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this moon in this life

in this life I am like the moon
I do not completely fade away
even during the brightest of days
and on some dark, lonely nights
I will flash full, bright and turn you on
to the shades and sides of you that you may otherwise keep hidden
you may choose to come forward, full with your life-force,
becoming and feeling alive
but soon enough you'll decide to dissipate by the light of the day

verbal knife cuts to the quick through this shade
china-white pelt creeps through thoughts
crave to feel it against your neck and thighs
brightly lit by the full crescent
I will glow and shine down upon you
in the most unexpected of moments
I will orbit this minute or the next
so very far off in the distance
yet always, somehow, near
but never fully detected for the magic that lays at its core

so when the night offered his kisses to me, this moon in this life
I drank them down
to their
yet my mouth was hungry for more
ached like an empty, long cave
where I could illuminate once more
sights, sounds, and soft-edged touches
which had never been experienced before

Copyright © Laura Cammack | Year Posted 2018

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Midst the twilight of wakefulness and sleep
Our minds meander to places shallow and deep.

They visit domains that while awake we won't go
Depicting ourselves when old, feeble, and slow.

But in only a dozen deepening breaths more
We grow wings and over mountain peaks soar.

Our free-roaming minds are rife with surprises
Letting us look behind old friends' disguises.

We learn with shock of a teacher's double life
It cuts to the quick like a long-bladed knife.

We must have envisioned scenes of these kinds
And hidden them away in the niches of our minds.

Only in twilight do they come to the fore
And make our wanton thoughts a wide-open door.

Copyright © Paul Schneiter | Year Posted 2015

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Walking Stick

Walking Stick Drifting thoughts roll Through my mind Full of rhythmic tones Pulsing in eternal rhyme Arriving in scattered words A trove of jewels glimmering Floating before me as rare birds Basking, I begin shimmering Picking out each golden word Carefully placing them on paper Choice nibbles of songs unheard Safe from being a useless vapor Every word is power packed Heals hearts or cuts to the quick Can move us on or set us back Words are a writer’s walking stick Carole Cookie Arnold

Copyright © Carole Cookie Arnold | Year Posted 2013

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The Choice is Yours

Hearts be broken
Hearts be quick
Hearts heal faster
When it cuts to the quick

The memories so broken
Stand in unrepair
Why love again
Why would you dare

Is there still hope
Is there still passion
Or this time your love
Will you ration

Do you follow your heart
Or has it learned
The pain and agony of 
Getting burned

Do you love again
Trust again
Or are you a fool
And let Satan cast you
In something so cruel

Satan will keep you alone
And in agony
And your heart will turn cold
And this is the tragedy
For the rest of your days
Your heart is protected
But your heart withers dry
From being rejected

I challenge you now
To let your heart heal
To find someone special
And allow it to feel

Love, pure love

Copyright © Laurie Ginn | Year Posted 2008

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Fade to Black

                   There's a scourge in this nation that threatens our fall.
                   It came with the tyrant, who spoke of a wall.
                   He's got a gland full of venom that's inside his cheek.
                   He's got me gnashing my teeth, whenever I speak.
                   His tongue's like a razor that cuts to the quick.
                   The blood, that it thirsts for, is making me sick.
                   The stars on our flag have fled out of shame.
                   We'll soon have swastikas, fanning his flame.
                   The light, in the White House, grows dimmer each day.
                   The hope, that it came with, is fading away.

                                   Written:  11/21/16

Copyright © Richard Olson | Year Posted 2016