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Fond Memories

It does my heart good thinking of childhood memories
When the only thing that was important were families.
Friends made at a young age have now become old friends.
But the family bonds that were made will never end.

With five brothers, a sister and very colorful parents
We had the ability to stand proud despite our appearance.
We lived south of town, many referred to as the boondocks
Our clothes came from catalogs and never store bought.

Father played guitar and harmonica, quite the music man
Every weekend at our home was gathered a different band.
My love for music came honestly from my dearest Dad
I would fill in playing instruments when no one else was to be had.  

Mother had a heart of gold and people all around knew
If you walked in she'd ask, "Would you like a drink or some stew?"
Hobos from the train tracks would wonder to our doorstep
Knowing they'd be fed with hopes my father wouldn't catch.

Exciting were my summers spent with my Grandmother
She chose to take only me and never the others.
Her Irish ways and stern body of healthy stature
Made her a hard soul to understand but I so loved her.

Most of the friends of my parents had many children also
It was a pleasure to see them as they come and go. 
My siblings were the only companions with which to play
So when company came over always one child would stay.

The Ohio River had many wondrous things to offer as a child
We would swim, fish or skip stones and then stop for awhile.
All gathered to drink Kool-Aid and eat sandwiches Mom made
Then back to the water and later begging to see who stayed.

Christmas holiday was especially joyous at our home
My parents would scurry to hide toys so not one was shown.
The many toys left by Santa underneath a fresh cut tree
All these warm memories of family are very special to me.

Note: For "Heart's Warmth" contest

Copyright © Maggie Mae McAfee | Year Posted 2010

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Happy Birthday


You are my child, and
I love you with care
Every time you need me
I am always there
I thank God for you
Each and every night
You are my joy, and
 Precious in God’s sight

Today you are a year older
This is a blessing child
It does my heart good
Every time you smile
I offer these words that I
Hold dear to my heart
Happy Birthday always,
Your life is a blessing
From God.

Copyright © Lillie Williams | Year Posted 2012

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My Silliness Ballet

Yakety Yak. here comes Jack With his silly nonsense galore My goal is to cause you to chuckle out loud Till you fall face first on the floor People just love to giggle with laughter Life's so much easier to take Seeing the happiness on everyone's face Is reward for the difference it makes Have taken this challenge upon myself To satisfy this personal need To bring joy and happiness to everyone I meet But with all, can't promise to succeed Yakety Yak. here comes Jack With his silly nonsense each day It does my heart good to see the results Wearing a tutu in my silliness ballet © Jack Ellison 2015

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2015

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I have arrived by thy own passion 
By covering thy eyes I shall prosper.
Playing deaf also does my heart good. 
You chose to close your mind 
Hardening your heart. 
I then will laugh at thee 
Mocking thy pain and agony.
The light of day has passed thee by
Sighing and bleeding for you and you denied it. 
You dared speak for me thinking you were strong.
You listened to fools thinking you were mightier than he
Ha I say, I care not for I know what you are. 
I will then will blanket you and cover you in awe
You will think of me as a friend as I destroy thee
Your weapons shall be useless
Especially since you have forgotten how to use them
Remember you wanted me and I cared not for you
Ha again I say, ha and I shall not go away.  
I bring no peace, laughter or gain.
 No silence is there, just hunger and pain. 
Blood and death are in my hand
I thank thee for you hungered after me.
I am darkness and I am here to play.

Copyright © Chris Broyles | Year Posted 2007