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A day late and a dollar short by Smith, Joey

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Catch Phrase Reunion

Catch phrase’s class reunion day
All showed up to have their say…….

Willy Nilly was married to Hold your horses
 Met during a PE class on the obstacle courses
Sorry Charlie always had a crush on Get a clue
But she fell for another, Give the devil his due

What the Sam hill and A day Late and a dollar short
Had the biggest battle ever seen on Divorce Court.

Totally, Radical, and Righteous all best of friends
Married to Bodacious, Groovy and You Da Man

Cool Beans was single and still living with mom
Brought his young girlfriend her name was Da Bomb

Two sheets to the wind asked Lord willing to dance
While The full Monty made out with Half a chance

Look what the cat drug in was late but nothing new
Sauntering in with her new squeeze, called Cat man doo

Dig it got a little fresh with Talk to the hand
And his wife What Ever she just left with the band

Better you than me came looking for Mind your Ps and Qs
But ended up leaving with the famous twins “It takes two”

Take a picture it will last longer captures the moments
While Read all about it goes around asking for comments

A cold day in Hell final came but no one was there to see 
They all went over to For Heaven Sakes house for a cuppa’ a tea
The end……

Copyright © Erin Soares-Anselmi | Year Posted 2014

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A day late and a dollar short

Have you ever heard the expression a day late and a dollar short.
Because when it comes to this girl I was and this is how it goes.
A day late and a dollar short.
A cluster of feelings I’m still trying to sort.
Still thinking I have a opportunity to cross the threshold to her heart.
But if I try it will be her and my best friend I depart.
 I Know I cant do that because I am a better friend.
But if I don’t our friendship might soon end.
I cant fight the feelings for her I still contain.
All this pressure will soon make me insane.
Most people in  all probability would crack and take their life.
Not knowing the one’s they will leave in strife.
If making them both happy means being together.
Then I guess God plan for my life is even better.
Just a day late and a dollar short.
Knowing there together they’ll have my support.

Copyright © Joey Smith | Year Posted 2006

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designer products

nike ,polo ,gucci and such
designers are almost everywhere
and we go out and buy their product 
only to make them millionaires
running to the malls constantly spending
so that we can fit in 
and as soon as we think we're trending
they come out with a whole new trend
trying to keep up with the newest fashions
so we can look the way they feel
if we had put our ideals to action 
we could feel that way for real
but while they were out there movin fast
we sat around watching soaps and sports
now they're sitting back counting their cash 
and we're a day late and a dollar short,,,,,,

Copyright © Robert Walker | Year Posted 2012

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Theater of Utter Charm Part 9

Part 9

there is a wraith with an hourglass
dancing quietly in my shadow
he's gone when I look
but I can hear him do a shuffle step on the ice
his inside out umbrella more than a fashion statement
about the coming winds and arctic wolves
how he gets away with it
in my schoolyard I'll never know
acting without permission has its ups and downs
but why do I have to translate everything
into a binary threat or no threat
when increments can be an atom apart
and a day late and a dollar short
in an era when everything counts all the time
on a daily basis constantly and unremittingly
basically our species has spent its time
coping with the not intended
as if intention were a big friendly giant
who got his way at every whim
so many pathologies hidden from view
in a many mitigated kind of world
unmitigated is certainly worse I rebuke
and it leads us to the only ultimate
when the hourglass empties
and the chorus laments and weeps
as the lights dim and no one can find the exit
stumbling and crashing through the scenery
the director started making hand signs
that I thought were gang signs
his script pecked to pieces by the noisy crows
roosting in the flies making the stage slippery
then borrowing mine from a life I never lived
but desperately wanted to live
every sunrise every noon every twilight
for every corpse in the morgue or coffin or ditch
all I got to say is it's a new and unhappy genre
the borrowed personal point of view
added to the list of heresies
that's what they call it
when you finally run out of ideas
not a cause for joy and hopeful song
can this be turned against me
is the question my impoverished legal team asks
before they raise the esoteric curtains
to the Greatest Show on Earth
whose working title is Adventures Up **** Creek
but for practical reasons will be televised as
The End of the World Part 2
apparently it's going to be a slow death
at the hands of the codpiece Commissioner
and the pinch nose Inquisitor
and neighborhood Ubermench
and Sublime Zealot and Masticating Mendicant
real boot camp drill sergeants every one
when it comes to considering the obvious
but there's always the pesky subjective
go ahead ask a paranoid what is obvious
just compounding the stupor
with indelicacies like truth and beauty
having spent most of my life as a decoy
for the black dog black ops operatives
it's a battle of overt vs. innuendo

(to be continued)

From "Theater of Utter Charm"

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Copyright © Walter Alter | Year Posted 2018