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A Written Suicide

I am a writer. The odds are in your favor that I bet you may be a writer as well. It isn't that extremely bold of claim. I type. I text. I make words. Words make me. Make up my inner most amazing molded version of myself.  
I write with conviction. Words are the convict. Perpetrated as is, words are like magic. Illusive words are. Words are illusions. Illusions may be a little on the wordy side. I stand side by words. Words stand as is, by me. That is super simple for possessive intent by a random you. I stand by my self claim of written evidence of many wordy phrases.  
I would, personally, in a social setting, find it nearly impossible to self compose a suicide… 
Why do I need to limit easy answers? 
That is just my style. Likewise I withhold little to every(none-thing). 
If I made it cut and dry then why would I waste our time in its composure.  
I'm busy so a summary will conclude. 
I write as personal therapeutic release.  
In the act of writing a suicide letter. I would write myself right out of that idea.  
I would just pull the trigger and leave a photo bomb of some (none-thing)  
Suicide all letters are not 26 and z.  
They are forever 27 and lmnop.  
Picture me writing.  
In the act of writing a suicide letter

Copyright © Ir0nic ZiNk | Year Posted 2016

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God's Big List

When I was little I believed God
to be a chronicler of sorts.
Documenting each and every sin
in a big book, high up on the shelf.
Come Judgement he would ask your name,
and run his finger down the list. There would
be a number next to Timothy Hicks.
"You've reached a thousands sins,
please, proceed to the left."
And that would be the end of it.
Point blank, your fate would be decided.
A poor soul scared out of his wits,
or a happy customer delighted.
"Heck yes, I made it through!"

Now that I'm older it seems
ridiculously silly to think it all
to be so cut and dry. I can do a lot
of impressive things: play piano,
make a swan out of paper, solve a
Rubik's Cube in three minutes flat.
But guarantee a life in paradise
for the rest of eternity?
Well I'll just have to think about that!
The answer is locked deep within you.
There ain't no human alive
that can tell you what you should
and shouldn't do. But rest assured
you need not figure it out all on you're own.
Indeed that is a fool's errand
to believe this life is exactly how you planned
it out to be. It took three key things
just to have you among the living:
Your father, your mother and
the man upstairs.

On the other side I hope
to see you there. From A to Z
you will surely see every person
there ever was...

... on God's Big List.

Copyright © Timothy Hicks | Year Posted 2013

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Your Concerned Friend

It seems I'm in the minority here
When it comes to what I do to pass the time
It's not all that popular anymore
To express oneself with line after line
Words carry very little weight
When pictures do the thinking for you
Imagination is a bore
When compared to what technology can do
I practice an art long forgotten
Before all that came to be
I just can't help but take in everything;
The sun, the birds, the sea
It just isn't all that interesting, what's called
"Awesome" in the modern sense
I try to be bold and say what's on my mind
And that's when feelings get tense
It's considered by most to be dull and drab
Without music to tag along
They say "what's the point of these words
If not for some catchy song?".
It seems to me no one much cares for this dying art
They say that was then and this is now - why do you still play the part?
They says its old-fashioned, outdated and archaic
But I don't wish to be just one thing, but a beautiful mosaic
A thousand jagged shards that don't mean much on their own
But somehow work together to form the greater whole
I don't ever wanna pretend
But be myself one hundred percent
From the start, to the middle, to the end
I want you to know exactly what I meant
I believe there's always something more you can say, nothing's so cut and dry
I believe when I take that leap of faith I wont drop like a stone
But spread these dusty wings and fly high
The truth is it matters very little what you're into
The key is relentless passion and tremendous drive
And if you don't have that key we can't stop right here
Just what in the world is it that makes you feel alive?

Your Concerned Friend
Wants to know...

Copyright © Timothy Hicks | Year Posted 2013

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When all is said and done - my son
When all is done and said
There's nothing more to be done - my son
And nothing more to be said.

When all is cut and dried - my girl
When all is dried and cut
There's nothing more to be dried - my girl
And nothing more to be cut

When all is fair and square - my friend
When all is square and fair
There'to be is nothing more to be squared - my friend
And nothing more to be fair.

When we are dead and gone - at last
When we are gone and dead
Then everything will be gone - and past
And we will all be dead.

Yes we will all be dead - my friends
Dead as the nail in the door
Our work will all be done - my friends
And we wil strive no more.

And we will strive no more - my friends
To say and do  and cut and dry
To worry our minds and search our hearts
To be fair and square and the reason why.
To find out the reason why - my friends
To fathom the reason why ????????

Copyright © JOHN KNIGHT | Year Posted 2010

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What you will see

I don't know what I want to write
But I will write about see if you call it
Do you believe you will see if you call it?
You bet
If you don't believe you will see
You won't see it
Sometimes a thing is just so hard to believe
And that is when you need God's help
God sometimes can intervene in our beliefs
He is not going to leave you - cut and dry
Only humans will do it - some humans
And sometimes human would sometimes do things
God would never do
But that is another subject
Would you do what God do?
Then there
Don't try to guess what God is going to do
You would mess up
Because you can never do what God wants to do
He do the unhuman thing - the unbelievable
Unacceptable, incredible
Only He would know
So what is our job?
To do what we think
When God wants you to do something
He will let you know
Otherwise it's a slow ride - easy ride
Comsi comsa
Easy come easy go
What's that?
Don't know
But it will come to me
On the go again.....

Copyright © Toquyen Harrell | Year Posted 2016

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It ain't cut and dry

It’s black or white,

it’s wrong or right.

Look left, look right,

they both have a

valid answer. Who

am I to be the task

master? It ain’t cut

and dry, my oh my,

many answers “why”

Copyright © Andy Craig | Year Posted 2013

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The List

My list used to be
Cut and dry
Whose on the left
Whose on the right
Straight down the middle
I draw my line
Should I keep the mark thick
Or make it fine? 

My list used to be really long
Names of those who sung my song
But now it seems its down to a few
The others were cut
Even if they knew
What was so bad
What was so wrong
That they left me alone
When the nights were long.

If they call now
Will I speak?
I think NOT
For they are weak! 

The few I still hear
The few I still think
Might be O.K. 
Might be on the brink
I'll have to make a new list
To pin up.
Do I cross you off now
Or keep your name on my cup? 

Do you even care
If you stay or go
If you get erased
Or watch the whole show?

I'm very sad 
Because of a few of you I
Loved a lot, so it makes me cry 
To see you go
To see you disappear.
It's better this way
Because you had fear! 

And I made a promise 
To myself a long time ago
That my Army be made
To trudge in the snow
And not just sit on the beach all day
Sunning themselves
The easy way.

Copyright © kristen bruni | Year Posted 2010

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clear-cut never

it never was
always fell 
within a gray area
even now through 
out this estrangement
nothing is cut-and-dry 
wishy-washy indecision
fills the space between us 
fills the distance between us 
seemly over at time but 
then out of the blue it's on again 
then it's off again once again 
a marry-go-round that never ends

Copyright © shari thomas | Year Posted 2017

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Faith Without Borders

I believe in God
and in His word
I believe if used
wisely it's an effective
tool for
However, it is not
cut and dry
nor black or white
to me anyway
I evolved 
with my insights
It is not
bound by hell
therefore it
cannot be 
contained to only
Once religion
is peeled away
we see the world
from a more spiritual place
we recognize
energy and God seed
and touched dreams
in all beings
Whether it be
a meal for those
who are hungry
or skyscraper
that employs 
those for more giving
We adopt the
need to push ourselves
further or bend low
in order to help one another
Yes, I believe,
but it's a faith 
without borders
If God is water
religion was the intended
tributary to get us all 
to the river
so we could flow
a part of one ocean.
and indivisible

Copyright © TS Lewis | Year Posted 2018

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Wood Puppets

Hollywood could be their favorite kind of lumber
Puppets come from the pine forest cut and dry
In a mahogany box polished and refined
Labeled and shipped out to other countries
With big warnings not to smoke on the side

Puppets don't smoke
They are not alive
But smoking is bad
We understand
Under certain circumstances

The next best thing to being alive
Is a painted smile and beady eyes
Never ask questions of dead wood
It is obvious they can't answer

They are not just another log from the forest
Some stump stuffed in a box for something
Avoid whittling in front of puppets 
Talking fire or smoke is impolite                        
Mentioning matches in mixed company
Is considered treason in some circles of trees             

Puppets will never take bribes
They are not that kind
They are not people
Not prone to compromise 
Inanimate objects can't talk 
Maybe they don't want to
It could be your cheap perfume
Or that carving tool in your pocket

I refuse to say anything 
About a puppet on a string
That would be mean

Copyright © Earl Schumacker | Year Posted 2018