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Dagger in the heart by Stanislaus, Nnachetam

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Tears upon fear

My head is heavy
And your know where near
Our lives are slowly crumbling
And we're not there to hear

Sand bag to wall
We're there when each other fall
Release your load
Only so much you can take
Give it to me
I'll hold your world on my shoulders

Sandbag to wall
I'll do my best not to fall
In turn
I know we'll soon switch
My shoulders are in a slouch
And life's becoming too big of a bit©h

Your silent words spoken
Things said but not heard
A hoax in communication
A bridge thats now been burnt
Each lie and blameful word
Melted in a smoldering pot
Craters into your life
Strips you left with only a soul to show

The meteoroid was left standing there
Some what in tacked
But left a tear
Like a dagger in the heart
You refuse to take out
Time over time
The meteoroid has dissapeared
but still you imagine its there
Stuck in the past 
Your stubborn as a ***
When will you move on

We cleaned up the debris
Everyday we came by
Between each heart fulled hi and goodbye
We'd fill our baby up
Trying to help him get by
But no matter how hard we tried
He was just a hole

I look back to dusk
And see my blooming flower
So many bees all around
They were bound to sting
Ignore all signs and look at you now
After they all fly high
And leave you under the great blue sky

Everyday Ill come
And lay there with a rope
Waiting to pull you back
And carry you into a world of hope
Because I'm afraid  of your other ways to cope


Copyright © sandy wilson | Year Posted 2010

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The Sword

"The Sword"
  What words..have I to say..
        That could perhaps betray..
My light of truth..
  Described in forms of youth..
           Hidden in the memory of a child..
   The wild beast me..
        A dream..perhaps..a dragon..
             So this my battle.. then occurred to me..
   How could I..a little one..
      Be true..
         So then defeat the dragon..
               Much less..the man of a golden shield..
      Hiding behind his defense..
             I walked up with no hesitation..
    Plunged my dagger in the heart of the beast..
          No threat was found in me...
                A child with no..defense..
        The look upon the dragon's face..
           Could be reflected in the eyes of me..
    Perhaps..I should have feared you child..
        Then I looked upon the fallen knight..
            The melted shield was at his side..
                   I would find a waterfall..
          So set..the prisoner free..
            Bury his heart beneath the river..
                 The longer lived in me..
    The reflection of my eyes..he saw..
            Just a boy..nothing more..
   The river dances in the sky..
       The ocean waves goodbye..
           I was an actor on the stage..
       The scene remained unchanged..
         I couldn't wait for you to see..
             I walked wasn't me..
      I fondly found a hat to wear..
         Then I never rains here..
      When the rain began to fall..I cried..
            Simply..a game we play..we lie..
     Broken my hand..I reflected..
        This dragon..was my friend..
             He could have killed me..
   So I guess..he didn't know my will was best..
             Reading my thoughts..I knew he could..
      Confused to know..that I was good..
          Why would I be so surprised..
When I watched my master die..
       A little tear..rolled down my cheek..
              You my friend..are the worst of me..
        These I whispered in his ear..
            As I pushed the dagger deep..
     I am afraid..of only sleep..
             Why would you place your fear on me..
     Shrieked the he fell..with a fading smile..
            I never remember..what I dream..
 I I laughed..with childish glee..
          The last of my I ..said he..
       The only..of my I..said me..

Copyright © Travis Fulton | Year Posted 2015

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Dagger in the heart

Each time I try to say, “The country isn’t good”
Even as a secondary school pupil
I can’t remember the last I obeyed the iota rule
Even dough I know my parents builds castles in the air
Yet I can’t redirect the wrong footsteps
And I have the got to say, “The country isn’t conducive”
 Even as a medical practitioner-
That has taken an obligatory oath
Yet, when the language of money advance
I can prescribe the most unsafe drugs
I engross in the diciest abortion
 Yet has the impetus to say, “The head of my nation is incompetent”.
Even as a legal practitioner
I am part of the judiciary
I am part of the legislature
I am a the core executive
But, the epitome culprit
 Yet, rush head long to utter, “When shall things be cute”.
As a commercial executioner
I am submerged in fraud
 I am a competent illegal
Seemingly things are likened to my name
But, in spite of the legislative injunctions
  I am always the hall mark of every bad egg. But I still complain.
Even when I complain as a minority tutor
I can’t be prompted in my responsibility
Yet, complains of the recompense for the cute
But, the certainty remains
If I don’t redirect my erroneous footsteps
What is to be done, still remains stagnant!


Copyright © Nnachetam Stanislaus | Year Posted 2013

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For Krystle

Thanks for all the memories,
Throw your caution to the wind,
We knew the cost of revelry,
Would somehow be the end.
Leave the endless games we played,
On this bloodless battle ground,
We all just wanna steal away,
And leave these streets without a sound.

Sick of writing love songs
For a love that's long since gone,
But I just can't help but wonder why
We carried on this long.
Was it faith in a slowly dying dream
That held you in my arms,
Or waiting till the time was right 
To say it all went wrong?

Now I'm typing down these troubled times,
And feeling like a lie,
Even though I know I'll rise again,
I'll never make the sky.
When I saw you last, you had the key
To  your paradise beyond,
But baby, how sad it is to think
You merely changed the song.

The words have changed in depth and feel, 
But the music still remains,
And it's like a dagger in the heart
to know we're both to blame.
I would have gladly suffered for 
Atonement of your sin,
But we both know Jesus paid that price,
and I'm no savior among men.

Now you're somewhere in midday,
But here, daybreak's coming on,
The sullen thoughts that plagued my mind
Of those misspent days are gone.
But the road I ride's not lonesome,
'Cause I know you're still with me,
For the love we knew, I know, was true,
But we both had to be free.

R.Chirino III copyright@2015

Copyright © Robert Chirino 3rd | Year Posted 2015

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Death is Sweet

I can't help feeling like a loner, someone who walks off and never looks back. I hate being ones donor, who always ends in a crack. It hits me with a dagger in the heart, I nearly die but I'm not able to drop. I let the pain tear me apart, knowing I won't be rescued and the pain wouldn't stop. Finally I felt relief in my veins, heading to a place I could call mine. I felt free without my chains, I finally crossed the line. It was much better to breathe, in this beautiful land I could call home. I wasn't the only one to leave, and the many fields together we would roam. As one we both died, and we would wake to the sunrise. Understanding where we needed to glide, we bid each other our goodbyes.

Copyright © Audrey Hays | Year Posted 2013

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A View of Foreclosure

I passed on the street I lived once, and saw the shame
Of history. The promise claimed by a second chance
Of hard work and misery, devastated by brinksters' game:
A stealth control of economy. Here a little light that lanced
The pupil of the eyes, pierced like a dagger in the heart
Here my house stood foreclosed. And on the wind the word
Was blame: we bought what we could not afford,
Now the people are victims twice, and we
Saddled with blame, find here no place for mercy.
A bitter gall of clever lies tearing us once more apart
Only the serpent streams here,  the grim grass grave heart 
Where giant trees suck water from the empty soil, and make
Great canopies, but we find no rest. For in these branches
The same snake drives little birds from their nest. Take
A picture here, where Eden turns to wilderness; traunches
Of golden sunlight poured upon dead bush and leaves
Look not for the medicinal herbs choked by barren trees,
No sprinkler runs, no pompous cougar fawns, truth grieves
Alone. The wasting rich pay less and gets more; he pleas
For more where the poor sweats still. A house to live
Is now conceived above our due deserve and means.
O buildings gaped your swinging doors, for pensive 
Blows the wind: I pray this debt forgive, let creditor cleans
The slate for all, so from a level field we start again.

The house was honest sweat, and love's fair dream
The deal they sold me was just a rotten scheme
For ambition shackled us with an existential chain
And we are left with nothing now but promises vain
And the tongue of politics whipping our backs again
Yet in this foreclosure's spate we only ask to work now
There is no milk to come by killing us, the economy's cow
O let there be compassion where greed betrayed good men
Or the shadow that falls on barren walls will bring a bitter end.

Copyright © David Smalling | Year Posted 2009

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Dead to Me

You know I thought you really loved me
How could you accuse me of the hear
Say and the rumors their spreading
Around behind my back...well you should
Know me better than that I guess you just
Don’t really trust me...did you ever really
Before well whatever I just don't really
Care anymore...
You've put me through hell to tell you
The truth, you’ve broken my heart
For the last time you're going to
So you're dead to me now you're dead
To me...
I can't explain the pain but it's mighty
Like a dagger in the heart, like a ghost
In the dark, you say you tried to be my
Friend but all I got was an enemy in the now you're dead like I said
You're dead to me!

Copyright © Bo Lanier | Year Posted 2015