

Copyright © Michael Harris | Year Posted 2006

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Nursery school age kids used to play

Rome wasn't built in a day
   Mexicans like saying "Ole!"
If your horse eats nothing but hay
   Teach him how to order on e-Bay

While terriers put sugar in their 'tay'
   Cigarette smokers should use an ashtray
People say every dog has his day
   Though I was told that crime doesn't pay

First April showers, then come what May
   In life one's gotta find his own way
A voice vote's always a yea or a nay  
   It's lonely tonight -- Won't you stay?

When you're older, your hair might turn gray 
   Every knight needs some dragons to slay
If a soldier won't enter the fray
   Against him will a nation inveigh

On her tuffet, Little Miss Muffet ate whey
   When a donkey's upset, it'll bray
In Puerto Rico how those palm trees do sway
   Now the sun's out: Go catch a ray

Do you remember when happy meant 'gay'
   And nursery school age kids used to play? 
From the path it's far too easy to stray
   ~ Life's choices please carefully weigh!

Copyright © Gershon Wolf | Year Posted 2018