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the privately religious

there is a sentiment amongst the most public of believers &
even those nonbelievers who still hold some sick
compassion for them…
“privately religious,”
who do not parade around with the charlatans 
who gather on sundays or get down on their little rug & face mecca,
and they are given some kind of
special treatment,
as being more “spiritual” &
possibly even leaning more towards the agnostic than being
true believers at all,
still, they hold the little books so tightly in their arms
when they go out in the woods behind their house to
be one with nature or
meditate to try & get to be 
one with everything---
they step outside themselves in such a way 
as to escape what is right in front of them &
say to all who ask what they believe:

“i believe in something…i mean, i have my own idea…i don’t go to church or anything”

as if the humans who do go to the worship extravaganzas
think any different?
as if the personal god that is supposed to answer their prayers is any more in tune with you 
just because you don’t call it by the same name or
worship it in the same place.

each member of the privately religious
make themselves more ridiculous than those who get together,
because they sit alone like ****ing joseph smith & his plates,
still believing that there is a unique revelation coming down the pike
for them & only them.

Copyright © andrew delapruch | Year Posted 2012

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Understanding the Bible

1. "Doubt is not the absence of faith - certainty is!"  Karen Armstrong


2. "It is impossible to be a true Christian and not have doubts!"   Brian Johnston

3. “For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves;
it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast.” (Ephesians 2:8) ...

I’ll start off simple just for you though most of us are slow,
And note I’m quoting Bible too, some things you “think” you know.
Don’t be ashamed of ignorance, although you feel it starkly,
The “glass through which all seekers peer, is only seen through darkly.”

The fact is Bible gets short shrift, we all see that is true,
Humility’s more joke than prayer, that’s hard to misconstrue.
The gift from God with least appeal, if not God’s Grace, is Science,
But both need study, discipline, on which few place reliance.

Two pillars of man knowing Him are science, word of God,
But spend much time with either one, and you’re considered odd!
Both frequently are party talk, though some get dosed on Sunday,
And fewer still will turn to Science, “meet” postponed to someday.

More Quotes:
3. In my opinion, if a man cannot reconcile Science and the Bible (both gifts
from God), it is perhaps a reasonable assumption that he does not understand
the Bible in the way God intended. Should we be humbler in presuming that we
know the intention of the mind of God? Understanding Science (a tiny piece of
God’s mind) is tough enough!  Brian Johnston 

4. Too many people fear to question God. Do YOU “suffer little children to come
unto you” or do you cast them aside when they ask questions? How can you
even imagine a God (you claim to love) would treat you so badly?  Brian Johnston 

Meditation 1: Garden of Eden

Let’s start where Bible picks it up in any depth at all,
Creation took just seven days, like man God heeds rest’s call.
Then God gave man dominion over all things found in garden
Green plant life to sustained them all, no birth, no death in Eden.

The Bible’s timeline, Science mocks, its proclamations wrong,
Birth, pain and death preceded man, must in God’s mind, belong.
A million years before man rose, were species born, extinguished,
Like them, the fossil records show, man’s time is undistinguished!

God seems OK (can you explain?) with many carnivores,
The dinosaurs, not mentioned too were part of Earth’s outdoors
So Eden’s looking quite pale now, God’s curse might not have happened,
Birth, pain and death are in HIS PLAN, but does that mean its cheapened?

Meditation 2: Noah’s Flood

Now Noah’s Ark is hard to grok if you hate fallacy,
You melt Earth’s water stored as ice, and still, there's land to see!
And all those creatures two by two, did Noah search world’s surface?
The questions loom so largely all their answers seem amorphous!

Meditation 3: Lazarus’ Resurrection

You listen to this story, and you know the Christ was there,
There is no magic sideshow, but Christ’s Love was everywhere,
Assures us “faith moves mountains” and that death is not worth airing,
Prepares us then to touch the cross that He’ll alone be bearing.

The Christ took on His destiny to show what love looks like,
And none of us can ever KNOW what’s coming down the pike.
That “God is love,” that “soul is real,” ideas well worth sharing,
That “God is dead,” or “His word’s false,” just cracks that need repairing.

“Oh Father, please forgive them for they know not what they do!”
I wasn’t there, of course, my God, but all of this sounds true!
And we’re the ones He did it for; His words just keep on ringing!
And yes, there is some faith required, but that is what I’m bringing.

I know it smarts, He did it all, you’ve nothing left to earn,
Just open up your heart to Him, I know you’ll feel the burn!
“Creation,” “Noah,” fairy tales, both parables so simple?
It’s true, but weren’t you once a child? Let “Father” see that dimple!

Long Tooth
April 11, 2017

Copyright © Roof Missing | Year Posted 2017

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Something's Coming

Something is coming but I'm not ready
Coming down the pike through corridors
Makes me unsteady
Maybe I should meet it head on
I'm not that strong
Actually I feel weak, devoid of backbone
Pointless seeking refuge 
What would I use that shields heartbreak
I need to woman up
Face my fate
But here it comes in my direction
Minus affection once felt for me
Here it comes misshapen 
Down this path it's taken, down these stairs
Unaware, No it doesn't care
For it has blamed me,  shamed me
Rearranged me to a life double
Steeped in troubled and hidden
A fake that I'm living
But I can't hide anymore
I've been down this path before
This time it will find me for sure

Copyright © Shirlene Rudder | Year Posted 2005