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What I Think

I think what I think, and to that, I’m true Stick to what I believe, that’s what I do Hard to turn around, once it’s in my head You won’t change my mind, I’ll change yours instead Some will tell you I’m stubborn as can be That maters not, I just got to be me But then, “If I didn't think what I think” I’d be confused; it would drive me to drink Not think what I think; "here’s what I’d think" I’ve lost my opinion, must need a shrink

Copyright © Charles Sides | Year Posted 2012

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Washing out the stains.

Washing out the stains,he deceived me into believing that.
A story that stirs the imagination,iam constrained to leave.
He was subject to periods of euphoria and dreadful depression.
Do you call this monstrosity a work of art?
I made sure he was telling the truth.
He addressed himself to the task of promoting detente.
He can be very mean in his spite,reduce me to silence.
Honorouble mention happen to meet reputation,i said
as idealism was wounded in the right side.
Drive me to drink,iam tired,double bass sounded strange.
You must rest for a while,as my conscience dictates.
I will get up a dramatic performance,an orgiastic night.
Duality,schizophrenia or simply a disagreement?
Me or him,splitting in two,something unique.

Copyright © Teddy Dude | Year Posted 2007

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october rain

Sitting in a bar
In a pensive state
Watching the sun set
And the nightly madness begins
As I drink
My dismal, damned draft
Dram of drunken dream desire
I am drawn to memories
Perhaps best left dead
And buried deep inside
My head
Try as I might
The memories come back
To burden and haunt me
And drive me to drink
To seek forgiveness
And solace for a moment
The memories
Of all the women
I have lusted for
And all the women
I have loved in vain
And the memories
Flood my soul
And I can’t let go
No I cannot do so
So I won’t forget
And I can’t forgive myself
For having feelings
For other women
And so it goes
And I sit and drink
And dream of what might
Have been
Nothing satisfies me
And I am not satisfied
With what I have
Only wanting what I want
And so I sit
And cry in my beer
Yet another
Alcoholic pathetic
Middle age loser man
Bemoaning his lost youth
As her surveys the room
Checking out the young ladies
Young enough to be his daughter
Or his granddaughter
And the beer does not lie
It does not lie
It sits there
And stares back at him
Giving no answers
To his probing questions
And so I drink
To forget
But I can’t forget
And the beer does not console
And grows cold
As the night wears on
So I sit
Think and wonder
And I have another
And watch my thoughts
Dance across the evening sky

 published Scarlet Leaf review

Copyright © jake aller | Year Posted 2017

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What Do You Think?

I am so happy to see you again,
I wondered where you had been,
Only one problem there is,
We can’t go on like this.
I have to get some sleep,
You have to let me rest,
I don’t want to hear a peep,
I know what is best.

You come inside,
 I have no place to hide,
There are rules to be made,
I will not be betrayed!
You have to listen to what I say,
Then maybe we can make it,
Through another day,
But this is a fact,
I am glad to see you back,
But never again,
Can we go through this and win,
One of us will have to go.

Now you are words And I am man,
You have the largest words in the land,
I am still smarter, I know how to think,
And no you won’t, drive me to drink.
You cannot consume me,
Like you have in the past,
Not if this relationship,
Is going to last.
So there you have it, in a nut shell,
And if you don’t like it, go to……
ring the bell!

Copyright © Kenneth Fordham | Year Posted 2007