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Pig a billa

Pig a billa Good tucker is ol pig-billa, Porcupine Echidna hey, Favourite food of Aboriginals, Has him own spears anyway, Track him cross the hot red sand, Which way does he go, today, Claws on his back legs are a pointing, Where he come from, there we say, Dead possum hanging oer the water, Maggots falling soon they may, Yellow belly sucks em sorta, Big ol Cod could eat em hey, Marbuk silent as a Gum-tree, Waits with fishing plurry spear, See the flash of yella-belly, see, Him on the coals to sear! Swish of killer boomerang, As the wild ducks leave the water, Pelted as a hundred swam, Got a Shag hook nosed just sorta, Break-em wing as it leaves the water, Bloody tough meat make you chew, Yarraman is a horse you see, Milinbri beast of cattle, be, Crocodile he waits for you, Don’t swim where he will maybe chew, After the death roll kills you, oughta, Fresh meat ol tourist brought ya, To Cape York for interview. Ole Croc can get you too! Sidestep this frenzy slaughter…. Whatever ya bloody do. Ole Johnson the reporter …Don

Copyright © DON JOHNSON | Year Posted 2013

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Walking Through The Rainforest

Walking through the rainforest
Koala in a tree
Mr.Hungry Dingo
Staring at me

Living in Australia
Happy as can be
Sunburnt country is the best
I'm sure you will agree

Many native species
Australia is their home
Couldn't be anywhere else
As says this Aussie poem

Platypus in the river 
Echidna eating ants
Old man in a cork hat
Wearing cotton pants

Cooking up some damper
Cooking up some roast
Eating up a lamington
Spreading Vegemite on toast

Kangaroo and cocky
Kooka and wombat 
Fight to maintain freedom
Hand to hand combat 

I'm proud to be Australian
Sunburnt country is my home
Never want to leave this place
As says this Aussie poem

Copyright © Mikayla Borchard | Year Posted 2016

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Kangaroo To The Rescue

A young cyclist called Jimmy Pike,
Famous for riding his cross-country bike,
Hit an echidna, his tire went flat,
Stopping his long trek,there he sat,
I think he might have to hitch-hike.

 A kangaroo came jumping strong,
 Paused, then asked, "What is wrong?" 
" A wayward echidna with bad eyesight,
got in the way and stopped my bike,"
Now the pair are bouncing along.

Copyright © john williams | Year Posted 2015

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The Garden At Night

The last people clear away
The garden is finished for the day 
The garden gnomes have a little shuffle 
The flamingo statue has a scuffle 

Night has fallen, the garden is alive
It's as busy as a hive
The garden gnomes tend to the crops 
Around and around the garden peacock statue hops

Echidna dances with caterpillar 
Angel boogies on his pillar
Dancing to the music of the grass
When the wind is here to pass

Alas, come the first rays of dawn 
Sleepy humans begin to yawn 
All the statues move back to their places
Of last night they leave no traces

But there's still tiny footprints on the ground
The humans wonder why they didn't hear a sound

Copyright © Mikayla Borchard | Year Posted 2016

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The Echidna

A little crack appears in the egg
Out pops a little leg
Something wiggles out all the way
A little echidna is born today 

Echidna sits in Mummy's pouch
It's as comfy as a couch
Echidna drinks Mummy's milk
Her little body soft as silk

Echidna baby growing each day
Now she's not pink, she is grey
Now Echidna walks next to Mummy
Finding food to put in her tummy

Echidna is now growing prickles 
Which are not good for tickles
Echidna now eats lots of bugs 
From their nests she gently tugs

Echidna is now a full grown female
With many males on her tail
Echidna chooses the one she likes best 
With him, she lays down to rest

She lays an egg in their den
Now the cycle starts again

Copyright © Mikayla Borchard | Year Posted 2016

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Echidna Acrostic

Every echidna 
Crawling around 
Hunting for ants
In the ground
Digging their burrows 
Night and day
All the way
Sunrise to sunset

Copyright © Mikayla Borchard | Year Posted 2016

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The Rainbow Echidna

I was walking in the woods and saw a marvellous sight,
It was a rainbow echidna, colourful and bright.
The light bounced off each and every spine.
My oh my, the rainbow echidna looked fine.

The tips of the spines were all the colours of the rainbow 
The rainbow echidna came and snuggled my toe
She said "Hello, I'm Dream. Who are you?"
I told her my name and she told me what to do.

"I come from Echidna Land, it's my home,"
"But I was banished by a powerful gnome."
"I was wondering if you could help me find my place."
"That gnome was such a disgrace!"

So I set off with Dream along the road
Luckily, we didn't have a heavy load.
We talked and talked and became good friends 
Nothing can change that, whatever life sends.

The trip was hard, the trip was long
I was lucky to have Dream to sing a song 
Each night we slept under the stars
Hidden away from passing cars

We arrived after more than a week 
I gave Dream a pat on her beak
Grandfather Echidna, the leader of them all
Offered me a home near the town hall 

I accepted the invite with great pleasure 
Now I have much time of leisure 
The echidnas are all my best friends 
Nothing can change that, whatever life sends 

Copyright © Mikayla Borchard | Year Posted 2016

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The Echidna Family

Once there was an echidna fairly, like no other.
Oh, how much they cared for each other
They lived in a forest that was unknown
And spoke in a very quiet tone

The oldest of all was Grandfather Echidna, he was one hundred and sixty two
Calm and wise, with lots of wisdom, he always knew what to do
He knew which ants were juiciest, he could pick the from the rest
For new echidna babies, he could make a perfect nest

Next in line was Great Aunt Beak
Because of a fox attack, she was quite weak,
But she could make wonderful meals
She was the one that made all the deals

The third in the family was Uncle Spike
Nothing at all did he dislike
He was always ready to make a joke
And never bought a pig in a poke

Then there was Mother Quill
She always knew the perfect pill
She knew how to mend a broken bone
She could do this all alone 

Now we will meet Father Tongue
He had an excellent right lung
Digging was his favourite thing
With the family he liked to sing

The oldest child was Sister Claw
However, she had a tender paw
She loved to help all of her kin 
And threw her litter in the bin

The youngest of all was Baby Prick
He was never ever sick
Hide and seek was his favourite game 
This echidna was very tame

This family was very close
They were not allergic to lactose 
They never had a fight
Each one was a child of light

But that was many years ago
They had a child the colours of the rainbow

Copyright © Mikayla Borchard | Year Posted 2016

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It was the day of 
dead patriarch.  
I was fondling an echidna.

The home was 
carried away in the-
storm. Must find a broom.

On the remains- 
of a burned-out soul.
A hope sits on the altar.

A piano drenched in rain-
will not sing in the gale.
The sky will collapse- 

one day, I will bring 
back the bluebird,
for a revenge.

Satish Verma

Copyright © Satish Verma | Year Posted 2015

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living loving, then the leaving, passing through deaths back door, different colors same ol speaker, never dead 4 nevermore. been so many times the planet, wore a petticoat for sure, waddya mean me name was Janet, i'm a guy now haw haw haw. blink of eye an life is passing, blowpipe, green Amazon i saw, get that bird with my next shot, get them feathers off, eat more. Woomera notched on me spear, reef it at that Roo for sure, Echidna him good tucker, love him, eat him like him, more ... thanks Laura Breidenthal Don Johnson

Copyright © DON JOHNSON | Year Posted 2012

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Ophelia And Thomas

A young woman was walking in the woods 
She saw an echidna, it was love at first sight
So Ophelia sat down next to him
And he hugged her with all his might 

Ophelia told her parents about the echidna, about their special love 
But her parents, they were disgraced 
They gave her two options 
Stay with them or be displaced 

So Ophelia, she chose the second
She packed a few of her goods
Ready to meet her destiny
She went back to the woods

The echidna was glad to see her, but he needed a name
So Ophelia called him Thomas Spike 
And loved him with all her heart
Thomas taught her how to find ants, termites, and the like

They lived a happy couple
For many happy years
Until the death of Thomas
Causing Ophelia many tears

And Ophelia, her health declining
Joined him within a week
At least now they could be together
To kiss each other's cheek

To this day if you walk in their forest
You may just see their ghosts
Wandering what may seem aimlessly 
But nature makes their sign posts

Copyright © Mikayla Borchard | Year Posted 2016

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An Echidna's Christmas

Birds are singing in the trees
The echidna family awakens for Christmas Day
Ready to find a breakfast of ants
While the puggles play

Then they gather under a tree
To exchange gifts and presents
And many happy talks
Each echidna very pleased with their gifts and their contents 

Time to carol under the sun
All linking hands
Singing "We Wish You A Spiky Christmas"
And more than one heart expands

Now it's time for Christmas lunch 
Fresh juicy honey ants
Delectable delicious termites
With Uncle Thomas in the plants

Now the young ones play hide and seek
The seniors discuss economics 
The puggles lay down for their nap
While the teenagers read comics

Now the echidnas are sleepy 
They believe it is time to rest
Saying their last good nights
Before dreaming of daring quests

Copyright © Mikayla Borchard | Year Posted 2016

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Echidna and Platypus Besties

The echidna and the platypus were friends.
They both had a teeny tiny secret, one and the other.
The sweet platypus had venom on his ends.
He was told to keep this hidden by his mother.

The short-nosed echidna could lay eggs as well as a wren.
She was told to keep this under wraps, by her brother.
Their love for eating worms and insects made them friends.
That was something they could talk about with each other.

Echidna’s spikes were dangerous on the ends.
Most certainly out in the open, not hidden from platypus.
Platypus’s five sharpie claws helped make them friends.
He could dig insects up for his mate, Echidna, without fuss.

The platypus’s venom reveal might have meant no friendship,
He retained this secret; he kept it under lock and key.
Echidna’s secret would have given them another reason for kinship,
If she had discovered that Platypus can lay eggs like me.

Copyright © Caren Krutsinger | Year Posted 2018