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He’s out of my life
Because he’s got a wife
And I don’t know whether to laugh or cry
If I see him now I’d whack him in the eye
But if I had a knife
I’d pass it on to his wife

He would hold my hands
We’d make love on the sands
To think for two years he was here
He had the best of both worlds now he lives in fear
So I better not expand
Or I’ll soon be on remand!

So I’ve learned that I’m not his possession
And I’ve learned that this guy I hate
Now he’s gone and I’ve got depression
But I’ve learned too late

He's out of my life
Gone back to his wife
Guess I loved him but found out he lied
If I get my hands on him I’ll end up inside
And it cuts like a knife
But the rat is out of my life

Jan Allison
10th August 2014

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2014

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Standing at the church awaiting his bride, ‘twas meant to be the best day of his life; When she arrives, she is not by his side. His bitter tears he can no longer hide, grieving for the one due to be his wife. Standing at the church awaiting his bride The coffin appears; her body inside, She couldn’t be saved; the cancer was rife. When she arrives, she is not by his side. Looking to heaven, he prays God will guide, giving him succour, at this time of strife. Standing at the church awaiting his bride, If she could see him she’d be full of pride; they will meet again in the afterlife. When she arrives, she is not by his side, In his memory she’ll always reside. his heart is broken; pain cuts like a knife. Standing at the church awaiting his bride; when she arrives, she is not by his side. Contest - Shadow Hamilton – Villanelle’s and Terzanelle’s Only My first attempt at Villanelle form 11th June 2105

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2015

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Led to Eden

For so long you’ve been hiding from me in seclusion Wise Muse, I must gasp as I make an intrusion I know your plan was to lead me to such splendor Now I inhale a spiritual transfusion While struggling in a world of carnal illusion I needed to accept grace for absolution Stone mountains, yellow flowers and a cool, clear lake Have led me to ponder thoughts of adoration There are times when the world’s harshness cuts like a knife We lose too many moments focusing on strife Above those azure skies, our Savior smiles down And leads us to an Eden of eternal life Inspiration now flows through my pen thanks to You In this serene outpost, my spirits will renew Natural beauty is one of Your greatest gifts The dawn of a blessed new age may now ensue
*Entry for John Freeman's "Rubaiyat Form" contest

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2011

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Flowers die,Pictures fade

I wrote this in memory of my uncle.

Flowers die and pictures fade,attempting
to erase every memory ever made.

Letters are lost while the clouds roll in,
letting the rain pour and the sadness begin.

Feelings are lost and people pass on,showing
us we're the one's who have to be strong.

GOD gives us strength to keep our head held high,
not letting the wonders of the world pass by.

Love everyday and you will see,miracles
happen when you believe.

Nothing can stop you from living your life,
even when the pain cuts like a knife.

Some family we've lost and some still remain,
leaving only love and happiness to be gained.

Some memories fade while the best never die,
leaving you with feelings of wanting to laugh and cry.

People make the biggest impact without even trying,
then everything changes when they are dying.

Ton's of faces get lost in the crowd,
to your surprise certain one's stand out.

GOD gives you love and never leaves you alone,
providing a loving family along with a good home.

Life will bear obstacles and put you to the test,
but you have to be strong and always try your best.

Never back down from any hardship thrown your way,
it will make you stronger until your last day.

Say what you feel in your heart and never back down, even
when your taking your last breath take one last look around.

Angels are singing a song only you can hear,
complete the last part with an open heart,
and absolutely no fear.

                                         Flowers will die and pictures will fade,
                                   but your memory is one that will always stay.

                                       In Loving Memory of my Uncle
                                             You will be missed dearly.

                                                   MAY 28th 2012

Copyright © Colleen Bono | Year Posted 2013

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The Dandelion Seed

Like a dandelion seed slowly drifting by I watch as they make their way to the sky Lifting upward as life’s race is run Leaving the earth and heading toward the sun. Fading away as their candle burns out Leaves me wondering what life is about. When we were young we never gave it a thought; Now as we ponder we do so with fraught. As I approach the winter of my life Watching friends leave cuts like a knife. I wonder if I have been a good friend, And hopefully I have done nothing to offend. And what about me when my time is here; Can I look in the mirror with my conscience clear? Or will my friends’ memory of me decry As they watch my dandelion seed drift by.

Copyright © John Gondolf | Year Posted 2017

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The Shape of Our Kindled Past

You promised me anticipation
Of a fantasy future upon introduction
Happily ever after, you offered
But don't ask questions until info conferred.

Tentative and with inward questions afire
But with soft love in my heart for what I admire
I turn aside others' attacks and doubts
Until I can find out what you're about.

Slowly, you begin to unravel as I share
Myself, my heart, my sensitivities I bare
Wrapped up in you and your story
Though the tales are scary, I'm not wary.

Over time, I see the warning signs 
And often times would run and hide
Knowing what I see cannot succumb
To what you had promised our life to become.

Flipping back and forth, as fear abounds
Like I'd come face to face with bloodsucking hounds
I retreat and attack and cry to myself
Knowing without you my life will be put on a shelf.

So, I learn that my lesson to be learned
Is to face the pain that my actions have earned
Not to bring on needless sorrow or strife
Because for you it only cuts like a knife.

Learning to love another beside me
Has been the elusive mystery
That I've never been brought to
Until sensitivity showed blossoming in you.

Many months of sharing laughter 
And lifting each others' spirits after
Pain is inflicted on one or another
Which our strength we've developed endures together.

Being apart now hurts sometimes
But always now I realize
That our hearts are one as one can be
Reaching through the distance happily.

For when I see you, I know
You will always continue to grow
As long as you are shown love
And remain open to gifts from above.

Never let your feet get stuck
Where negativity is all amuck
For you are meant to blossom full
A rose that the sun does upwardly pull.

Copyright © Elisabeth Noble | Year Posted 2008

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Herald Hermit

                      Sometimes I watch the rhythm of the stars
to foretell things not present yet to come
like weather men predict rain, sleet, or snow
the skies send futurity through my thoughts
Im just a man; no more...
yawning dreams of yesterday...
before yesterday occurred
I sleep with time that tease thoughts of tomorrow
a pinch of fate sometimes is all it takes
to witness how the world will wield and break
with humble breath my heart conforms puzzles I preach
believe or not I write to you a theme
that came to me while yawning dreams of yesterday
before yesterday occurred
ill animals plague man to man
the floors of earth will shake beds as they sleep
our moon will tell the sun to low the fire
a scorching heat upon the heads of most...
to top it off the waters will devour souls that weep
without an arc the mystery cuts like a knife
untamed and innocent life
Doth thou light speakth more?
free countries greed with war!
believe or not I write to you a theme
with ink purchased in 1896.

                                   Inside a shallow space I said hello
to me, myself and I and loneliness
secluded see the day does not exist
without a social kiss
with isolation my shape forms a shadow
that darkness only see..
Hibernating inside walls I hide my hands
friends of none my life a shelf of books that bend
I speak again with silent echoes
inside of walls that hide my hands
my ears hear sounds of company
as even birds place feathers of concern atop my released roof
sincerely, Herald Hermit

Copyright © Johnny Sumler | Year Posted 2006

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Not Enough Love

Oh, she was my best friend,
           who was she in the end?	
So much time filled with strife...
   she chose to take her life.

           All her days filled with woe, 
the shame she couldn’t let go.
   All her ways seemed so wrong, 
the blame she felt was strong. 

I saw her last bleak smile, 
    as a child, broke and vile. 
She used to laugh with charm, 
       why did she choose self harm?

      Free of love in her youth, 
no one could see the truth.
         Too much wine for one girl,
too much grief in her world. 

     A sad, lone and blue soul, 
when will death make her whole?
       My loss cuts like a knife…
   she chose to take her life.

120 words total in this poem
120 syllables total in this poem

120 Words - Poetry Contest
Sponsor: Silent One
February 6, 2018

Copyright © Laura Loo | Year Posted 2018

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A BRUSH OF ARS POETICA Rhythmic verses wherein death paints a picturesque of life or life itself is written in lethargic-dying state: a dusty stocked vocabulary still cuts like a knife when done and re-phrased witty, nonparallel and ornate. Like the azure fluffy clouds parading affront the sun, its smiling hue of yellow-orange kisses sleeping hope-- softly flaming those frugal thoughts in grace and wonder stun, remarkable enough to line dream stanzas ropes and slopes. Strokes cast spells of rattles, rambles to erratic silence allowing trembles to twang murmurs upon hardened hearts same as magnet it attracts eyes and ears to your essence because your speech ushers morals incubating fresh starts. _______________________________________________________________ ***Sponsor Thomas Martin Contest Name Ars Poetica ++Placed 1st++ O.E. Guillermo 2:26 pm, March 06, 2015 ***I define art of poetry as variations of light and dark, life and death, pale and vibrant, real and fiction... Writing poetry resurrects life even to a scene spelling disaster and death. Art of poetry embodies every angle aiming to touch the senses. Deep and superficial, all around breathing or not screams/is an art of poetry.

Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo | Year Posted 2015

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on the impending demolishment of the Harewood Dams

For decades now we've swam, we've played
and on the grass, in sunshine laid.
A haven for our meditations
visited by our many generations.
Pristine beauty, nature's pride,
and now, bereft, tears we've cried.
To be destroyed, torn asunder.
Governments decree, a total blunder.
Safety issues is their claim,
so our park they now defame.
This decision, we don't understand, 
upcoming destruction of community land.
Other solutions they will not hear.
Their stubbornness abundantly clear.
We now say goodbye to memories
of wandering through paths of trees
beside the lakes of childhood life.
Their idea of progress cuts like a knife.
For decades now we've swam and played
and on the grass, in sunshine laid.
A haven for our meditations
that's been stolen from future generations.

Copyright © Francine Roberts | Year Posted 2013

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What am I thankful for?
As I lay here my mind searches 
Afraid of waking up 
it lurches
Vacilating within
the folds of my covers and brain
Trying to return 
to my slumber again
Attempting to hang on
to my infinite creativity 
That partial sleepiness 
and rapid eye activity

Wiping my eyes 
I'm partially awake
Giving heavy hands and legs a shake
Thankful for the hard decisions 
I've been forced to make
The people in my space 
who are real and not fake
So I ponder the breadth of my life
Sharing it with the love of my life
My sweeties tongue never cuts like a knife
She's my best friend 
lover confidant and wife
The gift of family without the pretend
A life and future
Not a desolate dead end
I never expected
To find myself here
I used to loath 
what I seen in the mirror
Now in God's Grace 
I have nothing to fear

Now I am older
Feeling more content
My thoughts flow freely
I'm not bogged down in cement
Thinking the things I think
Now I can say what I meant
No longer linear 
My thoughts can be bent
So I thank God 
for an open mind
Knowing what it mean's 
to open the blinds
If a man searches 
he'll be surprised by what he finds

Love health and time
Should never be wasted
Food, touch and moments 
are gifted to be tasted
Give more then you take
Your heart will be sated
Forget about comparisons
They are way over rated
Ambition and stuff
A poor substitute for living
Those who are take take taking
Have forgotten about the giving
Blessings change to curses
Not the place to go
Instead I want thankful
It helps my heart to grow

Richard Lamoureux

Written October 12th 2015

Contest Judged October 25th 2015

Trashed # 3 sponsor Broken Wings

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2015

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Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart

You keep my heart beating and my life afloat,
You teach me what real love is all about.
You holding me means more than you know,
You help me to forget lifes daily blow.
Your kisses are as warm as your loving touch,
Your words of kindness means so very much.

You give me encouragement and the will to go on,
You make me feel as though I truley belong.
You make me feel things like I've never felt,
You've shown me real love does not in fact melt.
You hold my hand as we walk though life,
You vanish all pain that cuts like a knife.

You help me smile through all that is bad,
You make me see life is too short to stay mad.
You help me to dream as I lay in your arms,
You make me greatful for all of your charms.
You make me see sunshine instead of the rain,
You teach me that love is part of lifes chain.

You make me laugh and help me smile,
You've convinced me your here for awhile.
I love you dear Jon, I need to finally say,
Thank you for seeing through each and every day.

Copyright © Angela Barrington | Year Posted 2006

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Understanding Nature

Understanding Nature

Part 1: What (I Think) God Wants You to Know!

Some people don’t understand Nature,
Feel death and pain prove there’s no God
Or if there is He is a monster,
His empathy for us a fraud.

They say all of Nature’s uncaring,
No reason to posit a God,
No Creator under the mattress,
And people who think so are odd.

Most atheists aren’t open minded,
More dumb than believers they curse,
They live their whole lives without Bible,
Rejecting its comfort and Verse.

Should Bible be only man’s wisdom,
Through years’ mighty lessons were learned,
But atheist alienation
Means lots of their fingers get burned.

No scientist thinks Nature’s plan-less
Though plan’s authorship is unknown
If not His plan, perhaps another?
For truth in the Bible’s not stone.

Though Christ taught us words of His Father
A parable’s not really truth!
But teaches God’s will to the masses
As parent might speak to a youth.

If you are not God should you grumble
That scripture is not always clear?
Rejoice truth exists and be grateful
All wisdom is not that austere.
The Golden Rule’s just one example
Of Law that brings Grace to your life
Although there are some who reject it
The truth of it cuts like a knife.

The beauty that all see in Nature
Can’t hide the fact devil exists
Man’s freedom to seek his own power
Explains why such evil persists.

God’s beauty is He is consistent,
Tomorrow the same as today,
Though doubter’s fear their death’s departure
Their brain is just on holiday!

Part 2: The Value of Pain and Suffering.

God created all in His image
Which surely implies that God learns
And overturns rigid believers
With all of their stagnant patterns.

And who will say God didn’t suffer
When Jesus was nailed to the cross,
Though child’s death is greatest pain man knows
Can man really measure His loss?

Don’t feelings define our existence?
Who wouldn’t be lost without theirs
And trying to live life without them
Like solitaire musical chairs.

Are feelings a curse if we own them?
Is death all that bad if there’s soul?
Why wouldn’t our death be like waking
In heaven or hell, what’s your goal?
If souls don’t exist what’s your problem?
Best guess, we’ve just one time around,
Your life will be just what you make it
And then you’re at peace in the ground.

Whatever you think of my logic,
Your feelings are gold on this earth,
Protect you much more than they hurt you,
Are all that establishes worth.

Best say a prayer now for this blessing
If God’s there to listen or not
Give feelings a home where your heart lives
For they can still help you a lot!

How better could God honor soul’s life
Than sharing His feelings in love
And though we see through the glass darkly
We’re still tasting stuff God’s made of.

And suffering really is measure
Of feeling’s temp beyond the norm
But even when it gets excessive
Its intent is still to inform.

So rather than choosing depression
Consider that you’re not alone
God graced to survive any battle
Though this life is really just loan.

In “getting” our soul’s evolution
We start to claim kinship with God,
In valuing faith over knowledge
We let go of ego’s facade.

And Science itself is a model.
A new form of God’s poetry
Its parables hint at His wisdom
To save us from idolatry.

The wisdom of God is your servant
That’s how you can know it’s from Him,
Vibration that touches your heart strings
Makes earthly noise sound like a hymn.

Part 3: God’s Nature Is Evolution

If God is real surely His Nature
Is always in strict harmony
With everything He has created
For truth cannot be fantasy!

And Science has value like Bible
For both are creations of God
Attempts to dis one or the other
Unseemly and really quite odd.

But Bible is subject to man’s whims,
While Science bows just to man’s test,
Man’s interpretation his Gospel,
Agreement where scientists rest.

While men think that gravity’s certain
New science calls “fictitious” force
As answers from Science grow subtle
Man’s prophets just ply stale discourse.

It’s “Big Bang” that sparks evolution
Though hydrogen’s all that exists
Condensing at last, growing massive
Till heat born of structure resists.

And one by one stars are ignited
That age, fuel depleted, explode
A new element evolution
And chemistry on space unload.

This process done over and over
Until worlds and planets are formed
Where chemicals solvent in water
By atomic rules are transformed

And life starts evolving like magic
As lightning strikes spark God’s intent,
Unstoppable new evolution
Where life is revealed as God’s rent.

From stardust man’s cradle emerges,
From stardust man’s form took its shape,
God’s plan, evolution from get-go,
Bacteria, fish and then ape.

It’s vanity you think you suffer
It’s vanity you think God’s dead
It’s vanity you feel deserted
As you lie alone in your bed.

This world was created to serve you
As you were created to serve
In service you’ll find true fulfillment
As you give what you would deserve.

Brian Johnston
March 8, 2016

Copyright © Brian Johnston | Year Posted 2016

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Welcome Winter

Winter's chill is invigorating
Like and electric chair--zap!
Those cold hands make me want to run screaming
Get those icicles away from me!! Oh snap!
Welcome winter, don't last too long, where is my cap?

The blustery wind in less than fifty degrees
Cuts like a knife, injury to injury I say, winter don't stay
High heating bills, charge account is over drawn, PLeeease!
The daylight is short and the sky is gray
Why does it have to get this way??

For Carol Brown(for the contest)

Oh yeah welcome WINTER!
Christmas charge account is over drawn??
I owe what??

Copyright © Doris Culverhouse | Year Posted 2010

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The Storm

The Storm, by Gayila Bolden

Like the calm before the storm, you came out of nowhere. No watches, no warnings, no public announcements and no time for preparation. The winds of your attraction blow violently around me as I crotch underneath the protection of my common sense.  The winds of your attraction blow violently around me. 
It cuts like a knife to my very heart. It’s like a thirst that is never quenched and a hunger that is never satisfied. It cuts me to the bone. The winds of your attraction blow violently around me.
Should I walk into the storm and taste the rain or should I cling to the secure structure of my safe shelter of protection?  The winds of your attraction blow violently around me. The winds of your attraction are shaking my very foundation. Will I be able to stand? Will I survive?
Can I be saved from this great unexpected storm? Will it destroy all that is familiar in life? The winds of your attraction blow violently around me.  When the wind stops blowing and the air is still; what will be left of me? Can’t sleep, can’t eat, steady wondering how to weather this storm, called “You”.   A force so strong that wisdom and experience scatter in fear and the heart is left in charge of my destiny. The winds of your attraction blow violently around me. 
Do I dare surrender to this storm called “You” and drench myself in your love? Unsteady and battered; I crawl from my shelter of protection into the storm to taste the rain.  Oh, how sweet the taste with drops of fear mixed in. The winds of your attraction blow violently around me; yet I surrender to the storm, called “You”. 

Copyright © Gayila Bolden | Year Posted 2015

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Judgment Day

I stand here alone, in a room all in black,
Patiently waiting for the gavel to clack;

I don’t get to speak, here at the end,
Persecuted by all, enemy and friend;

They speak of the deeds now tied to my name,
And all I can do is shudder in shame;

I’m here at the trial at the end of my life,
And each testimony cuts like a knife;

I can’t even explain, my deeds say it all,
I await my judgment and try to stand tall;

I was petty, held grudges, and committed mass crime,
And didn’t do productive things with my time;

Six feet below my body is entombed,
And I know deep down my fate is now doomed,

And all I can do I is silently pray,
That God grants me mercy on this solemn day;

The jury is in, they hold my life in their hands,
All I can do is hope He understands;

“Cleared of all charges” the verdict now reads,
My soul once damned is now to be freed;

He granted forgiveness for all of my sins,
Allowing my soul to begin again.

Copyright © Tirzah Conway | Year Posted 2011

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The Haves and the Have nots

In life there are those haves and those who have not
We are told there will always be poor people in life
Yet poverty causes me so much strife
In life.

I hate being so poor
I cannot take it any more
There has to be success in store.

I see the want in the eyes of my wife
My child's hunger cuts like a knife
There has to be an end of this strife
In life.

Copyright © Marvin D. Schrebe | Year Posted 2014

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I still need you so much Father

Always telling me how proud you were
In your eyes I could see you meant it for sure
You did everything you could for me
Always striving to be the best Dad you could be

A person always dear to my heart
I still wonder why we had to part
You always carried me on your hands
Always being true to me and being there

You never said a bad word to me
Always motivating me to be the best I can be
A love for me like no other
And being cared for by my Father

You always knew what to say
To brighten up the saddest day
No matter how much my day would suck
You mend it all with a Fatherly hug

I miss how we used to sing
And the comfort your words would bring
Dad, I still need you so much in my life
And not having you here sometimes cuts like a knife

You never failed me or let me down
You treated me like a princess with a golden crown
Now people tend to take me for granted
And I know that’s not what you ever wanted

They hurt me sometimes and they fail to see
What you always saw in me
I cannot always be who I want to be
And those days I wish the most that you were here

To mend your youngest daughter’s heart
Together fixing every part
Making you tea in your favourite mug
Fixing everything with your Fatherly hug

I still need you so much Father
Why did you leave me, my sister and Mother?
I wish they had visiting hours in Heaven
Where for only a few hours we can be together

Copyright © BE Bailey | Year Posted 2015

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Guidance of Neon Lights

Loss cuts like a knife
Where you once were silence grows
The city halo beckons
While the breath of death
Lingers right beneath my skin
Tempting glow of fate calls me

Start over again
Without you, yet without dread
Lighting my heart once again
City of Angels
Leading me back to hope, life
Let you go, a new hello

Copyright © Shani Fassbender | Year Posted 2011

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Relationship Epidemic (Females)

I'm now in the 3rd chapter of the Relationship Epidemic as I focus on the role of the female
They say one man's trash is another man's treasure, so my girl is my seashell
Since before time, women were loyal before a man is
The backbone of a family, hello, they give birth to the kids
They rarely get lazy
Unlike men who complain about labor pains, but can't show you the baby
Being deprived of attention is what a woman can't stand
If you can't keep up, they grab another dude by the hand
Females left and right can be lovable
As well as gullible
Giving, receiving, and at times also 
"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" saying is so true
Bite her first she'll bite back twice as hard shame on you
If there's one thing they hate
Is never being on a date
Never comfortable with a nice night in the house
Because they feel trapped like a mouse
That's what I see with girls that are younger
More likely to look for love in the wrong places to satisfy that hunger
When they get cheated on 
Or beaten on
They can't trust a male so they turn lesbian or bisexual
Love/sex life is more perpetual
That vision can be perplexible
However it makes life more flexible
It's easy to understand why they want the finer things in life
After all who doesn't, it cuts like a knife
They value commitment, its extensive
We all know women are sensitive
All of that serotonin in the brain
Mistrust on her heart, what soap will wipe off that stain
Mothers, sisters, wives bring some of the pain
Aunts, girlfriends, grandmothers turn snow into rain
A female will never love you in vain
They crave attention,  if they don't get it they feel shame
Cheat on a guy and say they're the one to blame
Messed up right?
Do the Right Thing like Spike Lee
No, that's ok girls rather be sneaky
Coretta Scott King, she's so royal
Even after Dr. King got shot, she stayed loyal
Asked my girl if I died, will she get over me
She said not so quick
Replace me? Who will?
That's a different pick
But that's neither here nor there
Good and bad females everywhere
Love attracts girls like plants and meat attracts bears
They can be a man's best friend 
To the end
As well as nightmare
Break a woman's heart if you dare

Copyright © Richard-Jamaal Keen | Year Posted 2010

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Once In A Lifetime

They're once in a lifetime These moments of joy The first time you rattle That colourful new toy Your first day at school With the rest of the kids Your hair all slicked down Bad smells Mom got rid The ultimate joy Of your first tender kiss The shock when she tells you Her period she missed A puff from a cigarette Makes you dizzy and ill The beer in the closet I remember it still The joy of first child The smell of their skin The softness of touch Their sweet tiny grin Your first big promotion The raise that you get The first time you notice A grey hair NO NOT YET! Middle age then follows With a sickening thud It's all over now Your life is pure crud The sixties are next And retirement awaits Where did it go You're in a hell of a state Then someone says wryly You've had a good life 'Whatcha crabbing about?' But it still cuts like a knife These tender sweet moments You experience through time You'll remember them fondly And treasure the climb So hold on to them tightly They won't come again They're once in a lifetime They're to treasure my friend © Jack Ellison 2012

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2012

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Why Am I Here

Spelunking inside her mind,
searching for the answer she cannot find.
She keeps looking, draped in fear
as she asks, why am I here? 
No one is guiding her path
she only exists as an aftermath
of two drifting, lost souls
who were unable to define their goals.

Two humans united on a withering night,
giving spark to a life without delight.
How could they in such despair
not be fully aware
that the seeds of poverty they sewed
would grow up to be predisposed
to a life of abject gloom
because their spirits contained not one bloom.

Growing up with a feeling of being alone,
keenly aware she didn't belong
in a community with a rare glimpse of grace
for a family seemingly out of place.
Streets lined with false facades
of people believing they were a favorite of God's.
A little child unable to discern and find her way
became the nasty people's prey.

After years on the battlefield of life,
she again feels the pain that cuts like a knife.
A divorced mother of two; one a father, the other gay,
they both live far, far away.
She bows her head to pray,
and ask why does it have to be this way.
Her heart is empty of cheer.
She softly whispers, why am I here?

Copyright © lola london | Year Posted 2014

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Shame on Me

Her words continue to hurt me
They attack while I wait silently
I long for tranquil days patiently
She doesn’t love me unconditionally

Finding faults in most everything I do
She chips away at what I thought I once knew
Bringing me down with her negativity and belief
Leaving me unsure and full of grief

I want to be strong and live my own life
Deflect the voice that cuts like a knife
Don’t let her in, don’t let her win
Be true to myself and begin again

Shame on me for letting it always go this far
Please, God, help me relinquish these scars

Written on June 29, 2011
By Shani Fassbender
For the Contest: "Me Against Myself"

Copyright © Shani Fassbender | Year Posted 2011

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Forces its way to take part in my life
Makes its demands and cuts like a knife

Alters the lives of the people I love
Enslaves me more than the heavens above.

Takes its time and thinks not of others
Strong enough to destroy a bond between brothers.

Uses illusions to reel in its victims
Leaves them astonished and unaware of the symptoms.

Nothing can stop its immortal lies and
No one can challenge its overheard cries.

But all in all,
Sacrifices must be made
Debts and bills must be paid
Change must be faced without regret
But in my life, change i will never let.
If it breaks my pain and misery,
...then change in my life will set me free.

Copyright © Mariam Korea | Year Posted 2010

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Nature and the Heart

Like staring into the dark the more stars I see,
The more I try to forget you the more you appear to me

Like trying to put out a wild fire in the fury of the wind,
Trying to hide what is in my heart is useless in the end.

Like the waves in the sea during a raging storm,
I lost count of the thoughts of you that come in a swarm.

Like lungs in need of oxygen from the atmosphere,
My body longs for the presence of you here.

Like a volcano building ready to explode,
It’s hard to hold back this love overload.

Like a glacier floating so beautifully,
I keep most my feelings for you buried deep inside me.

Like a caterpillar stuck in a cocoon, 
Our love will never be able to bloom.

Like nature has destruction and life,
The heart loves and cuts like a knife.

Copyright © Brian Magness | Year Posted 2011