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Finding Myself

I sit looking at my half full 
glass of rum
I watch as the glass sweats 
and the droplets 
leave a trail down my glass
Funny I see it half full 
when my life feels half empty
I push it away not wanting 
to drink the "Kool aid" 
No it's not what has got me 
to this point but it does taste 
of lost hope and forgotten dreams
It was just a way to forget
To forget I once had 
dreams, hopes, truth, needs

I no longer know who I am, 
who I have become
I do not recognize this stranger I am 
How far I have traveled down 
to the opposite end of the spectrum
So far down I fooled myself

By trying to smooth wrinkles in time 
did I change myself too
Am I who I want others to see 
or am I who they want to see
Always hiding my true self
I gave up not thinking I was 
good enough 
or strong enough...
So I made myself 
too strong 
too independent, 
too cold almost
All of my tears that flow 
but none care

I write of weilding 
your own sword
Being your own hero, 
save yourself....
Lol but do I believe that

I want the tears to drown me 
and the raging river to take me
I want the stars to stay hid 
don't shine on me because 
I'm not strong 
Life has taught me be tough, 
hard, don't care too much 
because it all gets pulled from under 
you and those dragons 
I spoke of to slay.....
They are ripping me apart....

So unlike most all my writes 
there will be no awakening moment 
to save me no stars to shine down with wisdom.....
Just me crying for what I've lost.......
not wanting saved...
Just wanting to grieve 
losing myself and much more.... 
With maybe a dash of hope 
that in this moment 
I can find myself again ....
no pity, 
no words of encouragement.....

i just need to know I can still feel...
So sorry not a happy ending .....
hope that there is one 
but not caring if there isn't....
just needing to regain something 
that I lost.....myself...!!

Copyright © Brenda Chiri | Year Posted 2018

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In this tumultuous political climate
I find both parties irrelevant and obsolete

They do not speak to me and my families’ needs
Neither do these elites know the suffering we go through

Day after day we look for respite from the turmoil of war
Wrought against us and human kind

Their arguments for war aren't compelling, they don't persuade and 
are not in the best interest of the American people

I cannot drink the Kool-Aid they serve in golden goblets
I cannot and never would
One speaker speaks with a deceptive facade
The other in hate and pseudo outrageous promises

We, the people, are in mental turmoil, confused in crises
The world is in calamity and chaos and they don't care

They speak in tongues foreign to the human heart and spirit
Jeopardizing our national integrity 
The Constitution is clear and doesn’t need to be re-interpreted 
The Bill of Rights doesn’t have to be changed, just followed

The world is in serious flux, hazardously in danger
Our Constitution and Bill of Rights are in danger of becoming irrelevant

The people in charge have jeopardized our national integrity 
Forgetting the basic thread that ties us all

Humanity! The welfare of people is what life is about
Integrity is at its root, the heart continues to beat

Our life is not a valuable Royal Delft Blue Vase filled with fragrant gardenias
Nor the life the elite would dare to endure

We are not part of their extravagant life style, but
We do live in the last bastion of what

True democracy is striving to be, but
Quickly slipping away

Being vigilant and smart is to avoid the predators that lurk    
Seeking positions in government to enhance their status and wealth

America's kind of Freedom is not just for some, but for everyone
The forever struggling Eagle of Freedom will rise from this abyss.

Copyright © norberto franco cisneros | Year Posted 2016

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The Truth is Still the Truth

I'm searching far and wide for the facts, getting my hands dirty in the process
When we conquer nations, I say bloodshed and they say progress
I have no desire to be burned at the stake
Simply practicing freedom of speech for Pete's sake
I know it's gonna hurt like none else when I reveal these secrets
But in this case ignorance ain't bliss, so I'm keeping true with no regrets
I've learned way too much and dug too deep to pretend I didn't see what I saw
I get disgusted when they tell me to keep quiet
cause I might just break some obscure law
They call me disrespectful and unpatriotic when I display any kind of negativity
But aren't they equally so when they throw me in a cell when I simply don't agree?
Cause at the end of the day, when all is said and done, the truth is still the truth
And I know when I say that I run the risk of hanging from a noose
But if you don't speak up, for fear of ridicule, either way you're gonna lose
It doesn't really matter if I offend the way you think
All I wanna do is offer you my hand, I don't want you to sink
in the sea of lies, those people behind the scenes are so proud of
The time for silence is finally over, the world has had quite enough
We aren't sheep in line waiting for the slaughter
We are brothers, sisters, sons and daughters!
And don't get me wrong I support the troops, just not the war
Does anyone honestly know what we're fighting for?
Stop hacking at the branches of evil, and grab at the roots
When the truth lies ahead, it's worth getting mud on your boots
I wanna let you know that your heart might shatter when I say this
I know you might be calling me crazy or disturbed, but I accept that risk
I'd like to honor the victims of 9/11 - but the investigation was a sick joke
If you're eating while reading this, for the love of God, don't choke
I need you to spread the word and really ask the hard questions
Any race and any nation is capable of performing crimes too foul to mention
Even our own (though reputedly god-blessed) is no exception
The building fell six seconds flat, from an illogical jet fuel blast
The fact it wasn't hot enough for fuel to explode, no one bothered to explain that
The kamikaze Arabs that flew the plane, a few are still alive, living in their home country
Just give 'em a ring and and say how's it going, oh and by the way,
"How did you defy your own mortality?"
Did you know a cool 60 mil was spent on digging into Clinton's love life?
Yet only a fraction of that was spent trying to figure out
who ordered the extermination of over a thousand lives...
Seems to me some poor sap is getting paid big bucks to drink the Kool Aid
Seems to me someone's laughing their head off while the rest of are getting played
Don't take my word it, I'm just one person after all, start your own research
All I'm asking is for you to think for yourself, and don't get too cozy on your perch
Pay close attention when they advance two steps only to jump back one
And when you notice you gotta catch them in the act, not after its already done
This isn't political opinion; the loss of human life is just something I don't condone
Life is just way too precious to be debating the humaneness of drones
Yeah, I support our brave troops, so for once do what's right and send 'em back home!

NOTE: I didn't write this for creative purposes, for this is no laughing matter, but a serious issue. What happened on the day of 9/11 was one of the most appalling crimes in recent history - please, don't listen to the basic news stations and take it for absolute truth. There are over a hundred contradictions in the "official story" they give out. What I mentioned in this rap is just bread crumbs compared to the whole story. The majority of people won't even consider the slightest possibility that 9/11 was an inside job (even when countless facts and holes in their story, lead one to believe that's exactly what it was). It is an absolute disgrace to the victims of 9/11, to leave the investigation in such obscurity and unanswered questions. This is not politics here... these are human beings we are talking about. I beg of you to not just take my word for it, but start your own research. There are several very thorough documentaries on the subject, that were put together by small groups of people eager to find the truth. Loose Change is a good one.

Copyright © Timothy Hicks | Year Posted 2013

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“Her Desher”-(The Red One) something eerie searches,
For life, a loner, three journeys away from reality and beauty.
Looking for optimism among its adversaries. 
Why the self-affliction as the majestic dust storm blankets it all,
Hiding,making yourself "bloody like death".

“Ares” why do you conquer all the light and choose the darkness?
It must feel like home, comfortable, yet dejected,
Why fear evolution?, Maybe there is aspiration yet,
Drink the “Kool Aid”, it’s never too late to join us, you’re not dead,
At least not utterly.

Simple wonders of profound heights as the mountain peaks proudly,
Highest that any of its rivals,
No fight there, No competition needed, Battle won before it even starts
You can spread your wings and sore through the deepest valley known to this universe,
“Fire Star” your magnificence knows no constraints  there is hope yet.


Copyright © Shivanee Tinkerbelle | Year Posted 2015

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candy coated curse

don't believe anything you beware and stay bold
everything that glitters is not gold
a smiling face can hide a heart of stone
singing the venomous verse...driving the hell bound herse
poison lookin pure...candy coated curse

don't drink the kool-aid just because it sparkles in the glass
wanna be first but better off last
wild wolf wearing the lambs mask...grinning at the terrible task
sheep line up around the world and volunteer for the slaughter
taking their turn with the devils daughters...they laugh as lives lapse 
pollution lookin like the cleanest cure....candy coated curse

shining like the moon but it's still not silver...calling false gods but they can't deliver
the quiet they quiver and shake in silence
infected and insane by a virus called violence
devour the truth and defecate lies... twisted tales and angry alibis
choke and cough as the perilous pestilence destroys the worst...candy coated curse

infiltration of a nation comes with secrets and whispers not storms and whirlwinds
believers stay ready while lost ones stay wrecked
searching for a savior in blasphemy battlefields
real ones turned into robots with a mission to bring the masses to perdition
the sweet turns sour as the ticking clocks stop...candy coated curse

Copyright © anthony beesley | Year Posted 2010

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free-style dis-association

free(style dis)association

won’t be the one you remember who does you in/for if you been watching your back you been under your own skin/you learned the hard way & time & time again/no one will be there when you fall down & hit your head/up you go to dust yourself off/to sharpen your tongue & improve on your scoff/filling your bag with your weapons of choice/the most important thing you got to pack is your own voice/what they try to squash to squeeze to strangle/is the freedom that you assert when you learn to mangle/when you are throwing fists when you are stabbing down/is it you in the mirror with the pathetic frown?/no one upon this earth has the right to pretend/that it’s you that has to follow them to the bitter end/you be better off knocking them down the stairs/on your way down your own path with nothing spared/don’t owe a thing to a god like they say you do/don’t owe a thing to a government that would sooner kill you/than try for a moment to lift you from the dirt/with universal health care, a decent job or an education system that works/it’d all be better for everybody concerned if you just lock yourself up in a cage & watch yourself burn/but you & i know that this would just not do/you got a chip on your shoulder?/you got something to prove?/for those that want to sleep all the while they’re alive/you’ll be throwing caution to the wind if you do try/stepping out of your own box/leaves nothing to be imagined by the ones holding the locks/if it is to be that you don’t drink the kool-aid n’ cyanide/then you’ll walk out of this one when all the rest die.

Copyright © andrew delapruch | Year Posted 2011

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I bit the fruit
But didn't drink the Kool-Aid

Got drunk just the same

Copyright © Maureen McGreavy | Year Posted 2017

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mathew 6: 9-11

"mathew" 6: 9-11

“our father in heaven”
(ode to the man who has children,
sitting around in an imaginary
place envied by other members
of the brainwashed)

“hallowed be your name”
(the sheep that baaaaa in unison
believe that there is a sound made
by all the simultaneous crying in
desperation which has then been
construed as a “name” then given
to the imaginary listener in said
imaginary place)

“your kingdom come”
(evidently, this wondrous trailer
park in the sky is something that is
supposed to be open to anyone sad
enough to submit their will to the pool
of simultaneous sheep baaaaa-ing away
at the wall in hopes that the imaginary
listener in this imaginary place will
say something back)

“your will be done”
(those committed to baaaaa-ing & to the
spread of this act of yelling to the sky in
hopes that said imaginary listener in said
imaginary trailer park will say something
back, wrote a lot of their babbling fiction
down & apparently there is where the aspiring
brainwashed can find the how-to-manual
for walking on four legs, growing a thick
coat of bustling hair & chewing grass)

“on earth as it is in heaven”
(and once you drink the kool-aid, there is
no going back---according to the sheep
gazing at the stars, baaaaa-ing in unison,
hoping for the trailer park in the sky
where they can continue to baaaaa
together, grow their coats together &
chew grass together obliviously)

“give us this day our daily bread”
(baaaaa-ing loud enough at the sky is
supposed to bring 3 square meals back to
the sheep who have done so, because
after having created an imaginary listener
in an imaginary trailer park (there for the
explicit console of the private grievances of
said sheep baaaaa-ing), it is felt that not
only will it act as a sort of armchair
psychologist, but it will also provide
sustenance when said sheep cannot or
will not get it for themselves)

Copyright © andrew delapruch | Year Posted 2011